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Registered Nurse 3

Registered Nurse 3

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Registered Nurse 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Registered Nurse 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Registered Nurse 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Registered Nurse 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Registered Nurse 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Registered Nurse 3 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Registered Nurse 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Registered Nurse 3 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/5/2010
Alright fans I'm feeling a bit down so I need a quick pick me up. What to do, why I see a new Smash dvd called Registered Nurse 3 all ready to be checked out so let's do that as I see several sexy girls in this and anything that ails you should be made right after watching them. I'm curious to see Katie Jordin doing a guy as up to this point I've only seen her do one movie with another girl where she was coaxed into the lesbian arts-- it's quite good btw. Anyway we've got sexy nurses here so fill out your paperwork and get ready for the checkout!

Alexis Texas:

We open with Alexis who if you've got an ass itch that just won't go away she's here to make sure that it's all taken care of. The scene begins with Dr. Evan Stone trying to explain the complexities of the X-ray and Alexis is an apt listener, hanging on every word. A short time later Alexis busts Evan as he was fixated on her ass-- she was checkin the machines which had her bending over! Alexis then asks if her nurses outfit is to short, not appropriate for work. I'm think Evan will say no it's just fine!! So to make sure the doc's in for the long haul Alexis hops up and starts showing off her pussy, touching her lips, tugging on her bush and Evan's great with the facial expressions too. Alexis seals the deal by going to a doggie pose and slapping that big juicy ass a few times, Evan was all hers! We get in a little pussy eating as she sits on his face, then lies back on the exam table so he can get a little more pussy eating in before letting Mr. Happy in on the fun. Mish and doggie warm us up but you know they had to work in cowgirl-- any Alexis Texas scene that doesn't include this shot just isn't complete. Alexis then gets in some knob polishing towards the end of the scene, keeping her nurses hat on like a good girl. Finally the pop flies to her face with some cleanup by Alexis. I think the doc's ready for rounds now!

Jessie Andrews:

Our next scene occurs on a rainy day but inside it's nice and dry as we have Nurse Andrews leading the patient, Christian, into the x-ray room. Jessie's got the same skimpy short white nurses outfit on like Alexis, sexy white lace! As Jessie's figeting with the machine, making sure the X-ray's took we get Christian looking up at her sexy lace panties which are peeking out and he can't help but start to stroke himself. Jessie turns around and sees this and tries to tell Christian he'll be in big trouble but then she starts to get turned on by the site of the big cock and she can't help herself. The hands start going down between her legs and we get a fine close shot of the panties as she plays with her cookie. She lets those perky tits out too before heading back into the x-ray room to help get that boner to go down, lol. Nice head here and the blonde hair falling over one of her eyes was a nice touch. So she loses most of the outter outfit, leaving the bra on and she hops on, cowgirl looked good. Jessie also flips around for some reverse, there's standing doggie and finally mish on the x-ray table leading to the pop which nicely hits her face.

Katie Jordin:

Ok the scene I was looking forward to has arrived. We open with Katie arriving to a house- white lace stockings to match her all white outfit and heels. She rings the doorbell and Otto Bauer lets her in-- I would too and answer any questions! Oh ok he's a doctor and she's bringing by some files. She'd do anything for the doctor!! Katie asks about the wife, where she is and when learning she's at a meeting Katie turns on the charms, Otto can't resist! Katie unzips her ouftit, bats her doe eyes and Otto is putty in her hands-- which tempt him further with some body caressing. Katie gets a bit more naked and the two come together for a couple kisses before Otto works his cock out and Katie is more than ready to engulf him-- if this feels wrong I don't want to know what feels right!! Cowgirl was a highlight sexually as was doggie where Otto manages to step back enough allowing her ass to take center stage, plenty of shaking in that booty. Katie also works in some reverse before Otto blasts off to that pretty face, cleanup too. Katie's hot and I definitely want to see more with her and dudes-- girls too as she rocked that g/g scene before!

Lexi Bloom:

On to Nurse Lexi's scene which opens with the patient Marco Rivera lying in bed as Lexi comes to check on him. He can't feel anything below the waist. Lexi tries to see if there's any feeling, touching his toes, nothing but then when she bends over to get the sponge ready for his bath a little rising happens!! I think the view inspired him! Gotta love white lace thong panties. She gets him wet all over, making sure to wipe his cock and it begins to say hello as we get another panty shot. Lexi is willing to help the process along so she starts stroking his cock, giving Marco another even better ass shot, moving from side to side! She works the titties out then works her way back over kissing Marco's neck while stroking his rod. Some dirty talk and we're ready to make the transformation complete from paralysis to cumplete recovery. As she begins sucking his cock Marco starts getting feeling back everywhere, his fingers begin to move as Lexi engulfs him. After a little reverse romp out patient can move so much he gets up and moves around to tickle her pussy lips with his tongue. A hard romp in doggie finishes this successful treatment off, big facial for Lexi!

Ryder Skye:

One last session and it begins with Ryder showing up at Ralph Long's house and judging by the looks of him Ryder's got her work cut out if they're going to fuck! A neck brace and his left arm is in a cast almost up to his shoulder, it's his left so I presume his free hand is the one he, ahh you gets busy with! Ryder's looking good as have all the ladies in their outfits. Ryder points out he doesn't need to be wearing that neck brace and when she starts walking up the stairs offering up a perve butt shot I bet Ralph wishes he could bend just a bit to see. Ryder notices he's walking with a limp so he's not been stretching those legs enough so down to the floor for some hard stretches. As Ryder is applying the pressure we're getting more perve butt shots. The shots linger too and for good reason this is one amazing ass and the white lace thong just makes it perfect. Ryder then walks around and stands right over Ralphs face allowing him to finally see what we've been seeing!! We get the two on the bed and Ralph lets the tongue out to get a taste!! Ryder is like that's ok you need to stretch the neck! She's in perfect 69 position on top to work his cock out and right into her waiting mouth. We work Ryder around to cowgirl for a ride and it offers still more visual evidence on how good looking her ass is, the slight grinding too was nice. Mish and doggie help round out the scene and Ralph doesn't even have to take his cast off, lol. Ryder then gets over top and jerks the load out and the cum coats her fingers and his shaft with Ryder then bending down for a little cleanup. I think Ralph's all stretched out now!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a fun little Nurse themed romp with five sexy girls. The Katie Jordin scene was a highlight simply for it being my first time seeing her with a dude and she didn't disappoint. Lexi Bloom then follows with perhaps the best overall scene. Ryder Skye comes on in the finale delivering the best in close ass tease/ shots I saw the entire dvd so lots to enjoy. The white nurses outfits were awesome with the white lace thong panties the icing on a delicious cake. As for extras you get some BTS here to take a look and there's a pick a position menu too allowing one to hit a fave shot or just watch the men splooge to these pretty girls faces or in Ryder's case jerking it out herself. Well worth checking out if you've got a Nurse fetish-- as I mention the outfits were superb with white lace never looking so good.

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