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Reality 6: Dangerous Games

Reality 6: Dangerous Games

Studio: Private
Category:  Straight
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Reality 6: Dangerous Games:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Reality 6: Dangerous Games overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Reality 6: Dangerous Games Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Reality 6: Dangerous Games Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Reality 6: Dangerous Games Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Reality 6: Dangerous Games Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Reality 6: Dangerous Games DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Reality 6: Dangerous Games A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  10/28/2002

Private Reality 6: Dangerous Games

Directors: Tom Herold, Antonio Adamo, Robby Blake, Andrew Youngman & John Walton, Kovi
Starring: Angelina, Carol, Claudia Claire, Jane, Julia Crow, Michelle Wild, Patricia Pallona, Renata Wife, Sandra Shine, George, Robby Blake, James Brossman, Choky Ice
Running time: 1hr 27mins

This edition of Private's magazine format series boasts five quick-fire sex scenes and a report on the epic Gladiator production in its rather scant running time. True to form, though, there are plenty of beautiful women to admire, plus the work of some relatively new directors to discover, so it should be interesting at least…

Underground Dreams - Carol and Julia, with George
This stylishly presented scene begins with pretty blonde Carol, AKA Edita, and sultry brunette Julia entering one of Prague's fine metro stations (no doubt ruined, since this scene was shot, in this year's floods) and boarding a train where George, a fellow passenger eyes them up. He tips his head back and drifts off into a dream where, at a house familiar from a couple of Rocco's movies, he swims in a pristine pool and spies on the two lovely girls having sex together, both wearing matching leopard-print stockings. Well, there's no accounting for taste!

The sight of George reclining on a rug by a roaring fire, sipping whisky while a pair of pretty girls work over his cock with sweet, eager mouths is pretty much the epitome of the kind of aspirational, "lifestyle" porn that Private love to sell us. Director Tom Herold gives us just that, beautiful people in great-looking sex, tastefully shot and slickly edited. Just a shame that it lacks the raw edge to make it a real turn on, but you can't have it all I suppose. The girls lesbian licks give way to a sex session that sees them both take a ride on George's dick, Carol is fucked in doggy before the same position is used for anal sex with Julia till George pulls out and splashes Julia's bum and Carol's handily-placed face with come. It all happens pretty fast, and before you know it George is back on that train again.

Empire of the Senses - the making of Private Gladiator
While this self-explanatory, behind the scenes featurette is undeniably interesting viewing, as it reveals the substantial undertaking that was Antonio Adamo's production of Private's porno take on the Gladiator tale, it's also due some criticism on a few points. Firstly, it's the same "making of" feature that's among the extras in the Gladiator set, so if you have that, you'll have this already. Secondly, it's in some ways not really a genuine "making of", more of a glorified, overlong advertisement, containing gratuitous plugs for other Adamo features too. Thirdly, there are indications Private have made use of this material for broadcast on their European satellite/cable channel. So taking all this into account, as well as the fact that this takes up nearly 30 minutes out of an 87 minute running time, it begins to look more like a cheap way of padding out the disc, which is a shame. Still, if you haven't seen it and fancy a look at Toni Ribas, Rita Faltoyano et al hamming it up in Roman costume in sub-zero temperatures, then this is worth a peep!

Dual - Claudia and Renata, with Robby
The husband and wife team of Robby Blake and Claudia Claire star in this impressive vignette, directed by Robby too. Some blues music accompanies slick visuals in setting up a sultry, southern fried mood (even though the location is Barcelona), as Robby arrives at an apartment to share some sexy pleasure with highly desirable blonde Claudia and ravishing brunette Renata. The trio exchange lustful glances as they smoke cigarettes with some purpose, building the atmosphere through touching and kissing, eventually turning to hardcore sex. It's skilfully shot, emphasising Claudia's beauty and sensuality during sex in particular, but is reluctant to turn into just another hardcore scene, which I can imagine will delight and frustrate in equal measure. There is anal sex, performed by Renata, but the emphasis is more on the sensual aspect of sex. Sure, the influence of a certain director (initials A.B.) famed for elegant imagery looms large, but it's a quietly impressive piece of work, one which bodes well for more interesting material from Robby Blake in future.

Relax Club - Jane with George
Awesomely figured Jane arrives at a health club, where masseur George offers more than just a rub down. Yes, it's distinctly unoriginal, but director Tom Herold again handles it with a little style, going as far as an operatic accompaniment that's faintly pretentious in the circumstances. There are a few nice touches, though, and Jane, who I first saw as Jana in 18 and Nasty 26 and then a couple of Nacho Vidal's titles, and has latterly taken the name Jane Durling, looks attractive. She has superb natural tits and is a pretty relaxed performer. She lovingly sucks George's dick and then they proceed to fuck in and around the pool. It's hardly earth-shattering hardcore, though anal sex and a shower of come on her full chest are on the cards, but it's visually appealing and efficiently presented.

Don't Drink and Fuck - Angelina with James and Choky
As this scene is directed by Andrew Youngman (along with fellow stud John Walton), it would be no surprise to find that delectably buxom Angelina is represented by the model agency of Youngman's partner Sandy (Zsanett), a favourite model herself. I've seen Angelina in stills with Mia Stone before, so that would put her in suitable company. Anyway, such tittle-tattle is of little concern here, as this enjoyably traditional Private scene sees a beautiful girl take on two cocks and end up covered in come. Not even some attempts at editing trickery can detract from the simple but effective set up in bar, as the gorgeous Angelina pours champagne over her body for James to lick from her fabulous full breasts and sweet pussy. Bar tender Choky gets involved, and Angelina takes one cock in her mouth, and one in her snatch. Soon, Choky's in her ass, and soon after that, James and Choky give her a standing DP that looks just great, and she at least appears to enjoy; indeed she looks quite away with the fairies at times, or was that down to the bubbly? Angelina squats down and the lads splatter her face and tanned tits with spunk. This is just a good, uncomplicated, colourful, wholesome fare!

Patty & Friends - Patricia, Michelle and Sandra
Time for some black and white slapstick comedy, as cake-makers Patricia Pallona (AKA Diana Kellerman or Patricia Diamond) and Michelle Wild (no surprise then to hear this scene is directed by Kovi) squirt cream from piping bags over each other instead of their products, and end up firing it n the face of boss Sandra (a lovely brunette who I've seen modelling under the name Judit and who has made a couple of teasing non-sex appearances that I've seen, for example along with her equally gorgeous and frustrating friend Samantha AKA Katalin in Animal Trainer 7). Naturally, the only way to clean the mess off is by tongue and this sets off a visually pleasing but erotically limited girly scene. Accompanied by some hilariously bland muzak which drowns out the sex sounds for part of the scene, the edible brunette trio slurp each other's pussies and tits, look at the camera like they're really turned on, and use dildos - Sandra uses one on herself, then helps Patricia and Michelle get it on with a double-ended toy. An interesting variation on the traditional creamy facial finale is provided as Sandra squeezes cream into the girls' mouths and their flickering tongues lick it up. This is absolute fluff all the way, Patricia and Michelle look pretty as always but their outfits of cheap t-shirts and baker's caps take too long to be removed. Sandra does sport some nice stockings but I'd like to see her in a more substantial scene, and yes, that does mean more than fooling around with girls and cakes.

I couldn't believe how quickly an hour and a half can go by - which could be a good sign, I suppose. In reality, I couldn't help feeling this is an insubstantial method of spending your porno money. In itself it's a pleasant enough way to spend the time in the company of some beautiful girls and some undemanding, well-made sex scenes, but for a serious turn-on it's a poor bet, especially when looking at other products that could give more bang for your bucks. That Gladiator "making of" just takes up too much time - a couple more real sex scenes or some better interviews, for example, would have added value. Perhaps further development of the existing scenes would have been an improvement: as is often the case in Private's magazine series, they do feel rather rushed (no surprise as five scenes are stuffed into fifty-odd minutes). I was intrigued by Robby Blake's scene - it has some real quality about it - and Andrew Youngman certainly is in the right place to pick up more talent, so it does provide a decent taster for more. Which is probably the general idea…

DVD Comments
The picture quality is very good indeed, though some of the colour is a little dark, especially on the Gladiator report. The sound is of a high standard too. There's a full complement of language and subtitle options but the disc does rather fall down in terms of extras - cast notes, production notes, trailers and a so-so photo gallery are all that's on offer from the extras menu. The DVD-Rom only section features the usual DVD catalogue and a wallpaper picture for your computer. Great.

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