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Saki Ritual (VCA) 4.5 starsRitual (VCA) 4.5 starsRitual (VCA) 4.5 stars
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Ritual (VCA)

Ritual (VCA)

Studio: VCA
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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oreb's ratings for Ritual (VCA):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Ritual (VCA) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Ritual (VCA) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Ritual (VCA) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Ritual (VCA) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Ritual (VCA) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Ritual (VCA) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ritual (VCA) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by oreb  on  6/27/2003




Starring: Vicca, Nikita, Katja Kean, Dee, Azlea, Keri Windsor, Jenny MacArthur, Danielle Rogers, Evan Stone, Damien Wolf, Julian, Brick Majors, Randy Spears, Tyce Bune, James Bonn, Eric Price

Directed By: Michael Ninn

Running Time:Feature: 100 minutes Total: 110 minutes

Rating: 7/10


Overall: Since this film actually has a plot I can't just jump straight into describing the sex scene's, instead I will first give a general outline of the plot, its good and bad points, etc. This movie surprised me with its plot. I read other peoples reviews and thought it would be interesting and was not let down. I was still surprised when I found myself paying more attention to the visuals and plot of the film than the sex, especially at the beginning. There is a definite emphasis placed away from the sex, most of the sex is a bit impersonal. It is laboratory sex. This aspect plays right along with the plot however. The thing that surprised me the most was it's comic aspect. Nothing in the film is "funny", and I'm not sure anything is supposed to be funny. There are blatantyl "funny" things that are more ridiculous than anything, but there are some comic things that had me almost laughing in the way the sex scenes are shot. The second scene is the best example, there are a few jokes that fail horribly (making you wonder whether or not they were supposed to be so bad) but the way the scene is shot is funny, because it is poking fun at porn, and it is very over the top. There is a song, I think before the fourth scene, where Vicca starts talking to you, and I'm not sure if it is supposed to be sexy but it felt ot me more like she was chastising me. It is these things that kept me interested through the first three or four scenes. The only thing I wasn't real thrilled about was the anal sex, it was treated to much like the next thing on the list, and if it doesn't add to the scene I don't want to see it. The film work, camera angles, lighting are all very well done and are also fairly creatively done, barring a few cheasy effects. The sets are also very well done.

SCENE 1: Vicca on Vicca:

This scene stars Vicca in three roles, she is the Doctor and the Patient, as well as an onlooker who appears to be in control of everything. Her different parts are separated by the color of her hair, her usual red hair is used by the patient, the doctor has white hair, and the onlooker has black hair. The scene starts out with the patient laying face down on a stainlees steal operating table, with the doctor standing over her towards the foot of the table. The doctor uses a syringe to put lube on her pussy, masterbating her in the process. I was very turned on by this, I love the sight of a wet pussy. There are several other assistants as well. Vicca is an extremely hot european woman with a wonderful body and nicely done fake tits, one of the hottest women in porn.

Masterbation:First the doc lubes her up, then tests everything out to make sure it's working. After a little finger work they choose a stainless steel dildo with an odd looking base. Then the doc adds another syringe full of lube and puts in a device that opens up her pussy by screwing it wider. This is all very exciting.

BJ: Now the doctor brings patient Vicca over and has her suck Brad Armstrong off. He is dressed like a security guard or something. His back is all bloody which I could have done without. Vicca's eye makeup has run all over her face and this makes the BJ look even better. The blow job is pretty good, but way too short. Brad unloads into a bottle of milk and Vicca drinks some of the milk, getting it all over herself in the process.



SCENE 2: Mr. Milky:

This scene has Randy Spears and Danielle Rogers and starts out like a 50's sitcom then quickly become porn. The way the scene is done is way over the top, the non sex parts are bad but some what entertaining and the sex parts are comic and very entertaining. The non sex stuff is also black and white which I liked. Danielle looks a little on the old side, she is blond with a very nice body and fake tits (I'm not sure if they're fake because she never takes off her bra). She switches her white gloves to yellow latex ones when the sex starts. She is also wearing hot white lingerie.

BJ: She gives some nice head, but those latex gloves scare me. There are some extremely goofy slo motion closeups of her licking his penis. This coupled with the goofy music is very funny.

Reverse Cowgirl: He is sitting on a couch, her legs are spread wide as she bumps up and down on his staff. She rubs her clit with her gloved hand, then leans forward, grinds a little, and balancing with her hands on his knees, leans even more forward and fucks him more. I thought this segment should have been explored more fully.

Spoon & Scissors: They are both laying down and he starts slamming her pussy pretty hard. She does a little dirty talking which is lost to the music and looks like she is enjoying herself. The position starts looking more like scissore when she gets fucked half off the couch and is on her back instead of her side.

Doggie Anal: She is on her knees on top of the couch playing with her pussy with her head on the couch as well. He is straadling the couch as well as her ass, standing above her. He starts working her ass over while she rubs her clit hard. Her pussy lips flap against his balls. It's hard to tell whether she is getting off or not, and there is a part which was cut quickly where it looked like his D fell out and it hurt (as he was pounding away at the time). The scene ends with a cumshot on her ass.



SCENE 3: Slip-n-Sludge:

This scene has Nikita, an all natural, thin, long haired, European. Her and a guy are in some kind of factory or mine. They are both grimy, wearing black latex clothing, and both have streaks of black liquid latex running down their bodies.

BJ: The scen begins with Nikita on her knees, with black shiny gloves. Dude doesn't have a huge penis and she makes good use of this fact with her mouth. He strokes it a little which I'm not fond of but not a lot. The segment is wicked short, jumping into the next.

Reverse Cowgirl: Her pussy has some hair on top and it actually matches the color of the hair on her head. She is pretty loud, she is skinny but she doesn't look like she works out because her lower tummy isn't defined. This segment lasts a good length and he pays attention to her clit throughout. The latex is starting to come off their skin.

Standing Doggie Anal: This is a little too soon to be jumping in to the anal, plus her pussy and asshole looks kind of slimy now from the latex or the grime or whatever. I am not really down with dirty butts, even if it is fake dirt.

Standing Face to Face: She is taller than him. Maybe it's her heels. They both have their feet on the floor and she is leaning back a little, supported by a huge gas tank. They have gone back to vaginal sex. The scene ends with a nut on her chest, then he rubs his dick on her face and mouth which is actually pretty hot.



SCENE 4: Liquid Latex:

This scene is pretty long and cut into pieces as well. It is all lesbian or masterbation and begins with one women then another etc., until they are in another room and the liquid latex stuff starts up. The visuals are very nice. We start with Dee, Vicca watching from behind a door, Vicca is talking here (see the overall above). Dee is a very beautiful black woman, she has light skin and very fine features so I'm unsure of her actual heritage, she has natural everything and is extremely hot. Keri Windsor is a blond with big tits, I don't think they are real, she looks a little older but isn't pretty really anyway, nice body and an O.K. face. Vicca is in this scene as well. Katja Kean has an angular German face, her boob job is a bit angular as well but they aren't huge so they're cool by me. She is blond and looks more petite.

Dildo: Dee has a big dildo attached to a table top and she slides up and down on it. Then she pushes it in and out while standing above the camera. One of her feet are on a stool the other on the floor. Then we see Keri Windsor licking her tits and a beady ass dildo which we see her use on her vagina, each bead bigger than the last.

Shave & Liquid Latex: Now all the women gather in a room with a stainless steel table. Through a magnifying glass (the same kind my father used to tie flies) we see that Katja Kean has a hairy pussy. Vicca does not like this and they shave it all off. They wipe off the shving cream and she takes the doggie position while Vicca pore pink latex all over her. She turns over and spreads wide as they rub the latex over her entire body. They are all wearing latex gloves.

Strap-On: Katja, covered in dried latex deepthroats the strap-on Vicca has on. I have never been a big fan of dildo BJ's. You can see Vicca's pussy squezed into the slit at the bottom. She does Katja Doggie style, the other women peel off the latex. Katja does most of the work which is pretty hot. She is taking that Strap on as far as it will go too. Then they switch to Reverse Cowgirl.






SCENE 5: Pyrotica:

This scene stars Jenny MacArthur, a very pretty, small breasted woman. She and the guy are wearing armor at the beginning of the scene but she is quickly nude and giving head. The last three scenes are the best. The black haires Vicca and her slave Brad watch the festivities from above. The costumes are well done.

BJ: This guy doesn't look totally hard at the beginning. She bobs fast but has an anoying habit of covering what her mouth is doing with her hands. This doesn't really matter because the segment is so short.

Doggie: She moves back and forth on his dick pretty fast, she must be in very good shape. She's on hands and knees on a white sheet on the table, he is still wearing sci-fi armour. A bit too short here too.

Missionary: She has a stainless steel gauntlet on one of her hands which I didn't notice before. This chick is pretty hot. They are still up on the table. This segment has some nice length to it.

Reverse Cowgirl: She has got some nice stamina, she's been doing most of the work and there hasn't been a slow fucking moment, except for slow motion. She has her hands on his arms and her feet on the table and she's working his cock like a piston. The scene ends with him jacking off into her open, awaiting mouth. They show this from a few angles in its entirity. This goes on for days.



SCENE 6: Katchin' Katja:

This is a very well lit scene, it has Katja and Vicca but Vicca doesn't do any of the work. It is a two guy one girl scene where the guys take turns. One of the dudes is Julian. The scene starts with the other dude getting blowed while Vicca looks sexy in a long dress. The music and reverbed sound are kind of lame here.

BJ: This starts out with Katja giving some nice head to one guy, then crossing the room and blowing Julian. She deepthroats him. She looks at the camera the whole time. Then Vicca strips her down. She has on very hot thigh highs.

BJ & Cunnilingus: Julian continues to get head while the other guy goes down on Katja. This lasts for only a few seconds and makes me wish I had included it in the last segment.

Doggie: There is a slow insertion followed by some fast pumping by Julian. Katja's body is very nice.

Reverse Cowgirl: Now they switch off and the other guy fucks the hell out of her. She is very into it and fucks him right back. She leans back over him and he fucks her more. All you see is her pussy and his dick on one of the shots.

Cowgirl: Another switch, this time she is turned around and the action starts a little slower. The sound is obviously overdubbed in a few spots. They take turns humping each other. The scene ends with both guys unloading on her chest.



SCENE 7: No Exit:

The last scene features the films star, Vicca. There is a flash of an old mans face several times that is not hot. The beginning jumps around a lot and I think it is some kind of sex montague (correct spelling?0. The only things bad about this scene are the DP and the shortness of all the segments, I like to be able to really get into it.

Masturbation: There are a series of fast flashes of Vicca on a staircase fingering and slapping her pussy. Mixed into the other sex acts.

BJ: Now it goes to her sucking two guys dicks for a few seconds before they both cum on her tits.

Cunnilingus: She is bent over a hand rail on the staircase getting her pussy and ass eaten from behind. It is her pyschiatrist from the beginning.

BJ: Now she is giving this guy a nice cock sucking. She slaps her tongue with his dick some as well.

Standing Doggie: Now she is bent over the other rail as he goes to town and she moans like a banshee. Her head is pressed up against a concrete wall and she is enjoying herself thoroughly.

Double Penetration: I wasn't really expecting a DP in this movie and I think this is it's most lame part, DPing the hottest chick in the film. I just lost my erection. Vicca seems to like it though. The scene ends with another two pops on her chest. She wipes them around a little and strokes the guys as well.




This DVD has pretty limited extras, a cast list which allows you to jump to certain scenes, a photo gallery, some previews, and an internet add. The lack of extras has caused me to lower the rating fomr 8/10 to 7/10.

Photo Gallery: The shots are all from the film and the gallery takes about a minute and a half, nothing special.

Previews: There are previews for three Ninn films Cashmere, Shock, and Diva 4 Sexual Aria. Casmere looks very good. Shock looks interesting. Diva 4 looks perfect.

I would appreciate any questions, comments, or critiques of my reviews.I can be reached at, thanks for taking the time to read this far.

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