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Rocco Ravishes Prague 4

Rocco Ravishes Prague 4

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Foreign , Gonzo
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Rocco Ravishes Prague 4:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  12/2/2001

(Evil Angel/Rocco Siffredi Produzioni)
Directed by Rocco Siffredi
Starring: Monica Sweetheart and Ellen, with Nicole, Aneta, Lora, Jessica Twain, Zara Donau, Kelly, Ian Scott, Max Cortes, Nacho Vidal, Rocco Siffredi

Yet more product from Rocco's continuing fascination with the women of the capital of the Czech Republic, and understandably so when one contemplates the array of beautiful and sexy women taking part in this movie. As in most Rocco outings, Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 consists largely of unrelated sex scenes, though a couple are tied together on this occasion.

Ellen and Nicole
Rocco and Gabriel Zero are hanging out in a café with James, referred to as Janos, who they encourage to go over and chat up the lovely Nicole Taylor (by now a massively experienced starlet) and the always-wonderful Ellen, a vivacious girl with a fun personality. These guys should get her a new outfit, though; she's worn this leather jacket, top and shorts combo several times before! Anyway, Gabriel starts laughing at Janos' knackered shoes, and he and Rocco have more luck with the ladies, convincing them to take part in a chilly outdoor photo shoot, thus permitting many views of the girls' fantastic curves.

After they move to a balcony, Janos starts getting too turned on to restrain himself. Nicole comes over and starts giving him a great blowjob, but even when the initially reticent Ellen (she's just kidding - she loves it really) is sitting on his face and Nicole is riding on his cock he tries to play it cool. Frankly, if it weren't for the girls or the constant comments from Rocco, this scene wouldn't happen at all. Fortunately, we can enjoy a seemingly real orgasm for Ellen, whose pose when demanding to be taken from behind is simply irresistible. I love the way she starts off all giggly, and then gets quite seriously into it. She demands anal, but Nicole takes it first, and then Ellen gets her turn. Watch those lovely big wobbling boobs go when she's on top! Despite what some folks might say, it's perfectly clear that both these girls are not only comfortable with anal sex, they actively enjoy it up the ass. Ellen also clearly is very excited about jerking Janos off all over her face. As I say, the girls make this one - otherwise, it is sorely missing the active participation of the man himself….

Monica - Round 1
When you see the deeply gorgeous young lovely that is Monica Sweetheart flouncing down the stairs in a baby doll nightie and panties, heels accentuating her perfect pins, it's easy to understand why so many fans have been positively raving about her, and she's still so young too! She could easily be a fashion model - though that big sexy ass might not be quite what the couturiers are looking for! I like that naughty, bratty look that she has when she smiles.

Anyway, her Monica finds Rocco doing a little boxing practise in the gym and she immediately starts coming on to him, licking his sweaty torso. Rocco gets really excited and starts passionately kissing her, licking her legs and feet and generally getting carried away. It's perfectly understandable. She sucks his sweaty cock, but he just has to fuck her, and being Rocco, he does it in style, trapping her between his body and the punch bag to deliver a hard, passionate fuck. Gabriel's camerawork captures this perfectly, mainly using long shots that emphasize the couple moving together, letting you admire the stunning curves and lines of Monica's fabulous form.

Rocco then places her over a weights bench in order to serve up a relentless anal screwing that goes on and on with remarkable intensity, minute after minute, pausing only for a little ass-to-mouth interlude. I'd like to take this as an opportunity to ask any producers of porn, especially Germans, who might read this to watch this scene and realize why dubbing over the live sex sound is a BAD THING - Monica's moans, groans, coos, pants, and whoops are just so desperately erotic, the scene just would not be the same without them. Her responses are just so fabulous - she is simply a star.

Monica - Round 2
No mistake here - no come shot. Yann Scott, who is supposedly Monica's man, arrives and takes her away before Rocco can get his end away. Rocco punches a pillar in frustration as Yann leads the sweetly smiling girl away to a restaurant location (this hotel, where Christoph Clark and Nacho have shot scenes as well as Rocco, is where I shall be booking when I next visit Praha). He lovingly strokes her thoroughly; screwed holes - her pussy is so pretty - while Titof gets in on with blonde lovely Aneta. Yann, who gives Monica the benefit of yet more sizeable cock in her accommodating ass, does most of the decent fucking here. However, I found this part of the movie started to get quite frustrating as the action moves back and forth from this scene to one where Rocco encounters a pretty young maid examining the sex toys in his hotel room…

Lora and Kelly
Rocco encourages this exceptionally young and cute blonde - Lora - to try some of the toys. She doesn't speak English and has that "rabbit in the headlights" look about her, but she seems quite keen to try things out and it's not long before Rocco has a really thick dildo inside her as a prelude to his usual antics…However, he is caught in flagrante by Kelly, the hotel manager, and a guy who takes over the shooting duties while Rocco gets it on with both women. Another sexy blonde with quite an attitude, Kelly doesn't want to fuck Rocco - though she does suck his dick and help him interfere with lovely Lora's holes. Kelly does say that she would drink Rocco's pee, however, but this is not shown whether it happened or not. The best part of all this is anal sex with Lora. This proves rather difficult but the way Rocco handles her so gently, coupled with her nervous response, makes this highly erotic.

Monica - Round 3…KO!
Having earlier been seen accepting Yann and Titof's come on their faces, Monica and Aneta turn up in Rocco's room and Lora and Kelly strangely disappear. How odd, and frustrating - I wanted to see more of Lora. Perhaps things did not go as planned…Anyway, the ever capable Ms Sweetheart and her blonde colleague let Rocco give them one last heavyweight fucking, including some more fabulous views of Monica's wonderful bottom, before he finally gets to blow his load over their faces.

Jessica and Zara
Nacho makes a call to an escort agency. Two sexy brunettes, in the form of the full, womanly curves of Jessica and slim Zara, who has a personality to match her perky paps, arrive to entertain Nacho and his friend Max. Once Nacho is done with his terrible piano playing, we get straight to the point. Jessica, in a fantastic scene in Animal Trainer 6, has already shown her genuine desire for rough sex and Max takes full advantage of her deep throat skills. Nacho quite literally picks Zara up and sits her on his face, and once he's through eating her pussy, she finds his big cock is quite a filling. No such worries for Jessica, who takes everything and seems really into it, especially once the anal starts and she switches partners to Nacho. This is the roughest scene in the movie, with some really good hard fucking spiced with spanks and a little spitting. Ultimately, after thoroughly reaming her ass, Max shoots over Zara's face and on a glass table. Jessica joins her in licking up the spillage. Nacho then adds his wad to the mess, which the girls do their best to clean up before sharing a spunky kiss.

It's been said that Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 is something of a let down, and reluctantly I'd have to agree. The over-ambitious middle section just doesn't work for me, doubly disappointing because it has some fabulous girls and some marvellous moments - it's just been quite badly executed in terms of editing, shooting and pacing it up to a climax. There is little logic in interrupting what was a sizzling fuck with Monica to then proceed with some rambling and disjointed action that also features some very loose shooting and editing indeed. I hate to say it, but despite some wonderful women, this movie hints that Rocco has already released all the best bits from this particular trip to Prague. Given that this trip has already yielded numerous hot scenes, is it too much to ask Rocco to up the quality control and keep some of this stuff in the archives? Despite all the criticism, which is probably in part due to the high standards Rocco has set himself with all the stunning sex he has supplied this year, this is often a really enjoyable and exciting movie. It's a shame that its flaws get in the way once too often.

DVD Comments
I actually thought some of the picture quality on this disc was below the usual standards - washed-out colour may be down to flaws in source footage. The sound on the Lora and Kelly scene could have been better too. Other than that, AV quality is fine. What is up to standard is the presentation of menus and the excellent range of options with pictures, filmographies, cast info for each scene and so on. As is normal, it's the extra footage that adds real value, with some more revealing moments from that Lora/Kelly scene, including sex with Rocco and Kelly. I wonder what really went on there. Personally, I really went for the extra shots from the photo shoot with Ellen and Nicole - anything that highlights Ellen's pretty face, sparkling personality and sexy curves is all right by me!

NB Watch out - don't expect all the positions illustrated on the box cover to be in the movie!

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