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Rogue Adventures 17

Rogue Adventures 17

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Transsexual
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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BIGmike's ratings for Rogue Adventures 17:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Rogue Adventures 17 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Rogue Adventures 17 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Rogue Adventures 17 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Rogue Adventures 17 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Rogue Adventures 17 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rogue Adventures 17 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rogue Adventures 17 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  1/31/2004
Transsexual Performer Looks Rating : 3.5

Developed and Shot by Joey Silvera

SCENE ONE : Joey and Fabio talk inside of an apartment, then Joey calls a guy, standing with two brunettes, over and inside, where they chit chat as well as treat us to some ass shots of the girl, Gabriela Munez, who is pretty hot and natural. Joey thanks the guy for the beautiful she-male, Melissa Prado, who is not only pretty tall, but very good looking as well, though there is some slight scarring around her areolas, and he tries to get rid of the guy, but he doesn’t want to go. The guy does manage to leave, briefly, but pops up once again as the two girls are kissing and feeling each other up, ignoring Joey, only to pull down Melissa’s panties and start sucking her cock from under her miniskirt. This guy goes to town on her cock, rimming her a bit as well, and then the girl steps up to the plate, getting in on the goings down. The guy finally takes his cue to exit stage right, but only after he takes a quick sampling of Gabriela‘s pussy, leaving the two girls alone for some digital manipulation, with more oral delivered by both. The fucking isn’t too far off, moving through a few various positions, beginning with some vaginal, and moving onto anal. Both girls do some serious tongue to asshole rimming, and put a very hot end to a fairly hot scene with Melissa cumming in Gabriela’s hands, which she rubs into her tits and then licks up some of the spillage.

SCENE TWO : Priscilla Dundar is a good-looking, though slightly boyish looking she-male, with smallish, apparently unaltered tits, who I’ve seen in various other titles. Here she has her hair cut short, wearing tight shorts and tee, as she walks around in her apartment answering questions from Joey through Fabio, then she leaves. She comes back out, now wearing a collar around her neck, a red plaid miniskirt with crotchless panties on underneath, as well as a tight black top. Joey has her spit the gum she’s chewing on out into his hand, leaving her with a pacifier to suck on, after she removes her top, exposing her naturally tiny tits, for the guy, Maurincho Manson, to lather up with baby oil. The two kiss quite a bit, and it isn’t long before the guy finds her hard cock, pulling her panties aside to suck it, and it isn’t much longer until she’s totally naked, getting sucked on even more. She eventually returns the favor to the guy, though briefly, before the guy returns to her cock, as her oral fixation is filled by the pacifier. With her on all fours, her small ass up in the air, the guy gives her a very brief rimming, with a nice pounding following, moving through various positions. After the pounding, the guy sucks her cock some more as she returns to the pacifier, then she fucks the guy with a vibe, until he jerks out a load onto his stomach. The guy watches as she sits her ass down on the vibe and jacks a small, barely visible load out to end this pretty hot scene.

SCENE THREE : This scene opens with a backside view of two blondes watching a soccer game from the sideline. Both girls are wearing tight tank tops and tight jeans, and when Joey moves around to their side, we see that both girls are gorgeous and stacked, though only one is packing, and both are wearing shades. Text saying Isa & Muniky IN: Cock Sucking Fest appears before they head towards a car Going to see the star player! Isa, looking even hotter now, with her long blonde hair still pulled back in a single ponytail, is wearing white hot pants and a different tight white top, while doing a booty shaking dance inside of a bunkhouse. Muniky, looking just as hot as she did outside, has also changed into something a little more comfortable, wearing white feathery fringed panties with a white bra. The two girls soon head towards the showers, where they find Marcio washing himself down, and it doesn’t take long for this guy to get down, to go down, sucking Muniky’s cock quite lengthily before Isa takes over briefly. A good amount of oral follows before the action moves into the bunkroom, picking up with Marcio sucking Muniky’s cock, as Isa stands behind him, covering his eyes, and forcing his head down. As Marcio sucks on Muniky’s cock, Isa begins working some magic on his cock, sucking it and stroking it, ‘til he cums on her mouth, and for the effort he gets kicked out so that they can continue alone. Now that the guy is out of sight, Isa gives Muniky’s cock another sucking, with the fucking, straight to the a style, following. But don’t start thinking that this scene will end without Muniky getting fucked some, because Isa fucks her ass with a vibe, and she shoots a big load over her stomach to end this incredibly hot scene.

SCENE FOUR : Opens up at the same bunkhouse as the previous scene, and once again stars two gorgeous and stacked blondes, Gisele Prado and Cintia, but this time around, both are packing. They tease the camera oh so nicely, first, getting dressed in next to nothing, just to strip back down, both providing some great ass shots along the way, before Gisele sits down on a bed and gives her cock a nice stroking while looking into the camera. Cintia takes a seat on the bed as well, and she starts stroking her cock a bit, and after they feel each other up, Maurincho joins them. The guy goes down on Gisele’s cock as she sucks on Cintia’s cock, and the oral continues on with the guy sucking Cintia as Gisele sucks his cock, and they move on through a few more variations of cock sucking. Gisele ties the guy’s shirt around his neck along the way, fashioning it into a collar and leash, plus she gets the first stab at his ass, soon after, leaving Cintia to get seconds, and both girls stroke his cock and pull his leash while fucking him. As the girls sit on a top bunk, the guy goes back and forth, licking both their legs, moving up towards Cintia’s cock to give it a brief sucking. Cintia moves out of the scene, and over to another bunk so that Gisele can jerk herself off to orgasm, though no cum is visible. The guy is pulled over toward Cintia, where he jerks a load off and on to her leg. It takes Cintia a while to cum, but she works herself up into a sweat doing it, and so ends yet another incredibly hot scene.

SCENE FIVE : Alyssia in Adventures in NYC opens with a pretty decent looking, and large racked black girl, wearing a tight “Sugar” top, tight jeans, along with a pair of glasses, and a couple of cabbies honk at her as she walks down the street. Joey asks her if she’s gonna have some fun today, to which she responds, “we’re gonna have lots of fun.” Unfortunately that isn’t the case, well at least for me, because once they are back at her apartment, where she’s changed into a white nurse’s uniform, complete with stethoscope, this scene goes downhill fast. She does have large breasts as well as matching cock, but she looks a little too male for my tastes, so I hit fast forward on the remote, and here’s some of what I saw: lots of oral, given by both Alyssia and John, followed by the guy getting fucked first, then towards the end of the scene, as she’s getting fucked, she launches a good sized load, and then to put an end to this skippable scene, the guy cums on her face.

EXTRAS : A 25 minute bonus scene (Extra Footage), step through photo gallery, websites, cast list by scene, and filmographies.

Extra Footage : This bonus scene opens with text saying A little bonus scene…. I shot this a while back and it didn’t turn out very good… before we see Sybelly – who’s made two other appearances in this series, in volume 2, and again in 7 – sitting in the back of a car driven by Fabio. For those who may have missed those previous appearances, or may have forgotten, she’s a pretty cute, tanned, and curly brown haired girl, who flashes some leg from under the white floral dress she has on, and goes on to flash one her small natural tits before they arrive at their destination. Once inside, she gives a little tease, hiking up the dress to show off a nice rounded ass as she walks up a set of stairs, and into a room, where she eventually sits on a chair, naked, and starts to stroke her cock. A guy, Rickton, soon joins her, and begins kissing her from behind, and even gives her cock a good stroking, followed by both taking a few licks of oral. Enter Fabio who has his face buried in her ass, giving her ass a good rimming, as she continues blowing Rickton. Fabio exits after getting in on some oral action, leaving Sybelly to continue face fucking the guy. She jacks out a little bit of cum on the side of the guy’s face, followed by him spraying a load across her face, to end a pretty hot “no sex” scene, which Joey didn’t think turned out so good.

OVERALL : Five, plus one, scenes of Joey Silvera filmed she-male scenes. Great video quality and great extras (the bonus scene) help make this a more solid release, though the she-males could’ve been slightly better looking, which is the real downside to this release.

FINAL THOUGHTS : Well, it’s been a while since my last review – July 14, 2003, to be exact – over six months. That’s also about how long, perhaps even a little longer, that I’ve had this DVD, and since there is no review of this title yet, I thought what better way to get back into reviewing than to start with a title, in a series, from a director, and a studio, that started me on this wonderful trip… And while I can’t say that this is the most solid Joey release, I can, sadly and honestly say that I’ve seen worse. Now on to the wrap-up… this DVD kicks off with a fairly hot scene, with two good looking brunettes getting down, well, after the guy exits, and ends a lot hotter than it started. The next scene, a pretty basic one-on-one, though basic doesn’t always equate to meaning bad, because this scene is also pretty hot, but I’ve gotta ask, what’s up with the pacifier? The third scene was scorchingly hot, though not what I’d call a Cock Sucking Fest, it did have two gorgeous blondes, and even a guy for a short while. The fourth scene, wow, another set of gorgeous blondes, both with the goods, and both fuck the guy, making this the second scorcher of a scene. Too bad about the last scene, which started out in a pretty good direction, but up close, this she-male is just a little more male, than she, and that’s not good, so I truthfully couldn’t watch this scene without fast forward. The bonus scene was hot, and that certainly makes up for that last scene, but had it not been there, this DVD would’ve gotten a slightly lower score.

Ya’ll should know the drill… Any questions, comments, and/or complaints about this, or any of my past reviews, feel free to talk to me by clicking here.

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