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Rocco's Initiations 4

Rocco's Initiations 4

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
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Speelie's ratings for Rocco's Initiations 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Rocco's Initiations 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Rocco's Initiations 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Rocco's Initiations 4 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Rocco's Initiations 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco's Initiations 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco's Initiations 4 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco's Initiations 4 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  7/30/2002
Rocco’s Initiations 4
Directed by Rocco Siffredi
Evil Angel DVD
Dual release Spring 2002

Cast : Tiffany, Stacy Silver, Sandy Saint/Styles, Miss Afghanistan (aka Sylvia Lancome), Petra (aka Dany Ricci), Lenka (aka Natalka), Viva, Alissa, Bamby (aka Sophie), Blondie (aka Tiffany), Jessica Mark (aka Monika), Mercedes, Gina, Manuel Ferrara, Andrea “Tarzzan” Vidal/Moranty, Franco “Teo” Roccaforte, Brandon Iron, Rocco Siffredi

Initiations is Rocco’s lighter series, where the action is less intense than in his other titles, though still stronger than what is found in many other movies. This episode begins with a lot of fun tease, set at the tennis courts of the House of Ass. Czech stars Stacy and Sandy (center top on the cover) have made the trip to Budapest, to join Hungarian tennis pro Tiffany, who apparently really is, or was, a touring player. All three women are very pretty dyed blondes with tight, curvy bodies, and Stacy and Sandy also did a scene for Animal Trainer 8 while in Hungary. They are porno experts, and have a done a lot of work for Nacho in particular, see Blowjob Impossible 3 for some of their best work. They aren’t athletes, and while Tiffany is in tennis clothes to show Rocco her game, Sandy is dressed for a night out, and Stacy is already wearing the outfit for her scene. As Tiffany demonstrates her form, and explains in good English about having sex at tournaments, Sandy offers her own perspective, in her unique broken English, saying, “Is best sport with dick...fuck is best sport!”

Everyone heads into the house when rain begins, and Tiffany changes into cut-offs and a sleeveless white top that reveals her nipples (see the upper right cover photo). Manuel Ferrara doesn’t play tennis, and has been waiting for this moment. He’s with Stacy and Sandy by the wading pool, and excitedly dives for Stacy’s rear to start rimming her. The girls fellate him, and offer Tiffany the chance to join, but she plays shy, and claims to prefer to fool around with boys only. She and Rocco leave the trio behind to get acquainted in the adjoining living room. What follows is quietly wonderful, as she strips to display her stunning young body, plays half heartedly with some toys at Rocco’s request, and then gets the real thing, which she wanted all along. They talk, too softly, about her sexual likes and dislikes while licking, sucking, and fingering each other. Rocco has often seemed bored in his most recent movies, but he’s very aroused here, mostly filming POV as he and Tiffany progress to some intercourse.

While Tiffany is inexperienced at being on camera, she definitely isn’t as innocent as she seems. About this same time, she made a wonderfully energetic scene at the same house for Killer Pussy 8. She shows equally good intensity once she and Rocco rejoin Ferrara and the Czechs by the pool. A free for all breaks out, and Tiffany gets right into the action, finger fucking Rocco’s ass while sucking and riding him. She later rims both other women, and sucks cock fresh from Stacy’s ass. Stacy does extensive anal, including some strong DP, and the photo gallery shows several scenes of Sandy with dick in her ass. Somehow, these never made the actual movie, perhaps they were simply photo-ops and not genuine action. She certainly has an ass tulip going when Rocco tries to switch to her butt at one point, before she pushes his member back to her pussy. Sandy has done extensive anal in other movies, whatever happened earlier on this day must have been harsh enough to leave her sore. It is during Stacy’s DP that Tiffany joins the cluster in time to help Stacy jerk Rocco off onto their faces. Sandy, meanwhile, thinks she is ready for Ferrara’s shot, but as he strokes himself, he launches many long streams across her face that catch her by surprise. Rocco then calls in some extra guys, who take turns beating off onto Sandy’s ass, while Stacy makes cute faces and rubs the spooge around. Tiffany went on to let Rocco introduce her to the joys of anal in Reverse Gangbang 2, and has since joined Adamo’s camp, appearing in several of his movies, including Gladiator 1.

Rocco next meets up with Sylvia Lancome at the Prague mansion seen in so many recent movies (Nacho and TT Boy in particular shot there a lot). With Sylvia is her friend Petra, who is a real life friend of Stacy and Sandy after modelling with them for 1 by Day (all three appear separately in Killer Pussy 9). Rocco shoots POV as they move outside so that the girls can pleasure him, including piling some of the year’s first snowfall on his cock and sucking it off (a whole bunch of movies seem to have been shot within a few days here during October 2001, some are before the snow, some after). They are joined by another friend, the wonderful Lenka, who seems to be a star in the making (see Beautiful Girls 5, 18th Birthday, and Anal Intensive 3, thanks to Sbando for that last tip). “She also likes the fuck...a lot!” is Sylvia’s comment on Lenka. You can see Gabriel Zero’s (Rocco’s cousin and cameraman) casting of Petra, Sylvia, and Lenka in Seigneur des Anus, which shows that these three really are as lovely and charming as they seem (they’re at upper left on the cover, from the left in the order I just listed).

Sylvia, who is mixed Slovak and Afghan, speaks perfect English, while Petra speaks decent English but rarely shows it. Both know how to be sexy on camera, and Sylvia is very outgoing. By comparison, Lenka is just a big kid whose cluelessness to the whole business of moviemaking is quite delightful. She speaks very little English, and this likely contributes to her slight awkwardness, though she’s not at all shy whenever the sex gets going (see Killer Pussy 11 for a really good Lenka scene shot at the same time, Sylvia also has a small role in that movie). Lenka helps suck off Rocco, and after he cums in her mouth, the girls leave to find some men inside who are ready to fuck.

What follows feels almost like a Nacho scene, in part because the guys they find are Nacho regulars Teo (who also works for Rocco a lot) and Tarzzan (Nacho’s cousin). Sylvia helps out as Lenka and Petra receive some energetic intercourse, but in the middle of chaning positions, the table in use topples over. Its glass top shatters, and Petra is slightly cut. She leaves with Lenka to get first aid, allowing an eager Sylvia to state, “This is called real fucking hard sex!” Making big eyes at the men, she continues, “Now can someone finally fuck my ass please?” She then takes Teo in her backdoor, and rides both guys the same way. Petra and Lenka return, and Petra rides Tarzzan reverse cowgirl, but this is primarily Sylvia’s scene. Lenka sucks ass to mouth as Teo returns to Sylvia’s ass, and he eventually pulls out in time to deposit thick ropes on both girls’ faces. Tarzzan then cums in and around Petra’s mouth. Sylvia worked with Teo again in Orgy World 2 (at the same pool), and all three ladies made another Rocco scene about this time that is scheduled to appear in True Anal Stories 16.

We’re back in Hungary for the final scene, at the aerodrome outside of Budapest that is the occasional setting in various movies. Viva is the teacher of a class, and Rocco is the flight instructor for the all-female students. He leads them to a vintage Soviet helicopter, and takes volunteers Viva, Alissa, and Blondie on an actual flight (I first thought it might be simulated). Viva and Alissa both appear in Beautiful Girls 3 and Hardball 15, and Alissa has tons of credits besides these, but Blondie, who often works and models as “Tiffany,” is newer. She’s the covergirl for the upcoming XXX Road Trip #2, and also is in Hardball 17. All three find the ride exciting, until they land to join Bamby, Mercedes, Jessica Mark, and Gina (see the group shot in the bottom photo on the cover).

The class then heads to the hangar, where guest lecturer Brandon Iron begins to teach a lesson. Another guest arrives in the form of Teo, and soon instruction is abandoned in favor of an orgy on the tables. Mechanic Ferrara joins in, and most of the girls get some time with each guy. Viva proves all through the scene that she is as crazy as ever, and Alissa shows her usual energy and enthusiasm, but the surprise star has to be Blondie, who eagerly sucks, fucks, takes anal, does ass to mouth, and rims Rocco. Alissa and Viva of course also get buttfucked, and Bamby and Mercedes are steady as ever (see them together again in Voyeur 21, where Mercedes does her customary anal), but Jessica is strangely little to be seen. She’s fully involved, but I guess most of her moments slipped through the editing cracks. You can see plenty more of her in Superfuckers 11 and Hustler XXX 12 (including DP). One strange moment has Rocco fucking Viva’s ass while she is in a parachute training harness. The guys gradually blow their loads, after which Rocco calls in a new gang of men in fatigues. They gather around Viva, who sucks a bit, but mostly lets them jerk off onto her face. The movie concludes with outtakes of Stacy accidentally biting Rocco’s genitals (she’s embarrassed, and keeps saying, “Sorry, sorry...”) and of Petra getting her injuries looked at.

The earlier Initiations 3 was a triumph, and if Initiations 4 isn’t quite as illustrious, it is still darned good, and better than installments 1 & 2. The women are all pretty and enthusiastic, the energy level is consistently high, and there’s no mean spiritedness, not even from Brandon Iron. The DVD transfer is very good, and includes extra sex. We are shown more of Sylvia with Teo and Tarzzan, more of Rocco one on one with Tiffany, and finally some more of the group grope once Rocco and Tiffany rejoined Ferrara, Stacy and Sandy. There’s a nice photo gallery, though some of the action doesn’t match the movie, and the usual impressive Evil Angel features of a fetish menu, actress filmographies, and complete cast lists for each scene.

Initiations 4 is enjoyable in and of itself, but it is of extra value as in introduction to many of the most promising actresses in Europe. So if you are not familiar with most of the current Euro chicks, this is a perfect opportunity to get to know Stacy, Sandy, Tiffany, Sylvia, Lenka, Petra, Viva, Alissa, and Blondie. And if you already recognize these names, what could be better than to have them all in one movie? There’s nothing I can think of, so unless you hate Euro porn, or only enjoy movies with extreme anal, Rocco’s Initiations 4 is highly recommended.

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