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astroknight Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris 3 starsRocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris 3 starsRocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris 3 stars
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Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris

Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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lindi's ratings for Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris:
Overall Rating 1 star
Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris overall rating 1 star
Female Looks Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris Sex rating 1 star
Plot/Acting Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by lindi  on  5/26/2003

Rocco and Kelly shanghai 'guys off the street' for anal sex with Kelly.

General Impression
The problem with this movie is Kelly. Sometimes she acts like she's 8 years old, and sometimes she acts like she's 12, but she doesn't act like she enjoys sex. I don't want to go deeply into why I think that is, but I'd love to hear what a qualified psychoanalyst has to say about her arrested development, placating behaviors, adolescent rebelliousness, lack of sexual enjoyment, and need for attention.

In the first scene, Rocco tongues and spanks Katty, runs some anal beads into her, and has her suck the beads. Then he spits on her and feeds her his dick, holding her nose. He's fucking her when Laura arrives with a couple of bananas. Rocco stuffs a whole banana into Laura's mouth, packs it in there with his dick, and after she sputters it out onto him, he does the same thing with the other banana, holding her nose. She spits on him and slaps him, he slaps her and spanks her. Then Rocco fucks her, with Katty taking A2M with her nose held. A dogpile ensues before Rocco wanks on their faces.

Next, Rocco goes to the airport in Paris to pick up Kelly. He gets re-aquainted with her tits and ass in the car as their driver takes them to the hotel. Rocco fucks her with some POV camera work, she sucks his dick for mere seconds, gives a foot job for a few seconds, then spits on his dick and works it with her hands and mouth, mostly POV. Gaping doggy with gurgling farts follows, with A2M. She says that she likes to taste shit. A little mish, a little sucking, and he comes. Not much sucking and not much sex in this scene, but it was a bit of a turn-on for me.

Less luck with the next scene. Kelly and Rocco bring Alain back to the hotel. She tells him that his dick is small before she sucks it. She shows him the bruises on her tits. He licks her ass and she says that she is going to shit on him -- then she farts. He works about 4 fingers into her pussy, and she then straddles him and slaps and chokes him. She shoves a finger up his ass and then into his mouth, before sucking him. She tastes his ass, and says that Rocco's shit tastes better. He's limp, and she slaps his dick. We have to cut to a fresh start. He does her in mish while she indifferently giggles like a child, says that he thinks he's a woman, and says that she could do this at home watching the telly. She says, "Fuck my ass," spits on him, calls him a wimp, calls him a French wimp, jabs a finger up his ass again, and slaps him. He's soft again, and she tells him he's a pathetic excuse for a man, chokes him, and tells him to shut the fuck up. He pins her down, slaps her ass and spits on it, and she giggles like a child. She says, "Look at this -- what's this?!" She slaps his limp dick, stands over his head, and asks if he likes to be pissed on. He scrambles out of the way. She spits on him, says he makes her sick, and that he can't fuck. Then she sucks his dick, pounds it, and puts a pillow over his face. We cut again for a fresh start. He fucks her ass briefly, but after more slapping and insults we cut again, this time to him wanking on her face.

Now we see Kelly acting out some more. She strips to her underwear on a Paris street, where the more well-adjusted adults ignore her. Riding in the car she says she doesn't like black dicks. Then we arrive at the cemetery, where she says she'd like to get fucked through the bars of a gate by strange men and then be left in the rain to repent for hours and hours until the rain stops. She says the dead people are nice. She says that if she is still there at night, the angels need to rescue her from the devil, whom she identifies as Rocco. She wrings out her soaking hair, and tells us that it is pee. "If you look in my head, there's three 6's in it." She does some other odd rambling, and says she likes to drink pee and eat shit -- it's good for you.

Back at the hotel, she calls down to the front desk to say that she's been beat up. Roberto and Dino arrive, and she shows them the bruises on her tits. Spanking and spitting ensues, one man puts his belt around her neck, and she giggles while they slap her tits and feed her their dicks and they fuck her. Rocco asks her if that's the way she fucks. She giggles in reply. He says, "Kelly, you're getting your ass fucked." She giggles. They spit loudly in her gape three times, she giggles three times. One guy tells her "cum, cum, cum, baby," and spits on her as they handle her furiously. Giggle. She struggles away from them. One guy squirts in her mouth. Cut to the other guy wanking on her. She giggles, and Rocco asks her why she is laughing, what is she thinking. In answer she sucks both dicks. Then she complains that they didn't give her any new bruises.

Kelly meets Remigio on the street. He whispers in her ear, and she tells us and shows us that he has 'made her pee herself.' Then we go up to the hotel room to meet Hannah. Remigio spanks Kelly, and she laughs, lets her body go limp like an uncooperative child, wrestles him, then giggles. Hannah comes over to lick the pee from Kelly's panties. There's random fingering and slapping, before Remigio sits Hannah on the table and has her pee on it, telling Kelly to lick up the pee. Random spitting and sucking, then Remigio fucks Hannah. It's a relief after the other scenes to see that she notices and feels him fucking her, and expects some enjoyment. Anal mish, with Kelly taking A2M. Eventually Hannah is getting boned in doggy while Kelly wanders the room trying to get attention in the same manner as an eight year old putting peas up her nose in a restaurant. "Look!" She shows us that she has peed her pants again, and she wrings them out on the hotel room carpet. Remigio wanks onto her face, and she announces that she is only happy when covered in sperm from head to foot.

As the credits run, we are treated to a bunch of clips of Kelly's ass farts.

Extra footage, photo gallery, cast list and filmographies, plus Rocco's bio.

Only get this movie if the scene descriptions sound good to you.

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