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Rocco's Power Slave

Rocco's Power Slave

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Fetish , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Rocco's Power Slave:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Rocco's Power Slave overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Rocco's Power Slave Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Rocco's Power Slave Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Rocco's Power Slave Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco's Power Slave Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco's Power Slave DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco's Power Slave A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  9/20/2010
Rocco's Power Slave (2010)
THEMES: Feature Film, Anal, BDSM, Domination, Rough Sex, Interracial, Big Butts, Ass Obsession
Starring: Dana DeArmond, Charlotte Vale, Lorelei Lee, Kagney Lynn Karter, Kelly Divine, Blondy, Tiffany Tyler, Tori Black, Missy Stone, CJ, Alysa Gap, Rocco Siffredi, Kid Jamaica, Ian Scott, Atilla The Hun, Cristian Clay etc...
Produced & Directed by: Rocco Siffredi

Well, well, well. My final final review. I've been wanting to see this for quite some time. Rocco's Power Slave isn't a bad movie at all, but it's far from being one of the top five greatest Rocco Siffredi masterpieces. Similar to Rocco: Top of the World, Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 and even Who Fucked Rocco?, this video is very rough and sexually violent without being degrading. This video reminded me of Jake Malone's first installation of his Fuck Slaves series. There is a little story to it and Rocco brings us his envision of sexual slavery and women being sex slaves, but not showing it in a negative or degrading way. Rocco has also picked some of the finest in the litter of female starlets who enjoy the punishment. But no Amber Rayne?! I also notice that Dana DeArmond has been starring in a lot of his movies lately. Rocco made a very nice movie, which he may turn into a series. This time, he found some of the greatest female starlets in the industry to work this out. The female talent is a pleasure to look at every time. Especially Charlotte Vale. Like very few porn starlets (and I have said this about Daniella Rush), Charlotte Vale is all fucking woman. She's pure. Delicate. Starlets like her make the likes of today’s hyped-up starlets like Kristina Rose seem like superskanks! Bravo!

Scene One: Lorelei Lee, Charlotte Vale & Rocco Siffredi
This scene reminded me of the fabulous AVN-winning scene from Fuck Slaves, starring Sandra Romain, Sasha Grey & Manuel Ferrara. Lorelei is held captive by Rocco, by a toilet, torturing and pinching her genitals, playing head games with her, making her be silent part of the time. Charlotte (looking beautiful as always, I call her "The Natalie Portman of Porn") tries to come to Lorelei's rescue, but she admits she's addicted, loves being a sex slave, trying to relive the first high she got from being a fuck slave. After meeting Rocco, Charlotte becomes intrigued, attracted and curious by him. Soon as Charlotte leaves, Rocco rips her mini-skirt off, bends her over a bathtub and fucks her in the butt as hard as he can (just about as hard as he fucked Venus in Who Fucked Rocco?, Bobbi Starr in Rocco Ravishes L.A., as well as Kelly Stafford and Catherine Count, both of who he fucked super-hard in various scenes). Lorelei's brutal treatment here is actually worse than her treatment in her flawless scene with Brandon Iron and Sarah Jane Ceylon in Fuck Slaves 2. Rocco slaps her ass, back and face very hard, punching her back repeatedly, turning her flesh pink as a pig! He also puts her head under the tub faucet, running water on her head while her body rocks back and forth like a fucking rag doll! He places a quarter of his foot in her mouth and her pussy. Pulls out a huge toy the size of a telephone receiver and plunges it in her ass, slaps a butt plug in her without any sense of ease. Charlotte arrives and catches Lorelei, kisses her and engages in some light girl/girl play. Charlotte also gets fucked stupid, sodomized, driven crazy and beat up, but her fate isn't as hard as Lorelei's. Lots of hard sex, even harder butt sex, amid a blowjob from Charlotte, she spits out what looks like blood and teeth! I was alarmed, but it turns out to be Gatorade she admits to have drunk before. Lots of bend-over shots from the two ladies, fierce analingus, all three people sweats and Rocco's sweat beads flies onto the camera lens. he also finds a way to place their long hair over their faces, making them look like faceless angels amid slapping them. Did I mention... lots of A2M?! Lorelei also screams like a horse in pain, Rocco even chokes Charlotte, even more face slapping, both women turn pink like pigs. After the scene, i know these two women had to take a 2 week break from shooting anymore scenes and/or were limping, barely able to switch their butt-cheeks back home. This scene was pure fire!

Scene Two: Dana DeArmond, Blondy, Ian Scott, Kid Jamaica, Atilla The Hun & several more guys
Dana plays as Rocco's woman who had a bad dream, which broke her down emotionally. Her disturbing dream is somehow visualized, where she is held captive in a hellish prison. Two evil wardens (played by Ian Scott and Blondy) order Dana to suck the dicks of eight prison inmates. Blondy joins in on the action and they all come in the women's mouths. The inmates leave Dana and Blondy alone for some girl/girl action. ian returns with Kid Jamaica and both the ladies suck Ian. both dudes take turns fucking the women. Dana gets it in the butt a whole lot, non-fucking-stop, including lots of gapes and her farting. Blondy was a bore. It's not a bad scene, but I've seen better from Rocco. Dana DeArmond was so much better in other scenes I've seen her in (including her scene from Anal Acrobats 4, which I didn't care to review). I expected more out of this scene.

Scene Three: Kagney Lynn Karter & Cristian Clay
Kagney! She is a damned superstar, looking beautiful as always! She throbs on herself outdoors, making her way into the bathroom where her husband is getting dressed. She approaches the wimp, singing Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" (classic shit)! She bosses him around, in severe heat, making him take his clothes off. There's some hot 69 with him stuffing his face between her butt cheeks. The tables turn. This scene has lots of power exchanges. He wraps his tie around her neck, slapping her face with his dick roughly. She yells and screams at the top of her lungs, telling him "hit me again!" Pushing her face on the floor, he slaps her ass and eats it. Her yelling and screaming is just as bad as Monica Bellucci's muffled screams amid her character's anal-rape scene in Gaspar Noe's Irreversible. Be warned! While fucking her from behind, she squats up and down in a circular motion and I loved that freaky-ass shit! I bet dude wanted to stick it in her ass. This is great sex. Sex that only a few virile, desirable and potent men can actually get in real life!

Scene Four: Kelly Divine, Tiffany Tyler & Rocco Siffredi
This scene is pretty wild. In pornography, there's been a lot of creative mixtures of food and sex. In many flicks I've seen from Evil Angel within the past 3 years, everything has gone up the women's asses... Strawberries and apples (Anal Acrobats 3, honey, bananas and especially milk. But watermelons? Watermelons and asses do not mix. I guess if it involved a woman with a real big ass, like Flower Tucci, Olivia O'Lovely, Ice LaFox, Ricki White, Monica Santhiago, Mika Tan, etc... But Kelly Divine pulls this shit off! Watermelons are bursted open, she sits on them, smashes the watermelons, shitting out watermelon chunks and Rocco even slaps the shit out of her ass with broken watermelon shells. Now, this wasn't a bad idea at all, but it wasn't a turn on to me. This scene was very good, but I enjoyed Kelly Divine better in her scenes from Phat Bottom Girls 3 and Gapeman 3. However, of course this was more entertaining than her pathetic-ass scene with Britney Stevens in Jay Sin's Pretty Sloppy (Jay Sin's best work). Both Kelly and Tiffany Tyler get worked up something bad by Rocco and the scene includes a lot of grudge-fucking (shouldn’t be surprised by this) with lots of trash talk and verbal roughness included. It’s a piece of work, but I feel the first and third scenes were the best in this video. This ends the movie, but there’s a whole lot more on the side…

The original cut of the film is 146 minutes, which is featured entirely on the first disc. There's some slight false advertisement. The movie itself is not over 4 hours. There's over 4 hours worth of material in this 2-DVD set. There is, however, over 2 hours of bonus footage (all located on the second disc), which includes BTS footage (where Kagney Lynn Karter appeared to be burned-the-fuck-out, ready to pass out after her hardass sex scene with Cristian Clay) and bonus brief POV scenes, where Rocco spends intimate time with each and every single one of the ladies, shooting POV scenes with them where he gets sucked by them and maybe even more. There’s even a few more ladies showing up who never appeared in the film itself, such as Tori Black and a few more. The way the extra footage is shown to us, it reminded me of how B. Pumper’s BTS footages take place… He fucked the women in the ass before shooting the actual scene. Well, Rocco does the same in most of the footage, spending quality time with Charlotte Vale, Lorelei Lee and Kelly Divine, fucking them all in the ass, interviewing them and so forth (I loved looking at Charlotte Vale’s juicy butt the whole time, as I do every time I see her). The BTS footage is excellent, but fortunately, it’s in the same league as the movie. What I mean is that, the BTS footage is not better or worse than the actual movie (and in some porn videos, the BTS footage is better than the actual movie. This is what the fuck I hated about Manuel Ferrara’s Evil Anal 5 double-DVD set). There's also 9 trailers (including one for Rocco’s Bitch Party, which looks damn great) and four big photo galleries, filmographies, etc.

Rocco's Power Slave is not a masterpiece, but it's better than most porn released today. It's absolutely not one of Rocco's five or ten best (I still feel his masterpieces include Who Fucked Rocco?, Rocco: Top of the World, the Furious Fuckers series and even Rocco Ravishes Prague). Charlotte Vale, Lorelei Lee and Kagney Lynn Karter stood out in a major way, blowing everyone else out of the water... Even Kelly Divine and surprisingly, Dana DeArmond as well.

Most of the time, when I watch porn, I love to watch the supernasty stuff that I can not witness in my personal life (I don't know about you, but how often can one even get their girlfriends and bedfellows to squirt milk out of their bootyholes? How often can a man be allowed to make a creampie up their women's butt holes from fucking them in the ass raw with no condom? How often can a man witness two girls doing nasty shit as depicted in a Belladonna flick?! How often can I, personally, wipe peanut butter in a woman’s ass and eat it out?! Even as much as I love it, you can't engage in certain sex acts with everybody in real life, for health purposes.

This is a very rough ride without being nasty or degrading. It's rougher than most of Jake Malone's flicks (who happens to be the king of shooting super-rough sex). Yet, when I watch Jake Malone's flicks, I am somehow reminded of the bizareness of foreign filmmakers like Gaspar Noe, Ivan Lai and Billy Tang. Why? Because of the atmosphere Jake Malone chooses. Rocco's videos do not have that type of edge to it, fortunately. Yet, Rocco happens to be my second or third director in the porn arena. I did expect more out of Rocco's Power Slave. It was very enjoyable. Just not his best; not even by today's standards (not as hot as Jake Malone's Fuck Slaves 3, Bitchcraft 6 or even the supernasty-slash-superrough sexuality at I enjoy the rough stuff and while it worked here, it was an indeed class act. It was classy (just as Rocco: Top of the World was) and in my viewpoint, that was the problem.

Replay Value: 83% - Medium.
The Film's Rating: 92.7%
Overall Rating: 94.7%

Long Noel

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