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YogaGrrl Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends 3.5 starsReal Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends 3.5 starsReal Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends 3.5 stars
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Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends

Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends

Studio: BB Entertainment
Category:  All Sex , Amateur
Starring: , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives & Girlfriends A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/2/2003

Running Time: 95 min.

Production Date: 1 / 20 / 2002

Director: None credited

Cast: Michelle, Anna, Kelly, Amanda, Gina, Alec, Johnny, Mike, and Michael

Initial Expectations: This is the first real amateur title I’ve seen, so I’m keeping my mind open.

Initial Reaction: It’s darn good! I’m going to look forward to seeing more in this series!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants to see realistic sex or who’s tired of seeing the same old people all the time and couples

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants enough silicone to raise the Titanic

Audio /Video Quality: Amateur titles are notoriously low budget titles, so you don’t expect all the bells and whistles technically. That said, the feature looks and sounds pretty darn good! The audio balance comes and goes a little through the feature, and there are a few background noises now and then, such as bedsprings or an airplane flying over, but you can always hear the performers very well. The video is also very clear, with very few shadows to get in the way. There are very few soft focus problems or camera jitters that many might expect with a feature like this, which really impressed me. The biggest problem was a couple remnants and bit of noticeably bad pixelation in the foreground rug of the third scene, that thankfully didn’t interfere with the scene.

Music: None.

Borderline False Advertising: The back cover lists See behind the scenes photos, future amateur tapes in production, and find out how you can be in a tape. underneath the webstite for Real Deal Amateurs. These are all things that can be found on the website, but it looks just as much like they’re included on the DVD, which I expected. It’s confusing, and had me a little ticked off when I didn’t find any of these things on the DVD.

Menus: The menus are very simple, but look good. The main menu is unanimated, but extremely clear and good looking. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene by a small clip of the scene and a scene number.

The Feature: The Real Deal Amateurs: Real Nighty Wives and Girlfriends works on a simple idea. Many real people like to fuck just as much as porn stars do, and do so in a way that’s much easier to relate to. Each scene starts with the names of the people in the scene, and then goes right to the action.

Kelly, a decent looking dirty blonde with a nice natural body, and Alec, who looks like he’s starting to think of Turtle Wax as a hair care product, start things off. Kelly calls Alec over to the bed and then strips down quickly as he watches and strokes himself a little. She playfully rolls over him and kisses him on the mouth before dropping down to suck his cock. Kelly puts some nice energy into her cocksucking, but doesn’t get any oral attentions returned. She rolls onto her back and Alec starts fucking her completely shaven pussy missionary style. Kelly also rides Alec cowgirl style, and looks like she might squirt fairly early into fucking him. She also fucks him reverse cowgirl, both in the middle of the bed and as they balance on the edge of the bed, before they energetically fuck doggie style. Rather than working through each position only once, Kelly and Alec make their way back through the positions as they want to, with Alec finally pulling out and laying a nice load on Kelly’s firm stomach. It’s a hot scene that’s a great start to the movie! Being a real life couple, Alec and Kelly have great chemistry together, and are both looking like they’re having a great time. They put some nice energy into the scene, as well as giving it a more realistic sexual feel. This is a very good way to start out the feature.

Michelle, a slightly older but still okay looking big tittied blonde, tells her hubby Johnny, also a blonde, that she’s really horny. He goes right to kissing her big fat titties before going down to play with and kiss her hood ring. She gives him directions on how to lick and finger her pussy, and cums as a result of his work. Michelle smiles playfully as she helps Johnny out of his clothes, and gives him some good eye contact as she sucks his cock. Johnny has Michelle get off so he can fuck her from behind, and after fucking her pussy moves up to give her ass a little attention. Rather than just plunging in like in most adult movies, Johnny actually licks and plays with it a little. He even lubes it up before fingering it and fucking it with a toy right up to a DP! Finally, Johnny starts fucking Michelle’s ass as she fucks herself with the toy before pulling out and decorating Michelle’s stomach. It’s another really hot scene that’s a lot of fun due to the realistic feel of the scene. You can tell that Johnny and Michelle are really into each other and know just how fast to take things. You can also tell that they’re really into everything they’re doing, which makes this a great scene!

Gina, an attractive dark skinned woman, and Mike, a good looking white guy, start out their scene with a little wine in front of a stone fireplace and some candles. Gina looks very good from the start in black and red lingerie, and unlike most scenes, Mike is also dressed a little for the occasion with some red silk boxers. They start out kissing before Gina kisses her way down to suck Mike’s cock and let him slowly fuck her face. He removes Gina’s panties so he can play with her pussy a little as she sucks him, before Gina finally lets his cock go so he can gobble her gash. Mike lets Gina continue to lay back on the furry rug as he climbs forward to fuck her missionary style, and then gives her a little more control with some reverse cowgirl and doggie style. Mike appears to be having some wood problems as they start spooning, but does manage to finally give Gina a good dose of dick droppings on her pussy. It’s a slightly more subdued scene than many of the others, but feels just as real as it’s supposed to be. Gina gets into things very well, and you can tell that she loves to suck cock. It’s a nice change of pace from the other scenes, and gives the feature a little more diversity, which is almost always a good thing.

Anna, an older and fairly unattractive brunette with a white lady afro, and Michelle, the older busty blonde from the second scene, pair up for the penultimate scene. Both are in lingerie, with Michelle’s having a much more fetish style to it. After Anna kisses her way around Michelle’s body a little, Michelle takes Anna over and puts her in a love swing. Michelle works Anna over with her tongue before working on her with a pocket rocket and a pearl necklace and later a vibrating strap-on. Anna and Michelle head back to the bed so Anna can thank Michelle properly, where Anna goes to work on her with her tongue, fingers, and a pocket rocket. Anna starts out on Michelle’s pussy, but soon moves a finger into her ass followed by a large glass toy. Anna seems to get Michelle off just fine with the toy, and the scene cuts out at a point where you’re not quite sure if they’re done or not. Cutting out when there seems to be a lot more to go in the scene is fairly common in lesbian scenes, but this one cut out leaving me confused as to whether they were done or not. I think another five seconds here would have added a lot to the scene. Once again, you can tell that Michelle obviously loves sex. She drives the scene extremely well, and Anna seems more than willing to follow her every instruction. It’s a pretty good scene, but Anna’s submissiveness for some reason turned me off a bit.

Finally, Amanda, a cute brunette with perky tits, and Michael, a decent looking guy with a little salt and pepper in his hair, get busy on the edge of a pool. Amanda quickly strips out of her bikini and drops down to suck Michael’s schlong, sucking and stroking him as he lays back and moans. Michael returns the favor with a small vibrating bunny toy, which is a touch I wish more scenes would include. For some reason sex toy usage is almost exclusive to all girl scenes, yet many hetero couples use them in their sex life to spice things up now and then. They move inside so Michael can also eat Amanda’s neatly trimmed pussy as she lays back on a table before rolling her over to bone her from behind. Amanda brings her bunny toy back to work on her clit as Michael fucks her missionary style, and looks like she’s getting off to the point she might not be walking much the next few days. They have a bit of a laugh as Michael confesses that it hurt him, but seems to recover just fine as Amanda sucks him to a very good facial that she doesn’t shy away from in the least. It’s a very hot scene and a great one to end the feature with. Although it concentrates a little much on close-ups for some of the scene for my tastes, everything else hits to the point that this was my favorite scene out of the feature.

Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives and Girlfriends is a very nice change from the typical porno. The people aren’t drop dead gorgeous, but they do seem very representative of the average person. If one were grabbing people randomly off the street you could do a heck of a lot worse than the people here. Although this might turn some people off, it’s a lot of what gives this movie a certain kind of charm and makes this feature a great choice for many couples. These aren’t porn stars who know where the camera is every single moment. They are real people who love to fuck, and it shows in every scene. There’s a chemistry in these scenes that you rarely find in porn scenes. You can see that the people, including the guys, are putting some effort into making sure their partner cums, and if the camera doesn’t have the perfect viewpoint that just might be too bad. That said, there isn’t anything wrong with the camera work here. The scenes are all very well lit and captured at decent angles by what looks like two cameras with real people behind them rather than just leaving the camera on a tripod. Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives and Girlfriends is definitely worth checking out!

Extras: The only extras on the DVD are a few website commercials.

Themes: Straight, amateur, spanking, rimming (male > female), anal, toys, DP (technical), lesbian, older women, and love swing

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, the Real Deal Amateurs series can be found online for between $16 and $21. The lower end doesn’t seem like too bad a price here, even though there isn’t squat for extras. There still is decent technical aspects and some very good sex with real people who just want to fuck on camera. Real Deal Amateurs: Real Naughty Wives and Girlfriends is worth checking out.

Note to BB Entertainment: You’ve done a good job on your feature, now please turn a little attention to making a better DVD, since right now there doesn’t seem to be any reason to go with the DVD over the VHS. Your cover says you have behind the scenes photos, looks at future movies in production, and how to be in one of your features. Many people, although porn fans, don’t want to go to company websites, so don’t force them to in order to see more of you! Put a behind the scenes photo gallery on the DVD. Also, an extra such as a “lost” or cut scene would be excellent, although a bonus scene from another of your features would also be great.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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