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Raw Luck

Raw Luck

Studio: RAW
Category:  Gay

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Joe Shaver's ratings for Raw Luck:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Raw Luck overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Raw Luck Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Raw Luck Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Raw Luck Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Raw Luck Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Raw Luck DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Raw Luck A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  2/27/2005
“I can resist anything except temptation,” Oscar Wilde once wrote. Those who see Cameron Jackson on the cover of this DVD are not likely to resist purchasing it. Well, give in to the temptation! You are not going to be disappointed.

I don’t know what it is—the genes, the climate, the drinking water—that makes the Czech Republic the breeding ground for so many beautiful men and boys, but here they are. And, as the title suggests, they do it bareback and they eat cum.

The film opens with an adorable blond, Jay Renfro, guiding us through the day’s events as noted in his diary. It’s Friday the 13th, but it’s anything but an unlucky day. Jay tells us that the day started with Cameron going to a photographer for a photo session. The photographer is a young brunet beauty, Michael Armano. We quickly get by the clothed shots to get to the nude ones. Blond Cameron has the beginning of chest hair, very hairy legs, and a large uncut cock that arcs upward like a rhino’s horn when fully aroused. When he bends over for the photographer to get some butt shots, Michael can’t resist putting down the camera and driving his tongue into Cameron’s ass. He is sucking on Cameron’s cock when Steve Mitchel enters with some film. Steve is a cute slender youngster that wastes no time in joining in the fun. Michael unzips Steve’s trousers and is soon sucking on the stiff dick. Steve sucks Cameron. Michael returns to sucking Cameron and Cameron swallows down Steve’s stiff wonder. Before long Michael is bent over a stool being fucked bareback by Steve. Michael eats out Cameron’s ass while being fucked. It’s then Cameron’s time to get fucked and Steve is more than willing. Steve pulls out to cum on Cameron’s balls. Cameron cums in Michael’s mouth and then lets Michael cum in his. After a day recovering from this scene I was able to go on to scene two.

It’s the exhibition where Michael has invited friends over to view Cameron’s photographs. They view the pictures and wait for Cameron to show up in the flesh. He doesn’t. Michael and a humpy blond, Dion Phillips, sneak away. They head upstairs but get no further than the staircase where their passion can wait no longer. There on the staircase Michael strips Dion nude, eats out his ass, and sucks him to climax. As in all the scenes, the skuzzy cock gets an oral cleansing.

Cameron is on a train headed for the gathering and we see why he misses the exhibition. There is meat more attractive. That meat is Robert Driveman. Robert boards the train wearing military fatigues, and sits across from Cameron in the otherwise deserted train. Robert is a nicely muscled blond whom I remember seeing in several films. It doesn’t take him long to come on to Cameron and go down on his cock. Cameron returns the favor. After some fine fellatio from both parties, Robert bends over to receive Cameron’s un-condomed cock. He sits on the cock for a bouncing ride before once again getting it in a standing position. Robert shoots his load on the floor as Cameron’s cock continues to plow into him. Cameron’s load finds his way into Robert’s waiting mouth.

Back at the exhibition party slender Steve Richards has come into the bathroom for a piss. We hear it, but we don’t see it. And that’s my one and only complaint about this film. A spiky haired brunet, Kevin Mitchel, enters and observes Steve at the urinal. He hangs around until Steve comes over to wash his hands. Kevin makes his move and is soon sucking on Steve’s big bone. Steve then falls to his knees to suck Kevin. There is no danger of Steve getting any pubic hair is his mouth as Kevin has none. Both boys are naked when Steve puts a foot up onto the sink to give Kevin easy access to his ass. The fuck continues with Steve down on the floor on his hands and knees and Kevin screwing him doggy fashion. Kevin pulls out to cum on Steve’s butt; then waits to swallow Steve’s spending.

It’s midnight. A weary Jay enters the fact in his diary and heads off to bed. We see the beams of flashlights as two burglars break into the house. They make their way upstairs and enter the room where Jay is sleeping. They shine their flashlights onto him which—surprisingly—doesn’t wake him. Thus emboldened, they pull down the covers and go down on his cock. The younger burglar, Jason Hill, is quite a hunk with a tribal tattoo going down one of his muscular arms. The older burglar, Chris Clooney, is the only daddy-type to appear in the film. He is unshaven and rugged. He has a big cock. He may be older than the others here, but his rampant rod remains rock-hard throughout. (However, I dare say yours and mine would remain so too if we crawled onto a bed with Jay Renfro. I am struck by Cameron’s incredible beauty, but Jay promises more in the way of sexual fun.) Jay awakens to discover them sucking his dick. At first he is frightened, but he gives in to his stiff cock and allows it to lead him back to the bed. Jay starts chowing down on dick like a starving man. The kid is a sexual dynamo. With Jay on his hands and knees on the bed, Jason crawls under him to suck his cock while Chris fingers his ass. When Chris has two fingers up Jay’s butt, I think Chris’ throbbing cock may shoot its load. He drives the throbbing cock into Jay’s delectable ass and pumps away. With Chris' cock in his ass and his own cock in Jason’s mouth, Jay is squealing in absolute delight.

Two very young policemen appear on the scene. They stand in the doorway and watch the hot scene that is taking place. Thankfully they don’t interfere. They simply take out their uncut cocks and start stroking them.

Back on the bed it is now Jason’s turn to fuck Jay. Jay rolls over onto his back and lifts his legs for the hunky young burglar to enter him. Jason drives his bare cock into Jay’s well-opened ass. Chris moves up to fuck Jay’s face. (Gee, just recalling this scene is making me hard!) Jay now has a cock fucking his ass and another fucking his face. Jay cums on his belly. Jason adds his load. Chris pulls out only to cum in Jay’s mouth. Jay greedily provides an oral cleaning to Chris’ spent cock. Exhausted they fall asleep.

But the film’s not over yet! Having retired to the living room the horny cops now strip to go at it. Rico Suro is a muscular young man with a lightly haired chest. His partner, Patrik Maxwell, is a willowy blond with an enormous cock. Rico lies back and lifts his ass so that his younger partner’s huge cock can slide up into it. It’s surprising to see the twink boff the bigger guy, but—what the hell—he has the bigger cock. After giving his partner a pounding in both the missionary and doggy positions, Patrik jacks off onto Rico’s face and into his mouth. Rico licks and cleans Patrik’s dick. Rico then cums with Patrik chewing on his balls.

And so ends this lucky day.

I seldom give five stars all around, but to give this one any less would be unjust. It is—without doubt—one of the hottest films I’ve seen! RAW LUCK is worth every penny. The guys are unsurpassed in their beauty, the sex is scorching, and the photography is faultless. Director/Cameraman Vlado Iresh is an experienced hand at both and has given us some hot films, but nothing to compare with this one. This is the first film from Raw Productions, a studio that plans to specialize in bareback videos which seems to be an ever-expanding market. I don’t want to get into the discussion of the wisdom—or rather lack thereof—of these ventures and I do worry about the performers. However, I must admit objectively that they produce some very hot videos. None hotter than this one. If Raw Productions maintains the awesome standard they have set with this one, they will be quite a success.

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