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Real Indian Housewives 3

Real Indian Housewives 3

Studio: White Ghetto Films
Category:  All Girl , Asian , MILF
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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DEELINGAMDEEPAYONI's ratings for Real Indian Housewives 3:
Overall Rating 0 stars
Real Indian Housewives 3 overall rating 1/2 star
Female Looks Real Indian Housewives 3 Female looks rating 1.5 stars
Male Looks Real Indian Housewives 3 Mael looks rating 1/2 star
Sex Real Indian Housewives 3 Sex rating 1 star
Plot/Acting Real Indian Housewives 3 Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Real Indian Housewives 3 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Real Indian Housewives 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by DEELINGAMDEEPAYONI  on  8/2/2011

Studio : White Ghetto Films

Genre : Anal, Blow Jobs,Cowgirl, Tantrik Sex, Kamasutra, Bald, A2M, P2M, Reverse Cowgirl, Carpet Munching, Sloppy Blow Jobs, Reaming, French Kissing, Doggie, Spanking, Natural Boobs,
Dark Hair, Boob Cumshots.

Condoms: Yes

Over All Experience : Pretty Bad & Rather Sad. Watch It Only If Ur A
Hardcore Indian Porn Lover.

Running Time : 1:29:57 Secs.

Even though White Ghetto have made two films in the same series and this happens to be their hat-trick yet they don't seem to have found their bearings as they continue to fumble and stumble. While most leading production houses only highlight their female cast and simply ignore the male talent this one goes a step further as they do not even credit the director who called the shots behind the camera. Seeing the female lead they have assembled for this movie, not much would have been actually lost if even they had not been given any credit as they too have only contributed to the mess and done little to make the film hot or erotic.

Of the four leading ladies only Tamara has actually done around 8 scenes before appearing in this movie all the other three have each done just one scene and coincidentally in the same banner. So when it comes to erotic fucking and horny love making with the exception of Tamara all of them are green behind the ears and it shows blatantly on-screen.

What is really bugging is that none of them remotely looks like an Indian and that itself tends to piss you off. I mean they have made two films earlier too and in them no matter how bad the girls were atleast they did justice to the title as they were 100 percent Indian. So what stopped them from booking Indian sluts this time around? If that is not bad enough the women appear less to be 'Real Indian Housewives' and more like seedy whores picked up from some down maket red-light area or worse they look like those lowly prostitutes who can be found soliciting around railway lines that is the true quality of the leading ladies.

Agreed there is a huge market for Indian babes in the global porn market but hiring talent like the one in this movie is only bound to get Indians a bad name on the world map.Not only are they novices who don't have a clue what they're expected to do and worse how to go about doing it but even worse they actually keep staring into the camera as they seem to search for the director and silently ask him what next?

So is nothing really right about this flick on fake Indian Housewives you may well ask? But that is not so really. The tarts may look horrible and they don't have a fig of an idea what they are supposed to do and surprise of surprise that is the silver lining. Since most of them are clueless they actually make good students as in their eagerness to please they actually turn bold and do everything that is asked of them and that makes the sex a notch higher than luke warm. Not only do they plunge in from the deep end and do some real heavy duty blowjobs but are not shy to kiss passionately and get all their love holes expanded.

The very first scene opens with ANA TOUCHED performing a tantric ritual as she worships the 'Ling' and then lights aromatic candles to set the mood to arouse her husband on the first wedding night also known as suhag raat. This creates an atmosphere that maybe this film shall be different as it shall take inspiration from the Kamasutra and show some unique Tantric Sex but alas that is just a wishful dream. No sooner has she finished the tantric ritual that seems less of a ritual and more of mumbo jumbo along comes her firangi NRA husband...Not Required American hubby. The moment he arrives he seems so excited to have an Indian bride that he virtually pounces upon her and she too cannot wait to have a alien dick grind her love holes. So she to jumps upon him and gives his dick some nice hot pussy. But that is only after she has gone down on her knees and given his cock a nice blow-job.

Even though Ana whispers in her hubby's ears that she has never been touched before so he should not man-handle her but treat her softly yet once her clothes are off and he has her boobs in his mouth and she sucks his dick while he finger fucks her ass it is almost impossible to believe that Ana has never been touched before. So even though Ana cannot take her hubby's cock right in to his balls and she screams when he inserts two fingers in her booty yet not for a moment does she hesitate to accomodate his cock in her mouth or in her love holes. Inspite of all her flaws her earnestness and eagerness to please does not go unnoticed. Maybe what she lacks in looks and experience she shall make up with her honest and eager to please mannerisms in bed.

Scene 2 has TAMARA playing an Indian bride waiting for her husband to please her on the wedding night. So no sooner has she finished her tantric ritual of seeking blessings from the Lingam in walks her husband and she welcomes him with wet kisses as he starts roving all over her shapely body and starts to discover her hidden treasures. It is not long before he has her small but ripe n juicy natural boobs in his mouth as he drools over her sucking her in a frenzy as he finger fucks her tight pussy and she is already moaning. It isn't long before she has his ramrod in her tiny hands and soon she has him right in her mouth.

Even though she cannot swallow all of his manhood and as we later see she cannot even take much of him inside her cunt yet she makes him almost restless as she licks his dick before deep throating him and sucking his balls in a sexual frenzy. The mating most of which takes place on the master bed has them try out several positions before he is finally ready to cum in mere trickles on her face and breasts.

What was surprising so far is that while the normally shy Indian brides did not hesitate to do A2M or even Pussy 2 Mouth after the guys had grinded them yet the guys seemed to have a mental block or they were averse to French kissing the babes after they had gone down on them and given them head or even refused to munch their carpet after they had pounded their pussy or even ream their booty after doing anal. Now that was soemthing that stood out like a sore thumb and i was wondering why such obvious discrimination. If they could pound an Indian pussy or grind an Indian booty with such glee then why could they be averse to eating the same pussy after pounding it or reaming the ass they had just grinded? What stands out like a sore thumb is that Tamara's scene ends abruptly. Even while they're fucking hammer and tongs the scene fades out.

Thankfully all that was laid to rest with the arrival of TIZIANA who actually gets to do an Inter-racial scene and the guy goes at her hammer and tongs holding back simply nothing as he shows true professionalism when he goes into a frenzy eating her pussy nice and hard or reaming her booty like it's the last butt left on earth. Without doubt this is the very best scene of the entire film and all thanks to the cock teasing Tiziana and her frenzied lover. Unlike the other tarts Tiziana may just have one prior scene to her credit yet she is camera friendly and does not desperately stare at the camera and instead gets under the skin with her sloppy blowjobs or mounting her stud and humping on his dick cowgirl and reverse or as she offers her pussy doggie with a sex starved look on her lusty face as she refuses to stop and goes on like an automated sex machine.

The last scene has the petite and giggly YESICA who is bold and out of her shell as she is game to do anything and virtually everything to get noticed and maybe a handful of more scenes in the bargain. The only thing that is bound to go against YESICA is the ugly caeserian marks an indicator that she is not averse to fucking have given birth to atleast a single baby if not more. Maybe that's what makes her hot because even though she looks pretty young and coy she is actually a Mom to boot so maybe after she has done a few scenes and saved some money she can go for decent plastic surgery to hide those ugly scars and then she could also start doing MILF scenes too. If you can keep your eyes of her child birth marks on her tummy then you may be able to focus on some sloppy blow jobbing or her having her carpet munched or her getting A2M from her stud and the way she does lollipop sucking on the guys cock is kind of cute.

Having said that the Bottom line is that unless you really freak out on Asian porn and Indian babes give you a real boner (so what if these appear fake) then and only then invest your time and money giving unwarranted attention to this flick.


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