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River Rock Women's Prison

River Rock Women's Prison

Studio: Triangle Films
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for River Rock Women's Prison:
Overall Rating 4 stars
River Rock Women's Prison overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks River Rock Women's Prison Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks River Rock Women's Prison Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex River Rock Women's Prison Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting River Rock Women's Prison Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras River Rock Women's Prison DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality River Rock Women's Prison A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/27/2010
Good day porn fans, got a new movie here from Kathy over at Triangle Films and she's trying a big project here from the looks of it. I don't know if Triangle's ever done a two disc set before and the subject matter is a bit more involved than just a simple lesbian scene. This film takes us to a Women's prison and it isn't a country club either. The girls here do hard time and the officials in charge aren't the least bit interested in rehabilitation! Nope the girls are used and abused from the moment then enter the system here. You have a few main characters here but as the movie begins we see the introduction of two new inmates. One is Dia Zerva who's been around, done some time and even stabbed a CO at her last stop, CO being correction's officer! Our other newbie is really close to that as Justine Joli's just done her first crime and for some reason she was sent here, the end of the line.

You have other characters that will be introduced as the opening credits roll and they're the typical ones. The hardened guard, the head bith in charge of the yard and of course other inmates. Adriana Nicole is one of those guards and she takes great pleasure in fucking with the inmates-- again no interest in helping these ladies get better to reenter society, nope they are meat and these guards, fellow inmates and even the warden devour them. The opening monologue is great, setting the stage, showing the lay of the land and we don't wait long until Zerva makes her first move but is rebuffed and taken down by the current head bitch. You see Adriana taken into the wardens office and told a couple times to stay away from Zerva but she doesn't quite listen so it's time to teach even the officer a lesson.

Adriana Nicole & Claire Adams:

So the girls are alone and the Warden finally convinces Adriana she's got the right path! The ladies get comfortable. The kissing was good and we get those amazing tits of Adriana's out and Claire is all over them sucking them whole!Some real good pussy eating then follows, not the flicking the tongue and barely tasting, nope Clair sucks on those lips getting every bit of the juice out. She also utilizes Mr. Hitachi wand for a few precious seconds to really stir Adriana up. Claire gets some too, moving around to place her pussy over Miss Nicole's waiting mouth, great licking here too. Toys do enter as a strap on is used and Adriana gives great head even to a fake cock. Soon we have the Hitachi and strap on dueling on Adriana's lips-- you think the orgasm was good!! Foot fans get some love too as Adriana shows some love to the Warden's tootsies. By scenes end Adriana' makeup is smudged and the girls are nice'n'sweaty- I'd say a good successful scene.

So we get a little more story here and it centers on Suga played by Marie Luv-- she's the gossiper of the yard and we're told someone needs to shut her up but who will step up to do that task. We also check in with Madam, aka Melissa Monet, who also claims to run the yard and takes a special interest in Justine's character-- giving her cigarretes, promising her that she will get those special favors all by just being her friend-- hmm what could that mean!

Melissa Monet & Justine Joli:

So the two are finally alone in a cell and get to it with some fine kissing, hands roaming over the other, in and out of the pants/ shirts. Tits come out and watching Justine suckle Melissa's rack was hot. The two almost seem ravenous, each article of clothing that comes off gives us a bare piece of flesh to be tasted! Loved watching Justine riding Melissa's face, something about eating pussy like that, great shots here both close and panned out. Justine rides her face for quite awhile too and she's the sub so Melissa's breaking her in real good. Justine wants some too and uses her teeth to pull off those pants. With the sweat glistening on her back we get more toe worship and moving up Melissa's pussy which I'm sure was dripping by now is devoured. Fine shot then of Justine in doggie eating pussy, her ass thrust up a bit giving us a pretty decent view! This scene was closer to what I'm used to seeing from Triangle, great passion and not a toy in sight. Kissing, oral, fingers, sweat -- all working together for a really nice pairing. Even in such a poor environment, a mattress, no sheets, the walls stained something so beautiful can still flourish, thanks ladies.

So we go to the next day, back to the grind as we have a few of the inmates out doing their duty, cleaning up. Adriana's there but not watching to closely as the girls find a big huge hole when uncovering the brush. Blak does some quick cleanup around the area before covering it-- this could be their way out. We check in with another of the guards ,walking the yard, Jada Fire. She picks up some chatter, not entirely sure what she heard but the name Blak came up so she's going to investigate! But before that we get some luving with the mouth of the south, the yard gossiper Marie Luv.

Marie Luv & Ariel X:

So once again we're taken to a cell, two girls alone sitting on a bed-- what shall they do besides talking! Marie keeps talking but finally makes a move and the girls hook up. Good focus as the girls kiss and help each other get out of their white tank tops. Bare flesh even in the coldest, dankest environment can heat up the screen. The ladies get partially naked, hands working over the other, tits being kissed and looks like Marie's the dom here. Nice thing about prison blues-- they slip off real easy so the girls soon are down to nothing and it's pussy time fans. It's so great to see Marie doing g/g here and she does a fine job spreading Ariel's legs and lapping away on that pussy and yes sucking those lips to give Miss X the best pleasure possible. Miss Luv does it right spending a nice bit of time down there eating Ariel out, passionate kissing and then it's Miss Luv's turn. Ariel's good with a intro of fingering while kissing Marie's tits but she's very soon down there and having a grand time. Marie was enjoying it so much she begins tapping her foot on Ariel's ass, don't stop!! Alright the ladies then do a little 69 action, Marie on the bottom- I like the bottom in this shot better, you get that great ass shot as you lean up to eat the pussy. The girls even try some tribbing-- that's pussy on pussy rubbing for those not in the know. Marie helps it out a little further, slaping and tweeking Ariel's nipples and then a little throat grabbing with some pressure but not much. The girls really do a great job here in pleasuring the other, Ariel goes down again and Marie does too-- doing the behind shot where she's licking both ass and pussy, hell yeah!

So we get back with the Warden who gets a little bit of the yard gossip from Officer Fire, she's told to keep order and to not let the warden down again-- ohh and to bring her more tea, lol. You see fleeting images of the prison too as Blak does some menial cleaning and Jada's watching so I sense another beat down coming, along with some sex.

Jada Fire & Syd Blakovich:

So Jada comes in, tells Syd to assume the position against the wall and she starts looking for contraband!! This involves losing all the clothes and Syd knows the score but doesn't try and stop Jada as she gives our her own brand of justice. Pussy is fingered and there is lots of verbal abuse heaped upon Blak. This scene is a return to what we saw in the first with more aggressive g/g action. Pushing Syd's face in her crotch but Syd gets into it a bit licking around the pants, soon those will be gone and she can really dig in. The girls kiss some but it's not the sensual style, nope those lips clash together. The pants do come down but no pussy eating, Jada's already sporting the strap on so Blak gets started with some serious fake head, gagging up a storm so there's plenty of drool sliding off that dick. After the strong head we have Syd assuming the doggie position and Jada pounds that pussy, P2M as well. Not done delivering her assault Jada then goes back behind for more but this time she's nailing that ass- Syd fully into the swing of things now, crying out her enjoyment. Ok we do get a little oral from Syd to Jada's pussy pushing up the strap on balls. Dirty nasty g/g sex Prison style!!

After the pounding's done Syd's back to it with the toothbrush cleaning. Fleeting images then appear of the Warden and she's not doing nice things to the girls. Dia Zerva is then back on our screen and she's obsessed about that hole and getting out but Syd spilled the beans earlier so that probably won't work out. Zerva's is shown going a bit crazy, talking to herself. This goes on for a bit here, Kathy does a great job here of showing how stir crazy one can get in such an environment. Images then of the Warden looking ahead with a smug pleased look like she knows how far down Zerva's going, just about ripe for the picking!

Dia Zerva & Claire Adams:

Shots start appearing and we see the warden's tied Zerva up, the ropes are tied in a very strategic fashion, suspending her in mid air. Zerva's naked and she's got some big tits too which get slapped. Claire is so strong in her business suit, those eyes screaming out the power she's wielding here-- and she loves it! The abuse done for now we come upon Zerva balled up on a blanket, she just wants it to be over but Claire is still there, it'll never end! The clothes pins then come in and are placed all over Zerva's chest, her face, her pussy lips and she just has to sit there and take it-- such sweet exquisite pain. After using a flogger to touch Dia we see the pins slowly taken away but not all and coming in from behind we get Claire using a strap on to fuck Dia-- pleasure and pain in large doses here. Dia also gets to gag on her pussy juices doing P2M and you want the gack, gack, gack sound it's here in crystal clear sound. By the end all the clothes pins are strewn about and Claire can just whail on Dia, fucking her in mish and close in for cowgirl.

So next shot and we have Syd and Dia running, running, running. The two made a break for it as the sirens ring out in pursuit. More images of the warden, Dia suspended tied up and it's on that image we freeze for the ending credits. Is the story over...... who knows but I'd stay tuned.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So we reach the end of this chapter but I really think there's more story to be told. Does Justine's character get her appeal so she can get out and expose the goings on at this hell hole of a women's prison. What happens to Syd and Dia as they make their jailbreak. Those are just a couple of the questions left lingering as this movie ends so I do hope Shoosh and Kathy make another chapter. As for the scenes we got in this one, three of the more hardcore aggressive style g/g and two which were more passionate with no toys and more pussy eating-- those were the two in the middle which caught my eye more but watching the finale with Dia and Claire you couldn't help but take your hat off to the ladies. The trust that had to exist between the two as Dia's body is tested was immense and the girls really seemed to hit it off and go for it so I can appreciate that too. There is a separate disc for the extras which includes some good BTS footage talking to the ladies and we see a little more of the River Rock prison so be sure and check that out. This was an ambitious project for Triangle Films and I think it will pay off as they do a good job here. The movies believeable and the girls each gave their all in the performance.

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