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Real College Girls 2

Real College Girls 2

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Barely Legal
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Saki's ratings for Real College Girls 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Real College Girls 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Real College Girls 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Real College Girls 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Real College Girls 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Real College Girls 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Real College Girls 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Real College Girls 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Saki  on  5/17/2003
Real College Girls 2 (2002)


Barely Legal

Bob Sima

Aurora Snow, Tammy Jenkins, Celestine, Chrissy Sparks (non-sex), Kim (non-sex), Veronica Johnson, Mioko, Lucy, Isabella, Pat Myne, Jay Ashley, Chris, Kyle Stone, and Shannon

Running Time

DVD Format
Single Sided, Dual Layer (DVD-9)

Aspect Ratio
1.33:1 (full frame)

Special Features
Full motion video chapter selection menu; 20-picture photo gallery (hardcore and softcore); and 18 trailers

Typical Watchers

College girl fantasy seekers

Typical Haters

Anyone who'll be turned off to learn that these girls are not really college students after all

Replay Value

College girls, dirty talk, anal, anal gaping, DP, girl-girl, oral cumshots, analingus (m->f), interracial, piercings, tattoos, female masturbation, toys, wearing glasses

None used

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The First Word:  I don't know why, but I have a strange draw to the Real College Girls series.  Sure, there are aspects that are annoying, but like professional wrestling, it's fun to watch.  And just like pro wrestling, we know that there's a good deal of bullshit involved, but since some of the models are probably really enrolled in community college, it's still a "fantareality" turn-on.

What's It About?:   This volume's format is identical to the others:  each scene starts with the hostess wandering a Southern California junior college campus in search of a co-ed who supposedly answered a "Fast Cash Modeling" ad in The Recycler (one of those free classified ads publications).  Once she "stumbles" onto the girl, there's an interview, followed by a college ID check and chance to back out (like we'd ever see that happen!). From there, they usually go back to "her parent's house" where the action takes place.

Glendale Community College leads off volume two, with hostess Chrissy Sparks searching for a girl named Jessica.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll recognize that "Jessica" is better known as popular gonzo starlet Aurora Snow.  After talking about scholarships and porn, they head off to her apartment to film the scene.  Pat Myne and Jay Ashley are the studs de jour, and it doesn't take more than a few seconds before they are kissing Aurora's bare tits.  The sex leads off with a double blowjob, while Chrissy removes her top and holds a camcorder in her hand in a way that it's completely obvious that she's not actually recording anything.  The three-way includes some nice intercourse shots involving her mostly shaved box, as well as a wide-open anal spooning.  The double penetration toward the end is okay, but not as aggressive and passionate as I like to see.  The scene, which I think Aurora Snow fans will enjoy most, ends with a double oral pop.

The best scene of the DVD comes next, starting with Celestine at Orange Coast College on a rainy Sunday.  After the expected, pretty stupid B.S. ("I think I see her!" she says-- and they are the only people on the deserted campus).   Tammy Jenkins (she doesn't cover up her ID) is a very cute blonde, the sorority girl type.  She's at Orange Coast getting her flight attendant certificate.  She seems rather shy and innocent, especially when she admits today will only be the second time she's had anal sex with her boyfriend.  The two go back to her parent's house (of course) where her boyfriend Chris, a frat-boy type with a baseball cap on, is waiting.  When Tammy strips we see that she's got absolutely great natural tits!  Celestine actually gets involved a little, rubbing Tammy's clit while Chris finger fucks her pussy.  Then, after a bit of oral and some more finger banging, Tammy starts to blow her boyfriend while Celestine rubs his balls (the dude's got a rough life!).  When they start to fuck, Tammy is almost silent, making only a few gaps between heavy breaths--it's a big turn-on since she appears to be reacting "normally" to the sex.  I love it when Celestine rubs Tammy's boobs as Chris fucks his girl from behind.  The nice positions continue with a wide open spoon and then anal reverse cow.  The ending is a realistic but reluctant facial, with the pop landing mostly on her nose.  Overall, this was about as authentic first-time-on-camera sex as you'll probably ever see.

Kim, a curly redhead, hosts the next scene at Woodbury University.  There she meets Veronica Johnson, a light-skinned black girl with an angular face.  Veronica claims that she's only done still pictures, won't suck cock because of a strong gag reflex, and prefers women.  The bullshit alarm starts to go off with some inconsistencies in her story toward the end of the interview, plus the fact that the guy in the scene is introduced as "John," even though everyone knows he's really Kyle Stone.  Veronica is joined by another light-skinned black girl, Mioko, and the two give Kyle's cock a double-headed licking before the girls start kissing each other.  Meanwhile, Kim has shed her top and reveals her nice, big, natural tits, but unfortunately she doesn't get involved at all.  Instead, Veronica shows her preference for girls is correct by licking and finger-fucking the other girl.  Kyle does drop wood into the borderline lesbian's box, which is adorned with a "V" shaped pube pattern.  It's a pretty decent interracial look with his very pale cock.  This so-so scene ends with the other girl sucking Mr. Stone to orgasm and directing his spunk onto Veronica's somewhat reluctant face.

Celestine is back again, this time at Occidental College.  The girl of the day is Lucy, a blonde Russian girl with nice perky tits.  When they go back for the scene with her boyfriend, Lucy says, "My goodness, he's not here!"  Since the boyfriend is supposedly busy (yeah, that's likely), Celestine takes matters into her own hands.  I love Lucy's topless look right before Celestine goes to town on her boobs.  Thanks to a conveniently available big black vibrator, Lucy begins to masturbate, then Celestine joins in, licking Lucy while the vibe is buried in her pussy.  There's some great girl-girl eye candy here, not only the 69 position, but also when Lucy shows how limber she is by sucking her own toes while Celestine finger fucks and licks her.  It's also nice to see our hostess, who usually doesn't participate, get eaten out.  My only complaint with this scene is that it doesn't end in climaxes, it just fades out as the two are entangled.

The final scene is the weakest of the bunch, with Chrissy Sparks at Santiago Canyon College.  There, she meets up with Isabella, a tall, 22-year old blonde who's looking to become a paralegal.  She looks a lot like a stripper to me.  She has sex with her bald, tattooed boyfriend, Shannon.  As they go through the motions, BJ, mish, RCG, and piledriver, there's not a lot of heat between them, and the dirty talk sounds scripted and forced.  The ending is pretty disappointing to since there's no visual pop shot, just a shot of his face--they probably had problems with the cumshot.

What I liked: Tammy Jenkins:  Tammy's the most attractive girl I've seen in the Real College Girls series, and she really fits the "girl next door" ideal.  It's pretty obvious that she's not done this before, since she's very quiet and timid, even during the sex.  As the session goes on, she warms up, even during the anal.  But the facial is more like a "well, if I have to do it..." sort of thing, and that somehow adds to the feeling that this is not a professional who's pretending to be an amateur.

What I didn't like:  Cow pies:  I'm pretty good at suspending reality, but passing off porn stars as college students, doing the lame "my parent's aren't home" setup, and having the hostesses hold obsolete and unused camcorders during the scenes are pretty annoying.  Those are probably the biggest liabilities of this series aside from the questionable videography techniques used.

DVD Extras:  Except for recent Hustler discs, most DVDs from Hustler are fairly bare-bones.  I'm disappointed that the only extras we get are a standard photo gallery and a bunch of preview trailers.  Even Hustler's Barely Legal series now has a behind-the-scenes and a director's profile.  I'd think that this series would generate some bloopers or extra sex that could easily add some more meat to the discs.

A/V Quality:   The biggest problem with video quality is the vignetting from either the lens at wide angle or a lens filter.  It's not as noticeable on a TV monitor, but if you watch the disc on a computer, you'll be able to spot the rounded corners rather easily.   In general, the picture is not as sharp as other pornos, but it's in line with most gonzos.  The audio is pretty solid with good pick up of slurps and wet noises without any humming or unwanted background noise--especially critical since there's no music to mask any problems.

The Last Word:  The same disappointments from the other volumes of this series hold true with Real College Girls 2:  some detectable B.S., predictable interviews, fairly vanilla sex, and hostesses who look better than the girls getting the action.  Still, for some reason, I'm still drawn to this series, maybe because there's occasionally a good scene or two.  In this case, Tammy's scene is a turn-on because she acts like a brand-new, innocent girl without the porn star baggage that nearly all starlets get after their first few scenes.  There are a couple of other scenes that are perfectly fine, but it's the scene with Tammy that gives this volume my nod of approval.

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