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Razor's Edge

Razor's Edge

Studio: Gen XXX
Category:  Feature film
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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pdheartbreak's ratings for Razor's Edge:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Razor's Edge overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Razor's Edge Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Razor's Edge Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Razor's Edge Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Razor's Edge Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Razor's Edge DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Razor's Edge A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by pdheartbreak  on  5/26/2004
Scene One: Emily, Nick East and Bobby Vitale

Ona is a detective and today is the last day for Ona because she is retiring. The two detectives received a call about a case and rejected Ona’s offer to help.

Then the camera kept fading from color to black and white. Jeanna is wearing dark sunglasses, red leather jacket and black high heel shoes. Jeanna walked into a sex club where she is checking out couples having sex. A guy is fucking Kaitlyn Ashley on a swing and Alex Sanders is licking Emily's nipples.

Nick is lying on his back and watching Emily suck his dick while Bobby is fingering her ass. Bobby lay right next to Nick so that Emily could stroke and sucks two dicks at a time. Then Bobby placed his dick into Emily’s ass while she is playing with Nick’s cock on her tits. The scene was cut where Emily is lying on the bed, sucking Bobby‘s dick and Nick’s cock is in her pussy. The scene cut again where Bobby has Emily in a reverse cowgirl position and sucking Nick’s cock at the same time. Then Bobby and Nick have DP Emily real nice. Then Nick has Emily in a cowgirl position and sucking Bobby’s cock. Nick moved faster than lightning from lying on his back to standing up to cum over Emily’s face. Emily is on her back with her legs spread wide open as Bobby missionary her. Bobby’s cum has burst out on Emily’s face and chest.

Scene Two: Jeanna Fine and Tony Tedeshi
The camera keeps fading back and forth from color to black and white. Jeanne and Tony are standing in front of a bed with many drapes hanging over it. Tony is wearing a suit as he looked at Jeanna take off all of her clothes. Tony asked for her name, but Jeanne wouldn’t reveal it. She lay on the bed, pose in different position and told Tony how to fulfill her sexual desires. She was in a doggiestyle position as Tony is eating her ass. Jeanne had to beg Tony to stop because it was getting too much for her. Then Tony hopped into the bed so that Jeanna could suck his dick. Jeanne was moaning and talking out loud as she was 69ing with Tony. (Jeanna seems to talk out loud when she has orgasm.)

The scene was cut where Jeanna is calmed down a little because she is smoking a cigarette and Tony is eating her pussy. Then Tony put his dick into Jeanna’s pussy and fucks her in side anal. Later, he turned Jeanna around to fuck her in missionary. Quickly, Jeanna turned around into a doggiestyle position and Tony is fucking her ass. This time Jeanna reached for a razor blade from the table and hide it under the pillow. Tony was unaware because he is too busy enjoying pounding her ass. Then Tony had shot his cum right into Jeanna’s mouth. When Tony plopped on the bed, Jeanna reached under the pillow for the razor blade. The camera had focus on the razor blade and then it pan off to the side.

Ona is cleaning out her desk, but she received a phone call around 1pm. Then Ona showed up at the crime scene where a forensic scientist had placed the razor blade into a plastic bag. Ona asked Jenna to hurry up and confess. Jeanna kept denying to Ona that she didn’t commit the crime and she wants a psychologist.

The scene was cut, where Ona, Jeanna and a psychologist were sitting and talking at the table. The psychologist told Ona that Jeanna has a personality disorder, but Ona disagreed. Ona thinks that it was murder and Jeanna should be arrested. Ona and the psychologist kept arguing, but they agreed to hypnotize Jeanna in order to get the bottom of this.

The scene did instant replay where Jeanna walked into the club and saw Tony is sitting in the corner. Tony followed Jeanna into the room.

Scene Three: Greta Hertz and Alex Sanders
Greta is on her knees and sucking his cock. Alex reaches over to place his fingers into her ass. Greta lay on the bed as Alex licks her nipples and her pussy. Then Alex started the missionary position by sliding his cock in her pussy. Greta turned around as Alex had penetrates his cock in her ass. Greta and Alex are together doing the cowgirl position. Then Alex had fuck her juicy ass again and cum into her butthole.

Back to the confession room, Ona is getting frustrated, angry and running out of time because Jeanna seems to be rambling. The psychologist told Jeanna continues her confession and she had recited to them another story.

Scene Four: Jeanna Fine, Anna Malle and Rayveness

This time the story started where Jeanna, Anna and Rayveness are on the bed wearing nothing but bras and panties. Anna is eating Jeanna’s pussy as Rayveness is on top of Jeanna. Anna had lube up Jeanna’s pussy and she slides a dildo inside Jeanna’s pussy. Jeanna is eating Rayveness’ ass while Anna is humping a dildo into Jeanna’ s pussy. Anna is eating Jeanna’s pussy at the same time as Jeanna is eating Rayveness’ pussy. Jeanna is in a doggiestyle position by Rayveness is eating Jeanna’s ass and Anna is thrusting a dildo into Jeanna’s mouth. Then Jeanna is masturbating and watching Anna and Rayveness doing a 69 position. Then Jeanna has joined them by popping a white dildo and her finger into Anna’s pussy. Then Anna has stick up her ass way up in the air so that it could be insert by a dildo and Jeanna’s own two fingers. Disappointedly, Anna’s famous “eyes rolled back” orgasm was shortly cut where each women was thrusting a dildo into each other’s pussy. But Anna’s famous ”eyes rolled back” orgasm has quickly reappears. Jeanna saw it and kissed Anna the whole time to calm Anna down.

Back to the confession room again, Jeanna has continues to ramble her story, Ona is pretty much fed-up and the psychologist is already convince. She continues her story…

Scene Five: Kaitlyn Ashley and Easy Rider
This is probably the shortest scene I’ve ever seen. Kaitlyn Ashley is on her knees and sucking his cock. Then Kaitlyn allowed Easy to be titsfuck her by sliding his cock between her tits. The scene was cut where Kaitlyn is on a swing and Easy shoots his cum all over on Kaitlyn’ s stomach. That's it.?!?!!?

Back to Jeanna’s confession, this time Ona kept pushing for answers until Jeanna bursts out crying. Ona and the psychologist continue to argue, but Ona had escorted Jeanna out of the room. Ona placed Jeanna into a jail cell and started to undress Jeanna. Ona left the cell and Jeanna is pretty much hysterical.

Ona walked back into the cell and threaten Jeanna with a dildo. Ona had placed Jeanna’s face against the wall, undressing her and pushing her to the edge to confess. Ona started to play dirty when she grabbed Jeanna’s pussy and yanked it. Ona kept yanking Jeanna’s hair and her pussy. No matter how rough Ona plays, Jeanna kept her mouth shut. Ona command Jeanna to bend over, but rushed in and stopped Ona just in the nick of time. Frank Zee has dragged Ona out because they think that Ona had committed the crime.

Then Frank Zee had asked Ona if she wants to confess. Ona wanted to see her psychologist …

I applaud for Ona and Frank because the story is outstanding that I’ve nearly forgot that it was a porn movie. I thought it was a suspense movie or Quentin Tarantino’s flick because of the twist at the end. The actors and the color-black and white combinations were perfect. I am a “little” disappointed for the shortest sex scene between Kaitlyn Ashley and Easy Rider. Jeanna Fine could act and fuck her ass off in this movie. This is a movie for you if you’re a Jeanne Fine’s fan.

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