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Red Hot Sex Sampler

Red Hot Sex Sampler

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Compilation , Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Red Hot Sex Sampler:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Red Hot Sex Sampler overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Red Hot Sex Sampler Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Red Hot Sex Sampler Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Red Hot Sex Sampler Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Red Hot Sex Sampler Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Red Hot Sex Sampler DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Red Hot Sex Sampler A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  4/28/2002

Running Time: 173 min. (according to the cover)

Production Date: 12 / 27 / 2001

Director: Various

Cast: Mark Davis, Alexis Amore, Lexington Steele, Gina Ryder, Zana, Alexandra Silk, Anna Malle, Joel Lawrence, Jessica Drake, Keri Windsor, Luc Wylder, Mariah, Chris Cannon, Steve Hatcher, Linda Storm, Mocha, Eva, Kristina Black, Voodoo, Max Steele, John West, Manny Trio, Caroline Cage, Vivi Anne, Chandler, and a few others in sexual roles and Elizabeth X and Asia Carrera in non-sex roles

Initial Expectations: Adam & Eve has been pretty hit or miss with their compilations. I’m hoping for a hit, but am kind of expecting a miss.

Initial Reaction: The sex scenes are good, but the entire DVD doesn’t feel like it was given much care.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes a nice variety in their sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants to know where the scenes originally came from or who wants consistently high technical aspects

Audio /Video Quality: As one expects with a compilation, the technical aspects do vary a bit. For the most part, the audio is very well done and well balanced. The video varies much more, some of which is due to some scenes possibly being shot on film. Although most of the scenes are either very clear or have only a slight bit of grain, a few scenes are highly pixelized or suffer from excessive graininess.

Music: As usual with compilations, the music varies a bit, but normally fits the scenes very well. There’s a lot of music from Saint, who has made some of my favorite adult movie scores and almost always brings things up a notch. It’s normally well balanced with the rest of the audio, but there are a few places where it’s the only audio or almost completely drowns out the rest of the audio.

Disc Problems / Complaints: I can think of many words to describe the overall quality of this DVD, and “boneheaded” is one of the most tactful. There’s no time stamp for almost all of the feature, so if you want to jump to a specific point in a specific scene, you’re not going to be able to. The scenes are also done as titles rather than just starting with new chapters, so you can’t easily skip through the DVD chapter by chapter. Instead you go through several chapters for each scene, which I do admit is a very nice touch, and then wait for a few seconds at the end of each scene as the player moves from title to title. Furthermore, once the next scene starts, the only way to get to any of the previous scenes is through the chapter menu. This did not give me a good impression of this DVD, and made me think it was made by somebody who didn’t really have a clue what they were doing. It also made me think of the overall DVD as having average quality at best.

Menus: The main menu has a little animation, which is a nice touch. The chapter menu is very plain and simple, and lets you choose a scene based only on a small clip of the scene.

The Feature: Red Hot Sex Sampler is one of the latest entries in Adam & Eve’s continuing string of compilations they’re releasing. This one focuses on some of the less couple-friendly aspects of their scenes, such as anal, squirting, double penetrations, and strap-ons. Sadly, the layout of the feature is unfriendly to couples, singles, and groups, as it’s hard to navigate through and there’s nothing to let you know who the stars in the scenes are or where the scenes originally came from.

Caroline Cage swims across the pool to hook up with Mark Davis for the opening scene, which comes from the behind the scenes feature for Caribbean Undercover. No words are exchanged, she just gets out of the pool and starts slowly sucking his cock. Mark repays Caroline in fashion, first giving her a little lick and tickle as she turns around and then sliding his face around between her legs. Caroline rolls onto all fours once again, letting Mark work on both of her holes with his tongue and fingers. They move inside for a little more oral play before Mark starts fucking Caroline’s pussy. He works it over both in missionary and doggie style, and plays with her ass a little more as he fucks her pussy. They move back outside where Mark fingers Caroline’s ass before fucking it from behind, in both reverse and standard cowgirl, and missionary style, all of which Caroline seems to get into nicely. Caroline finishes things up by taking Mark’s man juice on and around her tongue after he fucks her face. It’s a pretty good scene, but for some reason there’s a fairly noticeable cut in the middle of the pop, during which Mark’s jiz disappears from her tongue. I’m not sure whether she swallowed it down or not, but it did bring down the end of the scene a bit. The rest of the scene was pretty dang good, and has a decent gonzo style to it.

In a scene from The Puppeteer, Bartender Lexington Steele gives Alexis Amore, a slightly below average Latino with huge implants and a few tattoos and piercings, a tall stiff one after Alexis dances for him under Briana’s control. She shows him her goody box and plays with it a little for him before Lex comes over to play a little himself and see just how hard her implants are. He doesn’t get to play too much before Alexis attacks his huge cock. She can’t do much other than suck on the tip with her mouth, but has no problem taking all of his length into her pussy. They work over each other through several of the standard positions, with both of them putting quite a bit of energy into it. Lex finishes things by spraying his creamy center all over Alexis’ chest. It’s a hot scene that has some very good energy and chemistry.

Gina Ryder and Linda Storm experiment with body paints in a scene I think comes from Skintight next. Linda starts painting Gina’s arms, which of course, gives Gina the urge to start removing the few clothes she has on. Linda decides her fingers and tongue would be beter on Gina than the paint, and soon starts working on Gina naturally. This appears to be the antidote for the paint, as it seems to disappear almost as soon as Linda’s tongue touches Gina’s twat. They masturbate for each other a little, and then move to a sixty nine before settling back and masturbating with vibrators and then finishing things off with a kiss. It’s a pretty good scene, especially if you like watching girls masturbate for each other. If you’re looking for girls working on each other, however, you’ll probably be pretty disappointed.

Nick Orleans’ The Edge appears next. Zana and Kristina Black find a masterbatorium, where Voodoo, Max Steele, John West, and Manny Trio all get together for a good wank. The girls scold the guys for not being able to jack off right, and then go down to give them some lessons. Kristina starts off sucking Voodoo, while Zana takes on the remaining three guys. The guys move around a bit, and surprisingly, Kristina limits herself to sucking cock throughout the scene while Zana offers up both her holes to the guys. Zana finishes things off by taking Voodoo on her tits, while the rest of the guys spray in the air and on Kristina while she plays with herself. It’s a hot scene, and Kristina’s limiting herself to oral only helps to set this apart from the multitude of other groups scenes. It’s obvious that both girls are really into their work here, and the multiple angles are nicely used here to allow you to watch both girls. There’s a bit of extra noise from the crew during the scene, but other than that, it’s a great scene.

Joel Lawrence and Luc Wylder take on Alexandra Silk in a shoe shop in a scene from Sex Across America Third Stop: San Francisco. Alexandra tries a few pair of shoes on, settling on a pair of high heeled ballerina style shoes, and when the salesman goes in back, Luc and Joel get busy with Alexandra. It’s the first time I’ve seen Luc in an actual scene and he foes a very good job. Luc and Joel each take an end of Alexandra and switch back and forth a couple times. Finally, Alexandra straddles Luc so he can fuck her ass reverse cowgirl and still have the room for Joel to fuck her pussy. Afterwards, both guys launch their love lotion on Alexandra’s face as she begs for more. It’s a hot scene that fits the series to a tee.

Next is the opening scene from Taboo of Tarot. It’s set around the High Priestess, Vivi Anne, and Jessica and Chandler as her slave girls. The scene is set in a combination of a modern bathroom, mainly the shower, and an ancient Egyptian style. It isn’t exactly couples friendly and includes a lot of hot wax, toys, and anal. Although not couples friendly, I remember it as one of the hottest scenes in the original movie. The girls work over each other great and there’s a lot of heat here.

I have no clue where the next scene comes from, but it involves two women, one blonde and one brunette, getting busy in front of a piano. I’m not positive, but the scene has much of the feel of many of Nick Orleans’ features, along with the slow, sexy music that frequently appears in his features. The blonde strips down to reveal some nice lingerie and a strap-on, which the brunette eagerly takes into her mouth. In return, the brunette gets her ass slapped and pussy eaten from both behind and in front before getting fucked. Since the brunette is nicely spread open already, the blonde slides her big black bogus cock into the brunette’s honey hole, and works it over nice and slow. After apparently making her cum, they collapse in each others arms. Although not extremely driving or intense, this is a very well done and sexy scene that shows the extreme lack of intelligence it takes to not list where the scenes come from and who the stars are. I really enjoyed this scene, and with its sense of style, would love to see the rest of the movie. If I knew what the feature was from a three second screen announcing the new scene or a label in the chapter menu, Adam & Eve would have sold me another DVD, if the title was available. As is, they don’t get anything since they were too lazy to put a little effort into this feature and let the viewer know where the scene came from. It’s too bad, since it’s a great scene.

Keri Windsor starts off a scene from Miss Jackie’s Full Service Salon giving Eva a massage. As usual with porn flicks, the massage turns towards sex, and makes me wonder what kind of training massage therapists go through. For the ones that are actually licensed, are they required to maintain the reverse cowgirl position or a pile driver for a certain period of time with a guy that looks and smells like Ron Jeremy after an all day shoot? Then again, maybe that’s just the massage therapists in adult films. Keri starts out oiling up and rubbing Eva’s bare ass, and then lets her hands work their magic up and down her back. She follows suite with her tongue before stripping off her clothes and letting her tongue work its way around Eva’s pussy and ass. Keri dons a strap-on next, works on Eva’s pussy until she squirts all over it, and then lets Eva clean off her juices with her mouth. Keri goes back to work on Eva’s pussy with her fingers, and once again works her to a squirting finish that she gets to lick up. It’s a very hot scene, and another great selection for a compilation. Keri and Eva have great chemistry together, and really seem to enjoy working on each other. This was the first feature that made me notice Keri Windsor, and watching it now, I know just why I kept following her.

Elizabeth X introduces Steve Hatcher to her assistant Mocha in a scene from Night of the Chameleon. Mocha escorts Steve to the couch and sucks his cock and balls as Elizabeth watches and takes notes. Mocha takes her time sucking Steve’s cock, but then moves things along quickly by skipping any warmup from Steve and taking him directly into her ass while he plays with her pussy. They start in reverse cowgirl and then move on to doggie style before Steve splashes Mocha’s ass with his guy goo. It’s a pretty good scene and has good chemistry. Although Mocha did a good job, I think I had the most fun watching Elizabeth as the doctor, or whatever she’s supposed to be, watching them and obviously getting turned on. It’s enough to make me curious about the original feature.

Next up, Joel Lawrence gets treated by Anna Malle and Alexandra Silk in a scene from A Witch’s Tail. Alexandra starts out sucking Joel’s cock behind a hot tub as Anna encourages her. The girls quickly team up to suck Joel, and almost seem to compete at how can put more into giving to Joel. Anna apparently wins, as she gets to be in the middle first, with Joel poking her from behind while she licks Alexandra’s slit. Alexandra gets her reward next, as Anna licks her pussy and Joel’s package while she rides him reverse cowgirl style. Anna gets one more poke in the missionary position, and then takes Joel’s gooey goodness on her chest to end things. It’s an extremely hot scene that has great chemistry all around. Everybody seems to be completely into everybody else, and it makes this a truly red hot scene.

Mariah and Doctor Chris Cannon do a little “chemistry” experiment in a scene from Crystal Dreams. Mariah noticed something weird studying a crystal the night before. She shows Chris and tells him that it kept her up all night. Due to this, she wants Chris to take out his cock so she can work it over. Mariah’s a fairly attractive Latino with a nicely realistic body, and she’s wearing a nice bit of vinyl here with a garter belt, panties, and bra. Although her acting is really bad in the plot sequences (she’s borderline monotone throughout them), she sure knows what to do with a cock. She gives Chris a great handjob and blowjob before moaning away as he eats her pussy. Chris fucks her pussy and ass in a few positions and she’s pretty vocal, although not a screamer, through it all. She finishes it off by jacking Chris off all over her chest. It’s a pretty hot scene and shows some of why Mariah made it onto the back cover.

Brooke Lane finishes things off with Steve Drake on his yacht in the final scene from X Professionals. She gives him a decent cocksucking before letting him finger and sample her snatch. They move on to fuck in a few common positions, with much of it feeling uninspired and finishing off in a pop on Brook’s ass. It’s a disappointment of a final scene, for both here and the original feature.

The sex is Red Hot Sampler does a great job of showing that Adam & Eve offers much more than just slow, couples orientated sex. There’s plenty of more extreme sex acts here, such as anal, double penetrations, and more extreme lesbian sex while also showing that one doesn’t have to get disgusting to show such acts. Unfortunately, the overall feature layout is so slopped together that it makes navigating around it difficult. Sadly, none of the scenes are labeled with the original feature or the talent in case you want to see more than what you have here. It’s probably my biggest pet peeve when it comes to compilations, as it’s something the people making the compilation should know. This allows the viewer to see more of what they liked by checking out the original feature, which is normally also released by the company that did the compilation. A compilation in essence is just a huge commercial for other features, and if the viewer doesn’t know what that feature is, they have no way to go out and buy more of the company’s product. I’ve been told that Adam & Eve is going to be labeling the scenes in their upcoming compilations, so I’d recommend you either rent this one, pick it up really cheap, or wait for further volumes which are hopefully done much better.

Extras: Web links and trailers for Sex Spell, Sex Island, and Taboo of Tarot.

Themes: Straight, anal, group, masturbation, lesbian, toys, hot wax, anal, inter-racial, spanking, DP, rimming, and squirting

Raincoat Factor: Very High

Overall: Due to the word Sampler in the title, I’m hoping you can find this one dang cheap. The sex isn’t bad, in fact most of it is very good, but it feels like it was slapped together without any real care for making it a high quality compilation. The technical qualities vary as one expects with a compilation, but the extras lack more than a little. It’s not a really bad compilation, but there are a lot better compilations out there if you’re curious as to what Adam & Eve has to offer.

Note to Adam & Eve: A little care can go a long way in a compilation, and sadly, this shows about as little as possible. If you could consistently hold your DVDs to the higher class level you’ve often shown, a lot more people would take notice of you in the good way.

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