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Remy La Croix (Elegant Angel)

Remy La Croix (Elegant Angel)

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Remy La Croix (Elegant Angel):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Remy La Croix (Elegant Angel) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Remy La Croix (Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Remy La Croix (Elegant Angel) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Remy La Croix (Elegant Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Remy La Croix (Elegant Angel) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Remy La Croix (Elegant Angel) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Remy La Croix (Elegant Angel) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/22/2012
Welcome porn fans to a recent title from director Mason and she makes a return here to a theme she's used in the past to great success. That is focusing an entire title around one woman who in this case is Remy La Croix. I must confess to only seeing a few scenes I think from this young lady but she has impressed me so having the chance to watch an entire show based around her is a welcome one indeed. Plus she's got a couple sexy costars in a couple of the scenes, Jada Stevens and Lexi Belle in another. Anyone who has seen Remy knows she's been blessed with an incredible ass and one can only hope that there is some serious ass licking done to it throughout. I have no doubts Mason will surround her with strong cocks too and I already see that Manuel and Michael Stefano are in the first two scenes so that bodes well for the rest. Time for some highlights.

Remy La Croix & Jada Stevens:

We begin the Remyfest with a scene I suspect will get a nomination for best b/g/g at the 2013 AVN show, it's that good! If you have seen Mason's work in the past she does do short interviews with the talent before their scenes and this scene here begins with just such a short conversation with Remy who is very open and candid with her answers & thoughts on a few subjects. From that we go to a wonderful site, four of the best butt cheeks you'll ever have the privilege to perve on and we follow behind the two ladies while they take a stroll. Bubblicious definitely comes to mind as one word to describe both sets of buttocks we get to enjoy here. Nice touch too the ladies each have hats on with their names on them. The girls have a nice time here teasing each other and subsequently US the viewing audience. To say they emphasize the asses here is more than adequate. If you have a wide screen tv this is obviously a scene you'll want to watch on it, holy shit do these asses rock on such a big canvas. The girls move inside then where there is more g/g playing with a little toy usage too but thankfully also using their tongues to kiss and taste each other. Michael Stefano then joins the show as the girls get side by side in a doggie pose and Mr. Stefano has the enviable "task" of going from ass to ass licking away. Michael soon lends his dick to the cause too fucking his first pussy and no surprise it's the lead girl Remy who is busy at the same time licking her friends cookie. The girls then tag team his cock and anyone who has had the luck of two girls licking them at the same time knows how this feels. Jada gets a go then at riding in cowgirl and even better it's up her poopchute!! The highlights continue when we get A2OGM from Remy and there is a whole lotta A2OGM towards the end of the scene when Michael is dipping his cock in and out quickly to Jada's ass and then into Remy's mouth. I was a little surprised to see Remy not doing anal in this scene but it in no way lessened the effect of the scenes brilliance plus you get P2OGM from Jada on multiple occasions. Michael also gets a little more ME time with Remy's ass when she rises up to sit on his face while Jada is riding him anally. So plenty of good times for everyone in this scene which closes with Michael's load glazing one of Remy's ass cheeks and Jada licking/ sucking it up before the two girls share a cum kiss. This trio had a blast and it shows, 'nuff said.


This next scene is the first of 3 scenes featuring just Remy who opens with another nice chat directly into the camera and she talks a little about her scene partner at one point, Manuel so you know the scene is going to be good. The show opens in a big where house type room with Remy in a tightly fitting black corset and matching jet black panties/ heel boots. Nicely she is topless and we get several good views of her ass and nothing beats the upward shot of the floor angle when showcasing a booty. Remy has expressive eyes too that do a lot to reel you in in conjunction with the excellent ass footage. Manuel then joins her and you get some great foreplay between the two kissing and there is excellent finger banging from the 4 time Male Performer of the Year that elicits a juicy orgasm from Remy, you hear how wet her pussy is!! Manuel is also among the best in the biz at face diving into his costars asses which he does here but also allowing Remy to have a firm seat on his face while Manuel lies on his back. Remy gets her shot too fishing out his cock and doing some fine oral and we haven't had that much talking at all really. A few soft words here and there. These two do all the talking with body language and some great eye contact. Remy then sits up on her hind quarters for some strong face fucking which leads neatly to the two standing and he slips inside her in doggie. This might have been an anal shot but we don't get a clear enough view for me to be totally sure. Her facial expression leads to think it was but a short time later we do get Manuel slipping his long schlong into Remy's backdoor when they were in spoon on a couch. They work through a good series of positions from reverse anal to more doggie with Manuel even dipping his face back in there to taste her ass, can't blame him for that. A fantastic pop shot to close this one is fired to her open mouth and around the face. Super clean up too from Remy after.

Remy & Lexi Belle:

The next scene opens again with Remy talking to us and I really enjoy Mason doing this and if you're aren't in a hurry to watch this girl fuck I'd definitely give her a listen. From that nice bit of informative chat time we go to Remy alone and having a bit of fun with a hula hoop. The outfit she wears here is certainly ass luver friendly with ample booty cleavage showing and Mason was good with the floor shots. I do believe some of this footage has become popular on You Tube as we watch Remy twirl the huly hoop around her sexy curves and she does it all with a cute smile and did I mention Mason doing a good job with the perve floor shots of her ass!!! Remy is so good she's able to take the top off and not stop twirling. Lexi then appears by her side and her top & bottoms both disappear within seconds. Plus you see she is wearing roller skates-- Roller Girl anyone!! The girls then continue the tease not really getting hot and heavy just yet but you sense that they soon will be. Lets just say the you tube clip of Remy only shows you part of the story and the best parts are here with her fully naked and twirling it! The hula hoop is finally put to the side and the girls get nice and comfy on a piece of carpet. There is fine kissing here and also some pretty good oral and finger play too. Unlike the first scene with Jada and Remy the g/g play here is longer before the guy comes in and I didn't mind that one bit, love great g/g and these two clearly seemed into each other. The ladies then bring in toys and while I'm not the biggest fan of their usage it didn't disrupt the scene to much for me plus you see a hitachi wand used and those puppies are very good at bringing about an orgasm. My biggest beef with toy play is when the girls don't keep up licking as well and you see that maintained here so nicely done ladies. Ahh this turns out to be just a g/g scene, lol. The toy and hitachi dominated the latter portion of the scene with the girls still kissing and licking here and there. After two real good scenes this one was solid but could have used a cock I think! I enjoyed the tease and early part of this one before they went to the toy play to close it out.


The last two scenes are all Remy. We learn more about Remy, she loves to cook and her breakfast options that she lays out are most appealing! Remy loves being a giver and seeing her partner in that state of bliss which we all strive for! Blow jobs too are something she loves, ok sign this girl up!!From another fantastic round of chatting we head outside with Remy and once again get treated to some of the best ground ass shots you could ever wish to see. It's a cloudy day too so no issues with the sun at all. Remy is once again wearing black and you see more hot eye contact too from Miss La Croix in between the sizzling booty shots. The young lady then moves indoors to the bedroom where we continue the hot tease. Having her on all white sheets definitely helped Remy's body stand out and I know you aren't getting tired of all the ass shots we're being treated to. If you are then you are watching the wrong dvd my friend! Remy does a superb job working her way out of the lingerie and the butt shots only get better and hello who is this creeping up from behind, the Man of Steele!! Lex gets a firm grip on those booty cheeks and gives them a couple solid spanks while shaking and stirring her ass! There is a long wait at all before Remy reaches inside his trousers to pull out his long cock and with great eye contact she gets a firm grip and takes him in. The duo then engage in some strong pussy fucking in mish, doggie and reverse before moving to spoon and Lex eases his dick into her ass. Remy looks so good here rubbing her pussy furiously and lots of heavy breathing here folks, lots of it! Great to see Remy do A2M here too. It was a no brainer then to move to anal in cowgirl, could that ass be shown off any better, I think not. More A2M and then a change around to reverse anal. Remy is soon in prime position for Lex to deliver a good pop shot to her face/ open mouth with excellent clean up.


One final chance to appreciate this young lady and she leaves us with a few more tidbits about breakfast and how she feels not so much a porn performer and how that can get her into trouble on set when she is told to open up or even look at the camera. But for me and I think a lot of you that she doesn't concern herself first and foremost with the camera is a good thing. Getting lost in the scene, the moment, the person you are working with should be first and yeah you'll need to learn over time how to open up to the camera or give us that knowing look of enjoyment- but those things can come in time, if you don't have that ability to lose yourself in the moment then those other areas won't mask that or at least not enough that you'll continue to get a lot of work so Remy thanks! Ahh Remy gets two cocks in her finale and the guys are already having their way with Remy as the scene opens. Ramon Nomar unleashes his cock and we get Everhard diving into her wide open pussy. Great to see the classic in between shot with Remy trading off their cocks several times during this bit of oral. The guys then start in fucking her pussy and do a good job trading off here with the shot hovering right over the action. There is some good anal here too in the trading off between the guys. Great to see also the fellas DP her in both reverse and cowgirl. The guys even do the standing dp with Remy! The last part of the scene is a full on fuck a thon of great action with multiple dps of Remy and you get some awesome close in shots as they guys pound her. The fellas manage to save up good loads too for Remy firing them off to her open mouth/ face. Along with the first scene this one too could see some award recognition in the b/b/g category, fantastic action!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Let's just say if you're a Remy La Croix fan this title is probably already in your collection or on its way! Great action with a performer who is just starting I think to receive the kind of recognition for her obvious talent. Elegant Angel is a great judge of such talent and don't go around giving full titles to just anyone so Remy has something special growing and I think it will only continue to flourish the rest of 2012 and hopefully beyond. The short interview clips we get before the scenes are great and offer some real insight into Remy as a person in all different aspects besides just porn. If you haven't seen Remy in action but have heard of her perhaps and were curious then by all means take a look at this show. It has lots of action from straight b/g to g/g and they add a boy and a girl here and there in a few of the scenes but Remy La Croix is a constant presence and she definitely has that, presence. Extras here include the popshots being repeated, a photo gallery and a nearly 10 minute BTS clip. Have a look see because you get more good footage with Jada and Remy!

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