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Rectal Intrusion

Rectal Intrusion

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Anal
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Rectal Intrusion:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Rectal Intrusion overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Rectal Intrusion Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Rectal Intrusion Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Rectal Intrusion Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Rectal Intrusion Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Rectal Intrusion DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Rectal Intrusion A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/16/2006
Well the titles are becoming more and more intricate but it all boils down to the same thing-- a hot girl taking a cock in one of three places-- mouth, pussy, or ass. This one here concentrates on them all with a special emphasis on the booty hence the title, Rectal Intrusion. The cast for this is pretty good led by Rebecca Linares, Annette Schwarz, Marie Luv, Chloe Morgan, and my favorite dudette Poppy Morgan who is flying home today to the UK so safe passage back home! Let's hit some highlights,

Poppy Morgan:

Off we go and for starters we get to check out this hottie from the United Kingdom. The scene begins with Brian Surewood coming out to the garage looking pretty deranged in jeans, no shirt, and a funny mask and oh yeah pink latex gloves! He's looking around a bit until he sees a big bundle in one plastic bag that when opened yields Miss Poppy Morgan. She's pushed against the wall and Brian starts checking out her body. She's nicely wearing no top and her stockings don't cover her ass to much so we see that sexy tush also. Brian also uses a toy with a horse tail on it to fuck her ass. I think if they were wanting Brian to look menacing I'd have chosen different colored gloves but this is a type of role Brian can play rather easily with his "good" looks! Poppy is then made to crawl across the hard floor and then she's made to spit at a mirror and lick up her own spit as she was "kissing" her own reflection. The scene makes its way inside and Poppy follows Mr. Surewood over to a couch with the horse tail butt plug still tucked neatly inside her bum and it's taken out with Poppy cleaning her assjuices off. Then it's time for something more to my liking and we get some cock sucking along with some more sexy ass shots. Poppy then does something which might cause you to cringe a bit if you're a guy, she splices open the tip of the dick with her finger almost like she's fucking it, you'll have to see it to see what I mean. Sexwise you get Poppy hopping on for cowgirl-- again great ass shots here from the ground floor this time. Flipping over we get a good view for her ride in reverse anal and you get some fine aggressive faces from Poppy as her ass is being throttled. You also see spoon anal and then on to piledriver anal with Poppy holding her mouth open for a very good pop from Brian with a few trickles to her face. There's a spot of gargling, then Brian peels her heels off so she can spit the cum/spit on it and slurp it back up. It was great to see Poppy again, haven't seen enough of her this past year. The rough stuff was not really for me but she looked good doing it and Brian was a great guy for this type of scene. Ok we end the scene with her spitting into the camera and licking it off so I wonder if Del Toro directed this and he's just not given credit, man I hate that to end a scene.

Rebeca Linares:

We start the next scene with Rebeca wearing a nice lime green dress which is skin tight and we see her outside to start doing a nice walk around the glistening pool which also lets us get behind and watch that ass which gets a great shot when she pulls up the dress to show off her tush with a butt plug resting comfortably in her ass. Rebeca takes it out when she pauses to lick it off, then shove it back in. Making her way indoors we get a live cock pretty quick with Rebeca doing the right thing engulfing it. The bj is more aggressive tilting towards the gagging end and you're given a nice side view for this knob polishing. Sexwise you get Miss Linares done in doggie, mish- both vag and anal here. There 's a real nice floor shot when they get to reverse cowgirl anal and she rises up and down Sasha's shaft in rapid fire fashion. Rebeca does some A2M which is captured from up close and she almost spits into the camera so I'm almost certain it was Del Toro shooting. After more time in reverse anal they move to doggie anal and then it's the pop to her open mouth. Rebeca blows some cum bubbles before swallowing. You see the makeup is smudged a bit under her eyes and she gives Sasha's dick some cleanup as well. Thankfully no spitting into the camera to wrap up this scene.

Marie Luv:

On we go and this scene starts nicely with an ass shot of Miss Luv's tush. There's some mesh stockings along with a glass butt plug sticking out but there's still a good butt shot. Arriving to Marie's face we get a sexy but serious look from her and we resume checking out her ass as Marie begins crawling over to where her cock awaits. There's some submissive toe licking from Marie before her man gets behind to suck out the toy and Marie is then able to suck off her ass juices. The toy play over we get Marie working her magic on the real deal and you see some good deep throating/ gagging and I'm just glad she didn't throw up she took him pretty deep and there's some ball sucking too and a little ass licking so she's nasty and sexy at the same time. Our guy rips the stockings some as we get to the sex but the cowgirl was a little off as you have one ass cheek fully exposed and it takes a bit until the material is out of the way so her other cheek is left alone. That is one nice ass we got riding the dick here and soon it's going to be up her ass rather than her pussy. Marie does P2M, then it's on to spoon both vag and then anal. After some rather hard A2M we see Marie spit out onto a glass table so there's no denying her strong effort here but I was glad it wasn't a full on puke job. There's more hard anal to follow from behind and we continue with the gagging A2M with Marie spitting out the excess onto the glass table which is grossing me out some. I can just bet she'll be licking that up when the scene's over. Our guy then resumes his assault in mish anal and you see Marie sprawled back with the mesh stockings in tatters, her makeup running a bit and we get more spitting onto the glass table even though she's not been gagging and sure enough she slurps up some of that mess before they go back to the couch resuming the scene in reverse anal. More A2M and ass licking from Marie along with more anal including a nice shot of her ass in cowgirl anal. With the stockings covering her face our man pops right into her gaping mouth, the jizz is shown off and then Marie crawls over to the glass table mixing the cum in with her spit and licking that up. This was a strong scene for Marie fans if you want to see her pushed in a more aggressive fashion.

Chloe Morgan:

This next scene begins with Chloe sitting outside on a toilet and sure enough Del Toro is having a few words with Chloe. Next we see Ben Bratt walking around outside and he opens up the door to the outdoor bath finding Chloe sitting inside looking almost frozen in time. She's carried away and placed on a couch still with her eyes in that glazed state. Ben helps her out opening up her shorts a little, then pulling them all the way off so he can get in some kittie licking. Ben then brings in a red toy to open up her ass while he still munches on her pussy. Ben then tries to snap Chloe out of her haze by slipping his cock into her mouth which is opened slightly but even that doesn't seem to work. I see he pushes on the back of her neck triggering something as she is suddenly alive and well gagging on his schlong giving some great eye contact. Chloe then leans back against the couch for some serious skull fucking by Ben when then flips Chloe over to a doggie pose so he can finger her ass and lick it. Sexwise they don't waste any time as Chloe takes it right up her ass from behind. A brief A2M lick then it's back to doggiestyle ass fucking moving nicely to reverse anal, spoon anal and finally a very good looking floor shot for cowgirl anal. Ben even stands Chloe up while fucking her in cowgirl anal and they end with a funnel in her mouth and his load coats the inner part of it but there's not enough to slide down the shoot so it's scooped up and fed to Chloe and she licks the rest from the inside of the funnel.

Annette Schwarz:

We get to our final scene which starts with a shot traveling up Annette's body arriving to her hands diddling her pussy and we get a good shot of her tits which aren't covered. There is also a butt plug taped into her ass and you see a bit of her ass trying to break out of all that lingerie and garter attire. Annette is also fucking her pussy with a toy and that is taken out and deep throated by this sexy young lady. There is also some kind of bag toy which she puts in her mouth and using a push thing is inflates making her mouth expand. But why use this when there's a dick right in front of you but she does both taking the cock in while the bag device is still inflated. Annette is able to do some serious deep throating here and by now the other toy is gone so it's just the cock assaulting her mouth along with our guys hand. Annette is then led down the stairs and we pause so the tape can be removed and our guy takes some time to push the butt plug in and out before removing it so Annette can clean her ass juices off. Then we get Ben Bratt sliding his cock into her pussy for some doggie action while the toy's still shoved inside her mouth. Staying with doggie you get a good shot as he transitions to Annette's ass which accepts the cock with ease like a hot knife cutting through butter. Reverse anal was a shot I liked as we get some good titty bouncing and the floor shot shows her legs spread out perfectly. Annette works in some of her native accent as she tries to speak some so that was a turn on. Moving ahead a bit you get Annette with her head tilting back off the couch and Ben throat fucks her pretty good causing some spit to drip down her face and into her eye so for fans of the more aggressive style bj/ sex you've had a pretty good dvd to check out I'd say. Annette is then placed in piledriver and first it's the toy in the pussy, then he slips into her ass. Ok this is definitely a Del Toro shoot as she uses Annette uses her heels to pry open her mouth for the pop shot which she bubbles up, gargles and then it's dribbled down upon a table with a mirror top so she can kiss herself as she slurps it back up. OMG she doesn't do that instead she makes two lines like you'd see a person do who wants to snort cocaine and she snorts it up and then licks up the excess still on the glass. Ok Annette that makes you the most intense girl of this dvd for sure.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this is a dvd definitely for the more aggressive sex fan as the girls all give pretty intense bj's and get ass fucked pretty hard as well. There was some very hard throat gagging causing some near puking in cases-- Marie spitting out onto the glass was real rough to me and then to close it out you had Anette Schwarz snorting up the cum/spit off the glass table. Extras for this included a cumshot recap, some BTS, a photo gallery and something called Anal Education--a beginner's course with Ben Bratt. Ok Chloe is the lucky student and we get some good shots of her ass which will be fucked soon. Well if you're fan of Chloe's perhaps I'd check this out but you've got to hear Martin talking too and that I'll pass on. Worth a rental if you're a big Annette fan, Marie had a pretty intense scene and it was great to see Poppy though I've liked her better in other scenes.

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