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sydguy Reloaded 3 starsReloaded 3 starsReloaded 3 stars
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Studio: Enrique Cruz
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Reloaded:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Reloaded overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Reloaded Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Reloaded Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Reloaded Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Reloaded Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Reloaded DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Reloaded A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  1/28/2006
This is the first time I have viewed a video from Enrique Cruz and it was nothing like anything I had seen before. Little or no kissing, foreplay, script, or plot. You wonít find any spitting, fancy sets, orÖ..professional acting. What you will find is a mix of black and Latin guys with varying body types with several hot muscular bodies and guys with huge dicks (and a few with both). You will also find scenes with guys shooting off more than one load. The ways these guys are squirting out two and three loads makes you wonder if Enrique was paying them by the cum shot rather than by scene. Hip-hop music plays in the background of some of the scenes. I am not sure if that is editing or if it was just playing in the background when they filmed the scene. The first half of the video played a multiple of short scenes and so at times I was not sure if I was watching an actual scene or just a series of outtakes. The video lasts for 2:20 and the second half flows better with 4 scenes lasting about 20 minutes each. The opening and closing credits are of little help in identifying the performers so I had to visit their website to help me out there. The movie does not flow like most films as scenes change quickly going from outside to inside to outside and back again. The setting appears to be in New York and seems to turn around a music studio background. The talking we hear among the guys makes no sense at all, but you forget it once you see a 10-inch dick come out of someoneís pants.

We start out with three guys on a couch talking. According to the final credits, these three are Double R, Deck and Icon, but according to the website, its Double R, Kam, and Ikon. I tend to believe its really Deck, Ikon (or Icon) and Kam so lets go with that. Kam undresses first to show a sexy body with some succulent nipples. Deck and Ikon suck on him some and Ikon gives those nips some sucking. Ikon fucks Deck while Kam blows a quick huge load. Deck shoots his load while he is being fucked.

The scene changes to outside in New York, two guys walking up some stairs and then all of sudden we see three guys already going at it. One is a muscular dude called Kacorot. I have no idea who the other two are. One is a Latin dude with lots of ink. They start fucking really quickly. Itís a typical three-way fuck where the bottom is getting fucking doggy style by Kacorot while the bottom boy sucks the inked Latin guy. Two of them shoot their load while the inked stud doesnít.

We are only 15 minutes into the film and have seen two scenes already. The scene moves to another guy on the phone and then we get clips of guys jacking off, getting sucked, getting fucked, parking lot, the street, etc. What is this about? I donít know.

We are now seeing two guys, Sexy One and Jose, in a bathtub sucking. Trick, who has been sleeping, gets up to go watch. He doesnít bother undressing. He just pulls it out and starts stroking. But then again, why should he undress because 30 seconds later he is giving us a cum shot. So, back to the guys in the tub. Whoever thought of having two guys doggy style fuck in a bathtub full of water wasnít thinking right. By now we are learning camera angles with this video leave a lot to be desired and this location doesnít make it any better. Neither of them show much of a cum shot when they finish fucking. We see some anonymous cum shots and before the camera returns to these two with Trick, a hot muscular guy with an awesome body standing while Sexy One is licking his ass and Jose is sucking on Sexy One. They do various three-way positions and the stationery camera has me thinking I am watching some kind of webcam. This is so sad as Trick is hot and Sexy One has a huge dick. Trick gets fucked also here. I am not sure if it was bad lighting or maybe they were going for that silhouette look, but it wasnít working for me.

There is some more showing inside, back to outside, and on and on of this. Next two guys in a scene are Iseah sucking on some other hot dude with another huge dick. The room is so small you can see the lighting equipment in the background. They eventually move to another location for some doggy style fucking. Its bad enough we have bad lighting and camera angles, but in this scene the top doesnít remove his shirt so his shirttail gets in the way of the view. The top dude does manage to dribble out some cum after fucking Iseah. Another dude is watching stroking his big dick. He joins them and he seems a little shy about getting undressed. When will directors learn that a clothed model is not sexy, and is distracting? The original top shoots another load and Iseah has a cum shot. The third guy undresses and comes around to fuck Iseah and shoots a load. The other top guy shots another load and the third guy shoots another load. All in alló6 loads from these 3 guys.

The next scene has two guys who appear to be Iseah and Double R on the couch messing around. The move to the bed and do some sucking and then Iseah rides Double Rís dick (I think). Double R shoots off a big cum shot while Iseah squirts one out. They go back to fucking, but this time, doggy style. I am not sure if they are bored or just spent, but its not exciting. They both eek out a second cum shot.

We are now almost half way thru the video (about 1:07 of the 2:20), and things begin to slow down. We hear a little more conversation as Shorty II and Castro come in. Castro, like many others in this film, does not suck. Shorty gets him undressed and sucks on him. Castro never can really get it hard, but the dudeís another one of those in the film with a huge dick, and he has a hot buffed body to go with it. Unfortunately the cameraman really doesnít capture his body and show it justice. This scene moves slowly. The blowjob is like watching paint dry. Shorty has a little baby size cum shot and then gets on his back so Castro can fuck him. You have to enjoy Castroís body, but sadly he canít get his huge dick fully hard. This scene really gets boring, as the camera does not move for almost 5 minutes. Castro has a cum shot, but its not much of one.

The next two guys are TKO and Sinbadóthe two hot guys on the box cover. TKO invites Sinbad to come with him to what looks like a workspace. They begin undressing each other and exploring their bodies with their tongue. I really like it when directors have this. This kind of foreplay is so important to the sensuality of a video. TKO is the first to start sucking on Sinbad. Sinbad is short and is able to stroke TKOís dick while getting sucked. Sinbad returns the favor and sucks TKO. In short time, TKO is fucking Sinbad. The background music heard earlier is gone and these two do not speak so itís a very quiet scene. The scene has really being going well up to now. They appear either nervous or inexperienced. However, the visual effect of these two together is hot as hell. TKO shoots off first and then shoves his dick back in while Sinbad shoots some droplets of cum.

We go back to Shorty and Castro. They are more energetic this time around and we actually hear Castro speak. It also looks like we may have a new cameraman as we are getting some good camera angles with this scene. They go thru a couple of different positions and shoot again, only this time they spew out some good size loads of cum.

We return to TKO and Sinbad and unfortunately their chemistry is no better the second time around. You might need some caffeine to watch this one. We do, however, get to see them do a flip-flop fuck. Sinbad shoots a bigger wad this time around and TKO actually shoots off twice in this scene. I am not sure if these guys were tired, nervous or what, but itís a shame when you have two guys as hot as these two are and show such little interest in the sex.

The extras in this video leave a little to be desired. You have Bonus Booty that is basically clips, trailers and outtakes of other videos. But at least they didnít waste this on a photo gallery.

Instead of focusing on giving a more quality video, this one seemed to be more about getting as many cum shots in it as possible. There are a lot of guys out there that would like that, but I am not one of them. I do have to hand it to Enrique for getting some hot guys. I donít think I have ever seen that many dicks over ten inches in a single video. I really enjoyed looking at guys like Castro, Trick, TKO, and Sinbad (even if the sex was not all that hot). I prefer a hot body to a big dick, but its nice when you get both. I was really torn on my sex rating here. On the one hand you have guys delivering multiple cum shots, but on the other you had situations where there was little interest in each other and some pretty small cum loads. Enrique does need to do a better job of identifying his models. Viewers should not have to research the Internet, etc. to learn who is who and even then, itís not all that accurate. The hip-hop music in the background adds to the flavor of this video, but the lousy camera work and lighting was pitiful. I generally like to watch these videos to bust a nut, but I am not sure this video would do that for me. Maybe if these guys got into each other more, they could make a video more appealing for me. Since they were hot, I am going to chalk that up to nervousness and lack of experience.

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