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Reves de Cuir 2

Reves de Cuir 2

Studio: Plum
Category:  Bondage , Feature film , Foreign , Straight
Directed by:
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astroknight's ratings for Reves de Cuir 2:
Overall Rating 1 star
Reves de Cuir 2 overall rating 1 star
Female Looks Reves de Cuir 2 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Reves de Cuir 2 Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Reves de Cuir 2 Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Reves de Cuir 2 Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Reves de Cuir 2 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Reves de Cuir 2 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/29/2001

Running Time: 89 min.

Production Date: 1993

Director: Francois Leroi

Cast: Tabitha Cash, Deborah Wells, Julia Channel, N’J de Bahia, Eva Blue, Roberto Malone, Sergio Demon, Alain Dumaurier, Gerald Pujol, Beata, Maeva, Ivan, Olive, Roland, Cloe Delice, Carole, Jack Striker, Gerald Marx, Gilles Mon, Perle, Natacha Borisovna, Eugene Fondrier, Christopher Eiger, Stephane Genna, Patrick Bulnes, and Michael Wilson

Initial Expectations: I really enjoyed Reves de Cuir and hope that this lives up to the original.

Initial Reaction: The only thing it has in common with the original is Deborah Wells playing one of the characters in each of them (and not the same character).

Who Should Watch It : Fans of Tabitha Cash or N’J de Bahia

Who Should Avoid It: Fans of the original

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is available in both French and English. The French appears to be very clear, and although the English is clear, it’s also dubbed pretty poorly. The picture is pretty good but has a little grain. Both the audio and the video falter a little in parts.

Music: The music seems completely wrong for this movie. It’s a serious movie, but the music seems more like it’s meant to be in a movie where people are fucking on a ferris wheel or carousel. The only good thing about it is that it’s normally fairly quiet.

Menus: The menus are extremely basic. Even the chapter menu only shows a picture of the scene rather than a short clip.

The Feature: Unlike Reves de Cuir , which revolved around a videotape and Zara Whites’ sexual dreams, Reves de Cuir 2 revolves around a series of murders. What do these have in common? Well, in both cases there’s some fetishwear and Deborah Wells appears in both features, although not in the same role. Thankfully, most of the cast is featured in the opening credits with their pictures so you can recognize who most of them are.

Reves de Cuir 2 appears to start off on a strong sexual note with an orgy in progress at a mansion around a pool. Many couples are going at it while some older guys watch. Many of the participants wear lingerie, masks, or some other form of fetishwear while most of the older guys are in full suits. Unbeknownst to everybody at the orgy, somebody on a dirt bike has arrived in a leather suit. Just after all the guys pop, the biker pulls out a revolver, runs up, and kills almost everybody there.

Tabitha Cash takes on two studs on a couch while watching TV. One guy starts out eating her out while she sucks on the others cock and gives him a bit of a handjob. She moves in between the guys to both suck and get fucked and then hops onto one of the guys for what looks like it’s going to be a double penetration. She takes it vaginally from one guy and anally from the other, but never at the same time. It’s an okay scene but nothing too great. One guy pops on her ass and the other pops as she straddles him.

Deborah Wells finds herself tied up by Eva Blue, the biker. Eva grabs her from behind, pulls her onto a chair, ties Deborah’s hands behind her, and then wraps the ropes around much of the rest of Deborah’s body. It’s pretty obvious that Deborah’s into it since she doesn’t struggle at all. Eva leans Deborah’s chair back onto the floor while promising her that they’ll get their revenge on all of them before they eat each other’s pussies. They munch each other’s rugs for a few minutes before the scene ends. It’s a major letdown of a scene. I think it was there for a little bit of plot, but it would have been a lot better if it had been skipped altogether. It isn’t even long enough to count as a tease. The only way it’s at all erotic is if you’re turned on by seeing somebody tied up. Even then, it’s pretty poor.

After kidnaping an influential “moral” Senator, Tabitha Cash makes him watch as she takes on two studs once again. She gives each of them a little oral love while sitting between them so that at least one of them can play with her pussy or fuck her as she sucks off the other. As they fuck, the Senator is murdered, ending the scene. There’s only one shot fired, so it makes for a confusing, and very poor ending to the scene. Even worse, the biker jumps the car with the dirt bike after shooting the senator.

After getting married, N’J De Bahia changes into something a little more dominating for Sergio Demon. She makes him get undressed and then dominates him throughout the scene, making him lick her boots, eat her pussy, and jerk himself off, and whipping him when he doesn’t do things right. She sucks him off and then cuffs him, which he doesn’t want even though she insists that he’ll like it, and gags him a little later to thankfully shut him up. She works his cock over a little more with her mouth and then makes him fuck her with the whip. Sadly, when he spits the muzzle out to beg her to put the whip in his mouth, she doesn’t punish him severely. I know that there’s often pleasure that comes through pain, but the more I watched this scene the more I just wanted to see Sergio in pain. Jim Varney (you remember, the “Hey Vern” guy) would have been less annoying in this scene. Being a forgiving wife, however, N’J just punishes him a little and then starts to fuck him. While fireworks go off outside, N’J hops off to let Sergio blow his load on her mouth and his stomach, licking up some of it afterwards and then cum swapping it back and forth with him. Afterwards, two guys rush in and take N’J away. I hope she realizes how luck she is!

Tabitha’s minions force themselves on N’J de Bahia as Tabitha videotapes it to send to her father. She resists at first, but soon gets into it as the guys make her blow them and fuck her. Tabitha is turned on watching and masturbates as she films them. Although I don’t really care for the subject, N’J does a great job here. She’s really into it and takes one pop on her chest and another on her ass. It’s an average scene with some good heat to it.

Julia Channel, dressed like she’s ready to go to a funeral with the exception of the fishnet stockings, gets a little loving from her politician boss, who looks like he could be Dick Nasty’s brother, as she reads his morality speech on the shamefulness of sex in society to him. He eats her out as she reads to him, and then goes down on him after she throws the speech aside. She takes him both in her pussy and ass, and getting into both nicely before jerking him off onto her pussy. Although this is the first feature I’ve seen Julia in, I hope it’s not the last. She’s very pretty, has a nice body, and knows how to fuck. It’s the best scene in the movie thanks to Julia.

Deborah Wells masturbates, not knowing she’s being watched, in the next scene. She looks great, wears glasses, and has her hair pulled back while wearing a white bra and panties, garter belt, and fishnet stockings. As she masturbates, she has flashes of many of the other sex scenes in the movie as well as some of her past. Once again, the scene is very short and ends badly.

Eva Blue and Roberto Malone get busy as the building they’re in starts to go up in flames. As they fuck, Eva fantasizes about getting fucked by a group of firefighters. This is as close as this sequel ever comes to the original. As usual, it’s a very short scene that’s fairly cut up, but it does have a pop to finish it.

After Eva and Roberto, The movie kind of explains the opening sequence with Zara Whites from the original Reves de Cuir and poorly wrap up a couple other plot points from this disaster. It’s as big a disappointment as the rest of the movie with the only good thing about it being you get to see another naked chick.

Although Reves de Cuir 2 has a fairly good idea in it, it should have been its own movie rather than a sequel. There are a few clips to tie the two together, but they’re very poorly done and feel thrown together. Perhaps the biggest disappointment to fans of the original Reves de Cuir is the style is completely different. The original was perhaps the best Andrew Blake rip-off I’ve seen. This one, however, comes off as a stereotypical porno and seems like the name is just there to rake in some extra money. It’s so different that it even seems like the name was just used so somebody would look at it or remember who the director was. The only good things about the sex was N’J de Bahia and Julia Channel’s scenes. The storyline is slightly confusing, but much of it doesn’t feel right and a lot of it is downright corny. There were a lot of things that I’m sure were meant to be serious that I couldn’t help but laugh at. If only MST3K did pornos this one would be a shoe- in.

Extras: Internet information, which is just as good as nothing.

Themes: Straight, fetishwear, orgy, group, anal, B&D, shoe worship, masturbation, forced sex, and gangbang

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Overall: Currently, Reves de Cuir 2 can be found online for between $19 and $23 with a couple stores offering it for under $20. This is one of those DVDs that if you pay more than $5 for, an alarm goes off and somebody comes by and gives you a serious bitch-slapping. It isn’t anything like the original, with a fairly confusing plot and poorly done sex. The only good thing about it is N’J de Bahia and Julia Channel’s scenes. The transfer is average and there aren’t even any extras.

Note to Plum: I understand why you didn’t put any extras on this one. I wouldn’t want to admit to knowing it existed either.

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