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Reform School Girls 2

Reform School Girls 2

Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal
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Savoy's ratings for Reform School Girls 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Reform School Girls 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Reform School Girls 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Reform School Girls 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Reform School Girls 2 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Reform School Girls 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Reform School Girls 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Reform School Girls 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Savoy  on  10/16/2007
Overview – This is one of those Mark Stone all-sex titles. I liked “I’m a Tease 2”. Some of the “Hook-ups” and the first installment of “Reform School Girls” were good as well. I love the school girl theme so I am looking forward to watching this one. Any DVD that gives free reign to Penny Flame’s dirty-talk ad-lib skills is good stuff to me. There are some new female faces in this one and a male I haven’t seen – Charles Dera. And for those that don’t know – Wicked = condoms.

The Set-up - Mr. Davidson (Randy Spears) runs The Hedley Reform School for Girls where he “takes bad girls and turns them into good girls”. We watch as each faculty member attempts to do just that. Though in this universe, bad girls are good girls.

Penny Flame & Randy Spears - Penny is a peppy, ditzy brunette who thinks Hedley’s VOcational program she’ll be attending is actually a VAcational program. Mr. Davidson tries to set her straight and watching Flame and Spears go back and forth over this comic confusion is pretty entertaining, but it doesn’t take long before Mr. Davidson guides Penny’s attention to a more pressing matter.

“You should have said something! You know that’s fine. It’s my favorite thing to do!” Penny exclaims before she merrily takes the head of his cock in her mouth. The blowjob is playful but unfocused. Things start to really heat up when Mr. Davidson asks “Do you like your pretty little pussy licked?” (umm, yes please!) and proceeds to lick, suck and finger her. Great shot with Penny’s blissful face in the background and her wet, wet puss in the foreground. Fucking begins with mish. Spears is always good about working himself in slow and letting a girl get accustomed to his size. That first moment of penetration is one of my favorite things and it’s a moment that is thrown away in porn a lot. But it’s here and it’s shivery/delicious to watch. She doesn’t cum in mish, but the flush that spreads on her chest let’s us know it feels fucking good. Cut to cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl where she has a small trembler and then a bigger, more significant orgasm. The scene ends with Penny stroking Mr. Davidson off in her mouth. It didn’t bother me but male viewers might not like the fact that she spits his cum into her hand before popping her gum back in her mouth. Overall, it’s a strong scene with two of my favorite performers connecting quite nicely.

To anyone who hasn’t watched a Flame scene, she is one hell of a talker. It’s not dirty mean trash talk, but fun inventive flirty talk. Very refreshing and so different. How many girls can say something like “Sign the contract with your signature in semen,” with a heavenly smile while riding reverse cowgirl and pull it off? I love her and her gorgeous natural ta-tas and could go on and on, but I’ll stop now and move on to the next scene.

Aubrey Addams & Manuel Ferrara -The cooking instructor, Francois Clousot (haha – that’s the name of Wicked’s contract DP and director) informs us that he is a world-renowned chef. Addams, a slight, chubby-cheeked, baby-voiced blonde, let’s us know she’s not used to handling meat and she hasn’t the “finest clue what is going on.” Chef Francois tries to show her how to handle a chicken, then how to stuff a pussy. (“I didn’t know it was that type of class.” “Well, you know, French people – we can cook anything.”)

First, he stuffs her with his fingers then something a lil’ more significant, but not before she gives her all to working as much of that fat Ferrara cock into her mouth as she can. She already looks prettier. Fucking starts with doggie. Ferrara is the exact opposite of Spears – he gets as much in as he can and just pumps away. Tiny Aubrey looks like she’s gonna split in two while she clutches the table. On to an incredibly short amount of time in mish, then a sort of standing spoon position. She cannot stop crying “Oh my god” in disbelief. She must say it 500 times. I can’t blame her. I think I would have the same reaction if that pipe were laid in me. Jesus, that fucker is thick. Cowgirl with his finger up her asshole, then they wrap it up with reverse cowgirl. He jerks off on her mouth, squeezing out the last drop on her tongue. She swallows and looks very satisfied indeed.

“That’s how we stuff a pussy in France.” Good scene.

Nadi Phuket & Evan Stone -Ricardo De La Soul is the dancing instructor at Hedley. Candonesia is a dark-skinned, exotic girl sent there for her potty mouth. (“I don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.”) She’s a bit toothy and not my kind of pretty, but has the cutest knee-hi socks and thong on so I’ll keep watching. Talk turns to her foul mouth and what dirty words bad girls say and well, I’m sure you get the picture. (“Use ‘cock’ in a sentence.”) The fun naughtiness that exists in the other scenes isn’t here. They don’t have chemistry. It’s not Stone’s fault. Phuket doesn’t seem game to play the coy school girl routine or to respond to anything Stone does and the scene is deflating fast. She finally shows a little energy when Stone’s cock is revealed, “Well, that’s nice and meaty. If I’m bad will you slap me with it?” “Slap yourself.” Uh – yeah. See how they don’t mesh?

She’s trying too hard to be a sexy porn star. [FFing]. BJ, 69, some fucking in various positions (hmmm, things look to have heated up a bit…but I’m already over this coupling) [FFing]. and jerk to pop on her big ol’ kisser.

Katarina Kat & Charles Dera -Both of these performers are new to me. I’ve never even heard of Charles Dera. Fresh man meat – yum. Let’s see how this unfolds…

Mr. Lovejoy teaches acting and modeling. His student is Anastasia, a troubled girl from Kazakhstan. Kat is a pretty blonde with a natural, lithe body. She can handle the school girl routine. Its Dera is who is stiff with his dialogue, but he’s good-looking, has the rough sexiness of a blue-collar guy and I haven’t seen him naked or fucking yet so I’ll give him a break… Contact starts with lots of kissing and touching. Kat has gorgeous long legs and some substantial nipples on her B-cup boobies that Dera lavishes attention on. Some time spent down on her, 3-fingered fucking and then she returns the favor. The oral sex is perfunctory. Fucking commences with mish. Katarina’s eyes are glued on his cock slipping in and out. She rarely looks him in the eye, but she gives good face for the camera. They move on to doggy. Then reverse cowgirl. She looks gorgeous in this position and the scene is already better now that she’s in control. Dera does supply some rapid piston-like pumping that’s quite nice. Scene ends with jerk-to-pop on her chin. She spits out what little cum makes it into her mouth.

Katarina speaks Russian throughout the scene. She’s sexy. I love the composition of her face. Dera’s dirty talk has that stilted delivery that people make fun of when they joke about porn. I love naughty dialogue but he’s bad at it. Finally towards the end of the scene, he quiets down. Or maybe he’s just tired. Or maybe someone just told him to shut up. The only thing I walk away with from this scene is that I want to see Katarina Kat again, but with a partner who turns her (and me) on.

Kissy Kapri & Marlie Moore - Simone Poopalotagus (uncredited) is Hedley’s very gay art instructor. He takes good girls and turns them into FAB-u-LOUSSS girls! After supplying some laughs, he exits to meet his life partner Eduardo for lunch. His students, Missy (Kissy Kapri) and Sissy (Marlie Moore), are left to their own devices.

Kapri has pendulous breasts with huge areolas. Both girls are blonde and if it weren’t for Moore’s glasses and Kapri’s short bangs and distinct chest, I would get them confused. Lemme just say – for the most part, I’m not a fan of g/g. I only like it if they are really hungry for each other. You do not get that here. If you like a soft, cooing, giggly, overly posed g/g with lots of mmmmm’s and ahhhh’s, this might get your motor running, but it’s leaving me cold. [FFing]. Missy (or is it Sissy?) molds Play-doh into a dildo and fucks Sissy’s (or is it Missy’s?) asshole. That’s funny, but the sexplay is very fake. I can’t watch anymore. [chapter skip]

Kelli Tyler & Barrett Blade - Tyler is pretty girl who has one of those bitchy faces – you know, like she’s always pissed. It’s a hot look in porn. I’ve seen her in one scene before. Blade is someone whose appearance (some kind of Hispanic with bleached spiky hair) doesn’t appeal to me, but since watching a couple of scenes, he’s growing on me. These two have been around the block so I’m expecting more for this scene.

Spike (hardy har hair), the music director at Hedley, gets another student with a problematic mouth - Debbie. Apparently, hers is too big. Hmm – what to do with a big mouth? He’ll put it to good use by teaching her to sing(?!). And here’s a mic (i.e. dick) and we’re off to the blowjob, some decent pussy eating, a short amount of time in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and then a very looooong amount of time in spoon. Things don’t seem to be jiving just right. Tyler keeps hurting Blade’s dick with her red talon fingernails (“Those things are deadly.”) every time she tries to rub her clit in the last position. But Tyler keeps working her scene regardless. She looks good in spoon, hanging halfway off the couch. Things end with a facial and a very cautious, brief clean-up with a hurriedly whispered “Camera. Look at the camera,” from off-screen. I hate that.

OverallReform School Girls 2 is an uneven collection of pairings ranging from sexy fun to awkwardly routine to just false. Each scene tries to be a stimulating mix of horniness and humor, but so much depends on the performers’ abilities and chemistry. It starts strong, but as the video goes on the quality of the scenes diminish. Penny Flame should receive a “Vignette Princess” crown and sash. She’s just awesome and has the “school girl” thing down pat. Katarina Kat is delicious. I want to see her again. Good picks for the box cover girls. I like the concept for this series. There is a lot of creativity and I was genuinely entertained, but the overall heat needs to be turned up to receive an unreserved recommendation. It is pornography after all. Sexually, there is nothing crazy or over-the-top. No boundaries are pushed. It’s a safe, good-natured title with just a smidgen of clean perversion. So in that respect I would recommend it as good for couples/women/men who lean more towards features but don’t want a full-blown movie – just a little cohesion between sex scenes and numerous laughs.

DVD Extras – An entertaining BTS (Wow - Flame was excited to come to work – look at her dance her “Randy Spears Jig”!), solo photo galleries of the ladies, a hardcore photo gallery, a bonus scene with Daisy Marie and Marco Banderas from Reform School Girls, trailers, the 2007 “What Excites You” promo and phone sex ads.

Until later my fellow porno perverts!

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