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Rocco Invades Poland

Rocco Invades Poland

Studio: Evil Angel
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Renee's ratings for Rocco Invades Poland:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Rocco Invades Poland overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Rocco Invades Poland Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Rocco Invades Poland Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Rocco Invades Poland Sex rating 5 stars
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Extras Rocco Invades Poland DVD Extras rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Renee  on  1/4/2004

Rocco Invades Poland

Written, Produced and Directed by Rocco Siffredi


Themes: New Talent, Conventional and Anal sex

Note: All images shown are computer screenshots; they do not represent the original DVD video quality.


Oh, poor Poland. Over the centuries it has suffered at the hands of numerous invaders: the Teutonic knights, the Swedes, the Lithuanians, the Russians, the Prussians, the Austro-Hungarians, the Nazis, and finally the Soviets, culminating in 40+ years of boring Communist rule. Who could possibly bring some light, some color into the Polish people's lives?

Rocco Siffredi, that's who! In Sept. 2000, Rocco, his buddy Teo Roccaforte, and his cameraman/cousin Gabriel went on a road trip to Warsaw. "Rocco Displays Solidarity" the boxcover proudly proclaims. But not with the entire Polish population - Rocco is only concerned with a certain slice of the populace; that is, young pretty women who want to be in a Rocco porn film. Will Rocco find what he is looking for in this socially conservative country?

The Casting Call

       Rocco tries to find some pretty girls to film on the Warsaw streets, but no such luck. He and his buddies head back to his hotel, where a Polish woman (who worked in the Italian porn industry and now runs a porn talent agency) has gathered 8 women for him to meet. The young women are drawing pictures of their "ideal man", or rather his ideal anatomy. The girls giggle and laugh as Rocco comments on their drawings, in a conversation that is a bewildering mélange of Italian, Polish and English.
        Rocco proceeds to give each girl a dildo or vibrator that matches the size of her picture. More giggles and laughs, with the casting call now taking on the atmosphere of a teenage girls' slumber party. When Rocco shows a bright pink vibrator (left screenshot) to them, he says "You put this on the pussy – it relaxes the best. Believe me." But how would he know for sure? I guess we ladies will have to take his word for it.
        Next, Rocco pulls out a string with some small plastic beads along it. None of the girls can guess what this is for (center screenshot). He drapes them over his wrist like a bracelet, but tells the girls this is not jewelry. Finally, one girl, Joanna in a white dress, makes a guess that this is for the ass. All the girls just look perplexed; apparently the state of the Polish sex toy industry is not too advanced.
       Finally, the big moment arrives – Rocco undoes his pants, so the ladies can see his "big toy". The looks on the girls' faces are priceless (right screenshot). Katy on the left is laughing, Joanna in the middle cringes in shock, and Mileva looks on with dismay. Only Katy and a blonde named Agatha are bold enough to touch him without any embarrassment.
       "Chocolate or Vanilla?" Rocco asks Katy. He means himself (vanilla) or Teo (choc.). She samples both men with her hands and tongue, and says she prefers vanilla. More giggles all around.
       It's now time for the women to take their clothes off, so Rocco and his pals can see what the ladies look like nude. Rocco is even able to convince shy Joanna to disrobe, though she keeps shooing his hands away from her body. Katy has no such compulsions, and doesn't mind being naked; you can tell already that Rocco has chosen her to be in the film. During most of this part, Gabriel keeps telling Rocco to slow down, and Rocco keeps trying to get the girls to hurry up and disrobe. At one point, Gabriel says, "Forget about Professor Rocco." Thus ends the casting call.

Scene 1: Look How Much She Want It! – Katy, Justine, Rocco, Teo

       This scene is about to begin with Katy and the 2 men, when in walks very tall, very blonde Justine, who doesn't speak much English. She is a little confused – is this a casting call, or the start of a porn shoot, or nude modeling? Teo and Gabriel want her to walk around and pose semi-nude, while Rocco can't wait to get her clothes off. A few times she says stop or nyet [no], but the clothes come off anyway, and Rocco starts in on her, kissing and licking her all over (left screenshot), while Teo works over the enthusiastic brunette Katy, who just loves the attention.
       Rocco tries to have sex with Justine, but is just too big for her, so he and Teo trade partners. Rocco has a way better time with Katy, who can handle him - and then some. "Look how much she want it!" Rocco croons as Katy strokes him hard with her hands, while her feet are planted on his stomach – he loves her moves and her painted toenails, which he just has to suck on. They switch to standing doggy done in a glut of positions, with Rocco pounding her hard, which causes her eyes to get this glazed look of ecstasy (center screenshot).
       Rocco is getting so wound up, he is jabbering on sometimes in Italian, sometimes in English. "I want to fuck your ass, baby," he growls, followed by something about her culo [Italian for ass]. She doesn't seem to understand what he is saying. Before long, he is fingering her ass, and then he goes for it - he tries to penetrate her anally. Katy says something in Polish, then says he is too bulky for her, but Rocco the Fox convinces her to relax. She does calm down, and appears to like it as long as Rocco is going slow. They go back and forth a couple of times with ATM and then more anal sex.
       Finally, Teo enters Katy in anal mish, and Rocco surreptitiously enters her pussy, for a double penetration that I have never seen done like this before (right screenshot), with both men standing beside each other. Though Katy may not have known this was going to happen, she seems to be comfortable with it, though it is a lot for her. To end it all, they switch to Rocco doing anal doggy on Katy, while Teo cums on a glass table in front of her. She licks up the cum, then Rocco adds his own to the mix, and she licks this up as well. The scene fades out with the camera focused on Katy's lovely blue eyes.

Scene 2: Look How She Comes! – Agnes, Mileva, Rocco, Hakan Serbes

       Outside, Rocco is asking tall blonde Agnes (also called Aga) why she didn't come to the casting call. She says she doesn't know why, and seems almost disinterested, though she sure perks up when she and Hakan Serbes start fooling around. Moving to the hotel room, Rocco goes to work on brunette Mileva, but it's difficult for her to keep up with his demands for oral.
       So, Rocco turns his attention to Agnes, who has blonde pubic hair that he finds irresistible. Immediately, he is impressed with her attitude and her ability to go deeper on him. Hakan soon is doing her in doggy from behind while she tries her best to do a hard deep throat BJ on Rocco, with some drooling and some gagging. After a bit, Rocco moves her into a kneeling doggy on the floor, and this is where the temperature of the action goes way up.
       Although Rocco is pounding into her, Agnes says she likes it, and her moans of pleasure offer plenty of evidence as confirmation. When Rocco begins rimming and fingering her, he says seriously to the camera, "She's not a joke, this is not a joke." There's more hard doggy on the floor, complete with them both crawling along as Rocco keeps up with her. "I love this," he murmurs.
       It's onto the sofa for some RCG and then spooning, done energetically with Rocco constantly changing positions (left screenshot), never letting the action get stale. All the while, Agnes is moving her body in this sensuous, sinuous way, which mesmerizes both Rocco and Gabriel. "Fuck me!" she moans to Rocco, which really gets him emotionally charged up, as if he weren't excited enough as it is. He answers her by saying, "I love your pussy, why are you so nasty, you're so beautiful."
       He's moaning, too, as they move to a table, where Agnes lies on her back and Rocco does this strong, grinding mish on her, while he sucks hard on her toes. Suddenly, her whole body tenses up, and her toes curl under – you can see Rocco is reacting to something. "She's coming!" he whispers, absolutely delighted, while sounding reverential about it at the same time. "Oh god, baby, I love you!" he blurts out. (Wow, and this in a porn film).
       Rocco slows down, picks Agnes up (though still moving slowly inside her) and asks her if she really wants him to fuck her in the ass. She looks surprised, laughs and says she doesn't know, so he convinces her to try it. But he doesn't move to anal just yet – there is a good 5 minutes more of strong conventional sex, complete with some spitting, hair pulling, and mild face slapping. "Look how she comes," he calls out in this fierce voice as she climaxes again (center screenshot). Rocco by this point looks like he doesn't quite know where he is anymore, he's so wound up.
       Lying down on the floor, Rocco fingers her ass and spits on it, just before he slowly penetrates her anally. Even though he goes slowly, she winces a bit from the discomfort. As he gets in most of the way, she cries out no. "Okay, I don't move," he says gently as he kisses and caresses her. Once he's still, she now says that it's good.
       But there is a cut to Agnes licking, rimming and fingering Rocco (with her long red nails!) They then move to an upholstered bench, where Rocco rims and licks Agnes, while she leans over and strokes him hard with her hand. They move around to try anal once again in cowgirl, and this time it goes better. "How do you say beautiful in Polish?" Rocco asks her, but she says she doesn't know; it appears that she is too far gone to remember her native language. (The word is "piękna").
       Hakan then reappears to the side, jerking off while looking intently at Agnes. "Give it to me," she whispers, so he logically comes over and cums on her face, much to her liking. And naturally, this is the ultimate thing that takes Rocco over the edge. He does some more doggy anal, then starts asking Agnes over and over, "You want it?" Each time, his voice sounds more and more agitated, until it finally cracks, and his face contorts in a spasm of pleasure.
       Rocco just barely makes it over to Agnes before he cums on her face hard; you can see his body convulsing for a good minute as all this pleasure washes over him. After a time (right screenshot), he calmly stands Agnes up and asks her where is she really from (he's confused, because she couldn't tell him the Polish word for beautiful). She says she's from Rosno, a small town near the western Polish city of Poznan. But, hey, Rocco says, "Who cares; she's Un-fucking-be-live-able!"
       So ends a scorcher of a scene. Both Rocco and Agnes give incredible performances. On the other hand, to call these "performances" is an injustice. This was the real thing, or to paraphrase Rocco, "This is not a joke!" These two feed off each other, not just literally, but in an emotional sense as well, granting us an encounter that is undeniably intense.
       Presumably, this scene was to have featured Hakan and Mileva much more, but with the chemistry that develops between Rocco and Agnes, one can only be grateful that the camera focused on these two for the entire time.

Scene 3: Don't Look At Me This Way – Elizabeth, Beata, Irma, Rocco, Teo

       In front of a huge Stalin-era building, Rocco is strolling with two pretty women: Elizabeth with her reddish-brown hair and Beata, a tall, lanky blonde. While Rocco asks them about the building, he is feeling them up under their clothes, embarrassing the hell out of Elizabeth, who looks like a college student even in her sheer black miniskirt outfit, complete with matching cross around her neck (left screenshot).
       They move to the hotel, where Gabriel is flirting with a happy blonde named Irma, who is taking a bath. Rocco and the first two women move to the bedroom, where Rocco asks Elizabeth (now sans cross) if she is scared; yes, she replies. "Is it because you've never been with an Italian man?" No, she admits it's because he's too big. He looks shocked to hear this, but quickly moves onto Plan B: getting out the sex toys from the casting call.
       To make the women more comfortable, Rocco takes off their clothes, which has the added benefit of keeping them from getting up quickly and leaving the room. When he starts to kiss and fondle the redhead, she stills looks reluctant, and just lays her head on his shoulder. At this instant, Rocco loosens up, puts his arms around her, and says sweetly, "She's praying, she's shy." (right screenshot)
       After laying the women side by side, he starts to lick and rim them, and they both calm down. Rocco grabs a dildo, and uses it on Elizabeth, who whispers that she likes it, and she looks it too. Another hug from Rocco for her. Rocco then smoothly grabs Elizabeth, and enters her in mish, going slow to start. He immediately asks her, "Tell me you like it?", but gets no answer from her. After a bit, he says unexpectedly that she's so wet (that's your answer, Rocco), which gets him even more excited.
       Rocco then moves onto Beata, doing her in mish, while Elizabeth watches from behind. Rocco asks the redhead to do PTMOG, which she reluctantly agrees to, but then does more willingly. Some RCG with the redhead follows, which makes her tell him that everything is fine now. Rocco is thrilled to hear this, and asks her if she likes things nice and slow. She tells him, slow and sometimes fast. He looks perfectly willing to do whatever makes her comfortable.
       While Rocco does the redhead in some vigorous doggy, he lick's Beata's ass. At one point, he can no longer see Elizabeth's face (he's constantly looking at her). He actually stops, brushes her hair away, sees that she is okay, and you can barely hear him murmur, "That's so important," more to himself than anyone else.
       The three are now joined by Teo and Irma, who happily occupy themselves on the bed in a variety of positions. Rocco and Elizabeth have moved to a big, comfy chair, where he does her in RCG, while she grabs onto his hair, which gets him moving like a demon. They switch to mish, and Elizabeth asks him to go fast. Well, she didn't realize that fast for Rocco means he's going to pound her hard. After 15 seconds of this, it looks like it's too much for her, but instead of telling him to stop, she lays her head down on his shoulder. As expected, he slows down right away, and gives her a tender embrace (center screenshot above), telling her she is beautiful.

       Getting Beata involved in the action once again, Rocco does her in standing doggy over the chair, while Elizabeth lies beneath the other woman. The whole time, Rocco is kissing and talking to the redhead, though he occasionally pulls on the blonde's hair and calls her Nasty. Suddenly, Elizabeth catches Rocco's eye, and looks at him seductively (4th screenshot). He goes, "Baby, don't look me like this, you make me come, you make me come, you make me…." Guess what - he hops off of Beata, because he's about to come too soon.
       Once Rocco regains his composure, he's doing Beata in RCG, but Elizabeth is now seated on the floor, still gazing up at him. He says something in Italian, "morte…occhi" [death…eyes]; perhaps he means her eyes will be the death of him. Whatever it is, he sounds desperate. There's a switch to Rocco doing doggy anal on Beata, who looks like she's done this before (5th screenshot). Elizabeth is nearby for some ATOGM and to stroke Rocco's legs.
       Now, little Elizabeth volunteers to try anal with Rocco – he's thrilled some more! He tries to go slow on her, and she winces a few times from the discomfort, but when he looks at her and tells her to relax, it goes better for her. Teo comes over and has her suck on him while Rocco moves gently inside her.
       While Teo does a brief standing doggy anal on the redhead, Rocco has the other two women lay on the floor and rim him. Teo soon joins the action (6th screenshot), and both men are in sensation heaven. When Elizabeth rims Rocco, he's practically shouting when he says, "the little girl, she lick my ass terrible!" (meaning terribly well).
       To end, the men cum on the three women's faces. Gabriel focuses the camera on Elizabeth and her beautiful eyes, and asks her if she liked it. She smiles sweetly and says yes.
       This segment had as much heat going for it as the first two. Elizabeth was a welcome addition to the mix, since it looked like Irma and Beata had quite a bit of sexual experiences between themselves, and frankly they are treated like two more young women that Rocco and Teo get to have sex with, amongst the hundreds of others that these men have had over the years.
       Elizabeth, with her cinnamon-colored hair and her alluring blue eyes, does seem to be somewhat inexperienced, though certainly not a virgin. She looks like someone who is studious, maybe religious, somewhat reluctant to try new things, but at the same time she probably has some strong sexual feelings, particularly for an sensual man like Rocco. Furthermore, during the casting call segment, Gabriel says she looks like "Gaby", who must be a woman that these men know in their private lives. Perhaps this is why she is treated more deferentially than the other two women.
        Even in her quiet way, Elizabeth is anything but passive. She always looks Rocco straight in the eye, and knows how to use her own beautiful eyes like a pair of laser-guided weapons, to influence him, bend him partly to her will. When he is asking her to not look at him so he won't come so soon (though he says this with a smile), she doesn't look away, but tilts her head in this seductive, bashful manner - a killer combination that Rocco seems defenseless against. On top of this, Elizabeth reacts more towards Rocco as if he were her lover, always caressing him, and embracing him whenever they are together, not something ones sees very often in porn scenes; usually porn actresses don't touch the men anymore than they have to, or only when they are directed to do so.
       I have to say, the embrace (in the center screenshot above, worthy of a Rodin statue) that Rocco gives her is simply the most tender one I have ever seen on film, period. It rivals what I have come across in mainstream films - for example, Kevin Spacey with Mena Suvari in American Beauty - but this is even better, in that it is real life, not two people acting. Porn fans idolize Rocco for his rough sex movies, but they ought to realize there are more sides to this man than just one.


Overall Impression: When I first slipped this title into my DVD player, I assumed that this would just be a Polish version of Rocco's past Initiations films, in which he introduces new actresses to the finer points of "making sex", as he puts it in his own unique phraseology. In these Initiations films, the Hungarian or Czech actresses, although billed as novices, can sometimes come off as already too sexually experienced, or too jaded, or they just want to pose for the camera.

That's what is different about this film made in Poland. Without having an established porn industry in this country, there is little chance of having young women show up at the casting call who've done other films, or who are just in it for the money, or whatever. It is believable that they've never been in a porn film – in fact, none of them seems to know who Rocco Siffredi is, or what he is known for. They all look amazed when he lowers his pants at the casting call, as if they've never seen any of his movies, either.

And he's happy, too, about this state of affairs. Rocco comes off as genuinely surprised with the good attitudes and sexual heat that these women generate, especially Katy, Agnes and Elizabeth. Whether it's Katy's playfulness, or Agnes' alluring sensuality, or Elizabeth's shy seductiveness, Rocco is clearly turned on, as much if not more so than in other films of his I've seen. I want to emphasize that these women weren't acting playful, or sensuous, or seductive; they were this way, no posing about it.

Nonetheless, it is the women's lack of experience that has given me some slight qualms about this film. Specifically, the young women don't seem to understand the prevalence of anal sex in porn films today, or that Rocco is known for making films that focus on this. Katy and Agnes are surprised when he asks them to do this midway through their scenes, though Elizabeth herself volunteers to do so. It was always my understanding that what will take place during filming is supposed to be agreed upon by everyone before the camera starts rolling, but that doesn't quite happen here. Perhaps Rocco decided to try his luck and see what he can get these women to do. Perhaps if the women had refused, we wouldn't know anyway, because that footage wouldn't have made it into the final film.

From what I've seen of BTS footage in other films with more experienced actresses who do anal, they have to prepare themselves with lube right before a scene, at a minimum. Nevertheless, none of the women in this film looks really uncomfortable, and Rocco does go about his sly ways with some gentleness, so I can't go on too much about this.

On the plus side is the fact that these performances are some of the most energetic, heartfelt, authentic ones I've ever watched in any porn film. And all the scenes are first-rate; none of them is disappointing or routine, and there isn't a boring moment amongst them. As good as the physicality of the sex was, the emotional and spoken interaction between Rocco and the women adds that much more to the quality of the film.

I must confess, I had a bit more than the usual interest in this Euro-porn film, owing to my grandmother's family, the Olitsky's of Poland. Yes, the Olitsky clan left Warsaw for the wilds of New Jersey over 100 years ago, but that hasn't diminished my interest in this corner of my heritage. To top it off, Katy from the first scene is a dead ringer for my favorite cousin Melanie, down to her dark hair, her hairstyle, and the same exact shade of blue eyes, making this one of the more interesting porn segments I've ever witnessed.

All in all, I think Rocco and his buddies should travel more, get away from Budapest and Prague more often. So, what is next on Rocco's travel itinerary? Get yourselves ready for


Pokko Похищать Россия

Rocco Ravishes Russia
Due out in Early 2004


The former Soviet Union will never be the same again. Who knows what Rocco will find in Mother Russia, but it's bound to be intriguing, for him and for us.

DVD Extras: Photo gallery, fetish menu, filmography, Rocco bio

There are no bonus scenes or BTS footage on the DVD; there are just some outtakes running during the closing credits. One amusing bit is when Rocco is telling Justine from Scene 1 that he is the Italian fashion designer 'Siffredino', like Armani, Versace, Valentino. Her face lights up, as she says, "Gucci! Prada!" Rocco is just joking, but she thinks he really is a designer, about to put on a sexy fashion show.

Later on, she innocently asks if there will be any children in the "show". Rocco answers her sharply, "NO! We are professionals. No children allowed." Justine is confused some more, and doesn't realize that children are not allowed in porn films, though of course they are allowed in fashion shows; in fact, many models start their careers when they are only 15 or 16, so it's not a silly question to ask a real designer.

Audio/Video/Other Quality: This film had better audio than previous Rocco films I've watched; I had less trouble making out what people are saying. For some reason, I could hear the audio more clearly on my Samsung Computer DVD-ROM than on my new Panasonic DVD player. The video quality was fine; luckily the indoor scenes don't feature too much direct sunlight streaming in through windows, so it's easy to see decent features and shadows well. As usual, Gabriel Zero's camera work was great; he's a master at being at the right place at the right time, so all the important action is caught on film.

One problem I had was with the name attributions of the actresses. Between the box cover, the opening and closing credits, and the chapter menus, there are 18 different names listed, although only 10 different women appear in the film. Most confusing was that the names on the chapter menus at times bear no correspondence to those in the opening credits. For instance, the last scene lists Vicky, Victoria, and Irma on the chapter menu, but the opening credits show only the faces of Elizabeth and Beata, and no Irma. Furthermore, some of the women shown on the opening credits are not in any sex scenes, just the casting call. There are even several names – Jenette, Olivo, Nadia, Claudia, Bianka – that only appear on the front box cover and nowhere else. Where did these mystery women go?

Renee's Wristwatch-O-Meter: This film gets a perfect score of 6 out of 6. For the six times that any of the men are performing, they remember to take their watches off before or during the scene. There is nothing that bothers me more than seeing a naked man clutching a starlet, naked except for the huge timepiece on his wrist; it's a real fantasy-killer to me.

Best Line in Film: Gabriel at beginning of 2nd scene – "I came to Poland to see some hair." He doesn't mean hairstyles, he means pubic hair. He's bitterly disappointed that most of the young women are shaving themselves (probably told to do so by the woman talent agent). If it was pubic hair he wanted, he and Rocco should have taken a side trip to one of the smaller Polish towns, like Bydgoszcz or Przemysl or Szczecin, and found themselves some Polish farm girls.

2nd Best Line: Rocco to Elizabeth, "What is your name again?" This is said to her while he is licking her pussy; but he soon forgets her name once more, because for the rest of the scene, he calls her "little one", "the little girl", "carina", etc. Well, who says he has to learn the girls' names anyhow?

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