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Rocco: Animal Trainer 10

Rocco: Animal Trainer 10

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MLyons's ratings for Rocco: Animal Trainer 10:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Rocco: Animal Trainer 10 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Rocco: Animal Trainer 10 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Rocco: Animal Trainer 10 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Rocco: Animal Trainer 10 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Rocco: Animal Trainer 10 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Rocco: Animal Trainer 10 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rocco: Animal Trainer 10 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MLyons  on  11/16/2002

Animal Trainer #10

Mike Lyons Reviews

Evil Angel

Rocco Siffredi

Sara, Belladonna, Daniella, Melinda Casta, Alissa, Agnes, Ibolya, Betty B., Kelly, Michelle, Rocco Siffredi, Nacho Vidal, Franco Roccaforte, Frank, Sebastian, Dany, Max, Antonio Pilastro, Aratro, Francoise, El Cubano, Lucas, Solar, Joy, Suud, Clood

Gonzo, All Sex, Anal, Rough Sex

Very good video--although occasional camera work mistakes in dealing with the sun. The audio was clear but quiet in terms of hearing what the performers were saying.

Fetish Menu, Cast List By Scene, Cast Filmographies, Photo Gallery, Rocco Siffredi Biography, Ass Collector Trailer. NO EXTRA FOOTAGE--See Below

Forgettable porn music--only used for intros and menus. Not used during scenes.

DVD Format
1 Single Sided Dual Layer Disc

Female Orgasms

Heavy Raincoaters. Fans of anal, intense and rougher edged sex. Fans of Rocco Siffredi's and Nacho Vidal's work.

Porn Newbies. Most couples (but not all). Those who don't like anal or moderately rough sex

Other volumes in the Animal Trainer series, Rocco's True Anal Stories series, the Killer Pussy series, The Ass Collector, The Fashionistas

REVISED!! Mike Lyons' Porn Tastes REVISED!!

Although my reviews are very subjective and my tastes will become apparent to those that read them, this list is intended as a quick reference to Mike Lyons so the reader may quickly asses where he/she differs from my personal porn preferences. I hesitate to classify myself as a raincoater, as that term sometimes implies porn preferences that I do not possess. However, I will admit to being a "pervert with raincoater tendencies", especially when it comes to my love of what I call "dominant sex with a conscience." The following is a non-definitive list of some of my most prevalent likes, dislikes, and Indifferences:

  • Small bodied, barely legal, young girls
  • Good Performers
  • Attractive women. No matter how good a performer, if I don't find her attractive, my interest is lost
  • Sexy outfits, and I love it when they, or parts of them, remain ON while the performers are having sex.
  • Anal
  • Female orgasms
  • Good Lighting and Videography
  • Facials
  • NEW ADDITION!!! Dirty Talk--Most notably when interactive between man and woman (i.e. when both are into it)
  • I really like sex that has themes of domination, where both participants are into it. This includes:
    • Spanking
    • Deep Throat
    • Light Gagging
    • Hair Pulling
    • HOWEVER--See Below!
  • I dislike sex with physical overtones of rape--including acts like:
    • Face and Breast Slapping
    • Choking
    • Puking
    • Unerotic Sexual Endurance Tests (i.e. Max Hardcore, Gag Factor)
  • REVISED!!! Sex scenes with more than two participants (There's always room for exceptions, however)
  • DPs, DAPs, or DPPs
  • Any Kind of Breast "Enhancement"
  • Excessive Tattoos and Piercings
  • Music that Masks Performers' Voices
  • Anal Gaping (I don't get it...)
  • Plot (It can get in the way, but it can also be amazing)
  • Swallowing. (I like it but I don't need fiber-optic mouth close-ups and signed affidavits for proof that the act occurred.)

Mike Lyons' Tastes are subject to revision without notice!!

Rocco Siffredi's Animal Trainer series has established itself as featuring some of the hardest and most intense sex in the Evil Angel arsenal, and in some cases, some of the most intense in American "mainstream" porn history. To say that Rocco's brand of hardcore hardcore is not to everyone's taste would be an understatement, but in my eyes, and in the eyes of many others, Rocco has managed to walk an amazingly fine line. Rocco's intention doesn't seem to be to shoot the hardest of the hard as a shock mechanism or an uncompromising theme (much like many of his imitators). Instead, his intention is to shoot good sex with women who look and perform at their best. Rocco seems to be aware that his commitment to great sex does not always mean he can successfully produce rough intensity at the same time. I contend that this is the key difference between Rocco's work and that of many other much less interesting producers out there who are instead compromising great sex for shocking roughness. This is why Rocco's work is not only much more interesting, but also much more palatable to even those who don't normally like rough sex. Even his roughest scenes can hold an inexplicable fascination (even in the absence of arousal) because of his ability to bring out the best in his female talent. This philosophy has resulted in scenes of varying physical intensity, but very few would argue with the fact that the series almost always delivers beautifully represented women in well executed and exquisitely directed gonzo style sex scenes. When all the elements truly come together, the final result is a scene like those in Animal Trainer's #4 and #5--some of the most physically intense sex you will ever see, and yet still somehow mutual and erotic. As I've stated before, I'll be the first to admit that Rocco's Animal Trainer style is not for everyone, and I would encourage those who aren't sure to take a close look ahead before jumping in. I for one am a big fan. Rocco Siffredi is a legendary sexual performer, and he brings out the best in those he works with.

The more recent Animal Trainers have tended toward the still very good, but softer side of Rocco. This has left many of Rocco's Raincoaters (tm) (a group to which I proudly belong) a bit put out and unsatisfied with many of his releases since Animal Trainer #5. This complaint is not without its merits, but even with the lack of intensity, the more recent Animal Trainer offerings have still been some top shelf porn by most standards. There are two important clues on the box cover of Animal Trainer #10, however that indicate a possible re-manifestation of Rocco's harder side. One goes by the name Kelly Stafford, and the other--Belladonna. Kelly's love for the rough stuff borders on the psychotic, and even Rocco has been overwhelmed and outdone by Kelly's raw masochistic intensity. Belladonna has proven her mastery over the most mind boggling extreme sex time and time again, and what's more has proven her passion for the same. The rest of the cast isn't too shabby either. I honestly don't know which Rocco I will see on this disc, but I honestly don't care either. If Rocco can do what he usually does--showcase beautiful women and produce some fabulous anal sex scenes, I for one will be happy.

The Girls
I don't believe I've seen Sara before. She's an attractive brunette with a thin, hot little body. She wears a surprisingly normal looking dress, which looks quite nice on her, as well as some wrist and neck jewelry. I don't remember seeing Daniella before either. She is a long-haired blonde with a stern but very attractive face. She's wearing a black latex dress and has a sexy body. Belladonna, on the other hand, I've definitely seen before--most notably in her beautiful performance in The Fashionistas. She is a dark haired American woman with a small, amazing body and ass but with some unfortunate tattoos that decorate various parts of her body. She also has a somewhat strange face that at first is not traditionally attractive, but take it from one who knows--Belladonna can grow on you. Today, she wears some denim shorts and a baby blue bikini top. More importantly she wears a fucking fabulous pair of high heel shoes with straps that criss-cross around her legs up to her knees. They are quite the sexy addition to her little get-up and accentuate Bella's great legs nicely. For the uninitiated, Belladonna brings to the table amazing sexual talents, and an equally amazing love for her work. I don't always love her most extreme side, and not all of her scenes give me a great amount of pleasure, but one thing is for sure, when she's on--she is on.

The Action
Rocco, who is behind the camera for this scene, follows Sara through a rather beautiful house as she carries a dildo upstairs into a large bathroom. Belladonna stands at a mirror wearing some odd sunglasses as she puts on some makeup. Sara slowly starts rubbing Belladonna and stripping her down bit by bit. Eventually, Sara removes Belladonna's g-string revealing a butt plug in her gorgeous ass. Sara plays with the plug, licks her, and then replaces the butt plug with a large rubber dildo and fucks her with it. Bella switches places and strips Sara, and both ladies' asses end up getting some nice attention from both finger and rubber. The strong sun coming through the window upsets the exposure of a camera a bit, but both girls are looking suitably nummy here even if girl/girl action tends to bore me a little.

The scene cuts to Daniella, outside smoking a cigarette walking next to a pool. Nacho comes in complaining about the noise Daniella's making and then proceeds to grope her. Daniella seems receptive to this odd greeting and the two engage in some heavy petting. Nacho loosens her latex a little and we get to see glimpses of some private parts as she gets on her knees and gives him a blowjob in the bright sun. The camera exposure is again a problem here, but it's not so distracting as to interrupt my enjoyment of the action. Nacho bends Daniella over for some standing doggy and she looks great while he does it. In short order, though, Nacho decides they need to go upstairs to the bedroom where the other two girls are playing with themselves. Belladonna (still in her fabulous fuck-me shoes) has a blow up toy in her ass with the pump hanging out. Nacho teams up with Sara but all the focus is on Belladonna who plays with Daniella while Rocco repeatedly blows up and then releases the air from the toy in her ass. Nacho takes over and Belladonna's deep throat talents are brought to bear. He holds her by the hair and, with her active participation, guides her mouth all the way down his dick repeatedly. Nacho is a bit rough, and he does choke Belladonna a little (::groan::), but the smile on Belladonna's face is looks quite genuine. The other two women look on with fascination, and in truth, unsurity, as Nacho works Belladonna over, but good. Some CG ass fucking, followed by more deep throat, and then aggressive dildo play leaves Belladonna's ass thoroughly fucked. The other girls finally get back into the scene and a three on one orgy of ass fucking, A2M, and ass licking commences. Belladonna even does some A2M with her little blow up toy. All three women receive equal, and ample amounts of anal attention in this scene, and only rarely is anyone's pussy penetrated. Belladonna is most assuredly the center of attention though, and there's some very cool intimate face footage where Rocco reaches from behind the camera and plays with her mouth, lips and throat while she rides one end of a double ended dildo and rubs herself. Bella eventually has an orgasm, and then joins Nacho while he fucks Sara's ass on a chair. Rocco again treats us to some amazing close-ups of Bella's face as she steals Nacho's cock from Sara. Unfortunately there is some choking of Bella from Rocco, but despite my safety minded sensibilities I can't help but be fascinated and amazed by Bella's reaction to it. Bella is finally ass fucked in an amazing position--she is standing with Nacho behind her as he pulls her hair and she arches her back so far that she is able to kiss him with her head upside down. It's beautiful and Nacho decides enough is enough and cums on the small of Belladonna's back where the other two women work to lick it all off. The scene ends with all three women looking at the camera, and Bella with a hypnotic and sexy smile on her face.

The Gist
The rough stuff not withstanding, this is the kind of scene that can turn a Belladonna hater into a Belladonna lover overnight. It has happened countless times before, and I have no doubt that it will happen again. It is very difficult to describe the overall impact that Bella can have on a scene. She is not beautiful in the traditional sense, and that, in an inexplicable way, is precisely what makes her so fucking gorgeous. Beyond that though, she gives her self to the scenes she's in with such wild abandon and passion that you can't help but give yourself to them too. The other two girls in this scene aren't too shabby either. Sara is especially hot and looks fabulous taking it in the ass. Since I happen to like mild to moderately rough sex as long as both performers are into what's happening, this scene was right up my alley. The face slapping didn't even bother me this time partly because there wasn't a lot of it, partly because the mood was one of intense play acting rather than misogynistic abuse, but mostly because of the electricity of Belladonna's reaction to it. I would be a hypocrite if I didn't express my grave concern about real choking and its dangers, and on an intellectual social consciousness level I still feel that what I saw in this scene shouldn't have been there. However, that bastard Rocco is so damn conscientious about it, and Belladonna was so erotically reactive to it that I couldn't help but be... fascinated, and enjoy it despite myself. Ultimately however, although excellent, this scene is by no means my favorite in the Animal Trainer series. If you like Belladonna, however, she does not disappoint here. If you don't like her (and don't mind a little rough stuff), this scene would make a good case for you to change your mind. A much better case, though, is made by Evil Angel's The Fashionistas.

Sara, Belladonna & Daniella Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

The Girls
I've seen Melinda Casta before most recently in The Ass Collector. She's a thin bodied, short haired blonde with a pretty nice smile when she lets us see it. For fans of short haired women, there is little to complain about when it comes to Melinda Casta. I tend to be particularly picky about women with short hair, however, and Melinda is just ok by my tastes. Alissa, on the other hand, is a leggy, long haired Russian blonde who I like a whole lot more. She was also in The Ass Collector as well as Elegant Angel's Leg Love, both of which featured some very hot Alissa footage. Finally, Agnes is a very attractive honey blonde with a very pretty face and smile, but in terms of sexual participation in this scene, her role is fairly minimal. The other two women in this scene (again from the cast of The Ass Collector), thankfully, have only small sexual roles as well, as they are middle aged and certainly not meant to add any good scenery to the mix. I'm not sure, in fact, why they were included at all, as I'm sure their presence will ruin the scene for some people, but their role is very brief, and Alissa, Melinda, and Agnes offer plenty of nice things to look at otherwise.

The Action
I believe there is some kind of premise in this scene, but I don't understand what it is, nor do I much care at this point, as I watch the camera linger on Melinda, Alissa, and Agnes in turn. Rocco brings out a little Sony digital camcorder--again a toy brought straight from the set of The Ass Collector. The little camera can get extraordinarily close up images and Rocco uses it for a long period of time as he explores the girls' mouths and genitalia in every minute detail. He and Melinda finally set their sites on Alissa's ass, as the camera catches extremely close up footage of various toys, butt plugs, and anal beads going into and out of Alissa's ass, then subsequently into Melinda's mouth. While this footage is interesting, it doesn't do a whole lot for me. There's something intimate about it in an extremely naughty way, though, that certainly doesn't leave me completely bored. Besides, Alissa, even in super close-up, is still Alissa. :)

Rocco discards the camera and starts concentrating on Agnes, who's been waiting patiently on all fours on a nearby table while Alissa's genital examination was taking place. Rocco eventually places Agnes and Alissa side by side on all fours on the couch and an older man (Frank--who to me looks vaguely like Dave Cummings) disturbs them. Rocco decides it's ok and allows Frank to stick his dick in Alissa's gorgeous mouth while Rocco slaps Melinda's ass with a riding crop. Melinda releases and then sucks Rocco's cock as Rocco continues to redden her ass. The two men switch off a couple times and lucky-geezer Frank gets his cock sucked by all three girls. Rocco picks up the intensity and starts to fuck Melinda, whose ass is still well marked from the riding crop, as she bends over the couch. He then takes Melinda over to a large chest in another part of the room. Melinda opens it to reveal a Teo in the Trunk (much akin to the Dora in the Trunk of Animal Trainer #8). Franco Roccaforte (Teo) eventually comes out of there and gives his attention to Melinda's pussy as Rocco puts his cock in Alissa's. Old man Frank is long gone at this point, but Alissa looks fabulous getting fucked by Rocco as he pumps her missionary on the couch while Agnes splits time between Melinda and Alissa rubbing them with her hands. Alissa's ass is the first to get penetrated as Rocco continues her missionary pumping with her legs spread wide and her head hanging off the edge of the couch. Yummy. Various machinations of anal positions, A2M, and face sitting follow where both Melinda and Alissa get nicely ass fucked. Agnes is more or less a bystander, with the occasional pussy fucking participation, but no anal.

Two older women join the mix for a little cock sucking as Melinda and Alissa continue to take it up the ass. For me the sight of these two really kind of put a damper on the scene, and I'm not sure why they were included. Thankfully we still get some good enough shots of Alissa, Agnes and Melinda to keep me going. These two older women go away, though and Alissa eventually takes a DP from Rocco and Franco for a few minutes. Even though that's not my favorite thing in the world, she does look rather nice doing it. Finally all three girls get on their knees and share some cum from Franco and Rocco. Franco, especially, nicely distributes his load over all three girl's faces for a really nice ending to a very enjoyable scene that is just about an hour in length.

The Gist
Although not near as rough as the first scene, I enjoyed this scene equally well. It doesn't offer the electric intensity that Belladonna brings to her scenes, but Rocco is a master cocksman, and Franco isn't any slouch either. And they both take full advantage of these beautiful women--Alissa especially. I wish that Agnes was featured more. She didn't take any anal, and perhaps that was the reason she was a second stringer, but she was very pretty, and I would have been happy to see her fuck some more, even if it was only vaginal. I also wasn't a big fan of the Genital-Cam in the beginning of the scene. It was too "bend-over-so-the-doctor-can-take-a-look" clinical for me, but it admittedly had its sexy moments. For my money though, Alissa stole the show and is a gorgeous girl who does it all. Melinda is a better performer than Alissa, and for those who like her she is featured here quite nicely with a red ass that stays red because of Rocco's riding crop play toy. Alissa, however is nicely featured and looks fabulous participating in those naughty anal acts that Rocco's Raincoaters (tm) adore so much. The scene took a brief dip when the grannies showed up, but they were in and out quickly, and the final facial and subsequent cum-play ended the scene on a high note.

Alissa, Agnes & Melinda Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

The Girl
Michelle is a fairly unappealing blonde by my tastes. She has a just-ok body with some chunkiness, and an only vaguely appealing face. In this scene she starts off wearing a pair of black nylon stockings and a red vinyl skirt and coat. Kelly Stafford on the other hand is much more interesting. She's a nice looking blonde woman with a nice body. I'm not a huge fan of her face and smile, but I can overlook it if the situation merits it. She's in a short pink dress with small shoulder straps.

The Action
Michelle stands in front of a number of very eager motorcycle drivers who are ready to start a race. She shows off her butt and takes off her panties before giving the signal for the race to begin. Once it has, she goes over to the side lines and starts giving blowjobs to the men who line the side of the raceway. The site of this causes many of the bikers to crash. Finally the race is over and the gaggle of guys moves in to get some attention from Michelle. Luckily Michelle isn't the only one who's going to service these men. Kelly Stafford walks into the scene and makes her very assertive presence known. She too starts actively blowing the group of guys along with Michelle. The cum shots immediately start flowing from several of the guys and there is some cum-swapping between the two women. Kelly even shares a load with one of the guys--which I know many people will find repulsive, but I find rather sexy. The entire group eventually retires to a ramada where Kelly starts to direct traffic. Michelle lies back on a table and gets fucked by a couple guys in turn and the cum continues to flow onto and between the women's faces. Many men eventually deposit their man seed on Kelly's face, although thankfully she doesn't just let it sit there and accumulate to Bukkake levels. Kelly doesn't get fucked at all here, and Michelle may have taken it in the ass, but I'm not confident enough in that to be sure.

The Gist
For me this was a rather unappealing scene. It is my expectation that this footage was taken from a shoot Rocco did as an aside in one of his bigger budget features, and it really sticks out as inconsistent when butted up against the two previous scenes on this disc. Kelly is absolutely tame here compared to some of her previous efforts and she does nothing but suck a lot of cock and take a lot of facials. Not that I'm complaining about cock sucking and facials, mind you--they are an essential part of my hardcore porn diet, but Kelly and Michelle specifically did very little for me, and aside from the inconsistencies with the rest of the movie, I would have been much more interested in the action of this scene if it was cast differently.

Kelly & Michelle Video Captures
Click for Larger Size

The production quality of the video varied between scenes. The first two scenes were rather consistent, even down to the unfortunate side effect that the sun had on the camera exposure. These little interruptions of the otherwise quality camera work intimated of some sloppy planning, but there was nothing major there that kept me from enjoying the scenes. The last scene looked completely out of place in terms of the flow of the movie, and hinted that the video was more of a compilation of Rocco's past catalogue of unreleased work than it did at a cohesive whole. Understandably, compilation is what much of Rocco's work is, as many times scenes that make it into Rocco's gonzo work are not earmarked for a specific series until after they are shot. Still, though, this was an especially odd scene to add to the end of this disc.

Beyond the cohesive flow problems outlined above, though, the video itself was very good and clear, and consistent with what I've come to expect from Rocco and Evil Angel. The sound was also good and clear, although it was a bit hard to hear what the performers were saying in the befores and afters of the scenes.

There is one unfortunate and glaring error on this disc in terms of extras. Evil Angel has been known in the past for providing extra footage of the sex scenes that was not included in the VHS release and edited for various reasons out of the video. They don't do this every time, but when they do, they usually include a little logo on the front of the box indicating that there is "Extra Footage". Animal Trainer #10 brandishes this logo, but there is no extra footage to be found on the disc. So those that are buying the disc under that assumption be warned: THERE IS NO EXTRA FOOTAGE ON ANIMAL TRAINER #10!. I say this not to berate Evil Angel--they have been made aware of the problem, have admitted that it was likely a box cover proofing mistake and are deciding what to do about it--but as a fair warning to those consumers who might otherwise spend their money on the VHS version knowing this extra doesn't exist. Beyond this little "oopsy-doopsey", the disc comes with the standard compliment of Evil Angel's extra features. These include a fetish menu that allows you to jump to snippets of scenes under the headings of "Dildos", "Blowjobs", "Feet", "Anal", "Ass to Mouth", and "Double Penetration". Also included is a photo gallery, a trailer for the The Ass Collector, the immensely useful "Cast List By Scene", Filmographies of some of the girls, and Rocco Siffredi's biography.

This was a solid outing, and for me the first two scenes are worth the price of admission. Although very very mild and ... damn it all to hell, extremely erotic, I still have issues with the real choking that Rocco and Nacho briefly give to Belladonna during her scene. I have to stick with my beliefs regardless of my erection because I still think it's dangerous in a social sense to include real choking in porn. I have to admit though, that if everyone were as conscientious about it as Rocco is, and as reactive to it as Belladonna is here, then I wouldn't see a problem. Unfortunately the world doesn't work that way, and I still feel I need to berate Evil Angel for including it. Beyond that, I loved the dominance/submission aspects of the first scene where Nacho quite thoroughly manhandles a very receptive Belladonna who play's the mildly defiant submissive. It was truly electric at times and Belladonna is simply beautiful in her frustratingly confounding way. I liked the second scene for different reasons and found enjoyment especially in Alissa's anal work and Teo's final facial (which was not so much based on quantity as it was quality). The third scene was the shortest of the three, and a throw away in my eyes. There was a lot of cum, but the girls didn't look very good, and the action had a very thrown together feel. Many of Rocco's Raincoaters (tm) have criticized this series in the later volumes for not delivering on the "promise" that it made in the first few. Although this certainly doesn't entirely resurrect the insane intensity of the first 5 volumes of the series, Animal Trainer #10 at least recalls it fondly with the first scene. There is some outstanding anal sex here with some damn fine looking women, and if you're a Rocco Raincoater (tm), or even if you're just a regular one, I would at least give it a try. Rough or "soft", extreme or "tame"--Rocco is Rocco, and he has long proven to be one of the best.

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