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Reality Teens Gone Crazy

Reality Teens Gone Crazy

Studio: Evasive Angles
Category:  Barely Legal , Straight
Directed by:

Released on: 
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Reality Teens Gone Crazy:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Reality Teens Gone Crazy overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Reality Teens Gone Crazy Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Reality Teens Gone Crazy Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Reality Teens Gone Crazy Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Reality Teens Gone Crazy Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Reality Teens Gone Crazy DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Reality Teens Gone Crazy A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  12/24/2003
Reality Teens Gone Crazy  
Evasive Angles

While the box cover tries to suggest this massive teenage rampage is a fresh spin on gonzo porn, I am not so sure. The themes seem rather familiar…teens gone crazy…girls gone wild…you get the picture. Yet, as we'll soon see, there's plenty fun to be had with Reality Teens' mix of public nudity, risky sex and much more, not least because the girls are presented in a slightly more natural way, rather than as some contrived, dirty old man concept of teenage girls. Honestly! Okay, so the scenes use a fairly similar formula of TT and assorted buddies pretending to be doing some anatomy project in order to get the girls to flash. It's better than it sounds, just bear with me! It's a long one, so read on or jump to the end

Dani and Payton
Things begin with TT, behind the camera, and Craven loitering on the beach when along wander two bikini-clad young girls, allegedly with their parents somewhere nearby. One girl is a pale, plain but shapely brunette called Payton; the other is the girl who defines the term "fox" - the effervescent red head Dani Woodward. TT introduces himself as Juan and the lads bullshit about being college students etc, persuading the girls to flash tits and pussy. The duo is persuaded to accompany the guys back to their pad. "I got the roofies and duck tape," quips Craven.

Back at the house, Dani plays up for the camera, and while it's true that she does lay it on a bit thick, the manner in which she says the word "naughty" says it all. She's too much! What a tease. The girls make it clear they're here for one thing only, and the transition to the more serious action is what really makes this scene rather special. It keeps building, through the girls stripping and rubbing pussies to giving TT a blowjob. It's niece to compare the sight of Payton, a girl who looks like she wouldn't do nasty things like that, with Dani putting everything into the blowjob.

Dani takes a highly animated ride on TT's cock. She has an astonishing range of facial expressions and while again I tend to think she's too much, damn it, she really turns me on, no doubt. I mean, check her OTT reactions to Payton's pussy licking, as TT fills Payton's saturated pussy in doggy. TT shares his attention between the laidback Payton and the excitable Dani, who gets ridiculously worked up while being fucked in doggy. Payton looks bemused. Rosy-cheeked Dani seems to come hard. Payton also has her moment, doing anal in a manner that's hard to gauge - does she really get off, or is it a chore (the extra footage suggests the former). Finally, TT comes in Dani's mouth and she goes a little crazy sucking him. For me, this is a really hot scene, done in a way that makes it seem really off the cuff, even though it's all make-believe really.

Emily, Jasmine, Chance
TT and Dillon (who is his brother, I think?) are hanging on the street when they just so happen to bump into three slim, young cuties. They try to rope the girls into their "college project" i.e. have the girls flashing for the camera in this residential street. I wish I had gone to a college that set projects like this…Jasmine and Chance are pretty black girls who giggle and flash boobs and pretty pussy respectively, but they make their excuses and leave as only Emily goes back to the house with TT and Dillon.

Now Emily, as the playful opening moments showed, is a pretty, slim and trim young woman with pale skin and tiny budding tits. Her short hair is in red and blonde streaked spikes. Very soon her top is coming off and her skirt is raised for Dillon to start fucking her, moments after they're in the door. She breaks off to swallow his cock, and then peels her tight skirt down over her ass. They get into a 69 of sorts and then she slides her pierced, virtually hairless twat down onto his cock, riding him excitedly here on the stairs, then on a sofa. She fucks him. He puts her into doggy, a smack to her ass leaving a clear handprint. The sex continues in a lively fashion, missionary with her legs round her ears for deep penetration being a highpoint, one that also seems to get her off. Dillon comes on her face to finish off another scene that quite skilfully blends fun and more serious action in one fast-moving whirl.

Candi & Nicole
The next pick-up scene sees TT hanging out with Domineko in a car park, when two sexy black girls wander up to their Mercedes. The guys move in fast, chatting up the leggy Candi, who wears funky specs here, and her curvier friend Nicole. TT leans into the car and they flash tits and pussy. Nicole even lets TT lick and finger her, but she cuts and runs, leaving Candi to get it on back at some warehouse pad with Domineko.

The action cuts straight to the blowjob, a tasty shot that shows off Candi's lithe body, trim but still sexily softened. She's naked save for a headscarf. Things like her smooth skin and pert tits are notable, also the fact that if regrown her pubic bush would be enormous, but sadly the sex is really lacking - Ms Candi really doesn't have much idea or enthusiasm and ends up with a load of come in her mouth that I'm sure she's really delighted about…

Jamie, Gwen, Ann
Another day, another car park. This time it's the happy, smiling Ann (a short-haired brunette with really great natural tits), and the relatively shy blonde Gwen (see also New Girls 5) who flash boobs, pussy and ass from inside their car, amid much laughter and light-hearted banter, but only their slim little friend Jamie, the latest English blonde in porn valley, who accompanies TT and Dick Delaware back to the fuck pad for some action…sorry, that should read "to help with their anatomy project." Yeah, right.

You can guess which part of Dick's anatomy is in Jamie's mouth, then. Suddenly, the action cuts to Jamie wondering where Dick went - TT cuts in and says he left because he couldn't do the job! Poor Dick. This leaves Jamie entirely in TT's evil clutches. Soon he's kissing her, touching her up under her Burberry check skirt, and quickly fucking her over the arm of the chair. He picks her up and bounces her on his dick, wondering aloud why she's so wet. Because she's a horny little minx, dear boy, that's why, a minx with her pussy exposed and her little teats poking over her vest as she sucks cock. There are some tasty POV shots mixed in before things swing into top gear with plenty of lusty sex that conveys a real sense of excitement. Young Jamie has a far away look in her eyes during this hot, sweaty stuff. TT ends up coming in and on her pussy. Cute girl, hot scene. I wonder if Dick knows what he missed.

This is just a quickie - TT "chances" upon a young oriental girl, clad in a tight white mini-dress, arguing on the telephone with her boyfriend. TT swoops in to ask if she wants to piss her errant mate off - she readily agrees. Flashing her tiny tits for the camera is one thing, flashing her delicious shaven and pierced pussy is another, wandering off down the street in TT's grasp is the final act.

Erica and Fiona

TT and an English guy (don't know him - seems like a decent chap, though) chat up two more pretty girls in yet another parking lot. Erica is a slim African-American girl, really pretty with superb, full natural boobs under her tennis dress. Her companion Fiona is a really pretty English blonde with abundant natural cuteness. The flashing fun apparently attracts a crowd so the group head off down the street.

Unfortunately, and this is where one of the drawbacks of this movie clicks in for me, only Fiona and her gent indulge in the sex, spilling in an apartment block door and doing it in the corridor, with some passion - hot kisses, a blowjob and sex up against the wall. I say unfortunately because while this is hot stuff, I really wanted to see lovely Erica (wrongly credited as Nicole on the box cover) in action too. Not to worry, as there's plenty time to see the lovely Fiona getting it on instead. The sex is pretty simple but she's clearly very into it - I actually wonder if this pair is a real life couple, as they seem very comfortable together - and pulls a "nasty" face when he comes in her mouth. It's not bad - she's cute!

Holly & Sue
Dillon and an older gent called Harry join TT to cruise for girls in Dillon's car. They chat up a pair of "college girls" - a busty brunette called Holly and a slender blonde called Sue. They're persuaded to flash and to accept a ride with the guys. The girls play with each other and giggle a lot as they travel to a house where, outside, more exposure is on the cards.

This is maybe the first scene that really plays the sleaze card with the dirty old man angle. "Dirty" Harry and Dillon touch up the girls, and Sue shows how she's nasty by climbing up over Holly so she can lick Sue's pussy. Sue then licks Holly while the busty youngster gives the middle-aged man a blowjob. Sue does likewise for Dillon. Blowjob action complete, events continue indoors, with side-by-side reverse cowgirls already underway. Holly's hair is lank and she's not the prettiest, it's true, but there's clearly a certain frisson implied by her coupling with the older guy, and besides, her sunburned bouncing boobs are nice. She performs anal, but it's actually the slightly quirky Sue who's really into the sex. Come shots are cut in abruptly, the girls duly tongue flick. Not the best-looking girls in the movie, that's for sure, but this is an energetic scene with a clear purpose in mind.

Dana & Jade
This is another scene that is fun and frustrating in equal measures. TT and his buddies approach a pair of pretty Oriental girls outside a cinema. They go into an alley where the girls agree to flash some tits and ass. TT steals a kiss and a grope or two and then the group head off down the street, the camera following the girls' shapely asses. It's still following them as the group ascend some stairs. TT starts fucking the taller, sexy Dana (reminiscent of a girl called Jade in Buttman And Rocco Go To Montreal), up against the wall, still fully dressed, which is rather hot, while little Jade seems desperately shy and only strokes TT's bud Des' dick. Give or take a little fooling around, that's about the size of it. It's not a proper "sex scene" in the conventional sense, just some loose but still sexy fun, which feels relatively real and for me it makes for a refreshing change. Those who like to see everything in its place in terms of "oral, sex, this position, that position, come shot" may well beg to differ.

Tia and Sara
When Brian and TT pull up at a junction, a garish yellow Ferrari pulls up opposite. Inside are two blondes, driving round in their bikinis because they're just so damn horny. Only in LA. They happily follow Brian back to his pad where they're soon working over his dick. Sara is a petite Australian, really pretty and with a tiny pussy that leaks cream over Brian's dick. As Sara screws, the stronger-featured English girl Tia kisses her. Tia has glorious natural tits, but I'd be surprised if she's really a teen.

Let's cut to the chase. The girls take turns riding Brian's cock and licking each other's juices from it. Both are enthusiastic and Tia's breathless riding feels a lot more natural than the stereotypical exclamations. Brian has the not inconsiderable task of lifting Tia up and screwing her, but also the pleasure of easing his tool into Sara's teeny tiny bum hole. A size comparison of his dick and Tia's hands against Sara's ass show this is something of a tight squeeze. We also have ass-to-mouth oral, gape shots and a good sense of fun between the girls, all of which makes for some naughty entertainment. Seeing Brian come in Sara's ass and Tia then catching the expelled drops of semen in her mouth is more of an acquired taste. No pun intended.

Back on the streets, TT chats up this Canadian cutie, a current favourite of Joey Silvera (as Christie in New Girls 5, Service Animals 15). She's convinced to flash her boobs in exchange for lunch, but once sushi has been served at TT's place, he wants to see just a little more. Shockingly, the fresh-faced youngster actually has no panties on and reveals her bald pussy. This sparks TT off and a whirl of kisses, groping and increasing mutual arousal later, he's screwing her firmly on the table, as she asks for more. I should also note the barely-legal thrill in seeing young Chrissie sucking cock. She looks so young, you can almost hear the sirens and envisage TT under a blanket being bundled into a police van.

They indulge in rapid-fire action that's all about her youth, her excitement, her firm fleshed little boobs, her lush ass that she likes to be spanked, her funny little expressions and sounds…oh, no, it's me that's sounding like a dirty old man. Come in her mouth too - this sort of thing shouldn't be allowed.

Devine, Maria, Ramona

Over in the barrio, TT is driving in the company of a Latino dude when a group of girls in a car they pass start flashing their tits - even the driver gives the boys an eyeful. This is Ramona, a very sexy, slinky young girl, with her very forward brunette pal Devine and her shy friend Maria. Maria only flashes a little boob, but when the cars pull over, Devine is up for it straight away - she's a very forward girl indeed. But I like Ramona, and she likes TT's buddy, sliding into the back of the car to give him a blowjob right there in the street. More risky action like this wouldn't have gone amiss.

The group split up and the blatantly horny Devine accompanies TT back to his pad. However, and rather disappointingly, the mutual oral action here is just a tease - a cheeky "to be continued" caption pops up. I was sure I'd be interested in the next edition anyway without cheap sales tricks like this.

Despite ending on a slightly sour note, in my book TT's Reality Teens Gone Crazy is hugely entertaining. It's not really a revolution, it's not really very original, but it does have a fresher feel, and offers lots of fun and immense value for money (though arguably the lengthy running time could have been trimmed down). It's possible that seeing certain girls flashing and then cutting out of the sex scenes will frustrate you - there's an element of pot luck in this, it's true - but I can live with that. The set-ups maybe become slightly repetitive, but mainly they're very entertaining and allow the characters of some very sexy young women to come across well. Some of the scenes are quite routine, but others are really very lively indeed, feeling real no matter how staged they are. Personally, I'd like to see some more risky outdoor/on-street sex but then it's not me that could be getting charged for exposure!

It's generally well shot, with some really enjoyable views in the mix, and edited for the purpose, favouring spontaneity and a sense of constant movement. Having watched a cross-section of TT Boy's directorial efforts, I know he can be quite inconsistent, but when he gets it right, his desire for beautiful girls and lusty sex can really pay off, and I think this among the best things I've seen from him. The thing is, if all else fails - it's still got Dani Woodward in it…

DVD Comments

Not content with offering a feature of epic running time, TT includes a 10-minute behind the scenes clip and 20 minutes or so of extra footage. There are some enjoyable moments to discover in there too. There are still photos - something I generally find pretty worthless on DVD, and this is hardly an exception - and trailers for TT's other fine series. In terms of picture quality, this is a good production - I think he's using the Panasonic 24p camera - and the sound is pretty good considering a lot of scenes are out in noisy locations.



TT Boy
Dana, Jazz, Jade, Holly, Ann, Devine, Gwen, Kylie, Emily, Maria, Candi, Sue, Nicole, Payton, Tia, Chance, Ramona, Jamie, Dani, Fiona, Chrissy, Nicole, Sara, TT Boy, Dillon, Domineko, Dick Delaware, others
Running Time
3hrs 20mins
…that's right - 3 hours!!
NTSC / All regions
Dolby 2.0
Disc Features
Trailers, photos, extra footage, behind the scenes

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