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Russian Institute: Lesson 8

Russian Institute: Lesson 8

Studio: Marc Dorcel
Category:  Foreign
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Comet Man's ratings for Russian Institute: Lesson 8:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Russian Institute: Lesson 8 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Russian Institute: Lesson 8 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Russian Institute: Lesson 8 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Russian Institute: Lesson 8 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Russian Institute: Lesson 8 Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Russian Institute: Lesson 8 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Russian Institute: Lesson 8 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Comet Man  on  5/23/2007
Scene 1
Katrina (a hot blond) strips down to her panties before studying in bed. The scene fades to some classroom where she and and Jennifer Stone (a really hot brunette who looks a little like Jennifer Aniston to me) are only lit by a projector in front of a chalkboard while a few guys watch in the background; they're both wearing schoolgirl outfits. The guys join in after the girls unbutton their tops and suck their breasts for a while. The girls give the guys enthusiastic blowjobs. Katrina gets it in doggie while sucking one guy, then she gets it in doggie anal. In the meantime Jennifer, wearing her skirt still, is doing RCG w/ another guy. Katrina then gets DP'd and popped in cowgirl while Jennifer gets spooned before taking a pop shot in her mouth. The girls then kiss and share the love. The lighting is a bit dim, but highlights the girls as it should.

Scene 2
Suzie, a brunette wake up after sleeping nude, shower, and heads over to wake another girl (brunette, slightly chubby) up who is still sleeping; the french teacher comes over to wake the girl up, and Suzie jumps him while the other girl is taking a shower. She gives him enthusiastic oral sex, then he returns the favor, and she turns around for doggie with a smile (love how she bites her lip as she gets pounded). She rides him in cowgirl, RCG, and jerks him off after the strong pounding before the other girl gets out of the shower.

Scene 3
Nastadia, a hot blond girl finishes her horse riding session, finds a brunette girl sitting on some steps studying and fondles her. They find a room in a school building and go at it (keeping most of their clothes on which I find sexy). The blond (who keeps her riding pants on) dons a black strapon and makes the brunette suck it for a while before taking her in doggie, then in RCG. The brunette finally takes the blonds pants off, rips open her pantyhose, and gives her a good dildoing w/ a crystal dildo.

Scene 4
Anais, another hot blond, is walking a horse when she meets up w/ her black boyfriend in the forest to satisfy her cravings. She give him oral sex for a while before another guy finds them and starts masturbating in the bushes. She (at this point, she's only wearing her riding boots) spots him and drags him over to give it to her in doggie while she continues sucking on her boyfriend. She gets DP cowgirl for a while, then her boyfriend jacks off while she gives the other guy a handjob (weird ending).

Scene 5
Three girls have to stay after to study while their black haired teacher watches over them. A guy comes in to study (what's a guy doing in a girls boarding school??) and the teacher starts licking the guy's ears and making the other girls uncomfortable. The teacher takes out the guy's penis and sucks on it, even deepthroating. The guy takes off the teacher's panties after putting her on the table. At this point the blond can't help it and starts giving the guy oral sex including trying to duplicate the deepthroating lesson). The teacher finally gets it in missionary (vaginal, then anal) on the table as the other girls watch. The teacher gets it in doggie anal and the blond finishes her off. Then the teacher makes a slamming noise and we realize it was just a fantasy the other girls were having.

Scene 6
The hall monitor guy is telling the girls (yes the girls are topless and having pillow fights or walking around with books) to go to bed for the night.

Scene 7
Two girls (Lilliane Tiger, the tattooed blond, and a cute brunette) are in the lounge/reception area of a building performing for two of their favorite teachers. The brunette is being trained by Lilliane who starts giving oral sex to one of the teachers while the topless brunette watches. The brunette looks afraid as the other teacher comes over gives her his penis to massage; she then runs off to a hallway to cry. In the meantime, Lilliane has to take on the 2 teachers by herself as one other teacher goes to console the brunette. The brunette is easy to console w/ a bit of kissing and starts giving the guy pretty enthusiastic oral sex for someone who's afraid. Lilliane does cowgirl w/ only her skirt and somehow stuffs four fingers into her asshole before one of the guys gets to do anal spoon. One teacher pops on Lilliane's foot as she gives another guy a blowjob until he comes. The brunette in the hallway gives the guy a handjob for a while and then turns around for some wall strong doggie action with only her skirt on; she then does RCG for a while before jerking the guy off into her mouth.

Bonus Material:
trailers for La Soubrette (the maid), Priscila:Vice&Prostitution, La Veuve (the widow), Russian Institute 6, Sophi Pornochic 11, Katsumi Pornochic 12, Suzie Pornochic 13, Only for U (Marc Dorcel's take on American Gonzo), two striptease scenes with the same cute brunette that Marc Dorcel always seems to use (this time in the kitchen drinking milk and in front of the dresser), making of, and the standard vulve fiction/dong air (why is the dong gay scene on a straight movie disc??) scenes that promote condom use (though I'm surprised condoms weren't used in this movie).

Other Comments:
The original vocals are in French as usual w/ Dorcel flicks, but there is also an English track and a bunch of other languages (the vocals are mostly of the narrator).
I wish they had a cast list with photos/scenes instead of just listing the cast at the start of the movie.
The video is shot in a glamour style with a lot of warm lighting and there's more to the movie than just sex. There's a little bit too much closeups, but it's not extremely annoying like you see in some movies when you just want to scream "I want to see the girl's body dammit!" The really hot actresses w/ some pubic hair (instead of totally shaved and pierced like you see in most movies nowadays) look like they're enjoying themselves and usually finish the guys off instead of the guys jerking themselves off. Scenes are broken by video of the schoolgirls in various parts of the school (walking around in their outfits, having topless pillow fights in the hallway, etc.) to set the background for the movie. American movie makers really should look at this kind movie to see why I hate watching American porn nowadays; it's so much better that it's not even funny how American porn sucks so badly :-P
I wish I knew of girls boarding schools like this when I was younger :-)

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