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Studio: DBM
Category:  Foreign

Released on: 
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FacIan's ratings for Revanche:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Revanche overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Revanche Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Revanche Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Revanche Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Revanche Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Revanche DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Revanche A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  10/26/2002
Revanche A Review by FacIan

Translation: Revange
Studio: DBM
Collection: Debora
Price: €19
Format: PAL

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Anal; DP; Fisting; Toys; Triple penetration: DPP+Anal; Group sex;
Fetish: Fetishwear: strips and chain outfit;

Initial expectation
Nice picture, nice girls and lingerie. I was looking for something close to: Anal Sauger and Top Teens Gallery.

General comment
This Debora collection is quite consistent. It is a good compromise between clean and nasty action. You have some fetishwear and also some imagination. At first, I did not like that flick very much. But after a month lost in the other discs, I've decided to review it and then started to like it better! The main default of that series is the bloody dubbed sound. Painful! Otherwise, it's not a bad choice.
It might be another good choice for watching as a couple and the females can probably appreciate the males in this film.

Screen shots
You can find screen shots with that review.
I point out the illustrations of this review visible in the screen shots with that colour.
The screen shots are here.

DVD perspective
This DVD is very well done. The picture is very good and the menu offers:

  • Movie
  • Dia-Show: pictures from the film;
  • Szenen-Auswahl: Scenes access
  • Trailer-Revue: 6 trailers of less than 2mn from other DBM films.
  • DVD-programme: Catalogue in picture of 78 films. No trailer here, just the cover of each film.
  • Picture: Very good.
  • Sound: Dubbed in German. :-( I don't like dubbed sound!!


  • Time: 89 minutes
  • Scenes: 5
  • Girls: 7
  • Cum shots: 10
    • Winner: 0
    • Good: 4
    • Forgettable: 6

Cumshot quality description : I explain the vocabulary I use. You can check my web site for a full and better explanation.

  • Winner = A cumshot which is very good and you want to see more than once. For example, in many cases the cumshots have no power. It falls down from cocks poorly. If it is one with strong powerful white thick sticky jets right onto a nice happy face, it becomes a winner. ;-o) Hurray! In case the shot is not a facial, a winner is one that gives a visible and nice result on picture.
  • G = Good (everything I like will be good). To be good a facial has to be in/on mouth; on face from mouth to hair. A few drops on chin and falling down is not good!
  • F = Forgettable: a cumshot with no volume or watery or missing the target is forgettable.


  • GJ = Girl job = The girl makes the guy cuming! I consider that point as a big plus. After all, it is nicer to see a girl making a guy cuming with her mouth than the same guy masturbating in front of the girl's face. So you might have HJ + GJ. That means she makes him cum with her hand. When the cumshot is very good that becomes a winner.
  • HOD = Head Over Dick = Any position looking like the girls head is hard to reach as she is over the dick or the guy is sitting down and she is kneeling between his legs, etc.


The girls: Susan Lavender, Nora Lucky, Gabi Tramper, Chandra Blake, Alexa West, Jennifer Dew, Chantal Eden
The boys: I don't know but they are not the usual Richard, Jean-Pierre, etc. So, ladies, you will find here some young guys looking (but I am not the best one to judge) quite handsome I think.
Director: Basil Sandford

In the following scene I will not be able to tell you who is playing as I do not know the actors.


Direct access to the scenes and Action/Fetish at a glance
Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3
Action Fetish Action Fetish Action Fetish
  • Straight
  • Anal
  • Facial
  • Female masturbation
  • Fuck with underwear
  • Group sex
  • Straight
  • Anal
  • DP
  • Straight
  • Anal
  • DP
  • Facial
  • Fuck with string and bra.
Scene 4 Scene 5
Action Fetish Action Fetish
  • Straight
  • Anal
  • DP
  • Fisting
  • Triple penetration: Double pussy + Anal
  • Facial
  • Black strips and chain outfits
  • Straight
  • Anal
  • DP (with toy)
  • Toys

This film has a plot. I consider the plot as an alibi for watching with your partner. Otherwise, I don't care at all. On the other hand, the plot is the opportunity to put people in situation and let you fantasise about it. So, from this point of view, a plot is okay. I will not describe the plot in that review.
I have to mention that, because of the plot, some scenes are briefly interrupted for some non-sex action. I say: plot is okay but please, don't kill the heat!

Scene1: A lovely tall blonde with long hair and green eyes + 1 guy.
The blonde has black bra and string. She has quite big natural tits. After the mandatory BJ, she sits on him in RCG, keeping her black string. As during the BJ, she masturbates while riding. Her pussy is shaved with a line of very short hair on pubis. She also has a piercing in her navel. It is in spoon that they will change for anal She still caresses her clit all the way long. Actually the guy has some trouble to keep his tool in shape. Fortunately her nice fingers are not far away of the action to make the view less miserable.
It seems that doggy fits that guy's needs better. Vaginal and later anal.
Cumshot: Fat drops of white glue right onto her tongue. Sticky! Nice post-cum head. Very good. G
Rate: 2.5 out of 5. This scene is typically "average". The girl is nice but there is nothing to mention here apart the fact that she never stops rubbing her clit.
Timer: 13' Scene#1 Summary: 2.5
Atmosphere Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Average Straight, Anal, Facial, Female masturbation Fuck with underwear slow Average 1: G

Scene2: Blonde + Brunette + red hair + 3 guys
This blonde has a more rounded face and a little bit fleshy body than the other one. She wears red satin underwear. She is actually cute. Like in previous scene, she keeps her clothes during the action. She is shaved except a small spot of hair on pubis. She is a dyed blonde.
Mish + BJ for warming up the atmosphere. Her BJ, looks more like a HJ. I was wrong: she gets rid of her clothes and is now fully naked. Look at these tits! Yummy!
They immediately go for a DP in CG. She maybe likes it as we can see some clear white juice around her pussy hole. Maybe some lube but there is no such thing around her ass. It will be the same later in the scene. So...?
Anal RCG + BJ. She masturbates and fingers herself before getting the second cock for a DP in RCG.
The brunette, red hair and 3rd guy arrive.
First thing, the guy put his cock into the blonde's mouth. Red hair licks brunette's shaved pussy. She does that well.
Red hair has small tits, fully shaved pussy and nice body, she gets vaginal mish, keeping her black string. Brunette gets a mish treatment as well.
Blonde looks good in vaginal doggy with her very pink pussy opened. But she asks for anal and the guy is happy to help. Then she fingers her pussy.
Meanwhile, brunette decides to get the taste of red hair's pussy by sucking the cock coming out from it. Nice P2M with a real short BJ. Very good! They practice that a few times. Of course, the blonde has no other choice than handling the 2 other guys. She does that in spoon + BJ.
Red hair is keen on the job and now gets a nice anal mish. She definitely has a very nice body. Seeing her masturbating at the same time doesn't low the heat down, I tell you!
Brunette eventually gets some attention with a nice vaginal RCG where the blonde plays the role of the sucker: P2M2P... Yeah! Of course, she has to take it in the ass while blonde licks her pussy and massages the balls of the guy. Nice action actually! Brunette has big inner lips making the view sexy with her legs wide opened! The temptation is strong! A guy comes and fills that lovely pussy.
Red hair takes it in the ass in doggy while blonde is under in 69 spreading the pink pussy over her head! Very nice! She also occasionally lick the balls of the lucky guy.
We now have a very hot general point of view:
The sofa is in angle. Brunette is lying on one side and blonde on the other. Red hair in the middle, squatting on the floor legs widely open. They all have their heads close to each other and all suck a guy like that. As they all have great bodies and that the red hair is my favourite here, I do enjoy the point of view!
Cumshot: Brunette: watery facial. F
Cumshot: Red hair: sticky glue mainly on chin. G
Cumshot: Blonde: on tits. F
Rate: 4 out of 5. Good scene with a good pace, nice girls, good action. With a bit more imagination, it could have been an excellent scene.

Timer: 38' 49'' Scene#2 Summary: 4
Atmosphere Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Hot Group sex, Straight, Anal, DP None Excellent Very good 3: 2F + 1G

Scene3: Blonde from Scene1 + 2 guys
The scene takes place in a kitchen. Blonde must be hungry as she starts with a double BJ.
She now wears blue string and bra and she looks nice in them, on her back, on the table, with a cock in mouth and her pussy licked at once. When the guy made her pussy wet enough, he takes her mish without taking off her underwear. I like that. We have some nice close-up on in/out/...
The guys swap and the one on her south side directly takes her ass. Why not? I don't know what is wrong with her backdoor, but like in Scene1, this guy has some trouble to remain hard.
Anal RCG, quickly followed by DP. There is still some potential female nectar coming from her pussy. She probably likes the DPs...
Cumshot: GJ+HJ. She makes him cum in her mouth. Very nice but the camera is a bit far away from action! G
Cumshot: In/on her mouth. Same as previous, we don't see much. F
This girl is happy to please and takes care of them after the loads. Some very hot mouth work to finish the job!
Rate: 3 out of 5. Good but a bit slow. This girl is better here than in Scene1.

Timer: 55' 10'' Scene#3 Summary: 3
Atmosphere Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Warm Straight, Anal, DP, Facial Fuck with string and bra. Slow-Average Good 2: G + F

Scene4: 1 blonde, 1 black hair, 3 guys
The girls are wearing fetish outfits. They are made of black leather-like strips and chains. It is not clothes anymore as it does not hide anything. The girls are quite cute. The brunette applies a handless BJ technique with some good tongue moves. She has very nice dark red lips. It must be good to be her guest! She has a shaved pussy. With nearly no inner lips, you can distinguish her little love button rising slightly out of her shell. Cute!
The blonde has a nice face. She looks very good in doggy with a cock in mouth and hand and another one in pussy. About pussy, this one is shaved on lips and a few hair on pubis. Her BJ is much more aggressive than brunette's. In RCG, she shows a pierced navel. When she takes it in backdoor, she offers to our eyes a pinky opened pussy that adds some heat to the show!
Brunette is not scared by challenges, she is on her way to take a male's hand inside her pussy. This will not go to completion but I guess with some more efforts, it would fit in. At least, you have a long play with 4 fingers inside her and the thumb playing with her clit. After such a treatment, you will not be surprised if I tell you that she takes some meat in the ass in RCG while the same hand makes a come back in her pussy...but still only 4 fingers. Hot anyway!
Time for blonde to get a CG-DP. But...wait a minute. The third guy arrives and sticks his cock in her pussy as well! That means 2 cocks in pussy + 1 in ass. That is a real triple penetration! They even manage to move together inside her! If you add the brunette's hand with her dark red polished nails on blonde's butt, you have a pretty hot view!!
Cumshot: Blonde makes 1 guy cum in her mouth with a GJ+HJ. Very good but the camera is to far away! F
Cumshot: 7 strong jets of glue on brunettes face. A real try to get the title of decorator. She gets some on eye, forehead, hair, lips, etc. A closer point of view would have been strongly appreciated! G
Cumshot: Good load on blonde's mouth and chin. Still too far away. F
[...] Both girls give great mouth job afterward!!
Rate: 4 out of 5. I cannot really say why but that scene did not fully worked with me. Nevertheless, you have quite cute girls, some sexy outfits, nasty action with nearly fisting and a full 3-penetration. So, I am maybe difficult to satisfy. I think that the girls' bodies were a bit "soft" to look very sexy. I don't know. If you liked what you have read very much, you might consider a better rate.
Timer: 72' 40'' Scene#4 Summary: 4
Atmosphere Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Hot Straight, Anal, DP, Fisting, Triple penetration: Double pussy + Anal, Facial Black strips and chain outfits Good Good 3: 1G + 2F

Scene5: Blonde from scene 1 + Red hair + 1 guy
The red hair has a round face with a cute slightly snub nose and short hair. She looks good.
The girls share the cock. The red hair has a lollipop-like BJ technique with a lot of licking more than sucking.
Blonde is first to house that cock. She does so on the table in mish. Red hair does her best to participate. She then gets P2M, delivering eventually something looking like a BJ.
When he moves from her pussy to her ass, red hair still wants to help. But this time, she inserts a pink dildo in blonde's pussy while a cock is moving in the other hole. The dildo is actually double side. So, why not using the other side as well? Red hair, therefore, knees over the blonde's tummy and she sticks the other side of pink dildo in pussy as well. Nice combination! Nice? Not enough! Mr "I am lucky guy" get a red jelly butt plug and inserts it in the only free hole around: red hair's ass. That is a technical double DP. Wow!
Time for more serious treatment for red hair: anal RCG. Blonde's turn to help with the pink dildo into the free pussy over.
Editing. Vaginal RCG.
Cumshot: Out of red hair's pussy, he cums with the help of the blonde. She makes him cum on pussy and in her mouth with a shy HJ. F
Rate: 3.5 out of 5. This scene is great for the original combinations.
Timer: end Scene#5 Summary: 3.5
Atmosphere Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Warm Straight, Anal, DP (with toy) Toys Good Good 1: F

I will give a rate equivalent to Anal Sauger and Top Teens Gallery. But as for the other ones, this rate is more representative of a global satisfaction. I think I preferred the girls from the other ones but this film had more imagination. After all, we had a real triple-penetration, some nice games with toys, hot nearly fistfuckings and a good group-sex scene. The girls know how to "finish" a guy with mouth as well! Also, I liked that I did not have to see for the 1000th time the same bunch of males. By the way, for the female readers: the guys are handsome and have no problem to get a wood to offer. Of course, I am probably not the best to say that as I am more interested in females myself, but I can try. That is also another good reason for making of that flick a good candidate for a couple evening.

My global rate for that movie is 4 out of 5. Original action, cutes girls, handsome new males and excellent picture.

The screen shots are here.

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