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Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs

Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs

Studio: Rude Boiz
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Netguy's ratings for Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rudeboiz 3: Filthy Chavs A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Netguy  on  5/11/2006
Chav is a slang term which has been in wide use throughout the United Kingdom since 2004. It refers to a subcultural stereotype of a person with fashions such as flashy “bling “ jewellery and counterfeit designer clothes such as burberry / burkley or sportswear, an uneducated, uncultured, impoverished background, a tendency to congregate around places such as fast-food outlets, bus stops, or other shopping areas, and a culture of antisocial behaviour. (from Wilkipedia)

As the box states, there is no story, just hung horny rudeboiz going at it in their rough council flats. And this is exactly what you get! But its’ not all that its cracked up to be.

The films begins with a cute, scruffy, dark haired, Danny Davis arriving at the flat of Gary Hughes, a straight looking, tattooed guy. They waste no time and begin kissing right away before they both drop their drawers and Danny goes down on Gary. Some brief sucking between the two standing and then a bit more as they lie back on Gary’s sofa. Danny has a nice, slender, swimmers build and gives some nice head to his fuck buddy. The action does seem unstaged and they do what comes natural. Danny lies back on the couch and as he plays with himself Gary shoves his big cock down his throat. With little or no sound, the action continues and its only occasionally we hear them huffing and puffing. It’s almost too quiet. The action continues with Danny still lying back and Gary sucks his rod and then rims him a bit. It picks up when the two are standing again and Danny is taking it up the ass from behind, but its cut quick and switches to Danny sitting on top of Gary, back to front, as he jerks his hard cock. Danny takes it some more as he kneels on the couch and Gary rams his cock with quick little thrusts until Danny shoots his wad. Gary jerks himself off as he leans back on the couch and the scene ends.

Rob Hunter is a scrappy dirty blond who pairs off with Steven Paige a real thin lad with a shaved head. Both look like they came from the streets and although they may not be as good looking at the previous guys they seem to be a bit more into it. After a bit of foreplay and toying with each others cocks they get into some nice 69 action lying on their sides and one atop the other. Rob has a pretty big, thick cock that Steven has no problems deep throating. A bit more foreplay in between as Rob lies on top of Steven and strokes both their cocks and then continue as they rub their bodies together. With the sounds of the futon squeaking, Rob fucks Steven doggy style and then continues with him on his back. Some nice penetration shots as Rob really works his ass over fucking him fast and furious with Steven in a soft hush begs for more. The fucking is way more intense here and as Rob continues his fast fuck Steven jerks off. Neither him nor Rob shoot much of a load.

Continuing in much the same fashion, Ben Collins arrives at the flat of Joey Carter. Once inside the two kiss and caress one another and make their way to the futon. Ben like many of the others has a closely shaved head of hair, slender build, but a really nice, big cock! Probably the biggest so far. On the other hand, Joey is a bleach blond, thin, and has his “bling” around his neck. As Ben lies back Joey services him, taking every inch in his mouth. They switch positions and Joey stands up to get a nice blow job on his uncut cock. They spice things up a bit with Joey lying on his back while he gets sucked and as he does Ben fingers his ass briefly. They continue with Ben fucking Joeys mouth before he fingers his ass some more and rims him. It appeared this may be a barebacking scene but then Ben does have a condom on and goes to work on Joey’s ass. With such a big cock I thought he’d split this poor boy in two, but Joey takes it like man as he leans over the futon biting the chain around his neck as he grabs ahold of his own cock. Their fucking continues with Joey on his back, legs in the air, and Ben wearing a cock ring. Joey jerks himself off and again, there’s not much to see. Ben pulls out and lets loose a load across Joey’s stomach with not much fanfare there either. Rather disappointing.

Marc Wilson and Shane Wilder arrive at Jonny Bennett’s. Shane has black hair, shaved on the sides, short and stocky while Marc is a cute college type and Jonny is a thin waif. Shane fingers and licks Marcs ass as he sucks Jonny and then Jonny gets his fat cock sucked by Jonny who’s getting deep throated now by Marc. Marc does a great job of going down on him and has the technique down pat. Jonny and Marc sit back and let Shane service them both, and then continue sucking one another in various positions and partners. Jonny ends up fucking Marc but doesn’t seem to manage his cock well, while Shane fucks Marc’s mouth. Its not until Marc stands that Jonny can really work his cock in that nice tight hole, and as he does, Marc continues sucking away on Shane. The scene ends with Marc on his back once more, a bit soft, while Jonny slowly fucks him. He pulls out and both him and Shane jerk off onto Marc as they kneel above him, covering his chest and face. Marc licks the leftover jizz off Jonny. It was hard to see but I’m not sure if Shane even got off?

Steve O and Robbie G, how cute, are the final pairings. Steve O dark hair, slender build and Robbie G is really thin. Robbie goes down on Steve first and sucks his hard cock and licks his balls, and then Steve takes a turn and gets Robbie nice and erect by sucking him. Plenty of more sucking ensues and then Robbie gets rimmed, and then more sucking. It ends with Robbie taking it up the ass and Steve does a nice job at fucking him from behind. A nice shot from underneath as Robbie’s cock sways back and forth with each thrust from Steve. They continue fucking with Robbie laying on his side and jerking himself off, an ok load and then Steve pulls out and appears to just let a bid drop ooze from his cock before it ends.

Overall this is just a real mediocre film at best and the performances range from good to average. Some of the guys are rather cute in their own scruffy, street type looks but most just didn’t seem to pull off a good performance. Each segment follows pretty much the same setup as the one before and after a while it gets pretty monotonous. I wasn’t too impressed.

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