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Put It In Your Mouth 2 (Sensational Video)

Put It In Your Mouth 2 (Sensational Video)

Studio: Sensational Video
Category:  Black , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Put It In Your Mouth 2 (Sensational Video):
Overall Rating 2 stars
Put It In Your Mouth 2 (Sensational Video) overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Put It In Your Mouth 2 (Sensational Video) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Put It In Your Mouth 2 (Sensational Video) Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Put It In Your Mouth 2 (Sensational Video) Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Put It In Your Mouth 2 (Sensational Video) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Put It In Your Mouth 2 (Sensational Video) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Put It In Your Mouth 2 (Sensational Video) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  12/23/2004
Prologue This is obviously Sensational Video's blow job line. I usually shy away from films that are this specific and find a constant barrage of oral only scenes to be boring. Some directors do good work with the genre, though, so they're occasionally worth a look. This video has a few performers I like, or am familiar with. Nyomi Marcela, Mya Mason and Simone are prominent among them. Let the lick fest begin.
Nyomi claims to have some oral skills. I've seen her perform and would have to agree but she'll be put to the test anyway. HJ is brought in to provide the meat and Nyomi goes right to her knees to show us. She works the cock pretty well, getting it into her throat, spitting, licking the shaft and doing it at an erotic pace as opposed to break neck speed. Good hand action and ball licking. Some no hands action and lots of drool. Jaw breaking and tip licking. Periodic throating, although not to the hilt. Nyomi jerks the load out into her mouth. You can just make out the spurting as the cock head is in her oral cavity. Some PCH after a nice bj that I know would have had me coating her tonsils in no time at all.
Mercedes is a very hot looking and more mature Latina. Her rack is enhanced but not grotesquely. Her ass is super fine looking and points out the weakness of this genre. How can you not play with that thing. She has a great looking pussy, too, and the Spanish pillow talk makes me crazy. Her man (no intro) worships Mercedes' body, but she pushes him back on the bed to release his cock. This guy is soft as a noodle. Mercede's looks like she knows what she's doing but not getting good results quickly. She's enthusiastic and uses a lot of suction and some trash talk. She told him to fuck her mouth in Spanish. Gripping at the base to at least give us the illusion of a hard on, Mercedes works the tip. He actually has the nerve to tell her no hands. She squats on the floor in front of him and works the cock extra hard. It never really gets like a rock but it's enough for him to jerk a nice load into her mouth. She spits it back out onto his dick. That's about what he deserved. Mercedes deserved better than this.
There's a lot to Skyy. She's very fleshy. Not unattractive, but definitely no model. There's an attempt at an interview but I can't hear a word the cameraman is saying. She does some tease and ass flapping. She strokes her cameltoe and says she'll tear up a black dick. There's one produced for her and Skyy goes after it like corn on the cob. No hands, drooling and throating. Licking the shaft like the carriage return on a typewriter. Skyy manages to purse her lips near the base. HJ lays back for a 69 and Skyy covers his face with that ass. She shifts around so the cock is her sole focus and works it hard. Skyy works it relentlessly until finally relinquishing the cock to HJ who takes an inordinate amount of time to work out a small load on her tongue. Good PCH to end the scene.
Brooke Daze is a pretty, dirty blonde. She crawls between her man's legs and goes right at his cock. She really seems to concentrate on the tip with only an occasional lick at the shaft. He isn't that large, but Brooke never seems to take more than half in her mouth. She's wearing a black corset with garters and nylons. The first time we get to see her even remotely naked is when she pops her tits out of the corset for her man to wank onto. He cums on Brooke's chest and breasts to end a very short and dissatisfying scene.
A guy comes home to find Simone rifling through his girl's purse. She has some kind of cock and bull story to explain it, but he wasn't born yesterday. He makes her kneel down and she admits that she's a bad girl before taking his cock into her mouth. The bj starts off in POV and it looks great to have Simone's big beautiful eyes looking up at you. She works that bad boy into her throat repeatedly. He decides that she needs to take off her clothing. Damn, that girl looks fine. It takes a true professional not to just pick her up and impale that tight pussy. She two hands the cock kind of like Aurora Snow does, and sucks with authority. As her man gets close the video starts to get shaky. I guess it really is POV. Simone draws out his load and sends it back out with her throat goop. She sucks his balls and has a long streamer emanating from her chin. All's well that ends well.
Mya is a pretty, thin, long legged woman of color. One thing that stands out, though, is her hooters are huge. They look real, too, with a very natural sag. She does some tease for us and then is bent over with her man playing with her cute, firm ass. And of course, those tits. It's too bad this is a bj flick 'cause I'd love to see her completely defiled. She starts to suck him while he's still in his boxers and soft. There's not a lot for her to work with here and he's slow to rise. After a short and uneventful bj we cut to the guy cumming on Mya's tits. Such a disappointing scene.
Sin Nye, as she's usually known, interrupts her man, whose reading in the living room. She's in lingerie and just wants to service him. No complaints here. He was in an earlier scene and never got past half hard. Not too different here, but he does moan a lot, so this must be his natural erection. Sin uses lots of spit and licks his shaft up and down. Ball licking too. Most of the action is on the tip and Sin speaks Chinese for her man. At least I think it's Chinese. He holds the back of her head like he's going to face fuck Sin, but never gets that aggressive. He actually gets hard enough for some no hands action and Sin swabs his balls, which are dripping with her drool. A tit tattooed with a Chinese character is freed and played with. Very nice nipple. Her technique doesn't look like much, but it's finally getting the desired effect as the guy looks as hard as he's going to get and sounds like he's on the launching pad. I think the tit did it. He pulls it out of her mouth and strokes over her face and ..... nothing. Cut to Sin licking his balls some more while he's still trying to work the load out. If ever a video needed a competent editor, this would be it. He finally slides a nice load right down her tongue. Not a drop wasted anywhere, like it went down a chute. PCH on the fade.
Chloe and Sin Star team up to rock some guy's world. I've never seen these ladies before, but my research leads me to believe that Chloe is the darker of the two and has the red hair. Anyway, that's how I'm going to call it. Sin Star has long black hair and a great ass peeping out of her tartan skirt. She's also doing the trash talking while Chloe tries to get a rise out of their subject. I think the women of this film are having far too much trouble getting wood from their partners. It's really been holding things back. Sin takes her shot at it with Chloe holding the cock and stroking his nuts. That seems to do the trick. They share it like a popsicle, trade it off and alternate between shaft and balls. Sin two hands the guys cock and jerks his spew onto Chloe's face, with her hand getting a fair amount as she must have been trying to block it.
We don't even get to see her face before Kiki has a dick in her mouth. She's moaning and slurping and running her pierced tongue up and down the shaft, making it grow. There are only glimpses of her body, which has paw print tattoos a la Eve. Kiki's very pretty and seems to know what she's doing, and even enjoying the cock. She doesn't take it deep enough for my taste but it is effective. There's some nice slobber, but too much hand action. I noticed there's a magazine open on the floor showing Kiki sucking cock. This could be deja vu all over again. I keep seeing glimpses of her body and it looks slammin'. There's an abrupt cut and Kiki's getting jizzed on her tits. Great editing again. I want to see this girl fuck.
OK. I know this is going to be different. Anastasia is kind of rough looking with a chunky body and she's wearing a zebra print outfit with a matching hat. Everything points to her being a stone cold freak. Her tits are hanging out and she's licking them and rubbing herself. Really getting worked up. Suddenly she's got a dick in each hand and sucking them alternately. She's making sounds like this is the greatest thing in her life. She breaks out the Spanish for us, which I like. There's a shot of Anastasia's bald pussy, which looks strange and alluring at the same time. A fat little monster with a very prominent clit which she strums a bit. She does some titty fucking. Something Maya should have done. She goes back to handling the cocks and spouting her Spanish superlatives about their wonderful appendages. Then she relinquishes them and tells the guys to cum on her tits. The wankfest begins and both guys spew their hot seed on Anastasia's chest. She sounds like it makes her cum and then the scene ends abruptly.
Here is another hot looking woman of color, Jada Kiss. She's playing the French Maid. Her large floppy tits are revealed and then her ass uncovered. So far I'm enthralled. She lays a towel down for her seducer and soon has his pink dick in her mouth. Lots of hand action and tip sucking with a little jaw breaking. Her head gets manipulated, but lightly. Jada does some titty fucking. That looks heavenly. Her tits look like they were made just to do that. She stuffs the guys balls in her mouth and then there's a cut to him wanking away as Jada rubs her tits. I guess that's the landing pad. She moans as it hits her body. These girls just love the feeling of that hot white cum.
Epilogue At the end of this video there are closing credits that list Vanessa Blue and HJ as directors. I don't think either of them will submit this as a reference on their resumes. I can't really fault them too much, the shooting wasn't bad, but this was plagued with flacid penises resulting in uniformly weak performances. Some of these women had a clue but nothing to work with. The editing on a couple of scenes was really bad. It just seemed like they gave up and went right to the pop. I think Nyomi and Simone gave strong performances. I don't think I need to cut them any slack because this is a so called amateur production. Most of the people involved have quite a lot of work in the industry and this should have been better.
The Disk This is just barebones. Nothing extra to recommend it.
Recommendation Forget it. Rent Dr. Fellatio or Deep Throat This. You'll be happier.

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