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Raw Talent 2 (VCA)

Raw Talent 2 (VCA)

Studio: VCA
Category:  Classic
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Ryder7's ratings for Raw Talent 2 (VCA):
Overall Rating 2 stars
Raw Talent 2 (VCA) overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Raw Talent 2 (VCA) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Raw Talent 2 (VCA) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Raw Talent 2 (VCA) Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Raw Talent 2 (VCA) Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Raw Talent 2 (VCA) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Raw Talent 2 (VCA) A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Ryder7  on  10/25/2005
Starring: Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, Jamie Summers, Sheena Horne & Cassandra Leigh, with a cameo by Jamie Gillis (1987)


Just because a porn flick is from the "Golden Age" doesnt justify it the status of "Classic" This reasoning isnt allowed in mainstream and as far as I am concerned, I dont allow it in porn. There is true classic stuff to be had from the 80s; and Raw Talent II aint it.

I had heard over the years about the "Raw Talent" series, but never seen any of them whilst I was discovering porn in the 80s. So when I seen this title, along with "Raw Talent III" available for review, I snatched them both up thinking I had a mini classic goldmine on my hands..heck..even "Hustler" graced the back cover with a blurb stating: "An Orgy of physical sex"! Wow..Hustler must have been paid off to say that stuff cause as far as Raw Talent II is concerned, its not true at all. Given the cast involved, along with an okay cheesy plot and decent acting, you would think this would be great...its NOT


Jerry Butler plays "Eddie" a struggling actor trying to break away from porn and make it big in mainstream film. He's in need of money and gets tricked by his agent into thinking he's gonna do a flick about 'Nam..which turns out to be a porn movie with some kung fu in it. He's pissed, but lies to his girlfriend that he's doing a mainstream flick.

Eddie is always giving the director a hard time; so she cooks up a plan with her assistant played by Buck Adams to get Eddie's sister Marianne (played by the delectible Jamie Summers)involved in the porn business, thinking if they have her snagged, Eddie will be easier to manage. There's also a subplot of Eddie learning karate from a Mister Myagi fellow (This was the era of Karate Kid dont forget) This fighting comes in handy once Eddie finds out Buck Adams has fucked his the end, they get in a ring and do some chessy fighting.

All this sounds interesting, and in a cheesy soap opera way it kinda was. However, what dragged this down was the poor direction, the poorly choreographed sex scenes, not to mention the cum shots were all uninspired and lacked heat. In the plot described above, all the usual sexual hijinks find their way into the story, but again, it wasnt hot at all. BAD EDITING. Note: Though the opening trailer for this is shot on film, once the actual movie begins, its ALL VIDEO.

After thoughts...

I had forgotten how good Jerry Butler was as an actor (when he wasnt bringing his drug problems onto the set)...Jamie Summers was smokin hot to look at, but the sex scenes were dull as hell. The great Jamie Gillis was also wasted in a throw away cameo sex scene that was another waste.


There's a scene where 2 guys jerk off into a fishbowl while there's a fish in it.

There's a scene where we see a woman put in some birth control stuff as well as a grosses out Jerry Butler and ME as well.

There's another scene where Butler shoots a load on the camera lens..and what really freaked me out was when he aimed his dick at a Tarantula spider crawling across the bed and made the poor thing jump when he hit it with a shot of jizz...WTF?

Extras: 3 trailers and a gallery.

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