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Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris

Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Foreign , Gonzo
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  2/7/2003
Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris
Evil Angel / Rocco Siffredi Produzioni
Rocco Siffredi
Savanna Samson, Lisa Crowford, Amanda, Monica, Ovidie, Ksandra, Estelle, Carmen, Ian Scott, Titof, Alam, Max, Lou Lou, Rocco Siffredi
Running time:
2hrs 13mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0

Through a combination of the movie's temporary withdrawal due to a problem with the hotel where some scenes are shot and Savanna's subsequent pursuit of fame fortune and publicity via Vivid and Howard Stern, Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris has somehow gained a level of notoriety that it doesn't necessarily merit. Despite Rocco saying in the intro scene (Rocco explains why he and his cameraman cousin Gabriel Zero are in Paris) that this is the first time he's had the experience, it's actually a familiar story - a fan writes to Rocco and wants to be in a movie with him. She wants to fulfil her fantasy. She wants to do it all. Rocco, have you forgotten Sandy the Insatiable already? Was it so long ago?

Rocco Meats Savanna
This time it's an attractive American woman called Savanna Samson. She meets Rocco in a hotel room, and looks very pleased with herself, beaming all over her face. Rocco is delighted too, announcing that the petite, curvy girl with sandy-blonde streaked hair has given him a hard-on already. So let's not stand on ceremony - Rocco immediately starts pawing and kissing her, peeling down her jeans to taste her ass. She seeks out and sucks his cock, and reveals her "enhanced" tits with their pierced nipples - she also has a pierced pussy and a thin waist chain. Rocco starts to fuck her in his inimitable fashion ("Oh my God your cock is huge!" she gasps) but this is just a "getting to know you" scene, and Savanna kneels to suck Rocco and lick his balls until she makes Rocco come in her mouth - Gabriel, behind the camera but chipping in during the scene, can't help but grope her firm, round ass as she does this.

More on the whys and wherefores of this situation as they head out into the wintry Parisian sun, Savanna looking good in a red dress. First she reveals that her husband Daniel set this whole thing up as a present for her, and second, as Rocco and company meet French pornsters at an exhibition that seems to take in food, livestock and pornography (don't ask!), she says that she needs to be a star like Rocco.

Ksandra, Ovidie, Estelle
Rocco and Savanna are nowhere to be seen at that now-familiar swingers' club location, scene of the spectacular Amanda & Catherine scene in Animal Trainer 4, which I guess would be shot around the same time. The French porn stars we saw are here though. Ksandra (it's actually K. Sandra, as in JTC's Le Journal Intime de K. Sandra), a pretty but slightly stern looking East Asian girl, poses for Gabriel's camera. She's soon seen sucking young French stud Titof's cock and nibbling his balls. Ksandra is slim but shows a nice bum as she climbs onto Titof's face. Down below the platform this couple are on, two other well known French stars are together: the gothic-looking Ovidie and her attractive but rather thin girlfriend Estelle Desanges are getting into some less than enthralling "lesbian" licks. The action cuts back and forth between Titof and Ksandra and this duo, who eventually break out the strap-ons - it's odd the way they act as though they are real cocks, even down to licking imaginary pre-cum. Titof and Ksandra join in. I wince as Ksandra jams long-nailed fingers into Ovidie's snatch while Estelle's dildo slips into her ass. Estelle finds her own ass on the end of a dildo too, while Ovidie blows Titof. This isn't a particularly interesting scene in my book, and further it's all just an unnecessary diversion from the main thrust, no pun intended, of the movie, so it's not only a relief for Titof when he spunks on Ksandra's face. From what I can gather these performers have worked together on other occasions - perhaps just a touch routine for them, but that's no good to me.

Savanna strips
As a preface to the substantial scene that forms the centrepiece of the whole movie, Rocco and Savanna make an appearance at a live show at a sizeable hall that seems packed with fans. Savanna does a strip and Rocco joins in, but this is just for show. The real action begins back at the hotel, where, having collected the cute Spanish beauty Carmen at this exhibition, Rocco involves Savanna in one of his characteristically powerful sexual encounters. First he explains to her how he knows what a girl will like (by looking them in the eyes, in case you're wondering). Savanna seems ready to do anything - I wonder if she'll regret saying that.

Savanna & Carmen
Rocco gets the two girls together, encouraging girl-girl play as he removes their flimsy garments, building the heat with ass licking, groping, kissing, spanking, everyone fingering girl ass and tasting it. This leads to some fairly unsuccessful deep throat training - Savanna watches Carmen try but fail, and then she attempts it herself with more drool-splattered success, but nose-pinching and throat fucking are not well received by the slightly overwhelmed American and so there's some oral with the girls marginally more in control before it's time for Savanna to feel Rocco in full effect. She's certainly not a naïve little girl being led astray - Animal Trainer is evidently her favourite, so that's what she's going to get as they rampage through numerous positions and combinations for hot, exciting, nasty sex.

This, of course, means some very full-on sex with face slapping included - be aware, Rocco doesn't hold back here. He fucks Savanna, then Carmen who slaps him back in a playful struggle, and Rocco ends up with Carmen on his cock and Savanna sitting on his face. The intensity just grows and grows as the hesitant but excited Savanna consents to experiencing Rocco's size in her ass for the first time, and though he slaps her again she doesn't object at all - quite the reverse, as she spears her own ass on Rocco's cock with ever greater enthusiasm. There's a truly intense moment when he gets the whole thing in and holds it. Great positions show her body tense and flex.

Carmen sits on Rocco's face, Savanna does some ass-to-mouth, and Carmen gets her share. Savanna does more A2M and rimming as Rocco whacks Carmen's ass prior to Savanna getting another good drilling. A stray foot in shot reminds me Gabriel Zero is there, shooting this sizzling scene - and shooting it in impressively intuitive style, giving me the shots I want at the right time.

It must feel amazing to have one girl's tongue flickering over your cock as you slip into another's ass, as Rocco does here. Savanna does the nasty stuff, and finally Rocco comes as demanded in her mouth and on Carmen's ass. Savnanna licks up the spillage and joins Rocco in fingering Carmen's little open bum hole. While being a little taken aback at times, by and large Savanna is an excited and wholehearted participant in arguably the best scene of the movie, a scene in which Carmen plays an understated but appreciable part too.

Lisa Crowford
Rocco seems understandably elated when we see him next, as he re-enacts the "King of the World" part of Titanic on a Seine riverboat with top glamorous French blonde Lisa Crowford (Crawford, actually), who shows Rocco her CD - I guess she's a singer, like one or two other French porn stars, but that's another story. It might be easy to draw comparisons between Lisa and Savanna, but they're really quite different. I say "vive la difference." This is another diversion from the main event, but a welcome one, as Lisa is something else. When I've seen her before, she's looked very beautiful but somewhat haughty and severe. Here, as we see her in an apartment, with her ass wrapped in (or barely wrapped, to be exact) in a pair of preposterously small hot pants, she is top to toe gorgeous: tall, slim but curvy, in great shape and possessing long legs and fabulous full natural tits. It also helps that Rocco brings a little more warmth out of her too.

They kiss hotly and she whips out his cock to suck with notable skill. She's wearing glasses for now, but these disappear at some stage along with the rest of her skimpy outfit. Rocco rims her with customary enthusiasm, and there's some foot worship, tit wanking and more oral on the agenda before she traps Rocco's cock between her thighs and they gyrate together in the sexiest manner. Rocco lies on the table and she gets on for a cowgirl ride - having watched this bit several times, I am still not sure but it looks like she starts off taking him in her pussy, but it looks like a tight fit whatever, and as they couple excitedly it soon ends up clearly embedded in her ass anyway! There are some great shots of her lovely backside as she wriggles and rides.

Moving to a chair, Rocco fucks her in reverse cowgirl and strokes her clit. She moans, bucks and writhes at his attention and her body looks fabulous as she does so, especially those tits - no wonder Rocco feasts on them like a baby! Then she's grinding back on his dick as he fucks her from behind, both standing, him leaning on a punch bag. The apparently irresistible combination of cock and fingers has her moaning and roaring "Oui!" Her glasses are back on when she demands that he comes in her mouth - a profuse load duly splashes her tongue and face as she strokes him off without missing a beat. This isn't the strongest/hardest/wildest Rocco scene but it is very sexy, intimate and passionate. It doesn't hurt that la belle Lisa is very easy on the eye too!

Savanna in the club
For the finale, Rocco takes Savanna, looking elegant in a black halter neck dress, to that now-familiar sex club (Rocco and Christoph Clark among others have shot there numerous times now) where he presents her with Yann Scott and Titof as a gift. Rocco looks down as Savanna descends the stairs to where the boys are seated. She kisses them and takes Yann's cock in her mouth. Titof licks her ass and then she kisses and sucks him. While watching her obvious enjoyment of these two dicks, Rocco also attempts to move in on the club's receptionist, who's having none of it. Instead, we see Savanna continuing to suck Titof while Yann fucks her. "Fuck my ass," she whispers, so he does. Here you can see again what a great, toned body she has - I don't know why she spoiled it with implants that jut out like rocks. Anyway, Yann four-fingers her ass, and then Titof and he alternate spearing her rear in doggy. Savanna looks really well up for it, as she rides Titof in reverse cowgirl anal, and then beckons Yann over for the oral finish. There's a great shot of Savanna's eyes as she looks up at Rocco's vantage point, before she has the two French studs come on her face and she gives post come head.

But it's not over yet. Gabriel arrives, with three guys in tow. Savanna looks somewhat taken aback about this, quite uncertain, but she still ends up sucking the cocks of this muscular trio, and they in turn spunk on her face too. The second is particularly thick and copious, and as the credits roll Rocco puts the look on her face into words as he gently wonders if this was too much. It's no surprise to hear her say yes, but oddly enough she still sits there licking and tasting the spilled come. Rocco and Gabriel have a little present for her - an official Rocco Siffredi rubber cock! Talk about egotism! Only kidding. What's really eye-opening, no pun intended, is that as Savanna wields the tool as though it were her own, Rocco asks if she'd be the first to fuck him in the ass with his own cock, so to speak! It's hard to tell whether it's Savanna or Rocco who finds this idea more exciting, as the movie ends on a still of those eyes, eyes that I think hold a few more secrets yet.

If there was one single thing I'd suggest would have made American Angel a more interesting movie, it would be to have a much deeper investigation of Savanna's desire to inveigle herself in Rocco's world of wild sex. It's not that I am suspicious of her motives - I've paid no attention to her career since this movie was made, so I can't comment on how she's made capital from this appearance - but that it would have given the movie more depth than just being something to distinguish an otherwise regular Rocco flick. Which still makes it better than an awful lot of movies, even if it isn't the headline grabber it might purport to be.

The scene with Ovidie and company is particularly forgettable and Savanna's closing scene has its moments without getting into high gear. On the other hand, Lisa's scene appealed to me a lot and the lengthy, action packed Savanna/Carmen affair is the one time the movie gets into premium Siffredi material, especially because of the feeling that Savanna is being (willingly) guided into naughty stuff she's never tried before - though I can't imagine someone who's open-minded enough to get into this situation chastely lifts her nightie once monthly for a one-minute missionary fuck with hubby back home.

Perhaps it's just that despite her lovely eyes and her sparkly pretty sexiness, Savanna somehow just doesn't do it for me. Maybe it's that simple. While Rocco seems energised by her and her willingness to jump in and give it a go (nowhere near as willing or nasty as Kelly though!), it's Lisa Crawford that I'll be dreaming of "meating" (cringe!) in Paris one day.

DVD Comments
Having had a pop at some of the picture quality on the Wild Video releases (from France) of Rocco's movies, it was interesting to compare this - I have both editions - and the only conclusion is that the quality of the source footage must have been lacking at times, as has been the case more than once before as far as Rocco's Evil Angel releases are concerned. Perhaps Rocco and Gabriel were deliberately looking for a documentary style approach. Perhaps that's just letting them off the hook for using cheap camcorders! It's never actually bad enough to spoil the enjoyment of the movie but it's not top drawer either. The sound is pretty good and most dialogue is readily audible. There's no extra footage on the disc - make do with the selection of photos and a text bio of Rocco. Two entries in the filmographies section hardly make it worthwhile either. Chapter menu and Evil Angel's patented fetish menu - skip to favourite sex acts - are also present.

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