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Racial Tension 2 (Jules Jordan Video)

Racial Tension 2 (Jules Jordan Video)

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Racial Tension 2 (Jules Jordan Video):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Racial Tension 2 (Jules Jordan Video) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Racial Tension 2 (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Racial Tension 2 (Jules Jordan Video) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Racial Tension 2 (Jules Jordan Video) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Racial Tension 2 (Jules Jordan Video) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Racial Tension 2 (Jules Jordan Video) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Racial Tension 2 (Jules Jordan Video) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/27/2007
Welcome porn fans to the latest release from one of gonzo's finest shooters and this time out Mike John is continuing his interracial series he started with Racial Tension last year. This is gonzo pure and simple but with a little bit of storyline added in. Of course it's got a racial angle to it but instead of settling disputes with gunfire they settle them with a different kind of gun play namely girls sucking on usually more than one gun, aka cock, and having their asses fucked fairly hard also. There are plenty of hot girls in this one too from Chelsie Rae to Lela Star to Natasha Nice and finally the crazy lustful Annette Schwarz who seems to eat, sleep, and drink sex! This release is spread over two discs so that promises lots of hardcore sex so I say let's check out some highlights. This disc begins with highlights from the first one, it even uses the tagline, previously on Racial Tension which made me chuckle.

Annette Schwarz:

Our first scene actually begins with some good ole fashion same color sex as we get Annette and Steve Holmes in the bed. He's got to go but our sex crazed German slut has other ideas and after some very good and passionate kissing she slides down under the sheets to begin fellating him. Mike delivers the top notch shots he's known for and these two have an obvious comfort level with each other so the sex flows very smoothly, nasty girl she eats some serious man ass!! Moving to a 69 with Annette on top she continues to devour Steve's schlong while he gets a taste of some german girl ass. As for the sex our man bypasses the pussy to go right for Annette's ass and we get several hard driving anal positions with some good gaping and of course lots of hard gagging A2M from Annette. This first bit of action closes out with Steve lording over Annette's face dripping his load down into her mouth. Well Steve finally has to hit the road but Annette is hardly sexual satisfied. Ahh Swine is there to pick up Steve so there is our first tie in to the first movie. There's a call from Marie Luv who has some news for Swine, she's distanced herself from that brother of hers, Sean Michaels, that gave Swine such a problem in Volume 1. Swine is now heading over to Marie's to pick up the ID's he dropped last time there as Sean was chasing him out.

Marie Luv:

Well it's not long until they are over at Marie's and Tim goes in first to get his id and see if the coast is clear for him to bring in Steve. Marie is looking very good here and I love the fact she's wearing normal clothes. Love how the hair is done here and she always has had a pretty face. I think we're going to get some sexy pics taken of Marie and Steve is told to wait just about 10 minutes before coming in as Marie can't resist a hard dick! Cut back to the inside and we get more than we could want of Marie's sexy body as she poses on a nice large bed. It's not to long until Steve enters and the two are introduced by Swine. Steve is always ready for romance so he sits and the kissing soon commences which leads smoothly to Marie helping unleash Steve's sausage and we get a fabulous blowjob. The picture here looks very good so no problems watching this top notch performer doing her thing. Marie then slips those bottoms off and pushing her legs back all the way to her face almost we have the legs wide open and Steve dives in for some seriously hot pussy/ ass licking with a bit of fingerbanging too. There's more hard cock sucking too before the sex which has Marie done in spoon, both vag and then anal. The legs are spread beautifully too giving you a super shot of this fucking.

The reverse anal was also very good and Marie throughout is doing some solid nasty talk but she's also down for some nasty A2M and ass licking too. Oh yes I was hoping we'd get this shot and it finally comes with cowgirl anal and holy shit you won't see a sexier ass fucked before your eyes this year or any year for that matter, just pure sexy all the way. This sizzling scene closes with another fine load from Mr. Holmes being dropped into a gaping mouth and Marie is very good with the cleanup. Wow this was one fabulous scene for Marie Luv fans and she just keeps getting sexier and sexier for me. Oh shit! We're not quite done as Swine was so turned on by watching Marie he wants a little piece for himself so Steve steps out and we get some pig loving as Marie takes out the piglet and we're off with a POV bj! It's not long before he cranks out a load to Marie's face so lucky Swine man!

Lela Star:

We actually start this next scene with a shot of Sean Michaels lying down and I guess he's dreaming as we get the shimmering picture which then dissolves into Lela wearing very little and with a cute as sin smile she shows off that tight ass latina body. This saucy sexy sensual hottie has it all fans from the great tits to the more than perfect ass and topping it off is a very pretty face and of course this girl loves to fuck. Mike takes his time with the tease here letting Lela slowly feel around her ass and the bent over shot goes a long way in helping that cause. Sitting up we watch some fine breast play as she squeezes them together, there's a little jiggling and finally she pulls them out and you see just how dreamy these boobs are as she sinfully caresses a finger over her nipples. Lela then skillfully uses a hand to reach down behind to fully remove her top exposing those tata's and then it's a move down to show off that juicy pussy. Like I said Mike's taking his time and this woman is so beautiful you will appreciate these added moments of sexy footage before we watch this hottie perform. Sean then comes in finally to join his dream or whatever it is and he is right after that ass too licking around it before tasting that ass properly.

I like it too how Sean usually dresses in a suit and there is no doubt the man carries himself with class when dressed like this and even better when he's being helped out of those clothes like Lela's doing so she can get to that huge monster cock of his! Very nice bj footage starting with Lela sitting at his side and bending down to engulf as much of the cock as she can. As for the sex they begin with one of two perfect positions for Lela fans and that is cowgirl and there are plenty of holy shit shots as you take in that beautiful booty. There are some boob friendly shots in mish, then it's back to ass loving with doggie leading to a pullout and a good pop for Sean as he finds the open mouth of Miss Star who then gives some cleanup. Such a delight to watch and the not doing anal isn't a huge deal for me as Lela does everything else so well. Haha, he really was dreaming as he's awakened by the sound of someone incessantly ringint his doorbell and we flash to Swine making a mad dash away just as Sean's sitting up. We see also that a tape's been left behind so Sean picks it up and puts it in the vcr, yeah I said vcr. Swine comes on to give his best wishes to his "friend" Sean and in between swigs of beer he lets him know this is some footage he should "like", then the shot dissolves into Sean's sister Marie being throat fucked by Steve so we're back into the racial tension aspect of the dvd. Sean is totally taken aback at what he's seeing wondering where he went wrong which is funny seeing as how he just banged the shit out of Lela. To add insult to injury Swine adds in the shot of him busting a nut on Marie's face so now Sean's properly pissed so he calls Marcus to get Sledge while he will get Tee Reel and they're going to comb the valley for this muthafucker Swine!!

Chelsie Rae:

We dissolve from Sean calling Marcus to him sitting in his luxury ride telling Tee about how Swine had shot this scene banging out his sister, check out the GQ suits these fellas got on, nice!! Well the guys are determined and we get Sean calling Marcus to tell him to meet up at the club so everyone heads out to the fine establishment. There we have entertainment provided by none other than Chelsie Rae who is showing off that gorgeous ass of hers dancing onstage. The guys watch from afar until one plucks up the courage to ask for a little bit more personal touch and Chelsie is more than accomodating. She starts with some lovely ass grinding over holstered cocks but that quickly leads to one coming out and Chelsie can't resist tasting that long and large dark meat!

Miss Rae expertly goes from one cock to the next until the guys surround her in a cock circle so she's got a dick at all fronts! Lots of face slapping and a little dirty talk too from Chelsie. No sex here which surprised me a little but plenty of hard dick sucking which yields several loads dropped on that pretty face of Chelsie's. Before they're done Chelsie's face is a white mess of cum. Sean then walks in and he's like WTF we're supposed to be hunting down Swine and you're banging out this chick. Then you have Chelsie's voice barely audible saying I can't see, lol, it was funny. Well Sean escorts this lovely cum covered girl away and we then cut to her now all cleaned up still asking about some money owed to her for this extra show she just provided. Funny thing, I thought Sean was in a hurry to find Swine but a lovely piece of ass like Chelsie's sportin will make any man reorganize his priorities to at least include some banging time before we have fisticuffs! So we get some ass fingering, a little titty tasting, then it's onto a nice bedroom where Chelsie gets two more hard cocks to suck on. This time there's some fucking too as we see her pussy tapped to start with doggie, a very good cowgirl which also sees a smooth move up into Chelsie's ass. They also bang out this hottie in mish anal with dp's in reverse and cowgirl following in quick succession. Two more loads then get dropped on her face with a little bit reaching her mouth. This was a solid scene for Chelsie fans and now it's on to disc 2.

Annette Schwarz:

We start off disc two with Steve coming home to Annette who's waited all day long. Swine's here letting her know Steve's been with him all day. Steve's all tired out but Annette's ready to go out so she leaves. The shot then cuts to Sledge and Marcus sitting and chatting with Marcus letting us know he knows right where Swine will be at a certain time as he alludes to his large alcohol consumption and he knows he'll be at a certain bar at a certain time and bingo he's right as we see Swine pulling up. We cut to Swine and he's got Annette along for the ride, he's going to drop in quick to get his liquid diet as he calls it and this allows Marcus and Sledge to go over and get in the car. They surprise Swine when he gets back in and he's made to drive over to where the posse's waiting. Swine's tied up while Annette watches closeby. Well you can guess what happens next as they take Annette to another room.

It's not long until the guys are checking out her pale skinned german body doing some fine ass caressing. Back to Swine who gets out of his loosely bound ropes and he ducks out, the guys assigned to finish tieing him up left to get a piece of Annette. Well we get this pretty sex crazed girl sucking lots of cocks with gratuitious deep throating, double stuffing-- it's only Marcus and Sledge fucking her. After their loads are dropped they see their posse lurking watching so they know Swine's probably gone which they affirm so the posse goes back to Annette who's not quite done yet! A good blowbang yields more cum for this hottie to taste.

Natasha Nice:

This scene begins with Swine coming back just as Natasha's trying to leave to catch some waves. Ahh it's his sister so you know something bad's about to happen, lol. They have a terse discussion on her wanting to go out and he's like I've got some shit going on so please stay in and she reluctantly agrees. We cut then to Marcus letting Sean know about having Swine but that he got away. Marcus has a plan and it involves some good ole fashioned voice imitation which Marcus shows off for Sean doing a perfect Swine, lol. Well this leads to Marcus calling up Natasha and inviting her over to a friends barbeque so she's told to come alone and she readily agrees.

There's some harmless chatting leading to some flirting and we soon get those terrific and perfect tits out and holy shit I'm still amazed at how beautiful her boobs are. Just the perfect size and so bouncy!! Natasha gets fully nude too for Marcus and he's all smiles as she moves in to help unleash his cock. Natasha is certainly making a good name for herself when it comes to interracial scenes, in fact I think that's most of the work I've seen her do is taking on big black cocks. She shows lots of love here to Marcus who then returns it with some titty fucking, then full sex in spoon, cowgirl and yes the ultimate Natasha fans' position which would be reverse cowgirl and you watch as Mike gets a prime floor shot catching those tata's doing such beautiful bouncing. We close with a good open doggie, then on to mish and finally is dropped into her mouth. This girl is only getting better and the camera totally loves her, and I wonder why!

Keanni Lei:

We end with a bit of Swine catching up with Steve and he can't bring himself to tell the whole story just saying Annette wanted to stay at the beach to work on her tan. Well we then catch a shot of Keani standing alone looking pretty sexy in her skimpy outfit, oohh nice ass shot!! Well Steve and Swine come slowly driving by and of course Swine sees her and puts that suv in reverse! The guys engage this pretty Asian doll for her services. Of course Steve hops in the back with her, this man's always horny, hehe. There is some good kissing as he massages one of her breasts and she works out his cock into her mouth. Not easy to shoot a bj or fucking while driving but they do a fine job here and the shot never waivers either good solid camera work. Still moving we get a little fucking as Steve slides in from the side, it's a confined space but they make the most of it. Ok we cut then to a shot of the posse lying in wait, I guess for Swine. They see him arrive back and the shot then head in as Keani continues her fun with Steve, the posse then walks in but Swine's already got the drop on them, guess he saw them coming! He ducks out and calls Mark telling him to bring the pack he's in trouble. The shot then goes back to Steve who's nailing that ass doggiestyle!

You see a very nice sized gape develop and Steve even tongues it before going back to nailing it. A little A2M, then it's spoon anal and the posse then descends but they don't pry Steve off instead out come their cocks and she sucks on them too along with taking a good dp or two. Well it's not long until Swine's posse shows up and instead of fighting they join in too giving Keanni still more dick to please which doesn't faze her a bit. More dp's, more throat gagging and finally she begs to be fed which the assembled masses gladly do! Everyone files out forgetting about Keanni, lol. The shot then goes to Swine sitting in front of his computer and he's checking out photos when some pop up of his sister Natasha with her mouth full of Marcus's cock and with a loud shout of "fucking Sean" we get the to be continued.... So it's now a wait for Volume 3.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty good gonzo flick with very little storyline, what you got was concisely shot and didn't take up much of the actual scene time so that was awesomely handled by Mike John and crew. The sex was tight throughout with solid turns by everyone especially Annette, Marie, and Chelsie. Natasha is pure eye candy and I could watch those tits for hours they are so mesmerizing and you get Keanni closing it out in style takin on both posses's doing hardcore anal leading to all those pops. Lela Star was very hot too, though she only had that one scene, I think she needs to come back in the next volume, maybe have her and Natasha do a little tag team on Sean's cock--- there's an idea for you Mike!!Now for extras you get a photo gallery, a popshot recap, and some Behind the scenes so be sure and check that out. A solid purchase for the interracial fan and especially for fans of those girls I touched on, Annette, Marie, and Chelsie.

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