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astroknight Riley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) 3.5 starsRiley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) 3.5 starsRiley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) 3.5 stars
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Riley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo)

Riley Steele Deceptions (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo)

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Feature film , High Definition
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Riley Steele Deceptions (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Riley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Riley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Riley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Riley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Riley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Riley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Riley Steele Deceptions  (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/5/2012
Welcome to a new Robby D show that features Digital Playground contract star Riley Steele as a young bride to Manuel Ferrara. As the story opens we have his ex Brooke Banner stopping by and Riley asks her a question if Manuel ever wanted her to do a threesome as he's asked her to do one. Brooke encourages her to go for it, so many marriages are saved this way she tells Riley! I'm just wondering if she just wanted to start some trouble for her former man and his new girl. Anyway Riley takes her advice and we head into the first of two scenes featuring Riley.

Riley Steele & Monique Alexander:

So we move to Riley and Manuel on their bed. She's getting comfy while he starts filming with a small camera which is placed on the bedside table. Manuel then gets up and leaves only briefly as he returns with Monique in tow. Manuel sits back at first allowing Monique to pleasure his lady and Riley seems to enjoy having her pussy licked by another girl. Manuel works himself in not long after tasting Monique and the girls do a little playing with each other as we move into the dick sucking as well, each woman getting a shot at his cock. We get some nice cowgirl riding here from Riley which shows off her butt. After 25 minutes of 3 way action Manuel is ready to blast off sharing the load to both faces. Pretty good start to this one. As you saw earlier Manuel had placed a camera on the table. He likes to video tape his sexual encounters and watch them at his place of work. His coworker Mick Blue is there the next night and had already watched the Riley/ Monique tape.

Ella Milano:

The next day we see Ella and Brooke discussing the philandering ways of Manuel and Ella suspects him of banging another girl, Kimberly Gates, but she isn't quite sure so Ella heads off to the car shop to see if she can swipe the evidence. But just as she's making her getaway with the incriminating vhs tape Mick surprises her and won't let Ella leave with it. However, she's horny and doesn't mind sitting there and putting the tape on which leads to Mick's cock coming out and one thing leads to another as we have Ella lowering her face down to engulf his cock. Good visuals here of the blowjob and you also hear the other scene still playing on the tv. Mick works his way down to her pussy burying his face nicely between those thighs. Fans of a girl having a bush will like that Ella's got a nice patch above her pussy lips. Mick does his thing banging that pussy real good leading to the pop shot which is jerked up to her face which is lowered just above his cock.

Kimberly Gates:

The story takes us back to Ella and Brooke who welcome Kimberly over and try to gently tell her about Manuel and what he's been up to. He hadn't broken up with Riley so this stuns Kimberly who thought he had. She decides to head over and confront Manuel herself at his shop. As Kimberly arrives you see her setting up her own small video camera before she gets to work on Manuel's cock. He didn't need much convincing to have this little get together! Good side views here as she takes on his cock. As for the fucking the duo make good use of his desk which isn't being used for work, lol. Mish is captured along with doggie. Manuel ends up firing a good load to Kimberly's waiting mouth. We don't learn, though, what happens to this tape she made of this encounter. However a short time later the phone rings with Riley picking it up and you can sense that it's bad news being delivered to her just as Manuel is showing up back home. Riley leaves in a huff not even speaking to Manuel who gets that look of I've been royally busted and he slumps down in a chair.

Brooke Banner:

The story shifts back to Brooke who is home with Scott Nails who is also an avid viewer of Manuel's exploits online. He shows a little to Brooke and this puts her in the right mood and they leave the clip rolling as they do their own version of what's showing on the film. Scott briefly samples those big juggs of hers before ripping open her flesh colored fishnet stockings to taste her pussy using a few fingers too. Another good side view is used for the blow job as Brooke gets to take him in. Since there was a pool table right there they make good use of it propping up against it to fuck standing up doggiestyle. They hit a few more positions before Scott glazes her face pretty good with his load.


So Manuel is busted and is being sent packing as this final scene begins. Riley is there and hops on the bed looking at the laptop which is showing what Manuel's been up to. You also have Erik Everhard showing up to help move the last few boxes when Riley makes a proposition he can't refuse-- licking her pussy while Manuel is still there. Needless to say Manuel leaves with his head tucked between his legs leaving Erik alone to continue the face diving in her pussy. This scene features some awesome oral from Erik to Riley including some kick ass booty licking-- yeah this ass is meant for that for sure. Riley gets to suck some cock too and she has a nice energetic vibe here, must be all the pent up frustration over finding out about Manuel. The two keep up the excellent energy for the fucking too as Erik pounds her pussy in a few good shots before letting Riley finish up sucking and jerking him to pop. She licks up some of the cum leaving us with one good finale.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a good flick for Riley fans as she is fucked twice, one scene also including a girl for her to play with. Good single scenes from Brooke, Kimberly and Ella in between the Riley romps. The story isn't to hard to follow. As for extras you have a 10 minute BTS clip and you have a few trailers along with some still shots from this show. Worth it for Riley fans especially the second scene where that pussy and ass are well taken care of by Erik before his cock even gets in the picture.

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