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Red Devil Solos: Chicago

Red Devil Solos: Chicago

Studio: Red Devil Entertainment
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Red Devil Solos: Chicago:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Red Devil Solos: Chicago overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Red Devil Solos: Chicago Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Red Devil Solos: Chicago Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Red Devil Solos: Chicago Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Red Devil Solos: Chicago Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Red Devil Solos: Chicago DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Red Devil Solos: Chicago A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  3/11/2004
That I am not a fan of solo films can be seen in the fact that in all of the 270 films I have reviewed for this site none has been a professional solo film. Until now, that is. So why now? I have been very impressed with all three of Red Devil’s feature films and wanted to see what this one was like. Also because it was the film debut of Jason Ridge, the extraordinary star in each of Red Devil’s three features.

The first soloist is a familiar one: Steve Cannon. Steve has starred in over thirty films, most memorably as the Fallen Angel in the first two films from that series. He starts—as do all the others—fully clothed. Slowly he strips to reveal that profusion of tattoos that cover his chest and arms. Even naked Steve still looks as though he has a shirt on. He’s really a walking art gallery. One can read “Heart” over one pectoral and “Ache” over the other. “Sinner” is tattooed across the small of his back. There are large rings in both nipples. As Steve continues to strip we see the cock with its Prince Albert, the balls with their two guiche scrotum piercings, and even a piercing in the ball sac itself. He cums while pulling on one of the rings in his eraser-sized nipples.

Nick Piston is up next. (literally) His hair has been clipped very close. There is a small piercing in the side of his nose. The chest is slender but nicely muscled and lightly haired. His arms are tattooed, and I especially noticed a circle of red devil’s dancing around his biceps. (Was this what inspired the name of this studio?) Nick is wearing a pair of sheer black bikini brief through which we get our first glimpse of ample the cock in its cockring. He has two ball piercings and a thick dick. His pubic hair is as closely cropped as the hair on his head. Nick is one surly, sexy dude! He really turns me on. He has a fantastic ass, too. It is not surprising that he went on to appear in the studio’s NASTY NASTY. I wish they would use him more.

Butch Love, our third jacker, is young and adorable. He is the boy you wished lived next door. Sweet face, attractive smooth body, superb dick and ass. Butch is the kind of young guy you would like to go around the world with. At one point he turns around and pulls his asscheeks apart to show us the rosy pink sphincter. This seems to turn him on as much as it does us because when he turns aback around he really starts flailing that sausage. Sadly, it’s only a droplet. (Butch can be seen in action in films for Customboys and BigDikFactory.)

Our fourth performer is known only as Giovanni. His hair is cropped close like Nick’s. He has a pencil thin mustache and goatee that appears only a bit beyond 5 o’clock shadow. His torso is completely hairless. There is also no pubic hair. Something that turns me on. The lack of pubic hair makes his sizeable cock seem even larger. His large low-hanging balls flap delightfully as he beats his meat.. As he follows the routine and bends over the seat of the chair to show his ass, his hole is “lovely, dark, and deep”. He produces a fine load.

After the completely shaven Giovanni, it was a nice touch of editing to put a young bear next. This was Troy. He is a bit too fleshy for my taste and his ass is enormous, but I wouldn’t send him home on a cold night—not with all that hair to keep me warm. (or a warm night, either.) He is good-looking and reminds me of a heavy version of Kyan Douglas of the Fab Five. His dick oozes pre-cum as he strokes it, and as this pre-cum prophesized he shoots a grand load.

All of the action to this point has taken place in a living room, either on a chair or sofa. For Luis Nunez's scene, we move to the bedroom. Luis is lying on the bed completely clothed. But not for long. He lowers his pants to treat us with our first uncut cock. And a long one it is, too. His shirt is the last bit of clothing to be removed, revealing a lightly haired chest. He also has a fine furry butt. Luis has lovely bee-stung lips that would look great around a cock. Director Jett Blakk was wise to use this handsome Latino again in CANVAS.

We are back in the chair in the living room for Brant, a very, very slender and very, very white twink. (He no doubt seems more so as the canny editor makes him follow the bronze Luis.) He has a dick to be proud of. He should join Butch in the BigDikfactory films. Brant leaves his white socks on. Something I dislike. It’s the whole difference between nudity and nakedness. I prefer men nude.

Jason Ridge, who was the real find in this trip to the Windy City and who went on to become the first Red Devil exclusive, is the final performer. Jason is incredibly handsome. He’s probably sick of reviewers saying he looks like Ben Afleck. He’s much better looking than Ben. He has a great smooth physique—not overly muscular, just right. His delectable cock completes the package. He’s a beautiful guy. Even though he follows the identical pattern of the other performers (strip, jack, show ass, cum) he moves with a languid sensuous grace imparting an eroticism the others lacked. I was really sorry to see him cum as it meant his scene was ending. Even if I had not seen his other films, I would have known that this was the birth of a superstar.

It is amazing that with such an unchanging set, the film held my attention as it did. This was due in large part to the fine camerawork. The director and cameraman knew just when to change angles and zoom in for close-ups. And, as mentioned earlier, the editor knew just how to place the performers in the final cut. I liked the music, too. There is a picture section in the extras along with trailers for the three feature films THE BOMBARDIER, NASTY NASTY, and CANVAS. Chapter points enable one to go right to their favorite or favorites.

Although RED DEVIL SOLOS: CHICAGO may not have completely converted me to solo films, it has made me more willing to view them; and it’s certainly a great inducement to visit Chicago. Check them out.

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