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Rocco's Hardest Scenes

Rocco's Hardest Scenes

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Compilation
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Rocco's Hardest Scenes:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Rocco's Hardest Scenes overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Rocco's Hardest Scenes Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Rocco's Hardest Scenes Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Rocco's Hardest Scenes Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco's Hardest Scenes Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco's Hardest Scenes DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco's Hardest Scenes A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  1/8/2008
“A Bonus Long Noel Review”

Rocco’s Hardest Scenes (2003)
Themes: Compilation, rough sex, anal sex
Starring: Daniella Rush, Cassandra Wilde, Laura Angel, Tiffany Hopkins, Catherine Count, Jennie, Sylvia, Laura (aka Orsoyla), Aneta Curtis, Amanda Warren, Sabine Mallory, Veronika White, Lucie Vrastilova, Iveta, Jessiva Twain, Mallorie, Katty, Fovea, Karma, Janice, Vanessa, Rocco Siffredi, Franco Roccaforte, Hakan Serbes, Nacho Vidal & Leslie Taylor
Written, produced and directed by: Rocco Siffredi

I am not a fan of compilations at all. But this is one of the five greatest porno compilations I have ever seen. I was also curious as to see what “Rocco’s Hardest Scenes” was all about. I have seen “Rocco’s Best Buttfucks” before and I will admit that that is an excellent compilation of Rocco’s nastiest anal sex scenes which includes crazy ass obsession. This compilation is different and doesn’t have a lot of ass obsession, but instead, this is on the rougher side and this compilation is edited perfectly, unlike “Rocco’s Sexual Superstars”. That compilation is edited terribly due to the fact that 11 scenes are crammed into one flick that only lasts a little over 130 minutes. For instance, the editing is so horrible that when the editor tried to edit the scene from one part to another, you may see a woman’s face for only 0.08 seconds before seeing her take her panties down. You understand that? You see small remains from the frames of a previous scene before that scene cuts into another. And this is horrible. This also happens in “Rocco’s Best Buttfucks”, but it’s not as bad as it was in “Rocco’s Sexual Superstars”. And it’s bad, because “Rocco’s Sexual Superstars” almost had the potential of being a decent compilation (although there were only six great scenes out of eleven). Fortunately, this doesn’t happen in this compilation.

Some people feel that if you’ve seen one Rocco flick, you’ve seen them all. And I can agree AND disagree on that one. Each Rocco flick has different types of sexuality with most of them being rough, ass obsessed and anal-sex-obsessed. Well, if you want to grab a tight compilation containing most of Rocco’s greatest sequences with some of the most beautiful women in the world, this is the one to go with, while “Rocco’s Best Buttfucks” happens to be his second greatest compilation.

Now, welcome to Rocco Siffredi’s hard-ass sexuality!

The scenes in this compilation come from the following flicks:

Rocco & Kelly’s Perversion in Paris
Rocco’s True Anal Stories 5
Dirty Anal Kelly in Rome 2
Rocco’s Super Moto Hard
Rocco: Animal Trainer 2
Rocco: Animal Trainer 4
Rocco: Animal Trainer 6
Rocco: Animal Trainer 8
Rocco’s Way to Love

I’m not going to give a very thorough review on this compilation. I will just point out the highlights and my favorite moments from each scene. Just keep in mind that Rocco is in every scene and there’s lots of nasty, rough “Make It Hurt!” sex in each scene.

Scene One: Janine & Sylvia (Rocco: Animal Trainer 4)
This happens to be one of the three greatest scenes from the great “Animal Tranier #4” flick; a Rocco Siffredi flick that you can watch all the way through, due to the fact that all three scenes are tight. This also happens to be one of Rocco’s most sought-after flicks. The sex in this scene is very spontaneous, a little rough and nasty. This scene includes a dude named Hakan, who was also in “Face Dance Obsession”.

Scene Two: Catherine Count, Amanda Warren & Aneta Curtis (Rocco’s Way to Love)
I’ve seen “Rocco’s Way to Love” a very long time ago and this was actually the greatest scene in that flick. Catherine Count is very noticeable because not only is she a beauty, but she’s a very nasty, loud and orgasmic freakazoid who also starred in “Animal Trainer #4” and “Euro Hardball #8”. This scene is very rough, loud and domineering.

Scene Three: Daniella Rush & Cassandra Wilde (Rocco’s True Anal Stories 5)
Daniella Rush is one of my favorite porn starlets of all time and so is Cassandra Wilde (who starred in “Buttman & Rocco’s Brazilian Butt Fest). This scene features Daniella Rush before she had her makeover and she still looks sexy and exotic as a palm tree. This scene is very nasty and very anal obsessed. Daniella, Cassandra & Rocco all have a threesome, which includes a bunch of spit, anal beads, a dildo as long as a nightstick and a leather belt wrapped around some necks and Rocco’s dick as he’s fucking the ladies.

Scene Four: Laura (Rocco: Animal Trainer 8)
Laura is pretty, but she’s got some very large, unnatural titties that can turn a brotha off. Rocco wraps duct tape around her entire body and especially around her tits. Her tits are so big, you can’t see her chest and they hang down to her belly. It’s a good thing Rocco wrapped duct tape around those titties so that they can push up a little. The sex in this scene is quite good, but not very remarkable, aside from the fact that when Rocco busts his nut, he sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger! This was a good scene, but it wasn’t “the shit” and it happens to be my least favorite scene in this compilation.

Scene Five: Sabine Mallory, Lucie Bratislava & Veronika White (Rocco’s Way to Love)
This was another great scene from “Rocco’s Way to Love”. This scene is pretty wild and freaky and includes anal beads, toilet tissue used as a gag and bilndfolds, fishnets and some serious sex, including a weird dildo ball. This scene isn’t as rough as the other scenes are in here, instead it’s more intimate and kinky as fuck.

Scene Six: Jessica Twain & Mallorie (Rocco: Animal Trainer 6)
This is a very good scene which includes another male talent named Leslie Taylor. Now, this scene includes indoor and outdoor sex, but it also includes a bondage mask, chains, collars and panties barely pulled off. A bondage mask with an attached gag goes on the face of one woman while she’s getting fucked and the sexy part is when the mask comes off so that she can give a sloppy-ass BJ to another dude. If you think the BDSM gear is rough, the rough part comes when a dude wraps his hand around her mouth while he’s fucking her asshole, so that she couldn’t get very loud. When the sex goes from outdoors to indoors, things get more intense and two dildos are included for the sake of one chick and there’s some choking included.

Scene Seven: Laura Angel & Katty (Rocco & Kelly’s Perversion in Paris)
One of my favorite sex scenes of all time. Now, this one is on some rough shit. This is better than any punk-ass sex scene in “9˝ Weeks” or “Basic Instinct”. Some women who would view this scene would automatically consider this as “degrading”, “sexist” or “humiliating”. Katty is beautiful and reminds me of Heather Graham, but Laura Angel is the real star. Laura Angel is a sexy son-of-a-bitch and her beauty is enough to turn any man’s world upside down. I wanna say that between her and Daniella Rush, these two females would be considered as the Monica Bellucci of pornography! Rocco & Katty are getting it on when Laura Angel comes in with some gifts and Katty spits in her face, bends her ass over, lifts up her dress and prepares her for some sensuous “torture”. Katty stuffs some anal beads in Laura’s booty. Now, Rocco takes two fucking bananas, stuff them all in her mouth and forces his dick in her mouth as she’s gagging and cannot breathe because Rocco holds her nose closes. She slaps him in order to breathe. Then, she slaps his face and in retaliation, he slaps the dog shit out of her and slaps her ass silly. Both women get fucked anally and there’s plenty of unsanitary ass-to-mouth blowjobs and Rocco fucks Laura’s ass so hard that she screams and jerks her body like crazy! This has got to be one of the most intense and wonderful sex scenes anybody can see. However, there’s some things in this scene that will make some people really sick to their stomachs. View with caution!

Scene Eight: Tiffany Hopkins (Rocco Super Moto Hard)
Tiffany Hopkins is a thick hottie who Rocco takes in the back of some truck and fucks the living shit out of. This scene contains a lot of nasty (rough and passionate) fucking, which also includes a lot of manhandling butt-fucking and some senseless ass-to-mouth penetration from Rocco’s fingers.

Scene Nine: Fovea & Karma (Dirty Anal Kelly in Rome #2)
This scene takes place outdoors and both Rocco & Franco Roccaforte fuck the shit out of Fovea and Karma. This scene is very rough, intense, nasty and kinky. There’s also some very slight “homoerotic” tones because as Franco fucks one female in a doggy style position, Rocco stands behind him to fuck the same woman in a different orifice. It also goes vice-versa. As Rocco fucks the same woman in one orifice, Franco stands behind him in order to fuck the female from behind as well, in another position. Both females get fucked senseless by both dudes and it ends very nastily as one woman sucks the hell out of another woman’s asshole after the guys come in her ass!

BONUS SCENE: Janice & Vanessa (Rocco: Animal Trainer 2)
This scene is very sloppy, because the sex is very nasty and sloppy, but it’s also rough and very pleasurable. This scene also includes Franco Roccaforte and is a hot scene to watch. But what’s very fruity and “homoerotic” about this scene is when Franco sucks and chews on a dildo mask attached to the mouth of a woman who he is fucking like crazy. What’s rough and nasty is when you hear a woman retching while she’s being fucked in the throat for a very long time (non-stop) with the same dildo mask. Very nasty in many areas, but it’s still tight!

The compilation ends abruptly without any end credits. I mean, there’s no “The End” popping up on the screen. As soon as the final scene is over, that’s that. Although I’m not a fan of Laura (aka Orsoyla), her scene with Rocco was pretty fabulous. I guess what turned me away from her was her gigantic, un-natural titty bombs.

Although most of these are Rocco’s hardest scenes, there’s one rough scene that I would have loved to see on this compilation. And that’s the scene with Kelly Stafford, Alba DelMonte, Rocco & Nacho Vidal from “When Rocco Meats Kelly #2”. That scene was very rough and it included Rocco slapping the shit out of Kelly Stafford’s face with his dick and literally kicking her naked ass with his bare feet until we see huge red marks and bruises on her booty, plus Nacho shoving four fingers in her asshole until she squeezes her butt cheeks as if she couldn’t handle it. Now, if that scene was included in this compilation, I would have given this a full 100%. I just can’t see that particular scene not being in a compilation dedicated to Rocco’s roughest sex scenes. You feel me? Maybe they’ll put it in “Rocco’s Hardest Scenes 2”, if there ever will be one.

The a/v quality is superb. However, when you watch the beginning of each scene, there’s some light music being played that can only be heard from the left speaker while the right speaker is free from the music. There’s a bonus scene for the DVD only that’s from “Rocco: Animal Trainer 2” (featuring Janine & Vanessa), cast list, filmographies, a photo gallery, fetish menu and a bio for Rocco Siffredi.

Rocco Siffredi is the muthafuckin’ man (or one of them)! Underground rapper Kool Keith praised Rocco Siffredi like 2Pac loved Alize. He is known for fucking women who look a million times better than these wannabes on “America’s Next Top Model”. He’s also known for giving women’s booty-holes a hard-ass time with his dick! Many men want to be him. I can even point out some brothas who want to be this man, even for one day only. Rocco is a man who puts it down. And this compilation is the greatest one that shows Rocco’s hard-ass sexuality and sexual skill, as well as him sharing it with some of the most beautiful women in the world! If you have to see and own one Rocco Siffredi compilation, make sure it’s this one first, with “Rocco’s Best Buttfucks” being in second place. This is another compilation that makes perfect sense, instead of it being terribly edited and missing a lot of immaculate moments.


Rocco Ravishes Prague (Laura Angel)
Rocco: Animal Trainer #4 (Catherine Count, Nikki Anderson)
Rocco’s Dirty Dreams #4 (Annette Schwarz, Mayara Rodriguez)
Rocco’s Best Buttfucks (Kelly Stafford, Silvia Saint)
When Rocco Meats Kelly #2 (Kelly Stafford, Alba DelMonte)

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