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Raylene's Dirty Work

Raylene's Dirty Work

Studio: Vivid
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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fu_q's ratings for Raylene's Dirty Work:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Raylene's Dirty Work overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Raylene's Dirty Work Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Raylene's Dirty Work Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Raylene's Dirty Work Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Raylene's Dirty Work Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Raylene's Dirty Work DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Raylene's Dirty Work A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  9/10/2009
“Raylene’s Dirty Work” is an all-sex scorcher directed by B. Skow for Vivid that brings forth the return of popular late-90’s star, Raylene. As with just about every production by this director these days, this one is excellent. There are six scenes featuring action ranging from girl-on-girl lesbian sex with toys (between Raylene and Gianna Michaels) all the way up to a steamy anal segment (between Raylene and Mr. Pete). Thrown in along the way are three vaginal-only, boy-girl scenes—those of Charley Chase, Kylie Reese, and Evie Delatosso—as well as a boy-boy-girl scene with Raylene, Jerry, and Mick Blue. The Raylene anal scene and the Charley Chase scene are absolutely not to be missed, but the others are no sleepers, either. In terms of plot, there really isn’t one, but there is a theme—that of housework—that is prevalent in the lead-up tease sequences that precede the various sex-based segments.

The first scene takes place partly outdoors, partly in a sauna, and partly indoors on a light-brown sofa. It involves hot lesbian sex between Raylene and Gianna Michaels, and it features both a double-headed dildo that the two ladies share and also vibrators. Raylene is a physically-fit, “cougar”-type actress who appears to be partly of Hispanic decent and has large enhanced breasts, black hair, and a womanhood whose lips are shaved with a decent patch of hair just above. She also has some fairly prominent tattoo work, particularly on her left ass-cheek. Gianna is a curvy brunette who has creamy skin, large natural (?) breasts, and a womanhood featuring shaved lips and a thick patch of hair above them. The sex here has all of the normal trappings of girl-on-girl action, including both women eating each other out and doing some finger-work on one another. Further, there is some sexy crotch-grinding and seductive making out that goes on. The highlight of the scene, however, has to be the super-steamy sharing of the clear, pink, double-headed dildo by the two ladies—this action is off-the-charts in terms of heat. Overall, this is a very good lesbian endeavor that is well-captured, always hot, and that involves two actresses who appear to be quite into one another.

Gianna and Raylene—the chemistry is overtly evident.

The second scene features Charley Chase and Mr. Pete and takes place between a marble-tiled bathroom and a bedroom containing a light-green bed with a brown, cushioned headboard. In the former location, Charley Chase does a very sexy tub- / floor-cleaning striptease and masturbation sequence that really shows just how hot solo-girl action can be. Take note: this is how it’s done. It is in the latter location that Mr. Pete enters the scenario. Charley is an actress of apparent Hispanic decent who has black hair, nice-sized breasts with pierced nipples, very nice curves, and a womanhood that has shaved lips and features both a clit piercing and a decent, triangular patch of pubic hair. In terms of the action, both participants perform oral sex on each other, with Mr. Pete also rimming Charley extensively and fingering her ass. Charley’s blowjob on him is also exquisite, including face-fucking, spit, gagging, and handwork. Further, there is some cool standing oral work by the duo, with Mr. Pete holding Charley up in the air while eating her out. The actual penetration involves multiple positions and is all extraordinarily sexy. Charley squirts visibly a number of times, and really everything in this scene would qualify as a “highlight”. The segment comes to an end with a pop-shot out of a pile-driver position all over Charley (her pussy, tummy, breasts, face, mouth, etc.), followed by a re-insertion and then some oral cock clean-off. Quite frankly, this is one of the best scenes that I have seen in quite some time. It alone would justify the purchase of this DVD. Everything is perfectly performed, shot, and captured, while the intensity and heat factor are sky-high.

Charley Chase—rub-a-dub-dub.

The third scene is a boy-boy-girl romp between Raylene, Jerry, and Mick Blue. It takes place in a living room-like area with a black sofa set and an ironing board. Things start off with a sensual striptease and masturbation sequence by Raylene, followed by a cut to allow for the entrance of her two male accomplices. Raylene does some nice oral and hand work on both of the men. During the actual sex, Raylene is typically penetrated in one of a variety of positions by either of the actors, while she blows the other. One of the highlights here occurs when Raylene is lying on top of Jerry (facing up), and he and Mick Blue trade off fucking her in reverse-cowgirl and missionary-like positions, respectively—like a common DP position, but without the DP and only traded-off vaginal action. The scene essentially ends with both men ejaculating in succession on Raylene’s face and mouth, giving her a nice glazing. This is then followed up by some oral cock clean-off by Raylene on both of the actors. In all, this scene is intense, well-shot, and very good. All of the participants are into the action, and there is a good deal of chemistry. I would recommend checking this one out.

Raylene—ready for the glazing.

The fourth scene involves Kylie Reese and Anthony Rosano and occurs in a living room-like area with very light-brown, cushioned furniture and a fireplace. Kylie is a cute, fully-shaved blonde having perky natural breasts, pierced nipples, a pierced clit, and an early-20’s-type physique. Similar to the last two scenes, this one begins with solo-girl action—this time featuring a seductive cleaning session that ends up turning into a striptease and masturbation segment. This activity—which is quite hot—is followed by a cut and then the ensuing entrance of Anthony, the male lead for the scene. He does some POV fingering on Kylie and also eats her. Kylie puts forth some hard and heavy oral work on him, as well, which includes face-fucking, deep-throating, gagging, and spit. This is some pretty intense stuff. The actual sex is steamy and intense, and it employs a myriad of positions—a couple of which feature Kylie fingering her ass a bit. The scene comes to a close with Anthony pulling out of a side-entry position and popping on Kylie’s wide-open pussy, followed by a cummy re-insertion with fucking and some deep-throat oral cock clean-off. Overall, this scene is hot, heavy, and quite intense. Kylie really should be lauded for her performance here, as it is very good. Anthony is up to the challenge, as well, and this one is definitely worth checking out.

Kylie—don’t let the cuteness fool you.

The fifth scene features Evie Delatosso and James Deen, everyone’s favorite male actor. Evie is a Hispanic actress with black hair, large breasts, nice curves, and a landing strip. The scene involves a striptease and masturbation segment with Evie in a kitchen environment and then cuts to a room with plenty of windows and a black leather sofa set for the main event. Both participants perform oral sex on one another during the festivities, with Evie providing a steamy blowjob—complete with deep-throating, spit, ball-licking, handwork, and gagging. There is also some nice titty-fucking that goes on, as well. In terms of the actual penetration, multiple positions are taken advantage of, with one highlight being a unique, side-entry cowgirl position that the pair devises. The scene essentially finishes off with James popping on Evie’s chest and in her mouth straight out of a titty-fucking position, followed by some oral cock clean-off. All in all, the action presented here is hot, heavy, and hard, and the two participants more or less fuck the shit out of each other. This is a very good scene and is also highly recommended.

Evie—quite the homemaker.

The sixth scene involves Raylene and Mr. Pete and features a steamy and lengthy anal pounding. The festivities start out in a laundry room with Raylene doing some solo-girl work that includes a strip-tease, masturbation with both fingers and a vibrator, and a bit of anal fingering. This is followed up by a cut to a room containing a black leather sofa set, where the dirty deed is done with Mr. Pete. The participants both engage in oral sex with one another, and the ensuing sex is quite hot and moves through a few vaginal positions before hitting the anal penetration. Some of the highlights are a sexy, cowgirl riding that Raylene does (vaginal), as well as the anal positions that are employed—including side-entry anal and reverse-cowgirl anal. Things come to a close with Mr. Pete pulling out of a side-entry anal position and ejaculating on Raylene’s bush, pussy, and tummy. A cut follows this, along with some re-entry. In all, this is an excellent scene, particularly since Raylene performs anal sex, but also in its heat. This one is definitely worthy of a watch.

Raylene—can you guess where that pinky is going next?

In total, there are six scenes here that range from very good to excellent, and the production clocks in at just under three hours—which is quite nice. Further adding to the “bang-for-the-buck” appeal are the bonus materials and other options. There is a “Scene Selection” option that is as its name implies. There is a “Behind the Scenes” segment that is fun and about 10 minutes long, and there is a “Movie Gallery” that plays through a slideshow of stills from the movie. One also finds a “Vivid Previews” option—which plays through various previews of other releases—and also a “Vivid Products” selection—which plays through a variety of advertisements. The “Positions Room” choice plays through the action from the production of the chosen type, while the “Vivid Girl Extras” gives a choice of two bonus scenes—both featuring Raylene. These include a deleted, boy-girl scene between Evan Stone and Raylene from this production, as well as a boy-boy-girl-girl romp involving Raylene and Laura Palmer (un-credited ; fairly certain on this one) from the older release, “Laptop”.

In concluding, “Raylene’s Dirty Work” is an excellent movie with six very good (or better) scenes. It serves to successfully launch Raylene back into the world of adult films and showcases her (and others’) talents quite well. On a technical note, the production plays incredibly well on an HD set via an HDMI-connected DVD player—it looks absolutetly beautiful. Further, the camerawork and editing are superb, as is the directing. A couple of small drawbacks are the advertisements that play when the disc is inserted, and the website watermark in the lower right corner of the screen. The former, however, can be skipped individually with the “scene forward” button on the remote, and the latter really doesn’t detract from the proceedings. Overall, this all-sex romp features beautiful women doing nasty things, is beautifully captured and edited, and is well worth the price of purchase.

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