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morbidthoughts Rocco's True Anal Stories 23 3.5 starsRocco's True Anal Stories 23 3.5 starsRocco's True Anal Stories 23 3.5 stars
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Rocco's True Anal Stories 23

Rocco's True Anal Stories 23

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Rocco's True Anal Stories 23:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Rocco's True Anal Stories 23 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Rocco's True Anal Stories 23 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Rocco's True Anal Stories 23 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Rocco's True Anal Stories 23 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco's True Anal Stories 23 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco's True Anal Stories 23 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco's True Anal Stories 23 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  11/23/2004
Rocco's True Anal Stories 23  
Evil Angel

With sweet Suzie and the irresistible Veronika on the cards, I shall waste no time introducing this edition of Rocco's long running anal-oriented series, save to caution the more anal-oriented viewers out there that the wording of the box cover promise of anal in every scene is significant. If that means little to you, then let's just get down to business…

Suzie, Shaina and Camelia
More action from circa the shooting of Rocco Meats Suzie, with that lecherous skipper taking this trio of lasses on a cruise to a secluded cave, also seen in the aforementioned movie. Nacho whisks sweetheart Suzie off in a dinghy for a private affair in the cavern, leaving Camelia (has worked for Christoph Clark with dark hair and a rather different image to the blonde beach babe look she has here) and Shaina (slightly middle-eastern looking, not so pretty but very tight body, and what an ass!) in the clutches of Juliano Ferraz.

The focus, however, is on a delightful romantic (cough!) coupling between Nacho and Suzie. Seeing this gorgeous little baby handling and sucking Nacho's club-like cock is deliciously obscene. There's just time for some spectacular positions and extraordinary facial expressions from the young girl as they screw over the rocks before the captain, via loudhailer, orders them back to the ship, which permits some fine underwater shots of Suzie swimming nude. She's so young, so lithe, so fresh, so naturally pretty, it just shouldn't be allowed!

Back on board, Nacho finally loses the rag with the annoying skipper and boots him, and Juliano, into the sea, allowing him to be alone for a few moments with the delicious Suzie. Juliano returns and teams up with the other girls, and soon they're all piled on a table so the guys can have their wicked way with them. This all makes for an intriguing mix of the gentle and the hardcore, no more so than the look Suzie flashes at Nacho with her big beautiful eyes when he slaps her face and tells her he loves her. What's a young girl to make of that?

This duo share some great kisses and a great rapport, or so it seems, but then, as Nacho says, the love story is over and the sex moves into raunchy, low down and dirty mode with Juliano finding his way into Shaina's tight ass while she eats Suzie who's also engaged in sucking Nacho's tool right out of Camelia's bung hole. The guys also take turns giving the acrobatic Camelia some piledriver anal with more ass-to-mouth oral chucked in before Nacho shoots on Camelia's stretched sphincter. Suzie laps it up prior to having Juliano spray her and Shaina with jizz. There's more rimming ahead of Suzie shooting one of those maddening coy looks at the camera, as if to say, "Can you believe I just did that?" All of which may well sound bloody good, depending on taste, but is slightly marred by some abrupt editing and a sense that it's all over before it really gets going.

Veronika and Pupy
Another pair of Clark alumni play two schoolgirls (over 18, of course) who track Rocco down to a familiar house where he's shooting some promo shots with Patrixxx for his Rocco Siffredi sex toy. The girls, both brunettes in matching plaid minis and ties, crisp white blouses and some ill-advised stripy leg warmers, are big fans and want his dick, but he decides they have to do something to get it. Plenty of time is duly invested in building up the tension as Rocco has the girls kneel back to back, and then blindfolds them with their ties. He starts teasing them with his cock, as he begins to reveal the game.

But before it really kicks off - and this is a monster scene, by the way - I must take time to note the amazing sight of Veronika's exposed tits, freshly revealed from her blouse, so soft and full. With a little hint of puppy fat, she's fuller figured than the cheeky looking Pupy, and my god, she's already making a sticky mess in her knickers when Rocco exposes her pussy. She certainly makes way more impact here than in her appearances for Christoph, which I must confess kind of slipped by me. To the matter at hand - Rocco surreptitiously ushers in a group of young guys, and this is the game. The girls have to suck all the cocks proffered to them and guess which is Rocco. Suffice to say, few measure up! Veronika doesn't seem too keen; especially when she gets several loads shot on her face, but then the camera sneaks down to reveal she's still touching herself. All in all, it's a queasy pleasure to watch but somehow it works in a kinky way.

The girls get their prize, but of course they want the real thing, not just a toy. They retire to a lounge where the heightened sense of anticipation really pays off as Rocco finally gets Veronika to guide his cock into her herself. This is the kind of thing few others bother with, the attention to details, to little reactions and responses and this is why I keep coming back to Rocco's movies time and again. I just have to sit back and marvel at the things he shows us here: Veronika going on top to treat us to marvellous views of her buxom body, Veronika rimming her little playmate, Veronika's beautiful bum and the way Veronika goes all flushed when she fucks. Oh boy. As you may tell, my focus, like Rocco's focus, is on Veronika, and little Pupy gets rather left out to the extent that, having sat on Rocco's face and wriggled around rather pleasingly, she goes off and slides a dildo into her ass for the only actual anal penetration in the scene. Anal fans and box cover pedants please note!

I wonder if Rocco was really going to go over and do something to Pupy's ass, but it never happens as, when rising from some fast fucking with Veronika, she grabs his dick and makes him start to come, so he just whacks off over her face. To finish, there are some absolutely glorious shots of her eyes. It's simply a fantastic scene that may have been more at home in an edition of Initiations, but frankly I couldn't give a stuff about that - just as long as I get to see it! Top class.

Viktorie and Sara

Events return to the rather more raunchy route usually taken in True Anal Stories, perhaps even more so than usual in the initial exchanges which see lovely, curvy blonde Viktorie getting rather bored watching her girlfriend Sara, that tall, slender, sultry brunette, getting tennis lessons from Manuel Ferrara. Viktorie wanders off to find Joachim, who seems to know what she wants. While the act itself isn't seen (which is surprising given a similar scene with Laura Lion went unedited), the clear implication is that he has peed inside her knickers. Viktorie returns to Sara and wrings out the garment over her face before stuffing the panties in the slim brunette's mouth. They end up giving Manuel a blowjob with the panties stretched over his cock. Sara sits back and watches Viktorie give him deep head for a while, then as they start to fuck she wanders off in search of Joachim.

Upon finding him, Sara treats the delighted chap to a little rimming and super deep throat before instructing him to lick her ass. He does as ordered and she squats on his face, suffocating him a little. They get into some pretty strong sex, vaginal and anal, with a little spanking, before Viktorie and Manuel join them. Though a non-anal performer herself, Viktorie (apparently quite happily) performs ass-to-mouth oral on the guys every time they break off from taking liberties with Sara's backside. Things get messy, there's more deep throat, but Viktorie isn't fazed at all and gladly rims Sara's ass, licking Manuel's load from it before getting Joachim's on her own face. I guess this play-by-play view of the scene is indicative of my feelings about it as, after that intensely intimate and involving affair that preceded it, this reverts to the kind of purely pornographic sex for voyeurs that has so often, perhaps too often, been used to pad out volumes of this series. It's strong, it's enjoyable in its own right but even with a man of Manuel's talent in it, it's just not on the same level.

Julie Silver
The same, sadly, applies to this concluding scene featuring the ubiquitous Julie Silver as a woman who uses her wiles to get some action out of lazy mechanics Juliano Ferraz and Kid Jamaica when they fail to fix her man's off-road racer. Oh yeah, she gets her hands on their pistons all right, and they see to her big end (groan)…

Now, I've said it all before about Julie and would love to see her be "real" one time, but what the hell, the woman is a professional, a class act who knows what to say, how to perform, and gives it a great shot every time, so how can I complain? I mean, she's got a great body, both in and out of the red dress she wears (matching the Ferrari they screw over at first), superb tits that the guys can't help but feast on, and a willingness to do all the required rude stuff that is rarely matched. So that means loads of oral, coping with cocks crudely stuffed in her mouth by the randy mechanics, strong straight sex and, naturally, a lot of very energetic anal sex.

Beyond this, there's double penetration and piledriver anal before she ends up plastered in come, all of which, I can't deny, has its appeal. Yet it's not only the fact that I'm seeing Julie (who I couldn't honestly accuse of going through the motions, incidentally - as I say, she always gives a good account of herself) yet again but also the sense that this scene has just a little hint of off-cut about it that make me luke-warm about the whole thing.

The stunning scene between Rocco and the naughty schoolgirls inevitably skews the scoring on True Anal Stories 23. No apologies for that as I enjoyed the scene enormously, and similarly the opening number which turned out to be too damn short. The latter half does lapse into more run-of-the-mill material, not without merit, but not up to the high standard of the first two scenes. I guess Rocco has always had the problem of producing consistent quality, especially when he isn't in the action himself, and this is no exception. True Anal Stories 23 might not be anything like the best edition in the series, but as always Rocco's skill at putting just that little twist on things means it's still to be recommended over the vast majority of material that's out there.

DVD Comments
One thing I haven't touched on is the oddly short running time of 2 hours and 6 minutes or thereabouts. Odd because there's around half an hour of extra footage, much of it from the Viktorie and Sara scene, which could easily have provided a fuller run time, perhaps at the expense of further risking accusations of padding. Whatever, there's fun to be had watching that, plus checking out the stills and cast info etc. As for the picture quality, sometimes a sore point on Rocco's discs, it does vary from scene to scene, with light conditions and location, varying from bright and sharp to rather dull and blurry. There's definitely room for improvement in this department, though for my money there's nothing to seriously impair viewing enjoyment. Other than the captain's Speedos.

Rocco Siffredi
Suzie, Camelia, Shaina, Veronika, Pupy, Viktorie, Sara, Julie Silver, Rocco Siffredi, Nacho Vidal, Manuel Ferrara, Kid Jamaica, Juliano Ferraz, Joachim Kessef, Peter Fodi, XXL, Nico, Atis, Szergex, Stallone
Running Time
2hrs 6mins
NTSC / All regions
Dolby 2.0 /
Original sound
Disc Features
Extra footage (30mins), photos, cast list, filmographies, biography

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