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Rocco: Animal Trainer 22

Rocco: Animal Trainer 22

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Fetish , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Rocco: Animal Trainer 22:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Rocco: Animal Trainer 22 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Rocco: Animal Trainer 22 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Rocco: Animal Trainer 22 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Rocco: Animal Trainer 22 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco: Animal Trainer 22 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco: Animal Trainer 22 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco: Animal Trainer 22 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  3/1/2007

Animal Trainer 22

Mandy Bright and Annette SchwarzNotes from the scene of the collision, and other stories.

Given the seeming struggle to replace himself with a male performer of commensurate charisma and stature, Rocco has taken the inspired move of instead choosing two singular women to assume the dominant roles. Guys like Zenza Raggi, Mike Chapman, Jazz Duro, Omar Galanti and Cristian (all of whom have had some pretension to filling Rocco’s shoes in one way or another, mostly with some credit) are all reduced to the status of tools to serve the perverse desires of two remarkable stars. Submissive roles? The fact is that even when they’re on their knees, throats engorged with cocks, Mandy and Annette are calling the shots in this mammoth, one-hour exploration of the dark desires of two passionate, assertive women.

The fishnet & latex clad girls go from a central Budapest meeting to a sort of “who’s nastiest” competition at that unusual bar/house/studio/garage location so often used by Rocco, Christoph, John Leslie and many others. After a swift reminder to Chapman of his humiliation in Top of The World, events proceed in roughly three phases: firstly the girls assert themselves as they tear into each other, with fingers, toys and tongues. Next, they tear into the men with the earlier power struggle finally resolved with Annette literally bouncing on Mandy’s head, thus driving a strap-on (and boy, can Annette wield a strap-on) deep in Mandy’s throat. Finally, Annette is caught in a come shower provided by a dozen or more “amateur” guys, before the pro guys regroup to finish the deed with Mandy, including a DP and lots more come, including Annette’s semen-snorting party piece.

I was going to go into more detail but I feel this would be to miss the point and reduce the action to a list of stunts. It’s really about the strong sexuality of these women, their energy and passion, though whether it’s really, truly erotic is certainly a matter of debate - this is still extremely tough stuff by any standard, and Rocco’s unflinching camera picks over the details with forensic precision. This is the pornography of spit-slicked faces distorted by dicks, reddened buttocks, distended anuses and bruised egos. We’re quite literally talking blood, sweat and tears, and quite clearly it’s not for everyone. I do love Annette but I can only wonder if Mandy overplays her oh-so-intense hand once too often in an hour of powerful, unrelenting action.

Following this, the next scene pales into insignificance. Aisha Sun (AKA Cookie from Sineplex), a shapely Russian of Asian origins, and two buxom blonde Germans (?), namely Angie and Jessica (her tan ass popping out of her low-slung jeans is a treat), tease Rocco and give him a blowjob before they ostensibly pop the porno cherry of callow youth Figo. As it transpires, the young chap soon disappears, and it’s girls on top again as they take full advantage of the talented tongue and tool of Mr Michael Chapman – don’t worry, he’s too busy to be too annoying here.

The girls simply sit on his face and dick for a good spell, before the athletic Jessica and doe-eyed, ever-so-slightly submissive Angie take his full length up their asses and cute Aisha, who has such a sexy body that’s shaped nicely by a fishnet body stocking, goes off for a private anal session with James Brossman, who just pops out of nowhere. Personally, I found some really great shots of Jessica’s lithe but curvy body stretching and moving sexily to be the hottest spots of an otherwise run-of-the-mill scene. Perhaps it’s purely coincidental, but I have noticed in a couple of Rocco’s recent flicks that he has the knack of stepping back from the action and picking out some arousing shots of the way a woman’s body shapes up just so in the heat of the moment.

Plenty of heat in the final scene, as the ravishingly gorgeous brunette Petty Pol plays some sexy games with her blindfolded gal pal Nicole, a sensual red head who may not participate in anal sex but lend abundant sexuality to a pleasingly perverse scene. Rocco manages to coax a blowjob from the submissive girl before there’s spitting, snarling and general manhandling in some fiery action between Petty and Jazz Duro, as the “boyfriend” of the captive Nicole.

Petty’s beautiful blue eyes shoot daggers at Jazz as he urges her to inhale his cock and he makes full use of her anus, prior to turning to his attention to the still blindfolded Nicole, thus leaving Petty to play with large anal toys, her ass wide open to the evil intent of Omar Galanti, who sneaks in and has his wicked way with her!

Much swapping and hot play ensues with bags of energetic sex that’s spiky rather than harsh, shall we say, with decent chemistry among performers who all show willingness to really dive in and get sweaty – as usual Omar goes a little further that is really called for, but what the hell, it’s his own bodily fluid. There’s some nice Behind the scenes stuff from this scene too, and even if we’re now used to the idea that Rocco isn’t playing a big part as a performer, Animal Trainer 22 isn’t necessarily a return to form in a once classic series but it’s still better than most.

Let’s put it this way: as jaded as you may become, if nothing else moves you, then surely the sight of a girl as beautiful as Petty Pol indulging so freely in such anal-oriented naughtiness has to at least provoke a quiet sense of satisfaction that movies such as this are such an essential component of modern culture.

DVD Information
Studio/Label: Evil Angel
Director: Rocco Siffredi
Cast: Mandy Bright, Annette Schwarz, Angie La Belle, Jessica Night, Aisha San, Petty Pol, Nicole, Mandy Bright, Annette Schwarz, Omar Galanti, Zenza Raggi, Mike Chapman, Jazz Duro, Cristian, Roly Reeves, James Brossman, Rocco Siffredi, Joci, Clark, Lacika, Dope BB, Segal, Soher, Rika, Johny Steel, Tony, Rumcajsz, Luiggi, Garrett Felado, Mike Cap, Devid
Running time: 2hrs 20mins approx
Video: NTSC / All regions
Audio: Dolby 2.0
Features: Extra footage/behind the scenes, photos, cast list, filmographies, trailers, text biography

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