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Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2

Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2

Studio: Teen Erotica
Category:  All Sex , Anal , Barely Legal , Foreign
Starring: , , , , ,
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Aaryanna's ratings for Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  1/29/2013
Incredibly Beautiful Teen Assholes. Learning to Anally Fuck and Suck Boys.

This was a tasty vid I picked up with really young foreign babes being fucked in their bums. My guy told me he wanted “teens” and “anal” and I thought I might oblige.

All of the girls are really cute with petite frames and could easily pass for babes just fourteen or sixteen years of age. So if you like ‘em young – or would like to relive your youth – this isn’t a bad video to watch.

One of the sluts listed in the credits is Russian, so maybe all of the bitches are? One appeared to have a touch of Asian and looked very exotic, maybe from Siberia? This lusciously adolescent anal title was distributed by Teen Erotica located in sunny, Southern California.

There are six scenes where four of the girls actually get fucked in their asses. The other two girls masturbate and impale their slick and sexy butt holes for us with dildos. One of these latter two sluts, a reddish brunette, also had – one of the most incredibly gorgeous and sexy twats – I’ve seen in months. You really won’t want to miss it; her cunt is really that cute.

Unfortunately, none of the girls are named inside the video. Three of their identities I lifted from the front of the box. So I’ve just labeled the other three babes – based upon their most exceptional attributes. I hope you don’t mind.

There’s a nice cumshot recap. The first girl gives the best service – by allowing her dude to climax insider her mouth – while her lips are still lovingly wrapped around him. You go, girl.

Two whores have the cum sprayed across their arses – after just being fucked back there – of course. And the last wench (in an enticing mild molestation, pseudo rape vignette) – fearfully holds her face away – as her man attempts to shoot across open space to mortar his semen accurately down her throat. She must’ve really enjoyed his flavor because she laughs heartily and genuinely afterwards.

Lastly, the girl in the finale, who’s the cutest – has an unbelievably pert set of tits and she gives this incredibly loving blow job – which provided this video with an unbelievably satisfying finish.

In the end, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how good this video turned out to be.

Here’s why:

Scene 1 - Ilina

Ilina is a really cute brunette – with broom like pig tails and these huge, oversize white barrettes – who lets her guy seduce her in her bedroom by lifting her short schoolgirl skirt and exploring the front and insides of her clean white panties. The guy has a shaggy haircut, like Peter Tork (of the Monkeys) whom I recently learned about from a 60’s Rock N Roll documentary. Like, right.

For really young females, this would be a fun vignette to teach them -- how to let guys undress them on first dates – which Ilina doesn’t particularly seem to mind.

Once Ilina gets topless and shows off her very petite breasts, she immediately begins to suck her boy’s tool by barely getting the head of his dick into her mouth. The guy pushes on the back of Ilina’s hair to make her go faster, but the gentleness of Ilina’s strokes and the shallowness of her oral penetration wasn’t to be denied.

In a nice act of chivalry, the guy licks Ilina’s asshole to lubricate it. I was hoping that the dude would then immediately tongue kiss Ilina afterwards, how nasty, but he doesn’t. He surprises me instead by fucking Ilina doggy – in her pussy – and then soon afterwards in her ass. It takes a while, but Ilina eventually accepts most of his dick up her shitter, and also while riding him reverse cowgirl to give us a nice legs-open view. She moans seductively the entire time and never once complains about the pain. How sweet.

The boyfriend later transfers his bacteria laden member back to her pussy – which will probably give Ilina a painful vaginal infection – sometime later in the week, the bastard.

For her finish, Ilina kneels to blow him POV style – and the dude manages to climax fully inside of her mouth – despite the fact that Ilina is only sucking on the last two inches of his rod.

To her credit, Ilina waits patiently until he finishes pumping before releasing his dick from her lips. There’s a mini moat of cum pooling behind her lower teeth, much of which quickly flows out. But Ilina really appears to enjoy the cum’s nutty flavor – which tells me that this wasn’t her first time tasting sperm. What a slut.

Ilina actually looks quite pretty with her mouth full of fresh semen. Maybe she’ll post of a photo of herself like this – on her Facebook page – to encourage her girlfriends to do the same.

Scene 2 – Lara

Young Lara, with reddish pigtails, wears a crisp white blouse and a red plaid schoolgirl skirt. Lara has a really cute face, and she eagerly undresses to proudly show off her healthy pushed up breasts. She surprises us even more when she removes her bra to reveal how attractively firm and all-natural they are as she massages them heartily to get herself wet.

Watching Lara reveal herself atop her daybed-sofa brought back memories for me of getting naked with my girlfriends when I was also fourteen. Nothing beats the look and feel – of freshly grown tits – which is why both men and women of all ages want to fondle them, and rightfully so. I put Lara’s breast massage in a continuous loop as I played with myself while imagining sucking on her pert, young nipples. But something even better soon came up next.

Lara eventually pushes down her panties and fingers herself gracefully in long strokes of her fingers while lying sensuously on her back. Lara has a very pretty apricot-peach-colored twat, and the camera gets in close to give us an unbelievably beautiful view.

Her flawlessly smooth thighs framed her pussy nicely. And if I could, I’d make every young girl in the world watch Lara masturbate – to make all babes realize how beautiful and enticing their own pussies can be – and to help them strengthen their own self image and their own natural bisexual longings for cunt. As much as I liked Lara’s malleable breasts, I liked the view of her cute twat (and inner vaginal lips) even more, and I soon found myself masturbating my own button to orgasm. Her snatch was really that pretty.

Lara also has beautifully slender fingers highlighted by a shiny clear-coat nail job with pretty silver tips Her digits would look sexy atop any girl’s pussy – and not just her own – which brings me to my first video request, I hope you don’t mind.

Author’s Request

Another thing I spent hours doing as a youth – was mutually masturbating with my girlfriends (we fingered each other’s twats) to orgasm – which is something I’ve not seen much in videos, which is a shame. It doesn’t happen in real life immediately. It takes a little practice -- since all girls like it a little differently -- just like eating pussy.

Perhaps it’s too visually boring for porn. But the beauty of fingering your gal pal to conclusion – is that it leaves the two of you face-to-face – so that you can kiss her mouth-to-mouth while doing so. I love to engulf my girlfriends with kisses and talk nasty to them and make them beg while I teasingly bring them to climax. In that sense being face-to-face makes girl-girl sex a lot more emotionally satisfying – just as it would be while (boy-girl) fucking.

Maybe porn directors and porn producers don’t believe that it’s possible for one girl to bring another to conclusion with her fingers. Hell, even my own guy can do that to me. (Not all guys can, but it’s definitely one of the reasons I stay with him, but please don’t tell him I said that.) But it’s true.

Strangely, I’ve never been able to reciprocate – by bringing my man to climax with my hands. A guy’s needs are just too specific, I guess. I always end up having to use my oral skills to finish him. (Or maybe he just wants to climax inside my mouth, the sneaky bastard).

So maybe there’s some male directorial bias mixed up in all of this. To be honest, I actually prefer it sometimes when my guy brings me with his paws – while regaling me with nasty stories in my ear – mainly because I think eating pussy is best done by girls. Strangely, he doesn’t object. For me, a pussy was invented – to be eaten by a woman – and to be energetically fucked by a man. When I see a man eat pussy on screen – I absolutely fall asleep. How boring, don’t you agree? But I digress.

So how about it, porn directors? Mutual masturbation can also be made nastier, of course, by having the babes taste each other’s pussy juices – or their own sweet nectar – off of their fingers. Young girls tasting themselves is also a nice way to acquire a flavor for twat. What girl hasn’t?

The best action, of course, would be to mix finger fucking and mutual masturbation together. You really can’t have one without the other, now can you? And this would be so much better than using toys, wouldn’t you agree?

(As clarification, I’ve seen girls masturbate each other on film – but not very often to conclusion.)

To fulfill the movie’s “anal” title, Lara finishes her vignette by jamming a colorful fuchsia colored dildo into her tight anus. Since I don’t really believe that girls can climax in this fashion, this type of action always leaves me flat.

But Lara’s smooth teen twat was easily the prettiest I’ve seen in a while.

Scene 3 – Slightly-Asiatic-Brunette-Beauty

What made this brunette beauty look mildly Asiatic wasn’t her eyes – it was the elevation and squareness of her cheekbones – kinda Siberian or Eskimo, but she was very lovely and hungry for sex nevertheless.

Her boyfriend plays with her absolutely creamy thighs. Her legs were so smooth, she almost didn’t have any kneecaps. Damn her. He pulls her sweater over her head and cops a feel of her breasts through the straining material of her blouse.

She blows his dick while he sits on the edge of the bed. That appears to be all he needs as he is soon fucking her pussy while she lies on her side – and then doing the same to her ass hole without ever missing a beat.

She has darker skin down between her legs – like any brunette bitch. It only serves to make her asshole look more mysterious – as his flushed, reddish hued dick disappears earnestly into it.

The cheeks of her face remain placid – but her brow furrows with pain – as he screws her energetically in the ass. Her skin is porcelain smooth and creamy white over all of her body, including her breasts – as though the Eskimo slut’s birthday suit has never seen the light of day. The only dark skin she has anywhere are the inner and outer lips of her pussy. Maybe she should’ve tried bleaching them before arriving for her whorish fucking.

She gets up into a bent-over kneeling position so that her guy can nastily transfer his dick back into her twat. He then returns to drilling her ass, and the banana-like curve of his dick becomes more pronounced as his member stiffens from delight.

To better accommodate him, the wretched wench lays out flat on the bed, face down, which really highlights the glisteny smoothness of her ass. Only the tattoo on the back of her shoulder belies the fact that she’s probably older than fourteen years of age. What man wouldn’t want to stick his tool in between deliciously inviting ass cheeks such as hers?

She lies face down on the bed obediently as though she’s been fucked numerous times in her young crapper before. A little color rises to her face as the guy quickens his pace to more deeply enjoy the tightness of her rectum.

He flips her over – with her legs together in front of her – as he once again burrows his tool deeply into her twat. Her legs look so creamy smooth that you’d swear she was wearing the sheerest silk hosiery, but she isn’t. There isn’t a wrinkle or stretch mark anywhere to be seen.

Even though this is a teen anal movie, the guy decides to use her cunt doggy style to bring himself to climax. It takes him a while, or maybe he’s just trying to get his money’s worth out of the bitch. He withdraws to jerk himself off and to deposit his healthy load as close to her ass hole as possible.

In a waste of good sperm, the slut makes no attempt to scoop it up or swallow it as the camera floats away.

If I were her agent, thinking opportunistically -- I’d try to get her incredibly smooth thighs and ass featured – in an advertisement for Oil of Olay.

Scene 4 – Summer

Summer is the only blonde in this movie, and she’s a really cute one at that. She even speaks a little English, although the wordy silver pendant around her neck doesn’t say “Summer.”

She’s wearing low-cut, hip-hugger blue jeans and a star spangled bra. She has nicely firm breasts and really pink nipples which sit high on her boobs and almost point towards the ceiling. Maybe someday they’ll create a new class of soft porn which will allow real fourteen or sixteen year old girls to undress and get naked for the camera just like this. Once they have tits, why should we let those precious early years go to waste?

When she’s finally naked, Summer bends over to show off her tight single-line pussy which looked like a tasty French macaroon stuck between her thighs. The close-up camera work also made me feel like the patron of a gentleman’s club with Summer seductively lap dancing for me -- with her pussy right in front of my face.

Ladies, have you ever been to a strip club? Fortunately, it’s not just for men any more. (If you haven’t had a lap dance – it’s definitely well worth it – especially if the girl comes close to kissing you.)

The camera man spits or drips some oil on her ass hole for us. Summer works the clear fluid into both her pussy and her anus – and bends forward more deeply as if praying to Mecca – to splay her ass cheeks even wider.

She then fucks her rectum with a hard pink dildo – while she finger fucks her cunt with multiple digits. Her beautiful fingers are slender and as elegantly white as new fallen snow.

Summer flips over to give us a face-up view of the same double-penetrating action. At some point during her interlude, I really began to wonder if Summer was born – without any inner pussy lips – because they were almost impossible to see.

After she climaxes and removes the dildo – she waves bye-bye – and blows us a kiss from her nicely gaping ass hole. How sweet.

Summer’s lovely lower orifices were almost too perfect to behold, and I sometimes found myself wondering -- if I were actually watching a blow-up doll -- rather than the flawless perfection of irresistibly young twat and ass.

Scene 5 – Thrown-on-the-Bed-Brunette

The last two scenes were the best, and this one involved the mild molestation of a comely brunette dressed in black lingerie that the guy rips to shreds after throwing the obedient bitch to the bed.

At first glance, the girl looks like a more petite and younger version of Jennifer Lawrence, the actress (Hunger Games). The guy is a real perv as he rips her blouse and bra – and then her hose to show off her incredibly attractive knees.

He straddles her, fondles her breasts (I would), and silences her wimpering by jamming her mouth with two of his fingers. She tries to fight back momentarily until he slaps her face and binds her hands by having her hold them between her legs. I told you she was obedient.

Like all of the girls in this sunless north, she has really beautiful skin, particularly across her thighs and ass. He kneads her butt like bread dough as he pulls aside her thong to show off her sexy slit. He was so rough with her pussy that I thought he was going to rip her a new vagina. The girl moans plaintively and seductively the entire time. She also sounds generally surprised and happy each time her guy finds a new area of her body to abuse.

We soon learn, however, that this brunette’s best attribute – is that she has the deepest throat of any babe in the movie – which she uses to take her dude down to his balls and to gag precisely in time as he jams the back of her head against his rod. It also helps that this guy’s cock isn’t as big as the others. But it’s really the thought that counts, right?

There’s a nice side view where the dude repeatedly buries her nose in his pubic hair before slapping her face rudely with his tool. The camera also pulls back to give us a nice topless view of her exquisite champagne-glass sized tits as she bobs her head like an Egyptian to hungrily suck his dick. The skin on her chest is incredibly smooth, and I loved the look of her quarter-sized areolas and thick, tootsie-roll style nipples. I reached out into space with my mouth several times as I imagined myself sucking on her delicate jugs.

I liked how expressively this bitch gags while throating him, and how gracefully she allows the full length of his dick to slide out of her mouth – without scraping against her teeth – when she periodically takes a break for air. Such a lady. If I had a cock, hers is a face I’d definitely want to fuck.

The guy has her lay face-down on the bed – with her legs spread wide (as if to make snow angels) – as she continues to mouth his pole as he cradles her face lovingly in his lap. This seductive rear view of her ass and pussy was just amazing. Her butt cheeks had a creamy glow and were drawn in tight around her anus, and her pussy was just a beautiful line pressing itself against the sheets beneath her. When she flips over moments later – to give us an equally enticing frontal perspective – her incredibly smooth thighs once again drew our eyes undeniably inward towards the youthful beauty of her twat.

After what seemed like hours of satisfying mouth fucking, the dude finally gets down to business by banging her tight anus from the rear while using just his own strength to bind the girls hands behind her. She moans loud and long now that her mouth is unencumbered, and I’m surprised that the patrons in the other rooms didn’t cheer her on through the walls, the noisy whore. I actually liked the way she screamed a lot. After all, if a girl complains about the pain – without trying to run away – it actually she means she wants and enjoys it, doesn’t it?

Again, her ass looked incredibly smooth, and we finally get a nice unrestricted view of the babes’ wondrously face without having to watch a dick emerging out of it. Of course, I thought she looked prettiest when her mouth was wide open (and in character) and bellowing with unbroken yelps of distress.

The babe, surprisingly, gives us an even better view when she puts her legs together, face down, with her butt still in the air – and the dude straddles her and uses his dick to drive straight down into her anus – as his nuts slap happily against her ass cheeks. He tries to moderate her moaning by pressing her face further into the pillow with his hand, and by hooking the corner of her mouth with his fingers. The inner and outer labia of her pussy form this beautifully narrow “W” as she keeps her knees modestly together -- as the guy enjoys dredging deeply in her ass hole-- as much as he did just moments ago as deeply down her throat. The beauty of this girl’s rear will leave you with no doubt – that backdoors were indeed designed by God for fucking. My own pussy got wet later every time I imagined hearing this bitch’s deliciously painful cries.

In the signature sex position of the movie, the dude has her lie prone with her tummy on the bed and her legs spread in a languid “v” as he continues to hump inside of her ass. Her legs are parted just enough to give him access to her rear, and the inner and outer lips of her pussy, now relaxed, are more easily visible between her gently parted thighs.

In my favorite image from this segment, the camera moves around to the front – to give us a highly animated view of her creamy buttocks jiggling and bunched up against him as he pumps. This girl’s derriere was just amazing to watch.

She later sits and holds her knees in front to give us one final look of her pussy in that tantalizing narrow “W” as her dude drills her anal sphincter for all its worth.

When he finally jerks off into her mouth -- she sticks out her tongue eagerly as he shoots down the center of it -- while he uses his other hand to choke her, the bastard. (How can she swallow your cum if you’re choking her, idiot?) After she tastes his delicious seed, she suddenly bursts out laughing. As the scene concludes, we finally see her smile for the very first time today. (If she’s happy, that means it wasn’t rape, right?)

Again, the incredible smoothness of this girl’s skin and the tantalizing nature of her ass made her fuck scene very, very satisfying to watch.

Scene 6 – Auburn-Haired-Beauty-with-Really-Wet-Lips

All of the babes up till now were short and petite with broad faces and creamy skin.

But none can hold a candle to the teen beauty in the video’s finale. She’s tall and slender with much softer cheekbones and who looks like a prettier version of Victoria Azarenka, the tennis star (who just won the Australian Open). She has a rosy complexion, auburn hair and really wet lips, the latter of which we’ll soon see are great for giving head.

There’s a lengthy up front interview as the babe lounges seductively on the bed, given as she casually peruses Playboy and other women’s fashion magazines.

She’s wearing loose blue jeans and a sequined pink T-shirt, cut short to attractively bare her midriff. She starts by taking off her shoes. She then stands and sways her hips followed by a slow and satisfying strip tease. When she pulls down her jeans she reveals the tiniest pink thong that beautifully frames her sensuously smooth ass.

The best part of her strip tease comes when she removes her top and bra – to reveal the cutest, most luscious breasts I’ve seen in a while. (At least since Scene 2.) They are as firm as if they were just grown yesterday. Her nipples are erect – like two mini Minneola tangelos – and jutting straight out as if to bravely defy gravity; this atop her lengthy flat belly – that seemed to go on for miles – before ending at her neatly tucked-in and panty-covered twat.

When she finally gets naked, she reveals acres of the most flawless peach flesh that literally extends from head to toe. I don’t know how any man could resist wanting to lie on top of her – to fuck her – just to enjoy the silkiness of her irresistibly smooth skin.

There’s a little darkening of the flesh around her pussy, consistent with her brunette nature. But her pert labia are pretty, pink and pliable and look like a delicate orchid trying to bloom in winter.

One of the best parts of her scene comes early – when her dude stands by the side of the bed, flaccid – as she sits in front of him and wraps her beautiful lips around his shaft; and no girl ever looked more beautiful or natural sucking a man’s dick as she. It’s as though her mouth – and the mouths of all young girls – were made for sucking dick, as they truly were.

The guy’s tool stiffens into its own ripe fruit as the babe makes oral love to it as though it’s the most important cock she’ll ever suck. The guy is just average size and nicely shaped. But this just makes it easier for her to deep throat him effortless down to his balls, which was hugely romantic in and of itself.

Whenever I talk to really young girls – like my nieces’ friends – the main reason they give me for not yet giving head is that they’re afraid because they really don’t know what to do, or where to apply pressure so that their guy will enjoy the time spent inside their mouths. The idea of sucking on a boy’s cock is actually very appealing to them, and most of them thank God for designing a man’s penis to enjoy so many of a girl’s loving orifices, especially our mouths. How sweet.

The only tricky parts, of course, are keeping his hardness off of our teeth, and knowing that his most sensitive area is on the underside of his shaft (and not the tip) where our tongues naturally go; and then learning how to relax the posterior parts of our mouth to take him down our throats without triggering the dreaded gag reflex. Piece o’ cake.

What made this babe’s cock sucking so enticing is how she just did most of the above by working her face methodically forward and back – to lovingly apply pressure with her tongue on the underside of his cock – and how she used the beautiful pucker of her lips to suspend her lover’s dick away from her teeth. I also liked how the short nails of her holding hand – made her appear even younger – like a precocious middle-school female who loves to affectionately suck on men’s’ and boy’s penises, as all girls should.

In my own perfect world, young babes would learn to kiss girls, eat pussy, suck dick, swallow and fuck – in that order – in junior high school; and then learn to fuck anally and swap cum in high school – as part of the overall curriculum. How nasty. They probably do this on their own now, anyway. Girls today are so fortunate, aren’t they? The world is their oyster. Gee, once you have tits, why wait?

Watching this sexy babe’s blow job in a never ending loop – is something I would encourage all pre-teen girls to do – to learn how to give head and to realize just how beautifully they’ll look someday while doing so. When they start kissing with their girlfriends for practice, I would also encourage them to role play – and pretend to give each other blowjobs – and to let the “man” climax deeply within the back of their throats. But this is important for other reasons.

Doing some boy-girl role playing by giving head, hopefully while naked and kissing each other, also allows young girls to reassure themselves of their heterosexuality – while teaching them to be comfortable positioning their faces down around each other’s nether regions. Learning to orally explore each other’s twats is just a simple step after this. So, although it may sound counter-intuitive – practicing with your girlfriend by being the “boy” and giving each other head – is actually the first step in learning how to deliciously eat each other pussies. This actually works for novice girls and women of all ages. And I’ve taught many of my own girlfriends how to eat pussy – by having them suck on my “manly” dick first – and then transferring their burgeoning affection to my twat, sometimes on the very first try.

(I’ll admit I didn’t discover this on my own. I actually read this in a book or in Penthouse, umpteen thousand years ago, or so it seems. It was the best advice I’ve ever read.)

This works because every young girl or woman actually wants to learn how to lick snatch – and to have her own pussy loving eaten by her girlfriend in return. Ladies, am I right?

Many young women express a concern to me – that guys will learn to love their mouths – more so than their pussies. But I tell them that’s just plain silly. I reassure them that a woman’s mouth is one of her most loving orifices, so it’s the emotional nature of sucking his cock that a man loves and not just the physical sensation. (Remember, pussies and ass holes don’t have teeth.) Furthermore, I also tell them that there’s nothing a man will appreciate more – than being encouraged to climax while he’s being sucked – especially if his babe lovingly captures, tastes and swallows his warm semen afterwards without spilling a single drop. It’s the nastiness, after all, that makes it so enthralling.

To me, spitting it out is disrespectful. And it’s missing out on a huge emotional opportunity. It’s why I always encourage very young girls to always include a cum swallowing video as part of their own training regiment – and to masturbate while watching it done to orgasm (their own) – because nothing is more emotionally satisfying for a man than to have his own babe lovingly drink his output. Have I thoroughly brainwashed myself, or what?

I actually watched this beautiful whore sucking her man’s pole repeatedly – while I wrote this portion of the review. I couldn’t get my own dude to stop bothering me until I blew him. It made for a nice snack. Fortunately, this left me quite flush which gave me the inspiration to finally complete this tome. (I bet other reviewers satisfy themselves sexually while writing reviews, the perverts. Why can’t I?)

When she kneels on the bed naked, the camera guy shows us the beauty of both of her lower orifices. Her dude eventually starts to fuck her from the rear in her pussy. After screwing her twat missionary, he smoothly transitions his dick to fuck her tight ass hole instead. Like all men, the bastards, he enjoys switching back and forth from her anus to her twat. But honestly, if I had a dick, I would do that, too.

He pistons her from below, reverse cowgirl – and then doggie – in her cunt, and then later in her ass. She buries her face firmly in the bed in order to give him a firm platform into which to drill. As it turns out, the fucker – is also the camera guy – and he actually gets surprisingly good footage even though he’s mounted the video on a tri-pod or bookshelf minutes ago. (We even get to seem him do so, which I found quite amusing.) He withdraws his dick from her ass periodically to give us an ever more enticing view of her beautifully expanding gape. From her other end, you can hear the pitch of her mews rising seductively with every thrust.

He shoots his watery load all over her anus when he cums. The cheeks of her ass are attractively flushed from the anal pounding she’s just received. He finishes by giving us a close-up rear view of the two moist orifices he’s just impaled.

I liked this ending perspective a lot -- since it’s what I also enjoy seeing -- when I’m in the bottom of a sixty-nine and licking my girlfriend’s clit to satisfaction.

(Ladies, who says anal sex and eating pussy aren’t a lot alike?)


I must apologize. I started off thinking this would be a short review. Unfortunately, I got carried away.

The girls’ super creamy skin is what really did it for me. The director simply hung a bed sheet or sheer draperies across an open window, and voila! Super soft lighting -- which was excellent throughout the entire film. Who says productions have to be big budget to be good?

As a rather bizarre observation, none of the young girls in this video appear to have any kneecaps. Not having ‘em, as it turns out -- is actually incredibly sexy.

In conclusion, there was a time not long ago -- when anal intercourse was considered slutty and really dirty – and somewhat out of the mainstream.

You can tell that the genre has now achieved a level of respectability – when words like “teenage” and “asshole” can now appear together in a video’s title – just like this one. Can anal sex – really be innocent? Actually, delightfully so.

“Really Tight Teenage Asshole 2” isn’t going to win an Academy Award. But each girl has her own unmistakable beauty. And the unbelievable smoothness of each babe’s eager flesh made this an absolutely incredible release. Each cutie looked much younger and more virginal than she really was. I ended up liking this video a whole lot more than I expected. And you will, too. Enjoy.

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