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Rush (Digital Playground)

Rush (Digital Playground)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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fu_q's ratings for Rush (Digital Playground):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Rush (Digital Playground) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Rush (Digital Playground) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Rush (Digital Playground) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Rush (Digital Playground) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Rush (Digital Playground) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Rush (Digital Playground) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rush (Digital Playground) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  3/23/2012
Escaped convicts, down-on-their-luck hookers, and low-end criminals all collide in the gritty southern California desert in “Rush”, an exceptional 2002 production from Nic Andrews and Digital Playground. Of course, the sweltering heat of the blazing sun pales in comparison to the scorching sex that plays out when these shady types begin to cavort. Indeed, in the rough tale of raunch that ensues, Barrett Blade plays the part of an escapee from prison who’s pursuing his hidden stash, and who—after ordering up Devon for an evening’s worth of call-girl fun—soon finds his life endangered by his unscrupulous former associate and partner-in-crime. Barrett and Devon then spend the remainder of the film on the run from both the police and this low-life thug’s goons, and what results is a dirty tale rife with gun battles, murder, high-speed car chases, and sticky-hot fucking.

In terms of the sex, Scene One features industry veteran, Mike Horner, as a car mechanic who uses his flesh-baring assistant (Alexa Rae) for a lot more than just routine clerical tasks. To be sure, he takes a quick timeout while looking for the keys to Barrett’s car to give her a ride right there in his office. It’s hard to blame him, however, as Alexa kicks things off in short-shorts, a revealing cotton top, and with a lollipop plopped seductively in her mouth. Of course, none of this clothing stays on for too long, as Mike seizes the moment and has his way with her. What ensues is a sexy romp that falls into the very-good-to-excellent category in terms of its heat and that features some hot oral work by Alexa and a few vaginal positions, before closing with a pop on her ass—hot! Scene Two brings together Barrett and Devon for their first tryst of the production. This one takes place in a cheap motel room after Barrett has ordered her from an escort agency. Devon shows up in a white miniskirt and a shimmering, purple, barely-there top that covers her breasts and little more. She’s in top form, needless to say. Of course the pair gets it on, and an exceptional vaginal romp follows. Closing out with a load dropped on her breasts, this is some sexy stuff.

In Scene Three, Devon’s up again—this time with rest-stop mechanic, Cheyne Collins. The bottom-line here is that Devon gives Cheyne a go in his office in trying to procure a ride back to her hometown. This all occurs after she has had a falling out with Barrett over her career choices (pot meet kettle?). A raunchy fucking featuring a handful of positions ensues, and it’s all capped off with a cum-shot on Devon’s pelvis and tummy—very nice! Scene Four is a touch on the random side, as it involves a poolside lesbian tryst between a couple of frolicking fillies. Of course, when “random” equals “Avy Scott” and “Jezebelle Bond”, who really cares, right? Basically, Avy and Jezebelle are fellow motel guests that Devon encounters out by the pool, while Barrett’s running errands. When the two lesbos start to get a bit too frisky for her liking, Devon pulls out…but the ladies remain. Fingers and tongues end up being the orders of the day in this very good girl-girl encounter, and some nice shots of both of the women are featured before it finishes off.

The final sequence (Scene Five), involves another Barrett and Devon romp…this time out in the desert after they’ve dug up and found his missing money. Again, this one is super-hot—everything with Devon ends up this way, honestly—and it features some solid oral and vaginal work before it’s closed out with a pop-shot on her tummy. This is a nice way to wrap up the sex in this feature…lovey-dovey, but still definitely erotic.

Some other items should also be mentioned. Plot-wise, acting-wise, and setting-wise, this release is as good as they get. It’s rough, rugged, and sexy. Indeed, there should be more releases like this one. In terms of picture quality and the like, it’s now 10 years old (*gasp*)…so it’s not as perfect as it could be…but it still holds up quite well. (It’s actually a lot better than some of the middle-of-the-road, more-current productions in this regard.) So there’s nothing too seriously meaningful to be concerned with as it pertains to its age.

Bonus-wise, there’s a lot of BTS-like material. There’s the decent, interesting, and fun “Behind the Scenes” itself, as well as a “Blooper Reel”, a discussion of the origins of the idea behind the movie, and some “…Crash Sequence” selections (some of which use the “angle” feature of the DVD player). There’s also a copy of the “Original Screenplay” (which, to me, is quite interesting), and there are some text-based “Bios”. Further, there are two photo options—a manual “Photo Album” and a “Slideshow”—and there are two “Trailers” (one for this production and one for another production featuring Devon). All in all, these are fairly decent extras.

In total, this production is an awesome action / sex flick, the likes of which—quite honestly—there should be more of coming from the adult film industry. This basically feels like a “real” movie, or at least an extended TV episode, and it’s a very cool concept that comes to fruition quite well. As such, a lot of this movie revolves around the plot—which I absolutely love—but it may not make it a winner for the strictly-gonzo crowd. That said, if Digital Playground’s stuff and / or action movies are your thing…or if you’re a fan of Devon (if you’re not, there’s something wrong with you)…I’d definitely recommend checking this out. It’s worthy.

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