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Studio: Sin City
Category:  Feature film , Straight
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astroknight's ratings for Rage:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Rage overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Rage Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Rage Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Rage Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Rage Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Rage DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Rage A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/22/2001

Running Time: 76 min.

Production Date: 11 / 04 / 1998

Director: Michael Raven

Cast: Sydnee Steele, Herschel Savage, Stephanie Swift, Wendi Knight, John Decker, Alec Metro, and Lexington Steele in sexual roles and Taylor St. Clair, Raquel Devine, Gwen Summers, Elizabeth X, Evan Stone, Lexington Steele, Ron Jeremy, and Dave Cummings in non-sex roles

Initial Expectations: Michael Raven’s Adrenaline and especially Underworld blew me away. I’m hoping for another great adult film (as opposed to just a porno) here.

Initial Reaction: It’s not quite as creative as Underworld, but still an excellent adult movie with a lot of the same touches. Sadly, the overall DVD isn’t nearly as good as the movie.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes extremely well made pornos with great sex and plot, anybody who likes things a little darker in nature

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes extremely soft sex or not a lot of plot

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very clear and well balanced. Unlike many of Michael Raven’s other features, Rage is full screen rather than widescreen. The picture is very clear and shows very little grain. There are a lot of shadows in the scenes, but they help out the feature rather than hinder it.

Music: As usual with Michael Raven’s features, the music is excellent and helps to turn the feature from a ‘porno’ into an ‘adult movie’. It’s slightly different from the normal porn music, but still has enough of a beat to feel like it still belongs in a porno. It fits the scenes very well and is very well balanced with the rest of the audio, resting softly in the background. Unlike many of Michael Raven’s other features, Rage doesn’t feature music by The Ducks by instead has music by Mellenium, which is also very good.

Disc Problems / Complaints: As with all of Sin City’s other DVDs I’ve seen, you’re forced to watch two phone sex commercials and one commercial for Sin City’s web site before you get to the main menu. You can’t skip them, with the best alternative being scanning through them. I’ve been told that the commercials are mandatory because Sin City is very proud of their website and that a lot of people want to know about different phone sex options. If they’re proud of their web site, I’m happy for them. It’s something I would hope they’d be proud of. I refuse to go to their web site because I’m forced to watch their commercial for it on their DVDs. The only exception to this is when I checked out their web site to find an e-mail address so I could complain about it to Sin City. Sadly, they don’t seem to think the people who don’t want to watch these things matter. Every now and then I pick up a Sin City DVD, but more often than not I avoid them because I hate the mandatory commercials that much. I wouldn’t mind them being there if I could skip past them to the main menu, but as it is, I think it brings down the overall quality of Sin City’s DVDs since it appears that they don’t care that much about their viewers. I also hate the fact that Sin City doesn’t include a time stamp on their DVDs. From what I understand, this takes next to no effort to do. It’s something I consider a must on a DVD since it allows the viewer to jump to any instant in the feature. It’s really too bad because I think Michael Raven is one of the best and most creative adult film directors out there. His movies deserve better than this kind of treatment.

Menus: The menus are basic, but get the job done. The chapter menu shows a small clip of the scene but doesn’t identify the performers in it.

The Feature: Herschel Savage plays Kain, a man who’s on the brink of a breakdown. He’s having hallucinations which are mostly sexual. He sees both his wife and his secretary having sex acts which are frequently quite dark. At Alec Metro’s suggestion, Sydnee takes Herschel to Ron Jeremy and the STM institute to try and cure him. Herschel is diagnosed with sexual rage and given to psychologist Stephanie Swift to try to cure. He’s not sure he’s up to it, but Stephanie tells him he either has to face his fears or live with his demons.

Sydnee Steele and Herschel Savage start things out almost immediately after Sydnee calls her husband Herschel into the bedroom. She puts her great oral skills to work and does a fabulous job. She gives some great eye contact and often has a slight smile on her face, including her eyes, which helps it to look like a loving couple almost immediately. The chemistry continues through the scene as Herschel eats her out and then fucks her from behind and beneath. As she rides him, Sydnee tells Herschel she wants to play a game with him. She has him put his hands around her neck and choke her as she fucks him. Although it’s something that makes a lot of people nervous, Michael Raven brings it in and handles it extremely well. Herschel finishes it off by blowing his wad on Sydnee’s stomach. It’s a very hot scene and a great one to start Rage off with.

Sydnee Steele and Herschel return for the second scene as well. This time Herschel watches Sydnee take care of Alec Metro as he sits in the corner with a gun. Sydnee doesn’t have the loving looks this time and just dives after Alec’s cock. She goes directly from taking Alec’s cock in her mouth to taking it in her pussy, finishing things by letting Alex pop his load on her face and tits. The sex feels much dirtier than in the previous scene, but the cast does just as good a job.

Stephanie Swift gives Herschel Savage a deeper study in the third scene. She starts out nude under her lab coat while wearing glasses as Herschel goes down on her outside. The glasses are very sexy, yet almost unheard of in adult films. They come off before she starts working on Herschel’s cock over aggressively with her mouth and then hopping onto it. She has him fuck her from behind and then takes his love lotion on her tits. It’s not too big of a pop, but with the timing that most adult films are made during Herschel might have been nearing his limits. It’s a hot scene that fits in with the feature very well.

Wendy Knight takes her turn with Herschel Savage in the next scene. After a bit of kissing, Herschel eats Wendy’s pussy and then gets a little head. Wendy has a little stubble and some decent implants, but is very cute and does a good job in the scene. She starts out tender and gets a little wilder as the scene progresses. It doesn’t however, get rough but there is some very good chemistry between Herschel and Wendy that makes it another very good scene.

Raquel Devine and John Decker finish things out. Raquel starts to give John a little head, but quickly stops to tit-fuck him instead. She goes back to fucking his cock with her mouth and then has her spank her, spread her, play with her pussy, and lick her pussy and asshole before fucking her. Throughout it all, Raquel trash talks nastily and urges John to do her harder and nastier. Although I expected it to include a little anal, the only sex was vaginal. It’s an extremely hot scene that’s a great final scene for the feature.

Rage shows once again why Michael Raven is considered one of the top directors in adult entertainment. The sex is very well done, and the story wraps around it extremely well, both in substance and acting. There are plenty of short flashes of sex from performers such as Taylor St. Clair, Gwen Summers, Lexington Steele, and yes, even Ron Jeremy. It even includes very well done real credits at the end. Although some fans of the performers might be disappointed to not see their favorite performer in an entire scene, they shouldn’t be disappointed with the rest of the movie. It stands out against the multitude of porn that seems to run together and is done well enough that it should also stand the test of time.

Extras: The photo gallery contains about twenty five nice looking snapshots. There’s also trailers for Eighteen and Awesome, Eighteen and Anxious, and the first four Just 18 features. Sexy talk and web site are also listed on the main menu, but all that does is take you back to the commercials you were originally forced to sit through. It’s a pretty poor extra package.

Themes: Straight, choking, tit-fucking, spanking, and rimming (male > female)

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Overall: Currently, Rage can be found online for between $13 and $25 with a couple stores offering it for under $15. At this price, I can’t not recommend it. The movie is excellent, but the overall DVD doesn’t come close to matching the quality. The movie looks very good, but the extras are almost non-existent. It also has the drawbacks of no time stamp and mandatory commercials at the start of the feature.

Note to Sin City: A little more care towards the viewers would go a long way. I’ve already mentioned the lack of time code and the mandatory commercials, so I won’t say any more there. Bios for the cast would be a nice addition to the extras. Michael Raven seems to use a lot of the same people, so it would also give you a chance to promote a few more of his features. After watching just one of his movies, I’m sure a lot of people want to see more from him. This brings up my second suggestion. Make trailers for some of Michael Raven’s movies. They’re very cinematic in feel and have enough plot (as well as sex) to make for a great trailer. He’s one of the hottest directors out there right now. Give him a little more support! Overall DVDs like this should be something he should be using as coasters, not to show his vision.

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