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Rocco: Animal Trainer 30

Rocco: Animal Trainer 30

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Rocco: Animal Trainer 30:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  11/6/2009
Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 (2009)
THEMES: Foreign, Anal, Ass Obsession, BDSM, Rough Sex, Sexual Slavery, Humiliation, Cuckoldry, Lesbian
The Cast: Dana DeArmond, Loona Luxx, Jessica Moore, Aliz, Angela Devil, Massua, C.J., Gloria, Rocco Siffredi, Mark Davis, Marco Banderas, Jazz Duro, Omar Galanti & Mike Angelo
Photography & Camera by: Jay Sin
Produced, Written & Directed by: Rocco Siffredi
Running Time: 2 hrs. 29 mins.
DVD Features: Extra Footage (31 mins.), Photo Galleries, Trailers (Rocco’s Dirty Dreams 8, Rocco: Animal Trainer 29 & Rocco: Puppet Master 5), Cumshot Recap, Filmographies & Rocco Siffredi Biography

Well, well, well! My journey of porn watching, renting and buying has just about ended. There’s only four more movies that I care to watch, including what’s coming in the future, before I close the book on my relationship with pornography. The single life is beautiful and has it’s advantages. I’m not the kind of man who watches it as a means of being chaste, castrated or unattractive (although I have gained a bit of weight in recent months). Some men love ass just that much to where they can watch it and have it in the same time. I have extended my collection to 15 DVDs and that’s something I never thought I’d do. But it’ll keep me out the video stores, trying to search for the perfect flick and this-that. This is one of the final three flicks that I’ve recently added to my collection. I bought it without watching it because I just knew it was gonna be the shit. Plus, it was my final one. My #15. So, it was either this one or Evil Anal 8 (which I hadn’t seen yet, but looks as awesome as Evil Anal 7).

This is the one of the five Animal Trainer flicks I’ve seen. A series that has been going strong for ten years, as of now! This series is no mixed bag. It’s all in dedication to rough sex and BDSM with beautiful women worldwide. While the most celebrated installations happen to be the first, fourth and fifteenth, this one is the best one that I’ve seen so far, as an overall flick that you can watch without skipping scenes and fast-forwarding. Unfortunately, Animal Trainer 15 doesn’t falls in that category, thanks to the instantly forgettable scene with Monique and Promise. Otherwise, it would have been better than this one. And here’s my perspective…

Gloria, C.J. & Omar Galanti
C.J. is a shaven blonde and Gloria is another blonde, dressed as a sensual policewoman, with a dildo as her baton. She goes indoors and becomes C.J.’s bitch, although I felt Gloria should have been the dominant chick. Omar comes indoors and fucks them both vigorously in all three of their orifices, well, almost. No anal for C.J. At one point, although his dick can barely fit in Gloria’s ass as he tries sodomizing her, he forces it in and just punches like a beast. At some points, while he fucks one, he eats the other one out. He comes on their faces. Afterwards, he kicks them out and has both of them running in the snowy weather, with nothing on but some fishnets. It’s a hot scene, although it’s not very remarkable. It’s not anything we haven’t seen before in a Rocco movie. It also turns out to be the only scene in the flick that belongs at the bottom of the bucket.

Dana DeArmond, Rocco Siffredi, Mark Davis & Marco Banderas
Here’s something many of us should have been waiting a long time to see. Like when Jewel De’Nyle finally got fucked by Rocco in Rocco: Animal Trainer 15, this is long awaited and a huge given. Dana is no doubt about it one of the ten baddest creatures in pornography in my book of all time! She’s wearing glasses, playing a prissy actress (thankfully, she wasn’t annoying like she was in Belladonna’s Dark Meat 3) who meets Rocco by a pool. She’s begging endlessly to be his sex slave and he checks her body out, asking what she’d like done to her. Rocco chokes her by the neck fiercely, she calls him “Sir”, puts his fingers in her mouth, she gags, he slaps her and he fucks her face roughly as if it were a big pussy with her panties pulled halfway down her butt. The violent blowjob renders her breathless and with a sloppy mouth and he slaps the shit out of her lips with his dick and wipes the slob all over her glasses, spanking her butt with his hands and a belt as she crawls indoors on all fours. Rocco disappears after this and she puts on a new outfit. Marco and Mark approaches her and they treat her pretty bad! Their nice-guy smiles and eye contact is a cover-up for how fucked-up they manhandle her, as if she’s a rag doll. Fans of rough sex will enjoy this one to the max! They pull her by the hair, snatch her face up, spanks her ass… and, oh, guess what? She has a leash around her neck, too! There’s double-dick sucking, which includes the leash being put in her mouth amid the blowjobs, they choke her, slap her face, she slobs and gets very loud to the point to where she gets her mouth gagged by one of the guys’ open hands, she becomes severely flexible and vulnerable to these two pipe-laying monsters and they verbally dominate her. Both men fuck her mouth, pussy and they get kinda rough in her rectum, in various positions. Imagine how it would have been if Rocco had his way with her! Dana spreads her butt cheeks like no other woman in the world, except Belladonna of course! Her glasses come on and off. As she gets buttfucked in doggystyle, they hold her head down on a couch with force and she looks as if she’s about to cry when she starts coming. Then… Mark Davis plants his bare foot on her face as he’s sodomizing her asshole and she licks his toes, too.

This is some powerhouse rough-ass grudgefucking! I mean, it’s not as rough as Jewel De’Nyle’s scene in Rocco: Animal Trainer 15, but it’s almost as rough. This time, Dana’s head doesn’t get pushed in a fucking toilet bowl, although she probably wouldn’t mind doing that shit. It’s as rough and hyper-energetic as Daniella Rush’s scene with Nacho & Hakan in John Stagliano’s Face Dance Obsession and even Belladonna’s scene with Prince yahshua & Rico Strong in Belladonna’s Dark Meat 3! In the end, they come on her face, wipe it on her glasses, she licks it off the lenses before they order her to get the fuck out of the house! This scene is an instant classic and it, alone, makes the flick worthy of an instant purchase before even watching the movie first or seeing screenshots at ADE. For those who enjoy women engaging in pseudo-rape scenes and sexual violence, this scene is a go. Plus, it is the roughest sex scene I’ve ever seen with Dana DeArmond, although it’s not the nastiest scene she’s been in. The nasty stuff is reserved for her scenes in Gapeman and Own My Ass. And thank goodness she didn’t stuff her entire hand in her mouth as she did in Belladonna’s No Warning 4!

Aliz, Angela Devil, Rocco Siffredi & Omar Galanti
Aliz (the star of Anal Buffet 2) and Angela Devil are two, skinny European girls with shape booties and pretty faces. Especially Aliz. They are in a bar with Rocco and Omar appears, although it’s closed. They both play rough with the girls, fucking them badly in various positions and orifices. There’s even a few anal gapes here and there. Most of the sex is anal and very rough. They are fucked on chairs, from behind sitting on barstools and every time Aliz gets very loud, Rocco covers her mouth with his hand, telling her “Shut the fuck up!” and “Didn’t I say shit up?!” Rocco is a mean motherfucker and always has been. This is one reason why I’m glad he’s bad. His sexuality is that of a stallion on steroids or ecstasy pills and shit! Aliz gets manhandles at everything moves so quickly and fast. Now here’s a killer: There’s a set of drums by the bar and they bend Aliz over and puts her head in the tunnel of the drum set. While Rocco fucks her anally, her head is in the drum set and Omar beats the hell out of the drums while her head is inside the drum machine and this really fucks with her head. They stop and she grabs her head, trying to regain control of her nerves and composure. Angela and Rocco are shocked by this and they even laugh. Aliz then sits back on a barstool, lights up a cigarette and takes a puff before Rocco continues fucking her in the butt. She puffs more cigarette smoke in between her sucking Omar off. There’s a bunch of ATM to go around. Both girls continue to get fucked energetically and Aliz takes a graphic DP! She gets more attention than Angela. This scene is another instant classic!

Loona Luxx, Jazz Duro & Mark Davis
Mark Davis has a cuckolding fantasy and likes watching his wife, played by Loona Luxx, get fucked by other men. Mark pays Jazz Duro to fuck his wife on her birthday in their own house. Jazz wants Mark to leave and that he likes to work alone. Loona Luxx is looking as hot as ever and of the five scenes that I’ve seen with this Kim Kardashian of Porn, this is one of her two greatest I’ve seen (which includes her scene from Evil Anal 7). Thankfully, it’s not as trifling and disgusting as her scene with Aline in Anal Acrobats 3 and it’s more heated and passionate than her scene in Fuck Slaves 3, although not as rough. Loona dances for Jazz slowly, showing her booty to him, which has a butt-plug stuffed inside it already. She gives Jazz a blowjob and she gets fucked by him passionately and energetically. Most of the sex is hard anal, she moans a lot and speaks French while being buttfucked! Mark is watching the action from upstairs and then participates in fucking her. The tease sequence was good, but it wasn’t perfect. Loona Luxx did a whole lot better in Evil Anal 7 in the tease department than she did here. Still a hot scene and a great performance from her. Just not an instant classic or flawless victory.

Jessica Moore, Messua & Mike Angelo
If I’m not mistaken, Jessica Moore is the one with the glasses. Either way, she’s the baddest chick in this scene. They both attract Rocco, who’s only the cameraman in here. Messua wears a blue-jean skirt with a huge tattoo of a dragon on her back, while Jessica Moore wears blue-jean booty shorts with fishnets. Messua shows her booty with her jeans and thong only down to the end of her butt. And Rocco is so in love with her booty. He has Jessica spread her cheeks open and make her butt say “I love to get fucked in the ass!” Her juicy booty gets spread a lot and it jiggles so delicately. Messua got a real big booty for a girl of her petite frame. They both show their titties. Jessica eats her out from the back and does what Rocco wants to badly to do, but cannot simply because he’s directing the action. Jessica shows her booty next and her ass is just as delicate as Messua’s, but not as juicy. This scene contains some heavy ass obsession. Rocco calls Messua a “black white girl”, which I assume means a white girl with a stereotypical “black girl’s booty”. There’s girl-on-girl action before they meet Mike Angelo, where the two girls get ate out and fucked by him. There’s lots of ass-eating, some face sitting and massive ass fucking. Another instant classic, which happens to be the third best scene in the entire flick.

DVD Quality:
This is a single disc release, which is fully loaded. The extra footage is fantastic and some of it should have been added to the flick instead of being put in a separate feature. The extra footage with Aliz, Loona Luxx and Gloria was hype and so fantastic. Rocco gets to fuck Loona in and get his dick sucked by her, while she talks nasty in French and English, putting a butt plug in her mouth with his dick being in there at the same time. This is shown in the trailer for the movie, but is only to be seen in the extra footage. Loona’s thong is halfway down her butt and Rocco slaps it and the camera is showing it amid the blowjob. Rocco beats the shit out of her mouth and teeth with her dick when he slaps the shit out of her with it. Gloria was better in here than she was in the original scene with her and C.J. Rocco eats her pointing, fingers her butt, she eats it and gives him a blowjob. Rocco fucks C.J. from the back. The audio quality is great, but the video quality is far from perfect. It seems like there’s so much high contrast in the picture. I enjoy the three trailers and of the three, Rocco’s Dirty Dreams 8 turned me on mainly because of Cecilia Vega’s bad-fucking-ass-self! There’s over 210 photos in the photo gallery and this happens to be a dual-layered disc.

Rocco: Animal Trainer 30 is not a completely flawless movie, thanks to the first scene with Gloria and C.J., but it’s one of the ten greatest Rocco movies I’ve seen. Rocco Siffredi cranks out more movies (overall and a year) than any other director at Evil Angel, without a fucking doubt. He loves what he does and so do I. The man is dedicated and loyal to this shit. With that being said, so many people believe that Rocco’s movies are all in the same and that “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” Well, while I understand that mentality, it’s far from true. And if you’re like some porn fans like myself, who don’t want an extensive collection and you’re looking for anywhere between one or five of Rocco’s most classic flicks, you’ll go through some lengths to find them just like I have. So… Want a comparison to his older and most celebrated flicks? Yes, it’s much better than the highly acclaimed Rocco: Animal Trainer 4 as an entire movie and it’s in the same league of excellence as Rocco’s Dirty Dreams 4 and his two compilations, like Rocco’s Sexual Superstars and Rocco’s Hardest Scenes. And believe it or not, it’s a hotter movie than Furious Fuckers: Final Race and even Rocco: Animal Trainer 15, both of which I reviewed last year. It’s no Rocco: Top of the World (which is one of the five greatest achievements by Rocco), but it’s an excellent movie, nonetheless. My only gripe is that some of the editing is poor in certain areas. It’s not bad editing like the Rocco’s Sexual Superstars compilation but you will notice it in certain areas. Editing shouldn’t be so transparent, you know?! Dana DeArmond’s scene is a huge killer and so are the scenes with Aliz & Angela Devil and Jessica Moore & Messua. Loona Luxx is a badass, although I felt her scene could have been more exuberant, more bootylicious and nastier than it was. And yes, I meant it when I said that this is the best one I’ve seen in the series (yes, it’s a better skin flick as a whole than Animal Trainer 4 and Animal Trainer 15, only just not as rough as the two latter flicks)!

Replay Value: 92% - High!
Overall Rating: 97% - Own it immediately!

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