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Rocco's Sexual Superstars

Rocco's Sexual Superstars

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Rocco's Sexual Superstars:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Rocco's Sexual Superstars overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Rocco's Sexual Superstars Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Rocco's Sexual Superstars Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Rocco's Sexual Superstars Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco's Sexual Superstars Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco's Sexual Superstars DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco's Sexual Superstars A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  10/12/2009
Rocco’s Sexual Superstars (2000)
THEMES: Compilation, Foreign, Anal, Ass Obsession, BDSM, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Sexual Slavery, Interracial, Gangbang, Group Sex
Starring: Kelly Stafford, Daniella Rush, Jazmine, Catherine Count, Caroline Cage, Paula Wild, Martina Mercedes, Beata, Nadezda, Lisa Crawford, Anita Blond, Amanda Angel, Katja Love, Angela Ambrus, Alba DelMonte, Olga, Rocco Siffredi, Nacho Vidal, etc.
Produced and directed by: Rocco Siffredi

Rocco’s Sexual Superstars is a compilation of Rocco Siffredi’s most personal favorite scenes. These scenes are all handpicked by him personally and there are 11 scenes. Although there are 11 scenes, most of the scenes are edited to fit into one movie that’s around 140 minutes (2 hrs. 20 mins.). If this compilation were released today instead of back in 2000 (almost 10 years ago), the scenes probably would not have been cut just to fit into a 140 minute VHS tape, as VHS tapes are extinct and most DVDs are released in a double or triple disc format. This compilation is very versatile and believe it or not, there’s something for everybody - from cuddly love scenes for couples to group sex to raunchy butt-fucking to violent butt-fucking! Unlike Rocco’s Hardest Scenes and Rocco’s Best Buttfucks, this compilation is versatile, which may not be suitable for those who are used to seeing Rocco be so aggressive and brutish, sexually. For those who are new to Rocco’s works and who are struggling to find that ONE Rocco video to put in their small collection, this is the one to go with. Some of the scenes in here should have went in the two compilations that I’ve mentioned, but there wasn’t enough room for that, I suppose. Plus, this compilation was released before any other Rocco compilation. The cast in this compilation is just right, aside from Laura Angel not being anywhere in this compilation at all (which is my only gripe, because I love Laura Angel).

Some of the scenes are edited horribly. For example: Right when one event is about to happen, it’s interjected abruptly, unprofessionally and rudely to cut into the next scene. This happens a lot during my one of my favorite scenes, which is from When Rocco Meats Kelly 2. Only very few hot sequences are cut from that scene, which was originally around a half-hour. I saw the latter film before and knew some shit was cut from that. Fortunately, not TOO much was edited. Also, the picture quality isn’t too perfect, although it’s much better than the picture quality for Rocco’s Best Buttfucks. This DVD isn’t full on extras, either, other than a photo gallery and the usual EA features. The other two Rocco compilations I’ve mentioned is loaded with extra features, unlike this one. Here’s a list of movies in which the scenes from this compilation covers.

When Rocco Meats Kelly 2
This scene is so fucking tough, hardass, disturbing and hot as fuck! This is one of my ten favorite sex scenes from Rocco Siffredi, hands down! When Rocco Meats Kelly 2 was a bizarre-enough movie, which also starred Kelly abusing, beating up and fucking a dwarf and making him act like a bitch! This scene is extremely brutal, full of violent anal fucking and includes Nacho forcing four of his fingers up Kelly’s ass. As Kelly flinches and squeezes her buttcheeks together to hard that they turn red, Nacho tells her “Shut up, bitch!” But Kelly loves it, provokes it and endures all of it and honestly, it’s the best scene I’ve ever seen which starred Kelly, aside from her scene with Annette Schwarz and Kid Jamaica in Furious Fuckers: Final Race. Alba DelMonte is also in the picture but it’s Kelly who gets fucked so hard. She gives Rocco unrelenting eye contact as he slaps the shit out of her face with his big dick. Plunging it in her mouth as her mouth is closed, he pulls her by her hair and fucks her. She gets a DP and she stares straight into the camera, looking as if she’s either high or as if her rectum has a high endurance test and can endure hard poundings. Also, Rocco literally kicks Kelly’s ass with his bare feet as she’s trying to give Nacho a blowjob! Kelly thinks it’s funny and her ass turns red. Rocco puts Alba up to kicking Kelly’s ass, too! This scene is enough to assume Rocco is a misogynist who doesn’t respect women (which would be idiotic) and the average porn viewer may be appalled by this sex scene. Disturbingly hot!!!

Rocco Never Dies
This scene takes place in a garage, where Rocco fucks this girl like crazy.

Animal Trainer 3
Martina Mercedes is tied to a horse and Rocco is a slave master, whipping the shit out of either the girl or the horse, making the horse run fast while Martina is attached to it. Now, that’s some fucked up shit. Enough to have probably influenced Jake Malone to do twisted scenes that were in Crimes of the Cunt and Fetish Fuck Dolls. Rocco then gives her love and affection. A sex scene that’s like a master/slave sexual relationship.

True Anal Stories 8
This scene is a very soft one, which stars a woman I can’t make out, identically, and Caroline Cage (whose finest moment ever was in Buttman’s Anal Show. A break from the rough stuff, indeed.

Another soft scene from a much older and uncelebrated Rocco movie. This one is resembling a music video, some animated internet-downloaded scene and it’s super cheesy looking. This happens to be the softest scene in the compilation. For those who like the rough stuff, avoid this scene. If you don’t mind, you’ll enjoy it. But tune out the soft undercurrent of the flick and you’ll be alright!

unknown movie
Here’s another hot and soft scene, starring Rocco and Anita Blond (another hotass, by the way) fucking in a bathroom. Anita Blond is another badass white woman. Bad freak! I have no idea where this scene is from, though. I wasn’t paying attention. Shame on me!

Animal Trainer
From his first Animal Trainer flick, which turned out to be a widely-successful series. This one stars a woman wearing a wig, taking it off to reveal how bald she is. A hot scene, indeed, but not very energetic.

Rocco Ravishes Prague
Another one of my ten favorite scenes from Rocco Siffredi. This scene should be banned, because it’s gonna turn every motherfucker on and make one blow at least five times amid first viewing. Rocco Ravishes Prague is one of Rocco’s best films of all time, but this is the best scene from the movie, period. This stars three European beauties, including Paula Wild, whose rectum gets destroyed by Rocco in a swing, first in doggystyle, then in missionary. She moves her lower body so good on his dick amid her sitting on an outdoor swing, in missionary. At times, Rocco spits in her face and she tastes it. He is a beast in this woman’s ass and she is vigorous, fucking him back! Rocco comes in her gaping ass, as she lays upside down!

True Anal Stories 6
A popular scene. This one isn’t so rough, but it’s very energetic and athletic. Daniella Rush (pre-makeover; pre-Face Dance Obsession) and Jazmine (Nacho’s ex-girl; the star of Buttman’s Anal Divas and Buttman & Rocco’s Brazilian Butt Fest) are both sporting warm coats, outdoors, playing in the snow, rubbing snow all in their genitalia, get fucked by Rocco outdoors in the cold, winter weather. They, then, take it to an indoor pool, where they continue fucking. Another spontaneous scene, although it’s not one of my ten favorite Rocco scenes. ENJOY!

Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris
A smooth and fleshy scene starring Lisa Crawford. This takes place at a boxing gym. Rocco is smooth fucking this woman!

Animal Trainer 4
I love this scene so much. To death. Another one of my ten favorite Rocco scenes. Catherine Count is a spicy bitch, who starred in Euro Hardball 8 and in a boisterous scene in Rocco’s Way to Love (which also made it’s way into the Rocco’s Hardest Scenes compilation), a scene were she was sodomized as if she didn’t have much time on this Earth and Rocco wanted to give her the fuck of her life, not to mention, cover her mouth so that she could scream as loud as she wanted to! Well, this scene is almost similar to that. Only this time, Rocco, Catherine and Amanda Angel go to a ball, where they’re dressed up in costumes, getting brutally fucked by Rocco and a bunch of other guys, who either fuck, jack off or watch! This scene contains mean ass obsession, violent fucking, a very loud Catherine Count, more heavy ass obsession and a very messy finale. Of all of the scenes in this compilation, this scene wasn’t highly edited, fortunately. Only a little bit missing. Plus, this was the best scene in the entire Animal Trainer 4 flick. A scene which really brought him to stardom and one that angered a few females, accusing him of being an asshole!

Of eleven scenes, seven are instant classics, while four of them are on my list of ten greatest Rocco Siffredi scenes. Rocco’s Hardest Scenes had nine scenes (plus a bonus), while four of them are on my top ten list of greatest Rocco scenes, either starring or directed by Rocco! That’s eight out of ten of my favorites by this man on two separate DVDs! Although some of the editing is terrible, this is a much better masterpiece than, let’s say… Rocco’s Best Buttfucks. If you own this DVD, there’s no need to purchase flicks like Animal Trainer 4, Rocco Ravishes Prague or When Rocco Meats Kelly 2. This compilation has the best scenes from those movies, period. The only thing missing in this compilation is the boisterous and addictive scenes… from Rocco & Kelly’s Perversion in Paris (the scene starring Laura Angel and Katy, which made it to the Rocco’s Hardest Scenes compilation) and from Dirty Anal Kelly In Rome 2 (the scene with Karma, Fovea, Rocco & Franco Roccaforte, which also made it to Rocco’s Hardest Scenes). If you can own two Rocco DVDs, grab this and Rocco’s Hardest Scenes. If you just have to pick only one… ehh… Watch both of them and decide with is best for you. Both are equally perfect. In Rocco’s Hardest Scenes, Kelly Stafford is nonexistent, just as Laura Angel was nonexistent in this one. Grab both and I doubt if you’ll need another Rocco flick, unless you’re a serious die-hard fan of him and his works or want to own his discography.

On one final note, I am very glad Rocco Siffredi is back performing! At this time, the only consistent male talent at Evil Angel is Manuel Ferrara. B. Pumper is no longer around and I’m unsure if he’s making the Jules Jordan/Justin Slayer kind of move or if it’s due to a rumor about him faking HIV tests (If Pumper did this, he’s lost respect from many people). With this being the case, I’m glad Rocco is back and bringing more consistent male talent-slash-directors to The Evil Empire. His presence is needed. Saw the trailer for Animal Trainer 30 and it looks hype. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the long-awaited Rocco Ravishes L.A. (because although the female cast is flawless, the scenes consist of 2 females on 1 guy).

Replay Value: 91% [A-] - High.
OVERALL RATING: 96% [A] - Own it immediately!

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