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Ride 'em & Wreck 'em 2

Ride 'em & Wreck 'em 2

Studio: Dusk til Dawn
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Ride 'em & Wreck 'em 2:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Ride 'em & Wreck 'em 2 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Ride 'em & Wreck 'em 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Ride 'em & Wreck 'em 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Ride 'em & Wreck 'em 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Ride 'em & Wreck 'em 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ride 'em & Wreck 'em 2 DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Ride 'em & Wreck 'em 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  5/22/2005
Ride Em and Wreck Em 2

Directed by: Tyce Bune


Initial Thoughts: Have you ever seen a movie, adult or otherwise, that had a couple of interesting ideas, and had quite a bit of potential, but just had some downright poor execution that kept it from being something quite good? Unfortunetly, that is how I'm feeling after taking a look at this one. They went with a them of motorcycles and sex, but there is no direct attempt at tying them together in any way shape or form, other than they start out with some footage of guys doing wheelies and some stunts on thier motorcycles, and then go into some sex with hot ladies, in a cluttered two car garage with a motorcycle as a prop. It's kind of interesting, and some of the footage is cool, but it would have been much better to tie the two together in some way in simple vignette form or something. This one is basically billed as a creampie title, and 4 of the 5 scenes are portrayed as such, but in all but one of them, there is no real attempt to show a creampie, it's a near softcore finish, with the couple just kind of collapsing or the scene ending in the middle of sex. Those are some pretty major issues these days to have in a themed title, but despite that, there is quite a bit of good sex here, and the ladies are all very hot, I wanted this one for Christie Lee and Chanelle, and they deliver very well giving very hot performances, with Chanelle actually getting a decent creampie. The extras are near non existent, and that just furthers the issues, there were just too many missed opportunities in this disc. Some good stuff, just poorly put all together is the best way to put it.

Technical Considerations: The picture quality is a little grainy and the camera was jittery and occasionally slightly out of focus, but other than that, this one is pretty solid, with the sound and lighting turning out alright, and the lackluster menus are simple and get the job done.

Condom Usage: None

Disc Duration: 128 minutes

Feature: 121 minutes

Extras: 7 minutes


Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: Christie Lee and Tyce Bune

Duration: 24:12 mins

Position Chronology: Christie dancing in a bikini with a motorcycle footage montage going on, Tyce enters, they kiss, Christie sucks his cock, ball sucking, kissing, standing raised leg vag, PTM, kissing, raised leg vag, PTM, reclined cowgirl vag, suggested creampie finish, no effort to show cum, scene ends.

Scene Thoughts: Christie is my idea of sexy cute, she just rules. We first see Christie in a soft breeze in a shop next to a motorcycle with lights flashing, she dances sexily and they keep cutting away to stunt shots of guys on motorcycles, it works alright but I would have liked to see more of Christie dancing, she gets down to giving some great head, and she puts in a very hot effort as she and Tyce get into some pretty spirited sex, he pounds her pussy good up against the bike, and she really slams herself into him as she power rides him to a finish, up until then, the sex was pretty hot, and the energy was great, the chemistry was so so, however, Christie just rides him hard, and they imply that Tyce blows his wad inside her as she rides him, but they just fade out, no effort what so ever to show a creampie or any evidence that he came. I personally didn't mind it, since Christie was hot, and the ending had some passion, but people that are big cream pie fans, are gonna be cheesed at this ending, and it's a bit odd for a hardcore flick these days.


Scene 2: Nikki Knox and Cheyne Collins

Duration: 23:09 mins

Position Chronology: Dancing, with motorcycle stunt clips, Cheyne strips her, kissing, he rubs her muff, he licks her ass, she unzips him and sucks his cock, light face fucking, standing sideways vag, PTM, Missionary vag on the bike, PTM, facial, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: Brunette sweetheart Nikki is up next, and they start with the same clip and dance show, Cheyne shows up and things take off with Nikki giving a great long blowjob, with some nice energy despite the lack of position change, they have just a couple of position fuck before he cums on her face with a decent load, and Nikki gives some brief post cum head. It was a solid scene with decent chemistry and at times some good energy, but I'm a bit confused with all the cream pie seal of approval stuff and the like, and now we have a facial scene. Oh well.


Scene 3: Katin and Tyce Bune

Duration: 22:42 mins

Position Chronology: Dancing around during the motorcycle clips again, In a garage, Tyce shows up, they kiss, he licks her tits and neck, she blows him, deepthroat, ball fondling, lots of spit, spoon vag, cowgirl vag, he fingers her ass, he suggestedly cums in her pussy, again no effort to show creampie.

Scene Thoughts: Well, Katin is looking fine as hell, and her and Tyce again put in a pretty passionate and hot scene in the garage on and near some motorcycles, again the positions are limited though and when it comes down to the money maker, they do nothing, they just kind of pull the softcore style of cop out on the creampie, and she just rides him hard and kind of collapses on him as they both supposedly cum, but again no closeup or display after the supposed creampie, getting to be a downer after 3 scenes now.


Scene 4: Estella and Tyce Bune

Duration: 21:17 mins

Position Chronology: More bikini posing in a 2 car garage fused with motorcycle stunts. she blows Tyce on a motorcycle, ball sucking, spoon vag, kissing, cowgirl vag, he fingers her ass, kissing, cream pie, again no oozing or proof shown.

Scene Thoughts: Time for a quickie on the garage floor, an extended segment of posing and motorcycle wheelies, leads into a nice blowjob from Estella, and a fairly spirited and passionate ramming of cock into pussy on the floor and bike, but again it ends quickly and with few position changes, and again there is no effort to actually show a creampie, in fact here they just have him ramming into her, and they cut away mid coitus, there is some creamy fluid shown before they go into the final strides, but it looks more like lube than any sign of cum. This is just plain confusing.


Scene 5: Chanelle Chavez and Tyce Bune

Duration: 24:47 mins

Position Chronology: Stunt clips and Chanelle poses on a motorcycle with some grinding on the seat in a bikini, cowgirl vag, PTM, BJ, standing doggy vag, he cums inside her, pussy creampie finish finally, cum leakage and he fucks the cum out of her, BJ cleanup.

Scene Thoughts: It took 5 scenes, but we finally get a clear and present creampie, Chanelle is one super sexy femme latina, and she does a nice little bump and grind show on the motorcycle before they get right into some screwing on a chair, the garage theme is getting a bit old, but the chemistry and energy are there once again and it's a solid scene, this time we actually get a cream finish and Chanelle gives a fan freakin tastic post cum blowjob, sucking off all the cum out of her pussy off Tyce's cock. Solid ending.


Extra Stuff

Outakes: 7 mins of motorcycle stunt outakes, some interesting and kind of cool footage to close out the movie.

Photo Gallery: 18 Hardcore and softcore posing shots from the feature.

Other Extras: None.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

In the end, this disc just kind of skipped around and missed too many chances to turn into something quite good, I liked the girls, and I liked the performances for the most part, I even liked the motorcycle stunt and semi wreck footage, but the lack of good rhythm, the horrible shooting of the creampies, the lack of variety in setting or positions of sex, and the near total lack of extras, just overpowered the positive things. I do think though with a little work on this series, it could be a pretty decent effort, just shooting the creampies better would make a big difference, and up the effort a little and you have progress. Maybe worth a rental if you looking for something different, but only worth a buy if your looking for Christie or Chanel stuff especially. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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