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Rocco Ravishes Prague 4

Rocco Ravishes Prague 4

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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VictoriO's ratings for Rocco Ravishes Prague 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by VictoriO  on  12/11/2001
Rocco Ravishes Prague IV (2001)
Director & Writer: Rocco Siffredi
Starring: Monica Sweetheart, Aneta, Lora, Kelly, Helena, Nicole, Jessica, Zara, Rocco Siffredi, Nacho, Gabriel, Ian Scott, Max Cortes & Titof
Special Features: Chapters (58), Fetish Menu, Extra Footage, Cast Info (Biographies & Filmographies), Photo Galleria (40) & Websites
Company: Evil Angel/ Rocco Siffredi Productions

-Here it is. Rocco Ravishes Prague 4. A series with nothing but hot ass sex & in this installation, we have the fascinating Monica Sweetheart! I rented this today at my video store & I know that for a fact I will like it! If I like what I see here, I will buy it this weekend! 30 minutes after I finished seeing Rocco Ravishes Prague 3, I bought it online along with The Lecher (which was Recommendable). So, with this, my expectations are extreme!

-Scene 1: Nicole, Helena & Gabriel
We begin to see Nicole at a restaurant by herself. Shortly, Helene (a.k.a. Ellen) appears (she looks a bit like Joey Lauren Adams from Chasing Amy & Mallrats). Some guys are approaching them & commenting them. Soon, after they leave the restaurant, they all go to this yard where they females play with themselves. Both females are very hot. As the 2 females walk into this house, one of them almost fell. Bad move! So, these girls, along with everyone else, goes upstairs. Both girls play with this guy, who calls himself 'Gabriel'. Nicole blows him off while Helena gets eaten & rimmed a bit. Soon, Helena blows him off a bit as he plays with Nicole's body. These females like to blow on his trumpet, gently. After a period of time, Nicole rides Gabriel (reverse cowgirl) while he eats Helena out. Afterwards, Helena takes him (same position) as he eats Nicole out. Helena cums while being rode. Shortly, he takes Nicole. Shortly, he takes Helena again. At the same time he's taking Helena, Nicole lubes her coochie & arse up. Helena lubes her ass up after she pauses from the fucking session. So, Gabriel smoothly takes Nicole up the ass (pilediver & reverse cowgirl). Helena, shortly, rides his dick with her ass (reverse cowgirl). This goes on for a bit. Gabriel switches to Nicole's sweet ass (pilediver). At one point, she grips her pussy with her hand very tight. Close to the end, both girls get a splash royale from this guy. Good scene. Very good way to start off, too!

-Scene 2: Monica Sweetheart, Lora, Aneta, Kelly, Rocco & 2 other guys
Buddha be praised! Here's the queen! As Leslie Cheung said: Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, Monica! She's wearing a see-thru gown, looking hot like coffee. She meets Rocco, who's boxing & they start to get it on like Marvin Gaye. Rocco grabs a hold of that wonderful ass of hers & he licks her down, licking her toes, fingering her puss as he says 'Nasty, nasty, nasty', kissing her as she holds onto the punching bag. This goes on for a while before Monica blows on him like the wind. Her gown goes off, panties go down halfway & Rocco nails her human V from behind as she holds onto the punching bag. He smacks her ass up a bit. She coos like a baby, which is hot at points. Monica bends down more, lets go of the punching bag & Rocco takes her like a pro. Damnit. After that, Rocco lubes & gets her ass ready. Monica has a really sweet se-vot. Soon, Rocco bends her over a weights bench & nails her yummy bummy! This goes on for a while. Some decent A2M here. If only Monica's scene in Service Animals had this much anal, great anal. That scene was alreaady hot, but, iyah! This scene is very good! Man, Rocco plunges the butt harder, faster & he almost came but he had to stop because these 2 guys came in & took her away from him. What a drag! So, Guy #1 explores her backside & plays with her cooch while Guy #2 is exploring Aneta. What a drag how Guy #1 took Monica away from Rocco. Shit-ass! Nyah, Guy #1 explores Monica while Guy #2 explores Aneta, a Bleach-Blonde female who's wearing a suit. Rocco meats Lora. Rocco is still upset about how Monica was stolen from him. So, he explores Lora's body, especially her ass. Monica blowing Guy #1 while Aneta blows guy #2 & plays with herself. Monica rides Guy #1 in standing cowgirl. Then, she turns around & gets dicked up her ass. Soon, Monica & Aneta goes down on Guy #2. Monica, then, gets rode in reverse cowgirl. Guy #2 licks all on Aneta's titties & he takes her from behind, then reverse cowgirl on some stairs. Lora gets dildo-ed & Rocco eats on her a bit. Jesus. She also gets dildo-ed by an ugly ass Black one. This goes on for a while, hing-dai. Rocco rims her ass & slips a small butt dildo in her butt. Afterwards, she blows on Rocco as the dildos are still in her. Lora here, even licks the very tip/the opening of his dick. Kelly comes in with a guy. Lora gets undressed & plays in Lora's ass while Rocco dildos her. Soon, Rocco takes Lora from the back. Nothing much to root over here. Monica gets that ass reamed (cowgirl) by Guy #1. Really nice! Guy #2 is still working with Aneta. He cums on Monica's face after she & Aneta blew on him a bit & he jerked. I am a bit tired of all of this scene switching. It's annoying. Also, this scene doesn't have anything to root over, at all. Rocco rims Lora's ass & pumps it up like a gas pump while she's laying on her stomach. Later, he takes her in pilediver. It is so silent here. Jesus! This begins with watching the likes of Monica walking & switching that hot ass. She comes into the room where Lora, Kelly & Rocco is in. So, Lora & Monica both go down on Rocco. Both girls bend down on the bend & Rocco rims both females. Lovely! Rocco fucks Lora some more as Monica sits her coochie on his face. Rocco finishes off, just about, after he nails Monica's ass (reverse cowgirl). Both females suck on Rocco & tastes his cum a bit.

-Scene 10: Jessica Twain, Zara Donau, Nacho & 1 Other Guy
Nacho talks to someone on a cell-phone. 2 females show up. They see Nacho playing on a piano. These 2 females are nice looking, but not as hot as Monica Sweetheart (without a doubt), Nicole & Helen. The 2 guys explore the 2 females' bodies, fingers them up a bit & they all suck eachother off. I can already tell, unfortunately, that this scene won't be as good as the previous 2. Sadly, this scene is really boring me & I am zoning off very, very easily. Both girls get banged by both guys, starting from behind. Nacho bangs his girl vaginally in missionary with intensity while the other guy fingers his girl's sweet ass bottom. Both females get there asses poked in multiple positions. This shit is really boring me, this scene. After seeing that dreamy Monica Sweetheart, it all just went downhill.

BOTTOM LINE: Ngoh woi qhong ching choh pei nei teng-ah (Translation: I will make this clear to you)! This installation of Rocco Ravishes Prague series is not as good as the 3rd one. The sex is not as hot as the 3rd one & it doesn't have enough females as the 3rd one did. The last scene was boring, although there was anal. The first 2 scenes are so, so, so hot! Monica Sweetheart was fabulous in here as she was in Service Animals. I plan on seeing more of her (Face Dance Obsession, Un-Natural Sex 4, Rocco's Reverse Gangbang, etc...). I'll give it, about, the same treatment that I gave Animal Trainer 5. The extra footage didn't have anything worth mentioning. Rent it. Highly Recommended for the first 2 scenes. This DVD & the technicals, as well as the menu, looks damn good! While not as good as RRP3, it is worth seeing!

The Film: B+
The DVD: A

Oliver Victorio Sizemore

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