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Registered Nurse 2
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Registered Nurse 2

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Registered Nurse 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Registered Nurse 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Registered Nurse 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Registered Nurse 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Registered Nurse 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Registered Nurse 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Registered Nurse 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Registered Nurse 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/13/2009
OK fans time to check into the hospital for our annual porn checkup and we have some lovely nurses here to help assist us as we find out what ails us and what kind of cure there is-- I have a sneaking suspicion it will involve sex at some point. Quite a nice group of RN's too so I say forget about filling out the paperwork and let these ladies get to it.

Kristina Rose:

We open with Alec Knight trying to do a little paperwork when Kristina walks in and she's wearing a doctor's coat which catches his eye-- that was her aim but then she opens it up revealing a skimpy nurses outfit and I'm thinking some hanky panky!! Alec seems ready for a break and once she thrusts that ass out all bets are off and Mr. Knight is soon down there licking away at pussy/ass-- what a fucking site too, Kristina Rose's ass right there to plunder, ok I'm dreaming! Well Kristina wants to give Alec something to dream about so she works his cock out and we get in some fine knob polishing-- if the doctor's instrument is working properly he'll be able to better care for his patients so actually Kristina's doing a noble thing here. The sexual energy too from Kristina here is very good, the head is aggressive without being to demonstrative but it's clear she's relishing the cock before her. As you might expect cowgirl was very very good here, Kevin gets a couple awesome floor shots looking up at her perfect ass and you hear Kristina getting more vocal too, must be something about cock in her pussy that drives her wild. After a run in doggie you have a pull out and pop on those ass cheeks- not my finish of choice but she's got a great ass so why not.

Tara Lynn Foxx:

Ok onto our next scene where Mark Wood's in for a check on his hard cock-- it's been rigid for 24 hours. Well the doctor says they'll need to draw blood-- oouch!! But the doc leaves to find the right needle so we have Nurse Foxx alone with Mark and she decides to try her own method of treating him. Well she uses her stethoscope to check and sure enough he's got a hard on and what shall she do, why engulf his cock of course. Nice looking head here from Tara and Mark starts checking her out too, a little mutual admiration. Moving on with the treatment we get Mark doing some pussy licking, how this is making him better I'm not sure but it damn sure made Tara feel good. The duo then work through a series of good shots where Mark lays pipe-- gotta work that hard on until he's ready to explode-- how about a creampie finish. As he pulls out you see some start to drip out, I think his hard on will start to go down now!

Jayden James:

On we go and now we have Nurse James doing some checking around the station, making sure things are in order. Liked the purple color she had on and I think Doc Johnny Sins does too, in fact he comments on the scrubs and her fuck me heels! This doesn't dissuade her and hell she even lets him flirt with her. The two get closer and closer, the flirting gets hotter and finally down goes her clipboard and the two kiss, hands going onto her tits. The scrub bottoms are pulled down revealing a white nurses outfit on under, lol, plus she's got some sexy blue lace panties on. Johnny drops down for a much closer look, hands griping both cheeks, spreading and then time to dive in thank you very much. Kevin gets a great close up here as Johnny's tongue dances around her lips. You also get some fingering here before we have Johnny stand up and get hands on with those tits, more kissing too. Don't really see her boobs played with, though, we get an edit and suddenly she's down sucking cock-- not that this didn't look very good, it did. Watching a girl give head when she really loves doing it is awesome, count Jayden down as one who really loves head! We work in some titty fucking too, then it's everything else! Cowgirl was very bouncy, mish gets us to the pop which is right onto her outstretched tongue with cleanup right after, well done Nurse James, best scene so far I think.

Aletta Ocean:

Our next scene finds Doctor Chris Johnson frantically checking out his calculations but they aren't computing. Nurse Ocean comes in and wants to help but her flirting isn't what he needs now---- ok Doc even in these trying economic times you need to take nookie whenever it's offered and it takes him a little time but Chris catches on and gives in. Aletta has the foreign accent working too so her words even though they're pedestrian/ normal sound very sexy. Chris starts feeling over her body, the top is unzipped and she's sans bra so bare titties fans. Good squeezing and kissing here from the doc, even Aletta gets a nipple to lick. The scene progresses rather nicely then to Aletta droppping down and working out his stethoscope, hehe. Nice side angle for the blowjob, kept the titties in the shot. The doc then gets down and dirty licking her pussy-- she reaches up to cup his head making sure he goes nowhere until that pussy is purring! Reverse had a good bounce to it, the closer shots were better here, the ones looking up to her boobs showed the scars underneath so Kevin didn't linger to long on that view. They finish strong in standing doggie until he deposits his load, our second creampie and this one was better, in fact she cumfarts some out and the sound was real good so you'll hear it, ewwww!

Shyla Stylez:

Ok we have one more scene and it features Nurse Shyla who is joined by Doc Sean Michaels-- he wants a moment of her time to go over the procedures, making sure every thing is being done right--- we don't need any porno lawsuits here,lol. First thing, we get the proper technique shown to listen to a heart-- it's on the left which surprises Shyla who evidently had been trying to listen to the patients hearts on the right side-- ooops!!! Sean then is told about some thumping sounds around her pussy region-- as her professional mentor she wants him to try and find out why this is so of course Sean wants to help out! Shyla gets comfortable, spreads her legs and the stethoscope is used again and sure enough he finds palpitations of the vagina, lol. Basically her pussy is pulsating, rapidly-- the cure is unorthodox, against the traditional methods-- SEX!!! So everything comes off, tits are out and Sean gets to further examine his young charge-- this involves in depth study starting with licking her pussy. Shyla's got such an all around body, from her face to her tits to her ass-- sinfully hot and damn if she isn't afraid to use everything to please-- ahh she even works some glasses on too during the scene. After some very good pussy play it's time for Shyla to give a little in return and yeah she knows her way around the biggest of cocks so Sean's big schlong was no problem for her. Sexwise you get a couple vag positions but we all know this young lady is an anal pro so thankfully we get that ass tapped as well. The open shot for the doggie anal was great and Kevin was good with some closeups too. The duo bang it out hard in mish vag until Sean is ready to pop and it's a good load too flying to her waiting mouth with cleanup from Nurse Stylez-- I think those palpitations are gone now but if they return she knows the cure for what ails her!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well well this was a pretty good time for fans of Nurses! You had five lovely ladies here led by Shyla, Jyaden and Kristina. The setups were pretty easy and didn't take up to much time before the fun stuff happened. Lots of good action here, not as much anal but plenty of good pussy pounding and dick sucking. Jayden's romp might've been the best but Shyla's finisher was pretty hot too. Extra wise you have a photo gallery, previews for other Smash titles and yes there is some Behind the Scenes so give that a look see. Worth a purchase for those with a fetish for Nurses, these ladies looked the part and had fun with it.

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