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Rocky Goes Bi

Rocky Goes Bi

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Bisexual
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wizzerbud's ratings for Rocky Goes Bi:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Rocky Goes Bi overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Rocky Goes Bi Female looks rating 2 stars
Male Looks Rocky Goes Bi Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Rocky Goes Bi Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Rocky Goes Bi Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Rocky Goes Bi DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocky Goes Bi A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  10/4/2006
Rocky Goes Bi is a compilation video from various bisexual scenes Rocky Summers has appeared in for US Male. Rocky fans easily recognize the bodybuilder with his overly developed pecs capped off with sensuous silver dollar sized nipples. This 102-minute film pulls scenes from 4 different films.

The first scene comes from Bi Garden Party. The video was originally made as one long orgy scene. It opens with all the various orgy participants sitting around a huge picnic table. The people begin separating off in groups of two guys and one girl. In Rocky’s group is a sort of masculine looking girl with a tattoo and wearing a thick silver chain. The other guy is from the same Prague stable as Rocky. Back in his William Higgins film days he was called Viktor so that is what I will call him here. Since the editing has tried to edit out all the filming of the others, the scene does not flow well and is sort of choppy. The three go through Viktor and the girl sucking Rocky, the guys licking on her boobs, Rocky fucking her in a missionary and doggy style position, and Viktor fucking Rocky doggy style while Rocky is eating her out, etc. We occasionally see the other participants as the camera pans around the grounds. We never really get more than a couple of minutes of each action. Viktor never fucks the chick. He only fucks Rocky. Rocky does not use a condom on her, but Viktor does with Rocky. Their last action involves Rocky fucking her doggy style while Viktor is behind him fucking Rocky. Rocky pulls out first and shoots his load over her butt and Viktor follows with covering Rocky’s muscle butt with his cumshot.

The second scene is from Bi Recruits. This scene has only Rocky and a girl. They are fully dressed in military attire and once they start kissing they begin undressing each other. Rocky pulls her boobs out and licks her nipples. I have always found it odd that in European films, these guys rarely suck nipples—they only lick them. She gets out Rocky’s dick that is already hard and sucks on it. He does the same for her getting down to lick her pussy and then she is back to sucking his cock one more time. He fucks her in a missionary style and doggy style position before shooting a load of cum across her stomach. We think the scene is over until the camera comes back and she has a strap on dildo on and is fucking Rocky doggy style. They continue on in this eight-minute fucking with him riding it cowboy style. They hardly move in this and it gets quite boring, especially since he does not end it with another cumshot. I was really disappointed here as there was a true bisexual scene in this video with Rocky that was one of his hottest bisexual scenes of all of his movies. Ironically, still shots from that scene are shown in 3 of the 9 pictures on the back of the DVD cover, but they are not in this DVD. I really do not like it when the DVD has pictures of a scene or model that is not in the DVD. I thought that sort of deception went away years ago.

The third scene comes from Birthday Orgy with 6 guys and 2 girls. After they get through the happy birthday wishes and giving the presents (unwrapped) to the birthday boy, they are all of sudden naked. This video was another one of those with just one long orgy scene. The editors have pulled out those scenes that had Rocky in them for this scene so it is also kind of choppy with no real flow. The girls are naked and playing with each other rubbing birthday cake on each other. The guys are sitting there watching until they decide to get in on it and start licking the cake off the girls. Two more girls and a guy have mysteriously appeared and now it is starting to get gross with all the cake and icing spread over the ladies. We see Rocky make it with two girls at the same time, fuck a couple of the girls missionary style, fuck a guy doggy style, get fucked by a guy while Rocky eats out a chick, make out with a couple of the girls and guys, etc. Everybody just sort of moves around from person to person; however, Rocky seems to be spending more time with the girls than the guys, or maybe that was just how it was edited. A girl helps Rocky get off by stroking him, and him letting loose a load of cum on his stomach. They give us a five more minutes after that of Rocky fucking a guy doggy style and everybody using a dildo to fuck this one guy.

True Rocky fans may want to skip this last scene. It comes from Bi Naturals. He is a great performer but one of the things that drive his fans is his physique and unfortunately in this last scene, he keeps his shirt on the entire time. It takes place in the woods with this runner and a female photographer. The runner has a hot tight muscled jock body and the lady is a blonde with big boobs. The runner and Rocky start out making out with the chick and undressing. She and the runner first get naked and they go through the sucking boobs, sucking dick and kissing. The runner is into chests apparently as he spends a lot of time on her boobs in this scene and even snakes his hand up Rocky’s shirt to squeeze his pecs. Once they get past the making out, Rocky starts fucking her missionary style and doggy style while the runner just sort of watches. At one point the runner puts his shirt back on and the girl puts her jacket on and leaves it on for the remainder of the scene. The runner takes his shirt off again and Rocky fucks him doggy style and spoon style. He attempts to eat her pussy and suck her tits while he is being fucked, but the runner seems to be in either pain or lot of pleasure and cannot focus on two things at once. They stop fucking and lay back on the ground where the girl sort of squats between them and tries to help out a little as they stroke their cocks and blow their loads. Each one lets it loose on his own stomach.

Extras for this DVD include a photo gallery, several trailers from US Male’s bisexual library and website information.

Rocky Summers has done numerous bisexual videos from US Male, which would have made it easy for them to find 4 hot scenes to choose from to make this compilation. Choosing two from long orgy scenes was not a good decision. Some may like one that was only he and a girl with a strap on. But to add a scene where his shirt remained on the entire scene just makes for a less than great production. He deserves a better showing than this. The scene from Bi Recruits shown on the DVD cover but not in here would have been an excellent scene to include. He has done numerous others, including Bi Clinic and Bi Secretary that would have made for an excellent compilation but it did not happen here. Even so, the guy is hot and fans of his who have not seen these videos would still enjoy seeing him perform. It’s worth at least a rental.

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