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barrettman Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z) 3.5 starsReal Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z) 3.5 starsReal Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z) 3.5 stars
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Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z)

Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z)

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z) Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Real Boogie Nights, The (Sex Z) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/24/2007
Ok fans time for a bit of a change from what I normally review. This dvd here concerns porn for sure, in fact it's based on one a mainstream movie which celebrated the subject just a decade ago. Boogie Nights was quite the flick when it came out in 97 helping to relaunch Burt Reynolds' career and also giving lots of fanboys something they'd wanted for some time, namely a naked Heather Graham aka Rollergirl. The story was straight out of the times for the 1970's, kid working in a night club discovered by porn producer who enlists his help to make a string of successful porn FILMS and I stress that because the Burt character thought of himself as a filmmaker, this causes a rift later in the flick when he's pressed to go hard to the video market where the profit potential was much greater.

Now for the porno version of this fine film you have Kurt Lockwood stepping in for the Mark Wahlberg character with Ron Jeremy being perfectly cast in the Burt Reynolds role-- I mean who else could do this but the Hedgehog who as I read recently consulted on the movie this porno tribute is based on. Kurt is also the director for this project which brings in some great porn girls for the various roles. Sunny Lane is Skatergirl and you can guess that she's the Heather character and again great casting as Sunny fits her name perfectly always with a smile and I think would feel right at home in the 70's with it's layed back fun loving sexual spirit. You have Jack Lawrence playing the John C Reilly character from the big screen version and I'm sorry I don't remember his name but fans of the movie know him as Mark Wahlberg's best friend whom he first met at the pool party where they discussed each other's weight lifting prowess. Tee Reel is the Don Cheadle character with Marie Luv as the black woman you see in the movie and I can't forget the Amber character played by Amber Lynn in this version. Those were the main type roles which were kept intact so far as being relevant to Kurt's version while a couple characters namely the William H Macy one being relegated to sideline status for the most part and that was a mistake I think because you left out one of Boogie Nights best sub storylines which was William walking in on wife, Nina Hartley, always fucking either onset or at their house with William showing little if any outward reaction but he sure does rectify things in his eyes during the New Year Eve party when he blows away his wife followed by a bullet in his own brain. Well here that's treated almost as an afterthought with the actor playing the role just walking by during the party scene and shooting himself so you're left to wonder WTF that came out of nowhere kind of feeling and if you've seen the movie this might piss you off a little as that culminated a good storyline in the Hollywood version.

Now so far as the sex scenes go in this one, Kurt and co. did very good with the opening scene with Kurt pairing up with Sunny Lane as the dvd's best I think. Ron, like Burt, watches on to see how good Kurt is and like Ron thought he kept his wood up and banged out a solid scene with Sunny who I think did some very good cock sucking here and keeping the skates on throughout she stays true to character!! Now the other scene which matches the Hollywood version has Kurt doing his first ever scene with Amber in the office with costars watching from close by, don't recall that from the Hollywood version and you also don't get the William H character doing his lines like in the movie-- I think this does detract from the movie somewhat as I mentioned plus you don't get the Don Cheadle storyline brought in beyond Marie commenting about his look, the cowboy look but you get a good scene with Tee boning Gwen Diamond. The scenes here for the porno version might have that grainy 70's film look to start but quickly go to the better shot we associate with today's porn, thank goodness. Fans of the Hollywood movie will also remember the descent Mark's character goes into the abuse of drugs and how that got him cast out of the inner circle and you get some of that here but it's lightly touched on and the big Alfred Molina scene where everything comes to a head is shot here but you have the Jack Lawrence character in place of the one used for the Hollywood version-- that starred the guy who played Micky Mantle in the movie 61 if you recall, I forget his name so in the porn version you have two characters combined which is fine but a slight deviation for those who know the movie. To bad they don't have Sister Christian playing either, that was used perfectly in the movie. To close out this porn version you get Kurt coming back and making an apology to Ron's character who takes him back in but instead of Kurt doing the standing in front of the mirror looking down at his penis trying to charge himself back up we go right to a scene of him fucking Gwen and Tiffany Price so another good scene for the movie not included here and I think that one should have as it was great seeing Mark's character trying to psych himself up to make that triumphant return while here that's glossed right over-- now the scene itself rocked with Gwen and Tiffany eating his cock up and even doing some ass licking-- did they do that in 70's porn, lol.

The look of the movie was fairly normal, I didn't see as many nods to the 70's as you might have seen and I'm sitting now listening to Gwen dirty talk and I am pretty sure you didn't get that back in the day, mind you I enjoy it and think the scenes shot here had good pairings starting with the Kurt/ Sunny scene plus Marie had a good romp with Jack Lawrence who was in full cop gear to start the scene so yeah he was pumping her for information!! Something which struck me as funny and in a good way was the head piece Kurt wore which coupled with his look had me thinking of the guy from the Mod Squad, one of the three cops so fans of that show might see the resemblance if you see this porn version. Some of the music used most notably on the main menu did a good job nodding to the 70's vibe and performance wise the clear leader here was Ron Jeremy. The cast was chosen well and the sex was handled nicely too which for fans of real porno could be the key element in deciding whether or not to pick a flick to watch and in that case I'd say give this a shot. Now so far as a feature goes and how close it was to the original I think Kurt took out some key elements which made the Hollywood version so good, namely the entire William H Macy story and parts of Don Cheadle's-- him selling the stereo equipment or the hold up in the donut shop where he gets his money for his own store were both missing. So in that respect it falls a little short for me, you still get a good story presented but fans of the movie will see vital elements not shown but you have the great sex to make up for it. So I'd definitely give this a rental out of curiosity perhaps but you should like the sex and you can judge for yourself how well they kept to the movie's storyline. Extras include some photos, trailers and I'd for sure check out the Behind the scenes. A worthy attempt for sure which with just a few tweaks could have been real good.

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