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Rocco's Initiations 1

Rocco's Initiations 1

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
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Speelie's ratings for Rocco's Initiations 1:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Rocco's Initiations 1 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Rocco's Initiations 1 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Rocco's Initiations 1 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Rocco's Initiations 1 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco's Initiations 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco's Initiations 1 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco's Initiations 1 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  1/31/2002
Rocco’s Initiations
Released 3/3/1999
DVD released late 2001
Directed by Rocco Siffredi
Evil Angel DVD

Cast : Cassandra Wild, Juditta (aka Judit, Christy), Princess, Timea, Cristy, Marina-Ripa, Nacho Vidal, Tony Montana, James Brossman, Andrew Youngman, Mario, Remigo Zampa, Zenza Raggi, Freddy Dalton, Leslie Taylor

Now and then, Rocco will build up a backlog of scenes in which he shot actresses who were new to working with him and/or in his movies.His Initiations line intentionally has action that is less hardcore than what is found in, for example, his Animal Trainer series. With that said, the sex is still more intense than that in most more conventional porn, so don’t mistake these movies for Rocco “going soft.”

This first Initiations came during a low point in the talent pool of Czech and Hungarian cuties, at least from my point of view. I didn’t care for most of the girls who were new to the biz circa 1999, but the following two years saw an influx of amazing new performers, actresses who were both gorgeous and very into the sex. Still, the women in Initiations are quite easy on the eyes.

The movie opens at another of the Budapest houses found in countless titles. PYT Princess struts around an empty swimming pool, teasing nearby construction workers with her barely concealed goodies. Rocco and Juditta observe the proceedings from a balcony, before heading into the house so that she can be gangbanged. Juditta is a somewhat pretty blonde of vast sexual experience, and is one of the few of the wave of Hungarian girls who first appeared circa 1997 (Nikki Anderson, Judith Grant, Wanda Curtis, etc.) who is still working as of this writing in early 2002 (see for example the cover of Anal Angels 2, one of several movies she shot in the USA during 2001). She’s in plenty of Evil Angel titles, including Buttman’s Anal Show 2 and Buda. Taking on the usual Hungarian mafia crew is all in a day’s work for her, so she gets down to business with Mario (an Ana/Diabolic regular these days), Montana, Leslie, Remigo and Youngman, sucking off as many as possible at once as they poke and prod her. Princess strolls in, and Juditta proceeds to give a clinic on how to satisfy multiple men. Leslie and Youngman turn their attention to Princess, who belies her innocent appearance by quickly fellating them. After both ladies get their pussies well stuffed, Juditta does the ritual anal and DP, and its nothing that hasn’t been seen before in other movies. Princess is spared getting her butt plundered, but is welcomed to the world of Rocco by having to kneel by Juditta’s asshole, so that as the guys fuck it and pull out, one at a time, they can then shoot their load on her face.

For the next scene, Rocco walks in on Princess, who is in the same house, looking out the window of an upstairs bedroom. With fewer bodies flying around the screen, it is easier to get a good look at her. She’s tall, slender and youthful, with long blonde hair and a very pretty face. I don’t subjectively care for her appearance, but objectively, she’s quite hot, and most viewers will no doubt find her highly appealing. Rocco undresses her, and sticks a finger up her ass. This is his way of saying “hello” to most of his actresses, but it obviously hurts Princess, who wants no more of it. So instead, Rocco eats her out, fingers her pussy, and arranges her atop him in some variations of a 69. “This is the best pussy I ever had!” he declares, with some sincerity, between slurps.

Rocco then mounts Princess gently in missionary, and keeps her relaxed by sucking on her toes. Rocco’s great strength as a performer and scene choreographer is knowing just how far he can push his starlets. Princess is a young, perhaps inexperienced woman, whose boundaries are easily reached. Even in his gentle mode, Rocco’s alpha maleness almost overwhelms her, but he always holds back just enough to keep her thrilled. They go through many positions, most usual, some, like the standing 69, fairly rare and impressive. Finally, he leads Princess, who is on all fours and grinning, to a mirror. He ejaculates onto it, and she licks up his seed. She went on to do more work for Rocco, including a couple of True Anal Stories volumes I’ve never seen that are a long way from DVD. I look forward to catching up with them eventually, to see how she developed as a performer.

More conventional Rocco action follows, after he shows up at a hat factory, where Brossman and another guy are picking out hats in the retail area. Brazilian (I think) hottie Marina-Ripa is working the counter, and looks stunning in a long black dress that hides her only flaw, a rather nasty set of bolt-ons. She was in Buttman & Rocco’s Brazilian Buttfest, a movie for which I never took notes and have long forgotten the details. Here she is clearly a seasoned performer, as she goes along with the guys’ teasing, and then leads them on a tour. At one sewing machine, they catch a PYT filing her nails instead of working, but the group quickly moves on to where Nacho is pretending to be an employee working a heat press. He’s doing something wrong, so Marina yells at him in Portugese, and he responds in Spanish (all in Budapest, mind you). Because it is a porno, she starts blowing him, and the other guys whip it out to, so she can group suck them. Rocco meanwhile gets a fix for his chocolate habit by rimming her Hershey highway.

As the scene continues, it becomes clear that she is in no need of initiating. Rocco fucks her in standing doggy, with her dress pulled aside to reveal stunning leg muscles. Factory workers, apparently genuine ones, stop and gawk as she rides Nacho and Rocco then climbs aboard to DP her. Rocco anals her hard, perhaps because he knows she can take it, or maybe to vent some frustration at being so gentle with Princess. One of the workers who comes by to stare is the girl from the sewing machine, who runs off when Rocco catches her eye. He hops off of Marina, grabs his pants, and runs after her. Marina leads the rest of the porn guys to a nearby area, with the same glint in her eye that Catherine Count often gets, a look that says, “I’m going to drain you all dry!” She mounts a guy in reverse cowgirl anal (where her boob job is shown in all its “glory”), gets DPed again, receives still more anal, and then lets each guy stroke off onto her face. This isn’t the sort of scene of which I’m real fond, but at least she enjoyed herself, and fans of mini gangbangs will likely enjoy it.

Rocco finally finds the sewing girl, whose name is Cristy, in a back corner where she is eating McDonald’s french fries on her lunch break. She’s less intimidated now that Rocco chats her up a bit, and we get a good look at just how pretty she is. Cristy is shorter than Princess, just as fresh and innocent looking, and has a cute face that appeals to me far more than Princess did. She complains of the need to relieve herself, so Rocco leads her out onto a snowy rooftop, where she squats, but can’t pop. Whether this is due to the cold or the camera is left unclear, but while she’s in that position she makes a grab for Rocco’s crotch. This girl isn’t so innocent after all! From little bits of dialog throughout the scene, it is clear that she speaks English well, so she isn’t one of those poorly educated rural girls who have no idea what’s going on, and are horrified by what those nasty porn producers in the big city expect them to do.

Rocco is tremendously turned on, as I suspect most men would be, so as Cristy blows him, he lifts her a bit, so he can reach around and rim her. He then carries her inside to a table, where he helps her partially undress, before returning to rimming, and now fingering, her brown eye. Unlike Princess, Cristy enjoys this very much. She lies on her side, in what I guess you’d call a half-spoon, while he stands up to pussy fuck her briefly. He then plunges his cock up her asshole, and it becomes obvious that despite her youth, she has considerable experience in this area. “Did the boss (He means Marina, I guess) teach you this?” Rocco asks, and, “yes,” is her panting reply. Cristy sucks on his fingers as he pumps away, and she keeps enraptured eye contact with him. After some doggy, she rides him in anal cowgirl, a position that shows off her lovely butt, and nicely toned legs. Her skin is wonderfully smooth all over, she almost glows with healthiness, unlike many American porn actresses of a similar age. When Rocco places one of the hats on her head, I was reminded of Debby Gibson, and the naughty fantasies so many of us had 15 years ago. Cristy and Rocco kiss passionately while he is balls deep up her ass, and he then ups the romance a notch by showing off her gape. Finally, he cums on her face as she looks up at him in adoration. An old lady factory employee watched from close by during the latter stages, and she looks upon Rocco as a proud mother might on graduation day.

Back at the house from earlier, pretty, youthful blonde Timea looks down from a balcony at David Perry, Zenza Raggi, Brossman, and two other guys, who are in macho brag mode with each other. Cassandra Wild, the leggy blonde Hungarian sex vixen, joins her, and quickly hails the guys. She revels in being the center of attention, after joining them downstairs. She fellates them all, and after only a brief reverse cowgirl ride, switches the cock to her ass. After more positions, including DPs, they all cum on her face. Everyone had fun, but this was really pretty much par for the course, and looked like an average day at the office for these seasoned professionals.

Cassandra is left cum splattered, and Rocco asks Timea of she wants a similar experience. He then sends her down to begin her training by licking most of the jizz off of Cassandra. Rocco and Cassandra give each other a wink, and announce their decision to begin Timea’s “teaching” right then and there. Cassandra states that Timea is a virgin, but I doubt that anyone, including Rocco, took this seriously.

As Timea begins to suck him, Rocco correctly, if inarticulately, observes to Cassandra that, “She doesn’t look like (it’s) the first time she does this...” Cassandra can’t be bothered with yet another cock, she instead dives for Rocco’s ass and begins rimming him. She then finger fucks his asshole, sucking on her finger and sharing it with Timea. Note to the sqeamish : having your asshole played with feels great, and when a woman does it to a man, by definition it isn’t “gay.” Get over it.

Rocco and Cassandra then rim Timea, and finger her holes, before Cassandra kneels to receive some anal attention of her own. Rocco pussy fucks both in a few positions. While Timea is riding in reverse cowgirl, Rocco switches to her ass, which seems to be new to this sort of activity. She’s quite passive, so Rocco tries to provoke a bit of reaction by playfully slapping her, and then spitting in her face. After moving to doggy, Rocco pulls out to cum onto Cassandra’s face. This scene was much more in the spirit of an initiation, as two veterans led Timea in an introduction to harder forms of sex, something that didn’t seem too easy a right of passage.

Since the boxcover lists extra footage as a DVD bonus, I was hoping to see more of Cristy. Sadly, Evil Angel made a rare mistake here, as there is no extra footage for this title. I did get my wish partially fulfilled, since the really good photo gallery (one of the best I’ve seen) includes numerous shots of Cristy. She’s usually smiling, furthering the idea that her encounter with Rocco was one of the great moments of her life. I’ve never even read mention of other Cristy scenes (under any name), but I certainly hope that some exist! The DVD includes the expected EA good chapter and fetish menus.

All in all, I recommend this to all Rocco fans. The gangbangstuff , while good if you are into that, mostly lacks passion, but the more intimate one-on-one pairings show Rocco at his best. I still prefer his Initiations 3 very much to this first Initiations. I have only dim memories of Initiations 2, so I look forward to the DVD for that coming out in a few months. Meanwhile, while Rocco has better movies, this one is fairly good fun if you go in with modest expectations.

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