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Rough & Beyond: Operation Pumpforce

Rough & Beyond: Operation Pumpforce

Studio: Mile High Xtreme
Category:  All Sex

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stinkfist's ratings for Rough & Beyond: Operation Pumpforce:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Rough & Beyond: Operation Pumpforce overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Rough & Beyond: Operation Pumpforce Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Rough & Beyond: Operation Pumpforce Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Rough & Beyond: Operation Pumpforce Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Rough & Beyond: Operation Pumpforce Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rough & Beyond: Operation Pumpforce DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rough & Beyond: Operation Pumpforce A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  6/15/2009
The hot weather in Britain has been driving me crazy,you know what happens when it gets hot..correct..i turn into a dildo on legs wanting,hoping,praying for those golden moments that will lead to excessive meat whip pounding later on.Give me a sight of a whale tail,visible panty line plunging neckline anything to make those precious stroking moments go with a bang and leave my bed looking like a wig wam for the next few hours.

I have been feeling a bit kinky lately and once again have been drawn to (drum roll) the pussy pump titles lol so there i was heading home from work and my cock began to twitch and determine my movement-a bit like taking an unruly puppy for a walk,the first hot day in Britain in ages and my horn factor goes through the roof.Once i got to the local sex shop i gained access via the buzzer entry and milled about until a customer paid for his surrogate pussy pleasure lol.

Anyway i glanced at the shop assistant and said "I'm looking for something that will leave me breathless and light headed"..he rolled his eyes to the side then nodded his head to the left and as i gazed in that direction only to be met with the rubber doll section..cheeky i did secure a bargain and it was buy one get one free and so i made the journey home with 2 pussy pump titles tucked away in my bag

i hope to fuck i do not get knocked down can you imagine it stinkfist lying on the street with a broken leg the contents of my bag littered all over the road the artwork for the pussy pump titles lying next to me,cue sweet little old ladies shouting "You should have reversed over the bastard and finished the job" lol charming eh..i felt like shouting back "I have seen you in a White Ghetto title you old sea hag"

Anyway i did make it home and got my wanking kit prepared,blinds closed trousers and underwear of and legs at quarter to three lol tissues at the ready,can of juice nearby remote control in hand and with that i popped a kamagra tablet(my friend gave me it)i quickly washed it down with some coke,dont want it sticking in my throat dont want to end up with a stiff neck.

I looked down at my cock and whispered "I love you" to him lol i will be pole vaulting all over my flat tonight,maybe that is one of the side effects thankfully nothing about operating machinery or if i would let my cock drive.Oh my god it is rising,have you ever baked a cake and had a sneaky look in the oven and seen it proudly puffed up i think my groin is at gas mark 5 i am ready for luurvvve let the pussy pumping commence.

Scene 1

Straight into action we go and it's the great outdoors for this scene and no messing about here as the guy is standing over a girl who has long dyed red hair,he forces his cock in her mouth the guy has on a camouflage t-shirt and shorts which he pulled down and the girl who is on her knees wears a khaki outfit,so much for them wearing camouflage gear i can see everything lol.With the camera zooming in the girl is sucking on this guys balls and already has saliva dripping down her cheeks,some messy ball sucking follows she looks like a punk girl and has several piercings on her lip,nose etc one of those massive ear piercings done.

Before i could even enjoy the blowjob action that followed for a brief second the action suddenly swings to her with a pussy pump attached and as she screams away i sense her gammon flaps are under the cosh,no wonder wars are getting lost all the time if this is the weapon of choice on the battlefield,when he took the pump of her plumped up shaved lips looked like they had overdosed on collagen injections,they just looked like a big red angry inflammation,think back to your teen years and the dreaded acne that would flare up leaving you with massive eruptions that would practically take over your face and leave you locked in your bedroom wanting to die lol.

As the guy squished those meaty flaps together the girl does look quite hot,maybe a bit skinny for my liking but hey it's 2009 and she has a pussy so i love her and a big pussy it is,the guy forces as much of those plumped up lips in his mouth as possible and begins to suck away.He reminds me of someone eating half a melon holding it right to his face and having a good suck lol,he pours some oil on her pussy lips now,fuck me does this guy think he is at an all you can eat bbq.More oil gets poured all over her small tits and this looks sexy did i mention that her pussy is shaved,yes i already did but i'm just checking your still there.

Time for a sip of beer,me not them lol you do not think i am doing this sober do you this is more like community service i am doing here ok i must admit that the last pussy pump title featured some amazing anal sex and i am already looking forward to seeing this girl take a good hard anal pounding,looks like i am going to have to wait a while as the girl has just begun using a penis pump on the guy.Is it a penis pump i'm sure Ikea sell them lol,now it was time for synchronized perversion as he attached a pussy pump on her while his cock was getting seen to,the girl looks great with all that oil over her body..hope that Kamagra tablet kicks in real soon.

Now the madman uses the penis pump on her and her clit looked like the size of an acorn,this all reminds me how tame my sex life is what fucking sex life the last time i got a great blowjob was when i cut through an old train station one night and i got amazing head..i wonder if they ever found the rest of that poor girls body.Back to the action and as the pump came of her lips were truly massive,they look like something that a fisherman would catch in his net.Before i could draw my breath the next clip has her bent over and a butt plug inserted in her ass,this is more like it violate that chocolate box sir.

He pulls it out to show of her gaping ass and with those big beef curtains hanging down my cock does not know whether to stand up or wait till the anal pounding starts,her pussy gets stuffed with that butt plug as the guy now inserts anal beads in her ass,is this there first date a quiet stroll in the park turned sour for the lovestruck female.Now he uses a huge glass dildo on her ass and pounds away till she is screaming,i must admit this looks great.I better turn down the volume with the screaming she is doing or the neighbors will think i am hosting a roman orgy.Now it was onto the anal action and reverse cowgirl style is first on the menu and her arse takes a pounding,this girl will have to put her toilet rolls in the freezer after this as her ring will be on fire lol.

He pulls out a few times and we are treated to her huge gape i think i can tell you what this girl had for breakfast,this girl is screaming like hell and uses the penis pump on her clit as the pounding continues.This is dirty action and quite literally as they are both lying on the ground getting down and dirty with each other.Messy blowjob action now and saliva and oil are all over this girls face,side on anal now and this looks great and again she uses the pump on her pussy the action is really fast and furious and with her body covered in oil she looks great.He pulls out and uses the glass dildo on her really ramming it deep inside her,she is covered in dirt as well,no fucking about here lol.

A small pump gets used on her clit now,is this a war crime i am witnessing,as the girl uses the dildo on herself i must admit i fucking love to watch girls using toys on themselves.The guy soon gets her in doggie position and bangs her ass as hard as he can and all the oil that was in her ass comes splattering out and runs down her pussy lips,some gaping action again before he pours oil into her asshole and shoves 4 fingers deep in her ass and then he uses the other 4 fingers and stretches her hole wide open before a big monster black dildo gets used on her ass.The action swings to her lying back with her legs high in the air and the glass dildo get pounded in and out of her ass,i am loving the asshole action

She gets pounded with cock this time and the pussy pump attached to her then some super quick pumping and he pulls out and showers her pussy and ass with cum then he puts the pussy pump back on her and with her lips pumped up he takes the pump of and makes her lick the spunk from it she then plays with those gammon flaps and licks her fingers clean.The End

Well we are of to a good start,some hot anal action with some kebab like pussy lips thrown in,the girl was kind of punk/emo/goth type with lots of piercings and a great slim figure,the action was fast and furious and her ass really took a pounding.

Scene 2

The scene starts with the guy from scene 1 getting put through his paces in the great outdoors he is doing press ups under the watchful eye of a hot looking slim blond,she has great tanned legs and wears a military style outfit complete with beret and brandishes a whip,the guy is wearing the same gear from scene 1 i think it's the same guy.Anyway he is struggling to do press ups and the blond is giving him verbals and lightly smacks his bum with her cane,she pulls his hair and he leaps to his feet and firmly grabs her and as she drops to her knees he pulls out his cock and plunges it in her mouth why the fuck can this not happen to me at the gym,the bastards take 35 pounds a month direct debit from me and all i have to show is flabby man boobs and an arm that could put Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame with the amount of wanking i do.

Back to the action and as the camera zooms in on the girl she is hot as hell,i prefer her to the girl from scene 1 some rough blowjob action follows and this girl has something about her that is driving me crazy,yes she has got a pussy lol.She has that dirty look about her and you just know she would be a great fuck,i feel sorry for my cock tonight no early night for him he is getting abused so if anyone wants to phone the cock cruelty hotline to report me then feel free to do so.On screen and the girl is sucking this guys balls while she wanks him of,we get to see this pretty girls tits as the guy stood behind her and opened her jacket and her pert tits popped out,her nipples stood out like a one legged man in an arse kicking competition,what lol.

I would love to chew/bite on her nipples,the sweat is pouring of me i think i have took a fancy to this girl and with the guy pulling on her nipples she reached back and wanked him of i think this scene is going to be good.The guy wastes no time in bending this girl over and sliding her outfit up and i must say she has one of those knotted arseholes if you know what i mean the ones that look like a belly button,ok no laughing at the back please i am being serious.Talking about belly buttons i remember as a child i was warned not to play with mine or i would deflate no wonder i grew up fucked in the head lol.

Back to the action and her asshole gets fingered this guy is getting stuck into her the way a tramp would eat a bag of chips,he spits on her ass and moans away as he plays with her glory hole then gets a glass dildo and slides it deep inside her and begins to pound it deep in and out of her hole,the girl hardly even flinched my god i was screaming this morning on toilet duties as last nights curry decided to made a bid for freedom if you know what i mean,i swear an invasion of angry wasps stung my ass as well.This girl is great she even wanks him of as she is bent over and is getting ram raided with this glass dildo up her.

He rubs oil all over her ass before continuing with dildo duties,that sounds like some hip name for porn talk "For the next 30 min you are on dildo duties" lol.Anyway with the camera looking up at the action this looks hot as hell to see this girl get her oiled up ass violated,some standing doggie now and i do not know what hole he is fucking as the camera has panned back to give the side on shot i think i will lie to my cock and tell him it's deep in her filthy arse(never fails to get him going)as he lifts up her leg i am indeed psychic and it is deep in her ass.The girl is loving this and her nipples are rock hard,you could hang a coat from them.

A quick look at her pussy and i think it has maybe been plumped up a little it looks kind of fat if am i allowed to say fat in these pc times we live in,doggie style now and as he pounds her ass this looks great.He pulled out and tried to get her to gape but her little belly button twanged back into shape,what a tight little gammon ring she has got.Big black dildo time now and he slammed it deep in her ass he uses plenty of oil on her ass then swings around to make the girl take the black oiled up dildo in her mouth.The next bit of action features pussy pumping i was beginning to think we were not going to get to see Godzilla lips lol.

As he pumps away it does honestly look like an oxygen mask,well a perverted one anyway.Her pussy begins to bulge and cling to the pussy pump the way a child would grip her mums hand on the ghost ride at the fairground lol.When the pump came of her lips looked like a big squashed hotdog he squished the sides together and i half expected him to add some mustard and get stuck in.Instead of mustard he poured oil over her lips then as the camera panned to the girls face she was rolling her eyes and loving it.Cue the camera panning back to her pussy and the pussy pump is back on her,then as it pans to the guy he has got a penis pump on,someone phone social services.

The girl controls the pump and there is more moaning going on here than what you would get at an asthma anonymous clinic,the guy then uses the penis pump on her pussy and if she did not know where her clit was before this scene she will now as it will be the size of a Third World Country after this guy is finished with her.The action swings to reverse cowgirl and that belly button arse takes a pounding,the girl does look hot and sexy as her body is coated in oil and her pumped up lips flapped about like a terrified mincing queen pacing his bedroom floor waiting on the right moment to confront mom and dad and "come out the closet",i think i am going mad lol.

The girl is loving this and reaches for the penis pump and soon it will be clitty clitty bang bang,can you imagine being out with the dog for a walk in the park and stumbling on them fucking and using the pumps on each other etc,i think i would just stand there with my dog and we would both slow hand clap them.Some side on toy action now and this girls asshole gets the treatment,her tradesmen's entrance has took a battering her plump pussy lips look like 2 sausages fused together.The girl fucks her own arse with the toy as the guy moved around to get his cock sucked.For the finale he uses the penis pump on her pussy then pulls it off then cums over her Mick Jagger lips then uses the pump to siphon the cum up for her to lick of the penis pump.The End

Plenty of anal action in this scene,i liked this girl and her belly button asshole lol,she took a good anal pounding with toys and cock,the pussy pump action was limited but i was more than happy to feast on the anal action.

Scene 3

Indoors for this scene and the girl wears a similar outfit to the girl from scene 2 she looks sexy but i will have to wait till the camera zooms in for a close up before i can describe her,the perils of excessive wanking-poor vision have taken over after all those years of wankfodder i have feasted on my eyeballs have been bleached forever.This scene seems to be set in some kind of basement mechanical room with plenty of machinery about oh and did i mention a throbbing tool that's because the guy that just appeared has now got the girl standing before him and has his cock out i'm so angry i'm away to open a can of juice.

Straight on her knees she goes and begins to suck his cock like a champion she has long blond hair and is another stunner,slim build and with her wearing that military style outfit complete with leather gloves and cap my cock danced about in my pants like a drunk father at his sons 21st birthday party.Some good deepthroat action follows and i think this will be another good scene there is something so hot about seeing this girl with those leather gloves on wank off this guy then feed his serpent into her mouth,a great overhead shot shows of this blonds messy oral skills.She sucks on his balls the way a drunk girl would attack 2 portions of Pakora at 3am on a night out.Straight into pussy pump action we go and when the pump is removed her pussy looks like it has been hit with a hammer,a sledgehammer.

This girl is hot i think she actually has reddish streaks through her hair but to be honest all eyes are on Operation Pumpforce,her pussy gets oiled up and with her still wearing her dress/uniform and gloves i feel like waddling over and humping the television.This girls lips are massive,big petted lips just wanting a kiss lol.The guy starts fingering that big jellied eel like entrance and she moans out in pleasure the last time i made a girl moan like that i stood on her toes by accident in the January sales.Back to the action and the guy drenches her pussy in oil before spreading those huge flaps wide open.

I would love to get to grips with a big pair of meaty flaps like that i would be scared they would let out a roar and swallow me whole,he slaps on those pussy lips the way you would tease/taunt a bald relative slapping the top of his head maybe with a cry of baldy bastard to set the tone for the evening lol.Some blowjob action now and the girl looks great getting skull fucked holy fuck maybe i did get a bargain when i bought this pussy pump title and to think the shop keeper had a smirk on his face when i handed over my looks like i am onto a winner here.Back to the movie and with the girl squatting down he gets out the oil again and covers her pussy in it before fingering her squelchy cunt,some guys have all the luck.

I rue the day the small cock gene was handed down to me i wanted a cock so big that when i used a urinal and flopped it out my pants it would actually come crashing down and break the urinal in half,every toilet in the city i live would have my photo up on the walls with the heading "Caution not human" lol,i know they are doing face transplants these days wait till cock transplants take of i think i will join the queue to get one.My cock is actually a decent size and i have had a few women in my time in fact you can count the number of shags i have had on the fingers of a shoplifter from the Middle East.

The girl gets made to turn around and stand up and what a pair of long slender legs she has and with a small tight ass which looks just ripe for a good fucking,he slaps her ass and spreads her cheeks and her big gammon flaps hung down like the paunch on a 55 year old man wearing swimming trunks.More oil gets used on her ass there is more oil on display that what you would get in a British Chippie she gets her asshole fingered and it looks tighter than 2 coats of paint.He manages to get 2 fingers deep inside her but continually spits in her ass,then again he is wearing dark shades so he could be blind or just blind stupid.

He does manage to get a glass dildo deep in her ass it took a while but it was worth the wait,if he spits on her arse one more time i am going to reach through the television and put my fist down his throat and the next time he goes to the toilet and wipes his ass we will be shaking hands.The action quickly moves to reverse cowgirl anal and the girl has the pussy pump on,he fucks her that hard it falls of and those big plumped up lips look back at us almost like a big docile jellyfish that has been washed up on the beach.It looks like someone has put a set of jump leads on her pussy and went for the spinal tap solution all the way to 11.

The girl looks great with all the oil all over her body and she has several tattoos over her body and with her still wearing those gloves she is getting me itching for a leather glove handjob,i used to have a furry glove i used for wanking purposes it was great lol so soft and sensual and when i used to tickle my balls with it my laughter could be heard from 4 blocks away.The anal pounding continues and she soon gets on her knees to taste her ass from his oiled up cock,now it's the guys turn for the penis pump treatment and the girl uses it on him after all that spitting he did she should keep pumping until his cock blows up to cartoon size then explodes and she could roll her eyes and say "sorrrry"

The girl now begins to deepthroat the penis pump this girl should be on Britain's got talent i think she would do better than that Susan Boyle,did anyone see Susan Boyle she looks like a dirty little man with a set of eyebrows that you could knit a jumper from,back on screen and the oiled up hottie goes reverse anal cowgirl once more and as her arse gets a good pounding you can hear all the oil sloshing around deep inside her.More oil gets thrown on her body from the camera man and to see her body glisten with oil is a turn on.Is that a cock or a nail gun that guy has got as he pounds her hard with each thrust

Some deepthroat skull fucking now and one things for sure the action is hard and nasty,another anal pounding follows and as the girl sucks on a huge dildo i am praying she uses it on her own ass.More oil gets squirted over her and this is getting me hot and bothered my balls are almost on fire i might need a skin graft after this,the guy then pours oil into the girls mouth then gets a slippery blowjob what a lucky bastard.The blowjob action is sloppy and messy a bit like my underwear right now lol,he uses another toy on this girls mouth,holy fuck i thought it was a shoe horn.

A butt plug gets used on this girls ass followed by a dildo,some side on anal action now and the girl looks great with all that oil on her,more oil gets squirted on her from the camera man.He now fucks her missionary position and pounds her arse while the penis pump gets used on her pussy he then pulls out and comes all over her engorged pussy lips then scoops all the cum into the penis pump and the girl takes it all on her tongue letting some drip down over her oiled up body,he then fills it with oil and does the same pouring it all over her tongue till it spills down her body before he goes on to get his cock sucked.The End

This was a great scene and with plenty of oil it was a slippery feast of anal action,with toy use and pussy and penis pumps it was very enjoyable,the girl took one hell of a pounding and was really pretty with a great body if only the guy had not done so much spitting it would have been even better.

Scene 4

Back to the great outdoors we go and its the guy from scene 1 and 2 who is wearing the same camouflage outfit again and this time a hot looking dark haired girl stands with a cane in her hand ready to sort him out,she has on black fishnet stockings and a khaki dress that is slashed up the sides to reveal some sexy flesh and she also has a cap on,she has a great pair of legs in fact all the girls so far have been nice.Suddenly the guy drops his shorts and forces the girls head down to his cock and she starts chomping on his beef bayonet some great blowjob action follows and this girl is taking a skull fucking no problem at all,nothing to see here sir please move

The camera angle changes and as it zooms in on her as she squats down the camera man uses the cane to lift her dress up to reveal her already plumped up pussy lips,looks like the party has already started lol.Her lips look like a huge slug you would find in the garden if you lifted up a rock or some wood that has been lying outside either that or she has put some dynamite up her pussy and lit the touchpaper,the action soon changes to the guy squishing those huge lips then covering them with oil and before i could even draw breath the next clip has him using a dildo on the girls ass and as he violates her poop chute she screams out.

The girl looks great and as she moves into a side on position and with her body covered in oil my cock thinks its Christmas,a good anal pounding follows and the girl is screaming her head of and no wonder this guy is ram raiding her dirtbox big time.He pulls out a few times and the girl holds her ass wide to show us her gape,lovely mmm.I like this girl i have a thing for dark haired girls right now especially ones who like a good anal pounding and love to strut about with pussy lips that would make Godzilla spin in his grave,ok i am lying my cock is a serial cheater i just love women full stop.

The next bit of action has the guy standing over the girl and pouring oil all over his cock and into this girl mouth,i sense a sloppy oil blowjob coming up.He drenches her whole body in oil and it does look fantastic even the gammon flaps take a soaking with the oil.Next up he wears some kind of mask/hat contraption with a dildo on it and with him wearing it he fucks the girls asshole with it,someone call 911 there is a serial killer in the making on the loose.With the girl lying back on the grass with her legs behind her head and her asshole at this guys mercy it makes for great viewing,he goes on to fuck her ass and how this girl can maintain this position while he rampages her is amazing.

Now he goes back in for some dildo action and he is like a randy woodpecker as his head flashes back and forth,reverse anal cowgirl is next and the girl uses a penis pump on herself as the guy pounds away at 100 miles an hour,she is covered in oil and some dirt from the ground and with that the camera man squirts oil all over her body i am enjoying this.Now the girl takes the lead and really rides this guy hard and fast this is hot to watch,More ass fucking and penis pump debauchery and this girl has took a pounding,how can i not find a girl like her when i go out on the town.

More oil gets poured over her gaping ass and the fucking continues and the oil comes splattering out,then quick as a flash the guy lets out a groan pulls out and shoots his cum all over those plumped up lips then uses the penis pump on her to siphon up the cum and oil that was on her pussy then pours it in her mouth,the background noise is like an air raid siren going of.The End

This was a great scene i really liked this hot dark haired girl and what a anal pounding she took,again we had some fun with the gammon flaps but the highlight was the scorching anal action plenty of oil in this scene to,a great dirty nasty scene i am warming to these pussy pump titles.

Scene 5

The last scene,does it really have to end i have really enjoyed this title so far what a treat and a half it has been,some laughs with the big squidgy pussy lips then down to some hard fast and furious anal action with oiled up hot girls taking it as hard as the guys can dish out.The scene starts with another dark haired girl and we are indoors in the machinery room once more and the girl wears a black peaked cap and a leather necktie and a micro top that just about covers her collarbone lol,she has small tits and as the camera pans down she is wearing black fishnet stockings and has a pussy pump already attached.

The male talent appears and with his cock already out he simply moves forward and the girl starts to suck him of,her pussy pump falls of to reveal a set of lips so huge they looked like a bald man who has just had his head split open with an axe,some good blowjob action follows and i like this girl she looks like a goth and with her dyed black hair and dark eyeshadow and eyeliner and a piercing above her lip i want to fuck her badly lol.She spits all over his cock and gives him a messy blowjob this is the kind of blowjob im after nice and sloppy and nasty,never mind when i get those 2 ribs removed i will have all the fun i want lol.

Straight into reverse anal action we go and this girl has 2 little pumps attached on each side of her pussy,the anal action is fast and furious and the girl is loving this and the guy lightly chokes her.The camera man squirts oil all over her body as the fucking continues and she is soon on her knees sucking the guys cock to taste her own ass and the guy really does fuck her mouth.The next bit of action has the girl using a penis pump on herself while the guy ram raids her asshole with a huge black dildo while more oil gets poured on her body,he ass really gets abused with this huge dildo.

My mind wandered to my last relationship and my then girlfriend she just simply would not let me near her asshole,i remember one fateful night in 69 position and i seized my chance as my tongue lightly flicked over her chocolate starfish then all hell broke loose,my eyes were closed but unknown to me she had reached back and with one tremendous thump she cracked me on the head with her hand,to this day i still have tinnitus and suffer from dizzy spells lol.Back to the movie and more sloppy blowjob and dildo action was taking place some missionary anal now and the girls plumped up pussy lips looked like a startled teenager at her first pop concert gazing lovingly into the lead singers eyes with her heart fluttering away,what lol.

Back to sloppy blowjob action now with the camera man squirting the oil all over the girl tell you what its a winning formula if you ask me,hot oiled up girls getting anally pounded.I cannot take my eyes of her pussy lips they are simply massive they kind of look like a huge shell you would find at the beach and you would hold it to your ear to listen to the ocean,if you put her pussy lips to your ear they would probably bite it clean off.The penis pump gets used on the girl now and i can honestly say this girl will never be able to wear a thong ever again not with those big massive saddlebags anyway,The guy begins to slap those lips and she screams out and no fucking wonder they must be more sensitive than a 12 year old girl getting told her favorite all girl pop band have just split up.

Doggie style anal now and what a pounding she is taking,those big pussy lips hung down and flopped around like a spaniels ears.Next up and it was some anal toy and clit action complete with loads of oil thrown in followed by some hard anal and the girl is loving this.The action quickly jumps to missionary anal and the girl has the penis pump attached to those already huge gammon flaps and after some intense fucking the guy pulls out takes of her pussy pump and shoots his baby gravy all over her pussy,true love indeed he then uses the pump to scoop up the cum and fills it with oil before pouring it into the girls mouth.The End

Well that was another good scene,the girl was hot and again the anal and oil action was fantastic and with a great selection of girls and hard fast intense sex this has been a good movie all round.The pussy pumping might not be your thing you might even be reading this and holding your clenched fist to the monitor and shouting out "Pussy pumping,not in my fucking name" but honestly if you are looking for something a little different with some great anal action and hot girls taking a good pounding with plenty of oil thrown in then welcome to Operation hide this one from the wife/girlfriend lol.

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