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Rocco: Animal Trainer 4

Rocco: Animal Trainer 4

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
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Long Noel's ratings for Rocco: Animal Trainer 4:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Rocco: Animal Trainer 4 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Rocco: Animal Trainer 4 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Rocco: Animal Trainer 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Rocco: Animal Trainer 4 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco: Animal Trainer 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco: Animal Trainer 4 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco: Animal Trainer 4 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  9/29/2008
Rocco: Animal Trainer 4 (2000)
Themes: Foreign, Anal, Rough Sex, Orgy, Gangbang, Interracial
Starring: Catherine Count, Cassandra Wilde, Nikki Anderson, Amanda Angel, Jeannie, Sylvia, Lora, Rocco Siffredi, Nacho Vidal, Franco Roccaforte, Hakan, Valentino and a bunch of other guys.
Produced & Directed by: Rocco Siffredi

What am I doing now?:
Well, I’ve found one of the two perfect Rocco Siffredi films that I plan to add to my small collection of pornographic DVDs and that is “Rocco Ravishes Prague”. Now, I have got to see this one. Rocco’s “Animal Trainer 7” was very disappointing to the point to where I didn’t even want to waste my time review it. I had judged the porno by it’s cover, which looked very promising and I ended up disappointed. Never have I been so appalled, when I saw some elderly senior citizen ladies suck a guy’s dick and lick globs of semen off of a woman’s chest. It’s sad, because the second scene in that film (with Catherine Count) was a flawless victory. After watching this one, I’ll be checking out “Rocco: Top of the World” and reviewing it (something I’ve wanted to see for a while). I’ll be reviewing a few more DVDs and afterwards, I won’t be doing this shit anymore, as I am serious-as-death about my current goals in life!

The first scene stars the ridiculously incredible Catherine Count (dressed as a black devil) and Amanda Angel (dressed as an angel). I’ve seen this scene before in the horrible “Rocco’s Sexual Superstars” compilation. Now, I am seeing it again in it’s original uncut form! Let me start by saying that this scene is fucking “Legendary”! This scene takes place at a ball, where everyone’s either dressed in casual clothes, costumes or masks. This includes a huge number of guys, who participate and/or watch these two ladies get arguable the nastiest, roughest fucking of their lives! The sex in this scene is so dirty and hard that many will probably think that this scene is “degrading” or that “Rocco has no respect for women!” Bullshit! This is an insanely nasty sex scene and guess what? Everyone enjoys it! Rocco, once again, fucks the living evil out of Catherine Count in her ass, all while he spits on her, slaps her face, choking the shit out of her and with him constantly saying “Nasty, nasty!” The other girl? Amanda? Well, she’s all over the place. A bunch of dudes appear to have Catherine & Amanda give ‘em head and swallow their unborn children. This is the fourth time I’ve seen Catherine Count. And as usual, she’s violently loud and orgasmic. Let me stop, because I will do this scene a terrible injustice by describing everything that goes on. One of the best sex scenes in the history of sex on television. Also, one of the nastiest!

I’ve never really cared for Nikki Anderson and don’t understand how she got so much attention that she has gotten from 1997 to 2000 (she starred in a large number of Evil Angel flicks during those years). Cassandra Wilde is one of the baddest females I’ve seen in a minute and Lora? Lora only appears in here for a while. Lora is a European chick who looks as if there’s some Indian in her. Franco Roccaforte is a Black Brazilian dude who shows up wearing some fruity-ass bikini and I’m starting to wonder about him. He reminds me of Luke from the 2 Live Crew and Luis Guzman. Anyway, he gets to beat Cassandra’s pussy up before anyone else does. Some guys appear, taking advantage of Nikki Anderson, fucking her on a pool table. Both ladies get fucked by a number of guys in various positions. Now, this is a very good sex scene, although I felt it could have been just a little better. Things don’t get very nasty until the anal sex begins and I will admit this scene makes me like Nikki Anderson a lot more than I have (although I’ve seen her before in “Euro Angels Hardball 3: Anal Therapy” and “Buttman Confidential” before). Rocco is nowhere around and neither is Lora, after only seeing her for less than 5 minutes. Rocco wasn’t around, but it was nice to see Franco, Nacho Vidal and Valentino together, beating these women’s genitalia up. I did expect more out of this scene, but I wasn’t disappointed at all. Just wish it had more intensity to it.

The third scene stars Sylvia & Jeannie. I’ve seen this scene in “Rocco’s Hardest Scenes” before, but it was shopped down to only 12-15 minutes. The length of it’s uncut form is 50 minutes. So, I get to see about 35 minutes more of this scene. This scene is originally filled with high-definition fucking, nasty sex and lots of booty and anal play. This scene also has some of the best, freakiest analingus (booty eating) that I’ve seen in a minute. Same thing goes for the dick sucking. At one point, one of the ladies open’s up the opening of Rocco’s dick and licks all in it! This turns into an all-around sex scene where everyone’s fucking. Some of the sex here reminds me of the finale in “Buttman & Rocco Go to Montreal” (with two Canadian twins), where one woman is laying on top of the other and Rocco fucks one in her vagina, pulls out and sticks himself into the other woman’s vagina. Rocco even goes as far as holding one woman’s booty open while the other woman licks in it. This is some freaky shit!

There aren’t very many negatives, strong ones. In the finale, after Hakan busts his nut, he disappears. And you don’t see him for the last 30 minutes of the scene. The finale was slow in certain areas, which can make some people lose interest or believe that it’s hard to pick it back up. As I’ve previously stated, I had expected a little more out of the scene with Cassandra Wild & Nikki Anderson. It just wasn’t intense enough for my liking and the boxcover photos for that scene made it look more promising than what it really was!

One of the first films put out on Evil Angel DVD, the DVD technicalities are excellent. There’s only 10 chapters (which is better than a film on DVD, divided into over 75 chapters), a photo gallery, 26 minutes of bonus footage, fetish menu and a biography for Rocco Siffredi. The a/v quality is good!

“Rocco: Animal Trainer 4” is easily spotted as one of Rocco Siffredi’s five greatest works. Too many strong points, although there are a few weak ones (similar to “Animal Trainer 15”, another work of art). Personally, I am in search of another perfect Rocco flick and I’m unsure if this is it. I just have to see what state “Rocco: Top of the World” puts me in and see if that’s better than this one. The first scene with Catherine Count & Amanda Angel alone would make this flick worthy of a purchase, as it is legendary and too remarkable for it’s own good! Is this better than the first “Rocco Ravishes Prague”? Absolutely not! “Rocco Ravishes Prague” might be the best he’s ever done, if you ask me! Anyway, never mind the bullshit. I’ve really enjoyed this video!

RATING: 95.6% - Own it!

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