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morbidthoughts Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps 4 starsRocco's The Lady And Her Tramps 4 starsRocco's The Lady And Her Tramps 4 stars
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Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps

Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco's The Lady And Her Tramps A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Long Noel  on  2/17/2011
***a bonus LONG NOEL review***

Rocco’s The Lady and Her Tramps (2005)
THEMES: Feature Film, Foreign (Europe), Anal, Interracial, All Sex, Mature, Group Sex
The Cast: Elen, Justin, Lenny, Lucy, Vivien, Arwen, Sylvie, The Lady, Rocco Siffredi, Kid Jamaica, Franco Roccaforte & Jazz Duro
Produced, Written & Directed by: Rocco Siffredi

Rocco’s The Lady and Her Tramps revolves around Rocco and his guys spending the day with mature businesswoman’s “tramps” in their mansion. Instantly coming into mind is a possible concept of a Madam (a female pimp), her hoes and their clientele. I’ve wondered at times if Rocco did a video like this or if there was ever a feature film with this concept in mind and I’ve found it! And this is better than any HBO Cathouse special (unless it includes Brooke). And, it’s directed by Rocco Siffredi! Rocco proves again why he’s one of the five best pornographers of all time.

Right after the opening credits, we see Rocco and his guys (Gabriel Zero included) on their way to The Lady’s house. There, she teaches her girls how to roll their buttocks around lustfully in a circular motion in the early morning while they’re wearing lingerie. The guys arrives at The Lady’s secluded mansion surrounded by gates. The Tramps are excited, running around with the camera zoomed in on their butts. Franco goes indoors acting like he’s not used to shit, playing on The Lady’s piano and flute with his dick out, using his dick to beat the piano keys. One of The Tramps, Vivien (a curly-haired European with blonde highlights), is intrigued by Franco and sucks his dick immediately. The other Tramps do what any other “bunny” would do, regardless if they were at Hugh Hefner’s home or at a Ranch. They attract the men, encourage them to touch them, play with their thousand-dollar toys and a few others peek in on Franco and Vivien getting it on. While some of the Tramps are intrigued by Franco, he makes it known he specifically wants Vivien. He checks out her ass, eats it and runs the nearby Tramps away by acting like a fool. Like Mr. Marcus, he keeps a baseball cap on while he keeps eating her ass. In return, she sucks his dick and eats his ass before he fucks her real good by a staircase. It starts in vaginal cowgirl and when she stops to give Franco more BJ, the camera zooms in on her moving ass. More vaginal sex in various positions. Franco spends a lot of time trying to open her super tight asshole for some butt sex, but it doesn’t happen, unfortunately. Her ass is too tight and he comes in her mouth.

Rocco greets three of the tramps (the ones who Franco ran off) and they all give him bootylicious face dances (perfect ass obsession!) before he tastes them all. Tits, clits and even deep diving in between their asses, diving in these women’s butts like Greg Louganis! They all engage in a vey strong oral session and they all suck his dick and he licks all in their butts as they sit on his face. They take turns fucking him vaginally and while it lacks energy or heat at first, it goes up some notches once they move on a couch. Rocco gets to fuck one of them in the ass after spending minutes fingering her rectum, lubing it with spit. No anal for the other two. The ass obsession and oral for this scene was excellent, but overall, the scene was a complete bore.

In the third scene, one of the girls who has a real baby face wear stockings, a corset and pantyhose up to her ass and her ass is so incredible. She switches and walks before hooking her corset straps to her pantyhose. Rocco shoots her, POV, while he fingers her cooch, eats her out and receives a BJ from him. The Lady is doing some housecleaning and another Tramp named Elen (beautiful motherfucker) is getting her hair done. Franco does some weird shit, licking on a black dildo, trying to get The Lady to do the same while grabbing on her body and stripping her, trying to fuck The Lady. She submits to him and dicks his dick like a woman, not like a slut (and what I mean is that she sucks is super slow and sensual). Kid Jamaica comes and she sucks his dick also, while Franco checks out her mature ass. Next thing you know, Kid Jamaica rubs on Elen’s hairdresser’s ass, pulling her pants down while trying to do her job, checking out her butt crack. She playfully tries to resist temptation and showing her full ass, Franco sucks Elen’s tits, pulling her jeans down enough to see her pussy lips. Elen sucks their BBCs and they can’t get enough of slapping The Lady’s big granny booty and hairy clit. They all have a very good time that only gets greater and greater… Franco digs in Elen’s butt and tastes it. Franco being the idiot he is, he runs The Lady off after trying to get her to taste it. It would have been nice to see her mature booty get bummed out! Franco and Jamaica eats out, gets Bjs by and fucks Elen on a couch with rollers still in her head. The Lady reappears, makes Elen finish her hairdo and the baby faced call girl from before comes to get ate out and fucked by the two black men. A random Tramp appears and joins in. Meanwhile, the baby faced girl gets sodomized consistently and has already taken a DP from the men. The guys give the random girl a hot DP also with lots of ATM and the girls eat each other’s butts out. This turns into an interracial fuck fest and unfortunately, Elen, The Lady and even Rocco disappears. It would have been miraculous to see Elen and The Lady get fucked real good.

The DVD contains a photo gallery, filmographies and extra footage with Jazz Duro, Franco and Jamaica fucking a few other Tramps.

Rocco’s The Lady and Her Tramps had potential to be a great video, but it is filled with serious flaws. My expectations weren’t so high at first, but it was better than I thought it would have been. It could have been better. How so? Well, there’s no anal fucking for Vivien in the first scene with her and Franco. The second scene was a complete bore, other than checking out the beautiful women’s asses and the oral sex action. What would have made this video much more exciting, though, is if Elen had more screen time as the men fucked her a lot more and if the guys got to fuck The Lady with her sexy mature ass. The Lady is a mature woman and much older than the stereotypical MILF and while most people think of mature people in porn as disgusting and abnormal… Well, in this case, no. The Lady is incredible and she’s one I would bust up myself. The Lady does, however, get fucked by some white European guys in Rocco’s The Lady and Her Tramps 2, with shots of her hairy bush being ate out, which really should have been added here. The Lady and Elen, though their screen and sex time was strictly limited, made this video what it was aside from incredible shots of the women’s bodies during the tease sequences. However, videos like Rocco Meats Suzie, The Dark Side of Rocco and Rocco: Animal Trainer 15 have a much higher rating and replay value than this. If The Lady and Elen received more screen time, this video would instantly received a 4 and a ½ star rating, regardless of how weak the second scene was with Rocco and three of The Tramps. Released the same year as legendary videos like Rocco: Top of the World and Who Fucked Rocco?, 2005 was a very good year for Rocco Siffredi (it was a great year for Justin Slayer as well). However, the quality of Rocco’s videos went downhill after this period and he barely made another spontaneous video until he created the Furious Fuckers series and even a video like Rocco’s Dirty Dreams 4. It’s definitely worth viewing, but it’s replay value almost didn’t make it to medium. However, it’s so much better than waste-of-time trash like Rocco’s Fucking Funny. What other videos did Elen star in?

Replay Value: 78% - Mild.
Rating: 83% - Recommended.

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